Barat Ratna Kurukshetra

Date: 8/30/2000



Mr. MK Gandhi was the top leader of India in 1947 who "led" his country straight into history's WORST EVER defeat, the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of India's five provinces to ISLAM at Partition.

If we feel that perpetuating Gandhi myth serves the nefarious ends of a treacherous "anti Hindu/Sikh killer" Dynasty, then THIS is the time to speak out!

Why didn't the ruling establishment in India suggest the statue of Shivaji, Maharani of Jhansi, Maharaj Ranjit Singh or even Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, to be erected in Washington, DC, USA? Why Gandhi statues here and there and all over- now, then and always? Is the intellectual landscape of Hindu India so barren and desolate that it produced only Gandhi? Why not Rabindra Nath Tagore?

Somebody owes an EXPLANATION to the captive nation of Hindus. Somebody needs to be "hanged" for it, if not put before the FIRING SQUAD.

Gandhi statues ought to be consigned to OBLIVION like those of Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler. He was a "Man of Disaster and Surrender", NOT a GURU TEGH BAHADUR.

Gandhi's historical and ideological orientations were totally confused, devious and treacherous. His misjudged spirited support of Khilafat movement of the Muslim fundanmentalists and murderers (Mopla Massacre of Hindus, 1921), who were campaigning for the freedom of the Caliph in Turkey (not freedom of INDIA) produced the concept of "second nation" among the Indian Muslims which eventually led to their demand for Pakistan. Gandhi was thus the real "father of Pakistan".

Partition spelt doom of United India. It's last act is still not played out. Gandhi, the barrister from England, ought to have been able to see the implications of revival of Khilafat in Turkey not only for the whole world but also for his own India. At Partition he ought to have demanded referendum.

Gandhi's legacy is the Hindu exterminated in Pakistan, Hindu under the foot of NON Hindus in Hindusthan, being killed, massacred, degraded, manipulated and blown up everywhere- from Kashmir to Kerala!! ----------------------------


The news that the statue of Mr. MK Gandhi ("mahatma") will be placed in Washington DC, next month (September 2000) when the Indian Prime Minister visits that city, has shocked us into disbelief. WE STRONGLY OBJECT.

Many Hindus hail from WEST Punjab which was brutally torn away from EAST Punjab in 1947 in indecent haste and utmost hurry without any proper planning to ensure the safety of life and property of the people, and the honour of our daughters and sisters, resulting in countless massacres of innocent people and dislocation of tens of millions more when India's TOP POLITICAL LEADER, none else but Mr. MK GANDHI, collapsed while facing the leader of Indian Muslims, Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah at Partition Talks.

The people of India were just emerging from dark centuries of slavery under the British, and earlier, the MUSLIMS (barbarian "Moguls" from Afghanistan), and had NO awareness of what was going on. No one called for the TRIAL of Mr. MK Gandhi for signing the "Act of Unconditional Surrender" of Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi, Quetta, Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong, though there had been the precedence of Nuernberg Trials in Germany.

No one in that illiterate and intimidated country asked whether a referendum could be held on the issue, not even the two top barristers-at-law called MK GANDHI and JL Nehru!

But times have changed, not only in the Soviet Union, where dictator Stalin has given way to Democracy. But in India, where the people are just beginning to experience some kind of freedom and awareness after HALF A CENTURY under the jackboot of one dynasty- Nehru, Indira and Rajiv. The "Era of Dynastic Darkness" still persists! Nevertheless, more and more people there are turning against the dishonest and treacherous "imposition" of "Gandhi statues", not only in India but also abroad.

Since the Russians are not blighted in impotence like the Indians, they have bravely done away with the statues of Stalin and Lenin. In India, a cowardly and brainwashed nation is still waiting for the sunshine of mental freedom.

In many cities and towns the police have to keep a sharp watch for the "safety" of these Gandhi statues. Every other day we read about one statue's hand chopped off, the other's foot damaged or glasses removed, and yet another statue of Gandhi daubed in BLACK paint. How will the proposed statue in Washington look when all the Gandhi statues have been smashed or done away with, in India itself?

Senile, devious and opportunist Gandhi, the degraded end product of 1000-year long SLAVERY of Hindus, fed on goat's milk, secretly adored the MANLY Muslims, and appeased them throughout his life, starting with South Africa, and finally at the Partition Talks in 1947. Surely he cannot be a suitable role model for the dynamic youth of the United States, a super power which is the standard bearer of freedom, enterprise and genuine democracy- and flourishing, while keeping the anti democratic forces like Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan under check, and safeguarding human rights and liberties across the globe.

What kind of "democracy" has Mr. Gandhi spawned in his India? It is unthinkable that President Bill Clinton would hold his office till death, while his daughter, Chelsie, is groomed for her father's office, as Indira Gandhi was! Later, Rajiv Gandhi was put in his mother's chair with NO qualifications at all! By what yardstick is his widow Sonia, the LEADER of the same party that was Mr. MK Gandhi's very own? It is unthinkable that the United States and the United Kingdom will put Broadcasting under State control as in India!

Gandhi was a downright PACIFIST, without guts and SCRUPLES. His constant preaching to his fellow Indians, to be non violent at all times, EVEN IN THE FACE OF AGGRESSION, paralysed the manhood of India, mentally and physically, to such an extent that they were (and still are) a degenerated, docile, submissive and subservient race on earth, ever ready to appease and surrender (1947), get slaughtered (Kashmir) and be kicked (Uganda, 1972, and Fiji 1987 and 2000).

Gandhi's "leadership" and "sense of occasion" also came under dark shadow during World War 2, when he wrote to Winston Churchill to surrender to Germany to avoid bloodshed. Later, he advised his Indian following to offer NO resistance to the Japanese but to lie down in front of their advancing tanks, to be killed, in order to "smite the conscience" of the enemy. To pursue the war against the Japanese more vigorously, the British declared Ganhi's political party illegal, and put the "mahatma" behind bars. ("The Times, London, August 10, 1942).

The undignified and cowardly acquiescence in the ongoing slaughter of the Sikhs and Hindus in Kashmir by the Mujahideen is in the same Gandhian spirit of "getting killed to bring the enemy to his knees through remorse!"

Gandhi's political party has "drawn considerable mileage" by creating deceptive "fatherhood and sainthood" of Gandhi across India. The country is still under his considerable influence, even terror. Under Congress rule Gandhi statues were put up in practically every town and city across India. Countless roads, schools, parks, localities and institutions are named after him as if he was next to the Almighty.

Many military officers driving past these statues claim to hear them whisper into their ears, "Drop your guns, my children. Killing is evil. If forced into battle, get killed. Don't fire back." Would the MANLY United States wish to hold such a role model to her ARMED FORCES, by erecting Gandhi's statue in the capital, not far from Pentagon?

Gandhi's public image was built up by the British rulers while the official media in India made no mention of the real freedom fighters and heroes whose struggle for independence was more active and dynamic, and who were "kissing the gallows" by the thousand. Under censorship then, and intimidation during the Congress rule in India, the real brave freedom fighters of the country vanished from public mind while the Imperialist stooge, Mr. Gandhi, got invited to top level meetings with the Viceroy and conferences in London in full glare of publicity.

Had the British rulers wished, Mr. Gandhi could easily have "gone" the way of Steve Biko as early as 1914 or incarcerated like Mr. Nelson Mandela for the rest of his life. But it suited the rulers of India then, to have a native leader who abhored violence. Consequently, the British left India as late as 1947 when post War conditions and pressures, notably from the United States, compelled them to leave.

Brainwashed Indian "scholars" have hailed the British departure from India as Mr. Gandhi's personal triumph. Some call him "the lion who chased out the British single-handed!" They do not ask, "How is it that even Uganda, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and South Africa, attained their independence without the benefit of a "warrior" like Gandhi?"

Both Partition and the Kashmir dispute are the legacy of Mr. Gandhi's cowardice which INVITED aggression! Mr. Jinnah knew him well and promptly sent his Irregulars into Kashmir in October 1947. The conduct of war by India under Gandhi's negative influence, was despicable.

Gandhi prevailed upon the Indian Army to cease fire and apologise to the invaders for every bullet fired by the Indian soldiers. Fifly three years on, the Mujahideen still penetrate the Land of Gandhi with impunity at the point of their choosing, and kill off up to 20, 30, 40, even 100 Hindus, each time of their manly thrust into the effeminated Gandhian India. To those, like the Marathas, the Rajputs, the Gurkhas AND THE SIKHS, with a great fighting record and a martial tradition of their own, such poor performance of Indian Army and security forces under Gandhian Idelogy, comes as a digusting shock.

There is as much good reason for India now to adore Gandhi as the Russians have to adore Lenin and Stalin. The "Gandhi lore" is being kept alive by none other than the very powerful Nehru Dynasty who virtually hold the present Government of India and Prime Minister Vajpayee, to ransom.

The word "Gandhi" itself is the biggest hoax being dishonestly played on the Indians. Indira Nehru, who married the runaway son of a Sunni MUSLIM grocer in Allahabad, pursuaded her husband Feroze KHAN, to take on "Gandhi" as his new surname in order to gain political advantage for her father Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Some say, this ruse was suggested by none other than the "mahatma" himself!

The bogus surname went on to Rajiv, Sonia, and to their children, who are all adored by the illiterate, impoverished, timid and SUBSERVIENT Indians as if they were the offspring of some Divine Messiah.

Under these later day "Gandhis", India has literally gone to dogs. There is corruption, nepotism and dishonesty in every sphere of public life. The country cannot afford decent hospitals, roads, schools, nor maintain roads and transport system. It cannot even cope with natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and cyclones.

The intelligentsia FLED Gandhi's stagnant and decomposing India with crippling bureaucratic controls, inefficiency, graft and nepotism. These clever expatriate Indians, notably in the electronics sector in the United States, have contributed to the prosperity there while leaving Gandhian India gasping for talent.

Perhaps the most despicable role Mr. Gandhi played in politics, was at Partititon negotiations. He had declared, "NO PARTITION. INDIA WILL BE CUT UPON MY DEAD BODY!" Brave words but spoken by a COWARD. Within days he accepted Partition without demanding more time to work out proper details of exchange of population or to hold a plebiscite, and went praying, chanting and fasting in public.

His successors, notably Pandit Nehru, took the word "PARTITION" out of the Indians' vocabulary. To this day no Indian, even the President, knows the answer to the question, "PARTITION FOR WHAT?"

The bogus, illogical, immoral and UNDEMOCRATIC Partition of India has left many wounds wide open, not only in KASHMIR. There is a demand by the Sikhs, who live along the hostile Indo-Pak frontier, for Khalistan. They expect the collapse of Gandhian India any time and their own extinction in EAST Punjab in the manner of WEST Punjab brought about through Gandhi's collapse. The Christians, especially the Nagas, in the North East, too, wish to leave "Gandhian" India which FAILED to maintain its secular stand in West Punjab and EAST Bengal. Everybody's FAITH is lost due to the instability of PARTITIONED India.

Growing under the shadow of Gandhi, the Indians are a "REDUCED sub human specie" who join ranks to adore and praise Gandhi in public while profusely abusing him privately. They remind us of the wretched Soviet people who used to abuse Stalin privately while singing his praises in public. Thus a cowardly Gandhi, whose image is being INFLATED by the intimidating dishonest (DYNASTIC) political system of India, is not a lot different from other grand deceptions of history in the past.

NO Gandhi statue in Washington to defile the brave soil of America. It will only invite ridicule even from the visiting Indians in the years to come.

Barat Ratna Kurukshetra NRI FORCE - EUROPE