Shankar Dutta & Bharat Ratna Kurukshetra

Date: 9/18/2000


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Subject: Re: [bharatvarsh] Gandhi Statue in the United States

Excellent one!!

We Hindus living in India are paying the price for the cowardice of the this man and his "chela" Nehru.

Our progress is retarded because the Muslims will always vote for the party which will keep India weak and Hindus timid (Congress, Samajwadi, RJD). With their (Muslim) numbers growing, and their say in who should rule India increasing, who knows, what is in store for my beloved motherland, India? -------------------------------------

WHY GANDHI STATUE? Just because he was the Father of India's Second Nation? Why not Subhash Bose? Is it because not one among ONE BILLION is man enought to oppose? ----------------- From the crushed and brainwashed people of the DIVIDED India To the honorable and brave people of the UNITED States of America


We are very sad to learn that the United States authorities have permitted the statue of Mr. MK Gandhi, known as "Mahatma Mouse", to be erected on the proud and honorable soil of the United States.

May God never give a man like Mr. MK Gandhi to lead any nation on earth. When he was supposed to uphold the UNITY of India he collapsed, and thus his country, India, came to be broken up into three fragments. A million people were massacred and tens of millions more were forced to leave their homes to take on the status of refugees in India.

In the true tradition of cowardice of Mr. Gandhi, his India has not been able to erect even one memorial to their memory nor establish a single Holocaust Museum anywhere in India.

Gandhi could not back up his call for Unity of India with any action. He was far better understood by Sir Winston Chruchill and Mr. Roosevelt than his own brainwashed, timid and ignorant Indian following.

Mr. MK Gandhi was a downright coward, and India will suffer the result of his moral death on August 15, 1947 (PARTITION DAY) for a very long time to come.

Kashmir dispute, which has cost tens of thousands of lives and billions upon billions of dollars in defence and security, was the direct result of Mr. Gandhi's collapse over Partition, and so were the three wars fought between India and Pakistan over Kashmir and the one fought for the sovereignty of EAST Bengal now Bangladesh) which refused to accept Mr. Gandhi's secularism and India, and stayed away in 1972.

The statue of Mr. MK Gandhi in Washington, DC, is a black spot on the otherwise fair soil of the United States which won its independence by FIGHTING for it, NOT after signing the unconditional surrender of FIVE states as India did as per Treaty of Surrender of 1947, under the "leadership" of Mr. MK Gandhi.

We hope the brave and honourable people of the United States will soon remove the ugly blot and consign it to oblivion. None in Pakistan and Bangla- desh, formerly in Mr. Gandhi's India, and close to his bosom, will regret.

Yours faithfully, Bharat Ratna Kurukshetra MRI (Movement for Reunification of India) in the UNITED Kingdom. Sep 16, 2000 ================ Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's visit to the United States is slowly drawing to a close with most of his key engagements behind him. He met United States President Bill Clinton at the dedication of the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in Washington DC on Saturday morning . . . . ==================