Date: 10/13/2000


13 October, 2000.

A Hindu's Final Diary Thought of the Day by a HINDU in Hindusthan. Please read carefully.

He said, "Since none is here for ever, I just reflected: "What have I achieved in my entire life time?"

"Earliest memories, shouting "QUIT INDIA," total commitment to "AKHAND BHARAT", but then suddenly dark clouds of partition, India's total collapse, unconditional surrender of five provinces and the re-enslavement of Motherland by autocratic "Bandit" NEHRU and his Dynasty.

"Shame and Disgrace of our LEADERS never looking back to take on either the "Second Nation" or to CHALLENGE Partition that was IMPOSED upon the whole country, from Kerala to Kashmir, and Chittagong to Khyber, without referendum or plebiscite.

"Further shame of seeing the all-powerful 'Hindu basher/Muslim lover' DYNASTY calling themselves "secular" and "democratic".

"In a nutshell, a constitution that denies native Hinduism any status in India that was partitioned on the sole basis of religion, acknowledging the superiority of alien Islam and the parity of foreign Christianity over NATIVE Hinduism.

"The national weakness and debility that INVITED the aggression of Partition, now INVITED the unprovoked brutal invasion of Kashmir and the cowardly surrender of North Kashmir by Pandit Nehru who escaped lynching a second time signing of the Act of Partition, and imposing the cease fire in Kashmir when our troops were actually advancing and re-capturing our own territory!).

"Hindu-bashing and "Sikh killing" policies of Centre, and the vast RULING establishment firmly under a Dynasty of alien & anti national ideological orientation.

"Deliberate and treacherous dumping of NRI's (NO dual nationality to the scum!) and the brazen betrayal of the Indians living in Uganda and Fiji for several generations. The world is amazed, but the native MAJORITY community is powerless and divided. They offer a "DONKEY RIDE" to the Dynasty.

"Sonia KHAN aka Gandhi welcomed into the top house of India without any vetting, question or challenge, degrading all the NATIVE born Indian women into second place.

"Embittered divide widening between the Hindus and the Sikhs.

"Scorn poured at Hindu temples while millions of dollars pour in for the missionaries, mosques and churches. Christians move up to the top executive positions. Hindus refuse to challenge a Christian as President, his wife from Burma and even the Leader of Opposition from Italy. Hindus have simply NO voice but travel abroad to "ennoble the world" and raise "Ahimsa Dwars" at home.

"Hindus, exterminated in West Punjab and North Kashmir, and decimated in Sindh and EAST Bengal, are at pains to prove their "secularism" to the rest of the world, especially the vicious and vocal alien minorities within India. Hindus go blind to the SECOND NATION and perceive all to be their friends. Muslim "vote bank" becomes a life- saving political reality for many a Hindu politician.

"Hindus seen to be stretched across and firmly strapped to the table in some kind of an surgical Operation Theatre, unable to move in Ayodhya.

"Not even in one's dream can one see any challenge to Partition, expulsion of savage Second Nation or re-writing of Constitution to turn PARTITIONED India into a HINDU Rashtra.

"The media remain vicious about Hindu dignity and recovery in Hindusthan and shout abuse and hurl filth at any Hindu who tries to make the word "Hindu" as respectable as Islam in EAST Bengal or as potent as the word "Christian" anywhere. Alarm bells ring loud, and warnings of attack by savage Hindu NAZIS promptly go out to all corners of the world should a Hindu stir anywhere.

"The biggest tragedy is that those brave Hindu and SIKH leaders who declared "NO Partition!" and then paid for their conviction with their lives, can NOT be commemorated in our Bharat which went over to adoring and worshipping those traitors and cowards who ACCEPTED partition. Our true heroes have been consigned to oblivion while the triators raised. Not one memorial is to be seen to honour their memory anywhere in India. Weren't there any?

"Did we ALL go under the Sword of Islam in West Punjab and East Bengal without a word of protest, without a single act of defiance or resistance? Did we all? Was there NO exception to the "TOTAL surrender" accepted by the All- India Congress Party in 1947?

"Today in such a crushed and demoralised Bharat it is quite acceptable to have a Foundation named after the BOFORS CHOR but not after Guru Gobind Singh Ji. It is quite fashionable to have a "Ahimsa Dwar" but NOT a Vijay Dwar.

"Finally, my fellow Indians are most welcome to flee Bharat in order to contribute to the riches and prosperity of Europe and America but NOT to our own Bharat. See the Indians working hard and honestly everywhere in the world EXCEPT in our own Bharat.

"Not one NRI is willing to return to the land where hospitals, roads, schools, universities, electricity and water services are totally run down, where the army is known more for its cease fires, surrenders and lack of initiatives than gaining TERRITORY, and where politicians are known more for appeasements, surrenders, compromises, concessions and CORRUPTION than for integrity and the Rule of Law.

"Now in the evening of my life I wonder, What will save my Bharat and make her a real super power at par with France and Germany some time in the near future.

"Who will finally save Bharat from further weakening, divisions and mutilation? Another Gandhi or a new Gobind? Who?

"What shape will this India be a hundred years after I am gone? I jolly well KNOW what she was like a hundred years ago! (A stinking cesspit of SLAVERY under British BOOTS in the year 1900).

"Will the Indo-Italian Priyenka and her NATIVE husband have embraced Hinduism in the next couple of years? Will the Imam of Jama Masjid, Najma Heptullah, Shabana Azmi, Actor Dalip Kumar and Editor MJ Akbar? Or, is it a tall order, given the extremely low image of Hinduism in Hindusthan- as per Constitution?

"Will the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya rise to excel The Vatican in Italy in grandeur and size?

"Will the Hindu be a MAN on his own patch? "Where will I find answers to these questions?"


The Hindu went, leaving me with these questions.