Sita Ram Kesri (resemblance to the anyone unintentional).

Date: 10/13/2000


INDO-RUSSIAN RELATIONS. (In "politically correct" English).

When India was a British "coolie" colony, Russia and China were hostile countries across the frontiers, which had to be separated by buffer states. These were Afghanistan and Tibet respectively. India was sitting in the lap of Great Britain, not standing on her own feet. She was SECULAR, SAFE and UNITED.

Then came her Third Enslavment after the long centuries of slavery under the Mohammedans (Arabs, Turks, Persians and Afghans)and the British. Now it was the "dynastic dictatorship" of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru from 1947 onwards, from which our Hindusthan has yet to fully emancipate herself.

When Pandit Nehru thought that Edwina Mountbatten was in love with him, the native "coolie" begged of Lord Mountbatten to stay on, even after Independence, as the first Governor General of free India. The ignorant and famished Indians had NO clue to Nehru's mind or patriotism.

It was "Long Live Panditji!" everywhere despite the Pandit signing the unconditional surrender of five provinces to the "Second Nation" within India.

Alarm bells rang in Moscow. Marshal Stalin called Nehru to Moscow to tell him squarely to detach himself from the apron strings of the last British Viceroy. It seems the meeting had a very sobering effect on our Pandit who then asked Stalin for advice on how to run his own vast empire of India.

Nehru was AFRAID that allowing full democracy and freedoms to his subjects would certainly have meant his own death at the hands of the grieving and angry Hindu and Sikh refugees coming from West Punjab, Baluchistan, NWFP, Sind and East Bengal, who demanded to know why "Akhand Bharat" had been dumped so readily without ensuring their safe evacuation, adequate compensation and the honour of their daughters.

So the Truth about Partition had to be suppressed at all costs. Here Marshal Stalin was his best teacher, friend and mentor. Nehru cast aside the democratic ideals, IMPOSED his own version of Socialism- as in the Soviet Union- on his mutilated India.

To perpetuate his iron grip on his vast "empire", he had to do three things immediately, following the Soviet model:

(1.) IMPOVERISHMENT. In the Soviet Union expenditure on defence, nuclear armaments and space flights had impoverished the nation. In India vast national sums were similarly squandered through CORRUPTION which was deliberately fanned by Nehru and his vast establishment to spread like jungle fire, in order to consume the entire country. Nehru, who himself was a corrupt imperialist thug, did not pursue the evil with any seriousness. Spread of corruption really seems to have pleased him. It was to cover up his own.

Thus half a century later, the BOFORS scandal looked mere peanuts when corruption was rife and rampant ALL OVER. It took in prime ministers like Indira Gandhi, Narasimha Rao and HD Gowda, governors of states and chief ministers like Jayalalitha. Anyone who was not corrupt regarded himself to be a "rat", or a "eunuch", even a social outcaste. An honest man thought he was a damn fool. That was India under Dynasty.

The whole social fabric moved away from Dharma and the enlightening secular Hindu religion, but plunged deep into the darkness of corruption. It was a very clever ploy of Nehru to dismiss Partition as non event, but to call it Independence.

Impoverishment meant neglect of health services, roads and transpot services, national heritage, museums and the entire civil service, even the armed forces- notorious as cease-firing "Eunuchs in Uniform" who could not recover North Kashmir but went on to kill the Tamils of Indian origin in Sri Lanka and the native children of soil, the Sikhs, in EAST Punjab. These "rats in army uniform" won medals for heroism and valour for attacking a native holy shrine in Amritsar which is India's own priceless and historic counterpart of the sovereign state of Vatican in Italy!

(2.) INTIMIDATION. A rapid and manifold increase took place in the number of informers, security personnel, and police and para-militaty forces. State informers eliminated anyone who spoke against the ruling party. The word "Hindu" was given a very negative connotation. It was simply abolished in Constitution and replaced by the word "Secularism".

Nehru's "Constitution of India" was written up by a clueless, cowardly and detached Buddhist, NOT a Hindu, who is hyped up by the vast official propaganda machine as a great "constitutional expert". It is still regarded by many a diminished brainwashed Indian "coolie" as sacrosanct.

Amazingly, it has no mention of Partition, nor an aspiration to eventual unity of the country, and makes no reference to the unconditional surrender of EAST Bengal- not once but TWICE. On the other hand it has Article 370 which is ludicrous to the extreme. It confers a distinctly separate identity on the State of Jammu & Kashmir unlike all the rest.

To say, "I am a Catholic from Italy" became very fashionable for the likes of Sonia and to say, "I am an Indian born Catholic became a matter of pride for the likes of Priyenka. But to say, "I am a Hindu" in Hindusthan, was the equivalent of daubing one's face in black tar, riding a donkey.

Everyone became an SS "dog" (Secular Socialist) to be politically correct and to please the "Hindu basher/Sikh killer" Dynasty. Thus even a moderate party like BJP are lampooned as NAZIS and "dangerous" Hindus.

The media played the cards on the side of Nehru and his Dirty Dynasty, taking up the chant of "fundamentalist Hindus" while ignoring the total hold of Islam from Karachi to Khyber and the rapid rise of Christianity all over India.

Under such intimidation the native Hindus dare NOT notice that the President, his wife and the leader of India's largest POLITICAL party are NOT Hindu, the latter two not even Indian by birth!

The nation is too intimidated to question the bona fides of the so-called "Minorities Commission". The interests of the *majority* community have gone to dogs. The terrified Hindus have yet to ask, "What ought to have been the constitutional status of this Second Nation which enjoys full freedoms in West Bengal but has the license to KILL the Hindus in EAST Bengal and exterminate the Sikhs in West Punjab?" India's great "constitutional expert", Dr. Ambedkar, did not dare to touch on this. Nor has her great "Vedic scholar", LM Singhvi, ever spoken about it.

The subservient and terrified chief ministers of states never dared to hold a meeting or conference outside Delhi. Here in the capital, "pleased & proud" to land at "Indira Gandhi International Airport", these "midgets" were under the gaze of agents of Dynasty. Each was closely watched for the slightest expression, or hint, of autonomy for their subjects. They conferred and met like the puppets from the various republics in the former Soviet Union.

Thus the intimidated chief ministers, all 25 of these "rats", never questioned the validity of Article 370 which bestows a lot of autonomy on South Kashmir. These intimidated "jackals", representing states as large as France and Germany, never questioned the inability of their subjects to buy any property in South Kashmir while the Kashmiris could buy properties all over India. Under Nehru's terror the whole Indian race was degraded. Was that independence?

3.) IGNORANCE. To run down the Education sector, to keep schools and universities deprived of good teachers, teaching resources and materials, was the official policy of the Dynasty.

There is virtually NO academic research in India as we see at universities in the West. No university in India was good enough for the likes of Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, and even Rahul. It was a national shame exposed to the whole world.

DENIAL OF INFORMATION meant that "free" India had state controlled Broadcasting as in Moscow- but unlike England. It had crippling bureaucracy as in the former Soviet Union, NOT respect for person, freedom of individual and action, as in the Untied States.

Due to this Ignorance of the people, the ruling dynasty could easily divide the nation, pitching Hindus against the Sikhs but embracing the deadly snake of "Second Nation" whose ISLAMIC flags fly in full defiance of Nehru's Secularism over Dhaka and Lahore, and as an insult and a grave provocation to India's own degraded mongrel Tricolour. The ignorant and crushed Indians have come to accept the colours of Nehru's Congress Party on their country's flag. They see no difference in a political party and India. At one time they heartily chanted, "Indira is India!"

It is a pity that while "Stalin" is a word of abuse in the former Soviet Union, Pandit Nehru is still adored by having umpteen institutions, foundations, schools, museums and parks after his dirty name and treacherous person. Do we see anything named after Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, General Hari Singh Nalwa, or the brave Maharani of Jhansi?

When will PI (PARTITIOINED India), claiming to be great and ancient, emerge like the new and reformed Russia? When?