Date: 12/2/2000


Was the Bangladesh war a victory for India? By Manoj Joshi

NEW DELHI: On December 3, 1971, the six-month-old undeclared war between India and Pakistan in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) erupted into an all-out war. Within 13 days, three Indian Army thrusts had reached Dhaka and the Pakistani forces in East Pakistan surrendered. This has justly been celebrated as an epochal event since there are few, if any, modern wars that have given birth to a nation.

But if success crowned India in the east, the story in the west was, according to the official history, a catalogue of disappointments. The 15 Corps Chamb offensive was pre-empted by the Pakistanis with disastrous consequences for India. India lost the Hussainiwala enclave `on account of complacency followed by confusion', and the bridge at Beriwala near Fazilka was lost.

In the east, India fought the war in "exceptionally favourable circumstances". East Pakistan was surrounded by Indian territory on three sides, and the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy dominated the seas and the air preventing any reinforcement or escape. The Indian Army had a superiority of 4:1 and even 10:1 in some areas, the Pakistanis were fighting a civil war. A measure of their predicament is brought out by the fact that the Pakistan Army lost as many as 4,000 personnel killed during April-October, more than the entire loss suffered by India in the December war.

In defence of the poor showing of the commanders on the western front, the official history says they had been saddled with a government directive that they must not lose any territory. "This directive badly handicapped the Indian commanders, since it compelled them to thin out their forces for defence, rather than to concentrate them for use in a decisive punch towards one or the other objective," says the official history.

A major defeat of the Pakistan Army in the western sector would have had a deterrent effect on Pakistani adventurism even today. India is still paying the price for the failure of the Northern Command to adequately support the offensive to capture Olthingthang and Marol, north of Kargil.

Predictably military intelligence, handled then as now by RAW, failed. It could not locate Pakistan's 7 Infantry Division, and more important, failed to track down the 1 Armoured Division till the second week of December. Tactical intelligence, too, was weak. When on the night of December 4/5 elements of the 12 division captured Islamgarh, they did not know that a strong Pakistani force was moving a little south and parallel to them towards Jaisalmer. Fortunately, this force was stopped at Longewala and destroyed by an unopposed air strike the following day.

But a bigger disaster struck the Indian forces in Chamb. 10 Division's plan was to defend the area by a pre-emptive offensive towards Kharian, a major Pakistani base. But with the November 1 directive enjoining commanders not to lose any territory, plans were altered. Though Indian forces were forewarned of a Pakistani attack, there was little time to prepare defences and re-orient the troops. The Pakistani offensive that began on the night of December 3 caught 191 brigade off balance. Indian forces halted the Pakistani offensive at the Mannawar Tawi river only by December 9-10 when the outstanding Pakistani Division commander Maj Gen Iftikhar Janjua died in a helicopter crash. India lost Chamb territory to Pakistan as part of the terms of the Simla Agreement.





Does "India" have a face? Where is it? Who is it? Pray, tell me so that I could "spit" on it. (Rude? But a million times more rude is India's fraud on Secularism and her simple, trusting and ignorant people.


It ought to be crystal clear to all as to why the war went this way in the East, and that way in the West.

Now before long winded theories, here is the simple fact to grasp first. We know it is impossible to swallow. But let us be bold, and honest, to say it.

Indira Gandhi was a secret convert to Islam with as much loyalty to India as that of Jenab Jinnah and Pandit Nehru. She won victory in the East because the TERRITORY was to be returned to Islam after "victory".

She had gone into battle there only because of the cries of the Bengali MUSLIM women who were also being raped and gang raped by the army and the police imported from the West.

The man who was to be restored to power was a Muslim, not a Hindu. Had it been a Hindu, Indira would have run a thousand miles away, from the very idea of a campaign in East Pakistan.

Had the victims been only HINDU, even twenty million, our lady would NOT have lifted the little finger. (How many fingers did father Nehru and Bapu Gandhi lift when the Hindus were being roasted alive in Noakhali, Rawalpindi and Lahore?)

But those Muslim girls and women were different. They were humans, not vermin like the Hindus of North Kashmir.

They were all crying out, "In the name of Allah, save us from these butchers, bastards and rapists."

And in the name of Allah our Indira Khanum went.

The rule of warfare is, "Territory won is never returned, and NOT if, in the first place, it was surrendered under duress, bullying or threat of civil war, and, without either an all-out war, or referendum!"

That is the Law of Warfare. But Indira broke that Law just as Jinnah broke the Law of Loyalty to his land of birth (India), and thus broke the backbone of Mr. Gandhi's Secularism in Lahore.

Now in the West the story is different. Here it was never intended to humiliate or defeat Pakistani "cousins".

Hence RAW and many another "coolie" general had many complicated orders and instructions thrown at them to confuse them.

"Thou shalt not capture Lahore which will cut off North Pakistan from South Pakistan."

"Thou shalt NOT go for soft target Karachi. How will Uncle Sam send in supplies and munitions to Pakistan?"

"Thou shalt not capture Sialkot. That will humiliate Pakistan and hurt her manly spirit."

"Thou shalt not recover North Kashmir. Almighty Nehru, the Head of Dynasty, let them have it for good!"

Moron, mercenary and rotten Indian Army generals were told to "just capture a few acres of forests here and a few pieces of barren land there, and NO more!"

All PsOW were well fed, given copies of Koran, and halaal meat, including beef, and then seen off by a most satisfied and contented Indira. (Not one embraced Hinduism! Not one stayed back in our secular paradise.)

But she did not insist on the return of each and every Hindu POW from Pakistan, nor of the Hindu women and girls gang-raped in 1947 and still kept in Pakistan forcibly. Surely, if approached, most would like to see their cousins, brothers and sisters of childhood, and then die in the land of Lord Krishna and not be buried among the rapist and killer "bastards".

Wouldn't they be having nightmares about the manner of their abduction in 1947? Wouldn't they be having terrible memories of being separated from their parents?

Where was United Nations Organisation for them? Where the rest of the world?

Where was "Mahatma" Gandhi for them, then, and where is the Hindu nation for them, now?

Remarkably, one of those long forgotten PsOW turned up most recently after donkey's years from Pakistan. He has already been forgotten by the nation. He was not invited by the embarrassed Supreme Commander "Rat" of Bharat to his "Bhawan" in New Delhi, even for a cup of tea.

Some readers may find this posting "hard" since we threw Partition out of our minds. The honourable Jews are well informed and educated on such accounts day and night by their elders.

Bangladesh was BOGUSdesh in the first place. The war there was a sham. It resulted in the Victory of Islam and loss to India.

Indian victory was tactical. Islamic victory was strategic and permanent. Is there NO difference?

It was the second worst defeat of the millennium after the unconditional surrender of five provinces in 1947. India could recover neither North Kashmir, nor East Bengal.

What victory, if we do NOT know the meaning of the word? When did the Hindus capture, or occupy and then RETAIN, an inch of territory?

If we keep on using words like "victory" so recklessly, irresponsibly and thoughtlessly, as "His Master's Voice", we will NEVER prepare for the next war which is imminent.

The sleeping nation is being lulled into deeper sleep. Each and every time in the past, the forgetful good Hindu gentlemen were all "ready for slaughter".

Friday, December 01, 2000