Date: 12/16/2000




Before Partition, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s top leader, had to warn Mr. Jinnah across the newly created bogus border, “Ensure the safety of the Hindus, or I shall declare Partition null and void if even one is killed or raped.” And after Partition he had to encourage his defeated nation, “From now onwards each native Hindu will be equal to TEN alien Muslims.” But Nehru’s mind was on his newly acquired sweetheart, Edwina Mountbatten. His dynasty has continued to put the “foreign female above the native”.

Nehru’s blind eye

A blight inherited by the successive governments in India is “Nehru’s blind eye”. Hindus living abroad can be slaughtered, looted, abducted, raped or killed, without any response from Government of India. And yet another blight has paralysed the ‘once victorious Indian Army’. They have turned “cease firing mercenary funks”. After continuous victories throughout World Wars 1 and 2, they were ordered to cease fire in Kashmir while advancing! Since then they have not recovered an inch of territory from the enemy. Their legitimate territory is right up to Khyber and Chittagong. But thanks to Pandit Nehru, it is the Muslims now who regard the rest of India as their legitimate territory and the Sikhs as the “sheep for slaughter”. In the coming centuries the divided and ignorant Hindus will be fighting a losing battle. Eventual dog collar of slavery is not a figment of anybody’s imagination. For Hindusthan, that was the fact & reality from 1192 till 1947.

In 1699, Guru Gobind Singh Ji had asked each and every Hindu to carry the sword, day and night, and told them, “Each one of you will prevail upon 125,000 enemy.” Not once did atheist Nehru speak of the Guru whose father, Guru Tegh Bahadur, had been beheaded, serving Secularism and Dharma. Neither Guru’s name was considered good enough for New Delhi International Airport.

Sheep agrazing (Lok Sabha)

When I pass a vast green field, I see hundreds of sheep grazing happily with their heads down. They have little awareness of their master’s family, what is on his mind, and even how long they will escape the trip to abattoir. “Can the humans come down to this level?” I often wonder. Close observation of the Indian scene over five decades has convinced me that, “Yes, they can. Go and see the Lok Sabha in New Delhi.”

The Members sitting there, remind me of their mental level. Not one among them is equal to the speck of dust under the foot of Sir Thomas More, proclaimed “Patron of Politicians” by the Pope in Rome today (November 5, 2000). To More, Faith and Politics were clearly intertwined. Not one member of India’s Parliament has looked back at Partition. Not one knows why it occurred. Not one has ever said, “Let us build a memorial to the cities lost and the Hindus killed in 1947.” What are they, if not like the sheep I see in that green field? The question begs an answer.

At such moments I think of the panic stricken Hindus of Western India who caused countless two-hundred mile long stampedes throughout 1947 while fleeing their places of birth and domicile. Treacherously betrayed by Pandit Nehru and “Mahatma” Gandhi, they were surrendering the ancient cities of Lahore and Kush, founded by the two sons of Lord Rama, as well as Nankana Sahib, the birthplace of Guru Nanak Dev, and Multan, the ancient city of Bhagat Prahlad. Many were shattered by the forcible abductions of their daughters along the long dusty treks. None was sure of the next meal.

Minus all TERRITORIAL sense

They were all without any sense of attachment to territory since it had belonged to their alien masters and rulers for centuries. No Hindu leader is on record having protested, “Territory of India belongs to all, not just to the Muslims!” A quarter of a century later when the Indian Army liberated EAST Pakistan from the Islamic marauders and invaders, Indira Gandhi made a mockery of her Secularism, making a (damn) fool of all the Hindus, when she simply handed the territory back to the Muslims. It is preposterous to note that under Congress rule, the Hindus’ attachment to territory had remained zero. There were no protests, no demonstrations and no call for Indira’s head. The ancient and civilised Nation of Hindus in 1972 was still a “herd of cows”.

Defence of Hindu territory had always been the business of the Muslim and the British masters. Natives had no say whatsoever. Attachment to territory, piously expressed as “Dharti Mata”, was no more than meaningless chant. That is why Lahore and Dhaka went out of map of India so easily, and that is why in 1972 East Bengal, our own territory, went back to the Muslims a second time. Mesmerised and brainwashed Hindus have yet to wake up to the fact that the High Treason of Nehru and Indira was no less destructive than that of Mohammed Ali Jinnah. With enemies like Nehru, Indira and Rajiv in our own camp, we need not look for the enemy beyond our borders.

Another vital quality for survival LOST by the Hindus is their ability to tell between friend and foe. While a group of Muslims or Christians will immediately notice a Hindu among them and regard him with suspicion or unease, a similar group of Hindus will NOT be mentally at ease unless they see a “foreigner” among them as a reassuring sign of normalcy. It need not be a Burmese or Italian born foreigner. Even a native non-Hindu will do whose presence will be a proof of the Hindus’ secularism and good conduct.

The Hindus have not known anything else for nearly one thousand years. Thus they felt safe, secure and happy during the British rule till suddenly the axe of Partition fell when they were driven out of their homes, scattered like dry leaves of autumn across the globe. It was the second wave of “gypsies”, better equipped to cope with life abroad than the first wave during the 11th century AD who are still shunned and shooed everywhere.

True nature of Islam

The Act of Partition, 1947, was a license to the Muslims to slaughter the defenceless and helpless Hindus in their hundreds of thousands, to abduct and rape their daughters in their thousands and to loot and burn. They were greatly encouraged in this by the knowledge that the Hindus will not retaliate- anywhere.

We can NOT say that our leaders at the time, Gandhi, Nehru and Jinnah- all three barristers-at-law from London- were illiterate country bumpkins, or clueless morons, as to what they were negotiating. Knowingly, and while in their full senses, they committed High Treason, the punishment for which is death by hanging or execution by firing squad. It is also a capital crime for which there is NO time bar and NO excuse whatsoever.

Partition, still High Treason

Anyone who accepted Partition committed High Treason against India. Anyone who still accepts Partition is also committing High Treason against India. So how could such a despicable and disgraceful situation arise in India that the whole race is so degraded? Let’s look closer.

Most Hindus are still resigned to accepting Partition due to the following reasons: -

(a) Deeply ingrained terror of Islam. During centuries of brutal Islamic rule over India, Hindu manhood and vitality were completely smashed. The Hindus underwent a gradual transformation, and imperceptibly deteriorated into a genetically inferior race in order to survive in an extremely hostile and degrading environment. In the end they finished up producing only an “Apostle of Non-violence & Appeasement” and a devious “Pandit of Treachery & Surrender”- not with a Bismarck or Churchill. Thus the Muslim minority could easily terrify and overwhelm the Hindu majority.

(b) In the preceding centuries the Hindus were made to swear allegiance to their ruler, NOT to territory. Those who stood up for territory were promptly beheaded, thus rapidly lowering the gene count (genetic quality) of the rest of the population.

Like the slogan, “Indira is India”, coined by the sycophants of Indira, Nehru became the “Lord Eternal of Hindusthan” and Mr. Gandhi the “Father of Nation”. Like the “Only Son” doctrine of Christianity, Hindu India has acquired its own “Only Father” doctrine coined by the vast and powerful Congress establishment. Roads, parks, schools and public institutions named after Gandhi outnumber by one thousand to one those named after all the other “Great Souls” in India put together. Nothing is more disgusting than the name of New Delhi’s International Airport. For her suppression of democracy in 1975 (Declaration of Emergency throughout India) and attack on the Sikhs’ holiest shrine in Amritsar, many regard hot headed and arrogant Indira Gandhi the worst choice for that name.

Both Nehru and Gandhi were beyond reproof and trial. The treachery of one and the cowardice of the other were complimentary. The entire nation, boasting of countless divine prophets, Holy Scriptures, great scholarship and ancient civilization, was conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs to follow them blindly like the sheep. None spared a thought for the TERRITORY that was disappearing. It was doubly preposterous since the Hindus regard territory sacred, calling it “Dharti Mata”!

(c) Much of the recorded history of the Hindus is nothing but defeats and disasters and that of the Sikhs little else but relentless persecution and massacres. Just listen to the Sikhs’ daily Prayer and have it translated!

Thus while recalling and celebrating victories and conquests is a matter of great joy and pride for the British and the Americans, the Hindus are most embarrassed, even ashamed to recall their defeats, surrenders and inconclusive “cease-fires”. That is why the Hindus (and the Sikhs) have not put up a single memorial to all the dead of the past. To “dump” the one million dead of 1947 alone in such a cowardly manner, is simply diabolical. Which other nation on earth forgets their dead and the defenders of its territory in such a cowardly manner?

(d) Nehru’s ruthless intervention.

Conscious of his High Treason and fearing for his life, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who never bothered to demand “Referendum Before Partition”, adopted prompt measures to mislead and brainwash his captive nation. He did act fast. He had to!

His first resolve was to keep absolute power in his own hands and then pass it on to his daughter after his death. He was sure that this would last at least half century by which time the people of India would have substituted Independence for Partition and Gandhi for God. He need not have worried! His timid and ignorant nation forgave him in the very first minute when he stood up to hoist the Tricolour of his PISS (Partitioned Indian Secular State) on 15 August 1947.

Nehru’s ruthless intervention took the following forms: -

(i) To prevent the spread of knowledge and awareness, it was vital to keep broadcasting under State control. It still is.

(ii) To destroy mobility and communications (pre-requisites for development and prosperity of a nation), means of transport and communications were made scarce or placed out of reach of common man. Remember the deliberately inflicted frustrating 10 to 12-year long waiting lists for cars and scooters, and miles-long queues for a scooter? Of course, bribery could get anything within days. And to grind the civil administration to a halt, inefficiency, graft and red tape were let loose with a vengeance upon the hapless citizens. Truly the hated “Colonial Raj” had given way to Pandit Nehru’s “License, Permit, Sifarish, Quota and Approval Raj”. Nehru seemed quite pleased with it since he was not affected.

(iii) To keep the people ignorant, it was vital to run down, and ruin, the native institutions of Education. They are still among the worst in the world. His own daughter Indira, his two grandsons Rajiv and Sanjay, and even his great grandchildren Rahul and Priyenka, went abroad for education. Neither Nehru nor Indira, nor indeed, Rajiv, bothered to set up a single university at home that could offer decent education.

Nehru had a morbid fear of a well-travelled and well-informed Indian, though he himself was hardly to be seen in India. He was afraid of the ideas of freedom, dignity and liberty “contaminating” his downtrodden subjects. Thus he put a virtual ban on all foreign travel. The lucky few who managed to get a visa from somewhere, were permitted to take only £3 while going abroad. They had to prove that on arrival at foreign destination they will be fed by someone. Eventually, a century later, a Supreme Court judgement gave the Indians the freedom of travel abroad. There was relief and joy all round, even among those Indians who could not afford the bus ticket between Delhi and Agra! Pandit Nehru’s attempt to keep his nation in the dark, and degraded, had failed. (iv) To keep the people of India dependent for their livelihood, it was necessary to go for Soviet style Socialism to control the means of production and allocation of jobs. Criticism of Congress or Dynasty meant loss of job, even no job at all! It is preposterous to see the “runaway Indian gypsies” (NRI’s) contributing to the prosperity of England, America and the rest of the world, but NOT to that of their own land of birth, India. There is a Devil standing between them and their India. That “devil” even denies them the petty concession of dual nationality.

De-linked from fellow NRI’s and fellow Hindus, none dare question this absurdity. The right to dual nationality is recognized worldwide. All the enlightened and civilized states grant it automatically. It is the close link between a citizen and his land of birth. No government is morally justified, or entitled, to sever this link though Pandit Nehru’s “Coolie Colony” called India has no shame in “separating the child from the mother”. An Italian by birth can never lose his citizenship. An Indian, on the other hand, is asked to renounce his nationality at once on acquiring another.

Where countries respect and value their citizens, whether at home or abroad, dual nationality is enshrined in the very Constitution. None is driven to desperation like the “begging, pleading, crying and applying” Indians all over the world.

(v) Nehru even put the nation’s Judiciary under his foot. India’s legal and penal systems will remain a mockery until his grandson’s (“Bofors’ Chor’s”) head is under the guillotine. The trial of Nathu Ram and Nana Apte posed the first major test for free India as to whether ‘a person or the country’ was supreme. Nehru was a dishonest partisan at the trial. The two great patriots who put the country above Gandhi, were quickly sent to the gallows. Their moving evidence was suppressed by Nehru. He kept capital punishment as a deterrent to those who felt compelled by conscience to remove a Gandhi by bullet who could not be removed by ballot. His dynasty, and their “Hindu-bashing” pseudo-secular Empire, had to be saved at all costs!

(vi) On the maxim, “the starving have no interest in politics”, Pandit Nehru fanned the culture of corruption and turned a blind eye to the daylight robbery of state funds and impoverishment of institutions. India’s foreign reserves dried up fast. To “milk” the citizens still further, numerous bogus Foundations have been established. Subservient Indians donate billions of rupees to these, including the ones named after Indira Gandhi and her son Rajiv (popularly known as “Bofors Chor”). Instead of insisting on his expeditious trial, the President of India goes to his “samadhi” on May 21 every year to shed crocodile tears for the cameras.

(vii) As if to crush the Hindu spirit, Government of India simply turn a blind eye whenever a Hindu is killed, chased out of his ancestral home, or his daughter abducted anywhere on earth. Calamities in Uganda and Fiji were dismissed as “internal affairs” of those countries. Regrettably, most NRI’s go along with this, and exonerate the Government of India of all moral responsibility and accountability. As if to rub the Hindu nose deeper in muck, Muslim miscreants from Sindh to East Bengal have been given free hand to insult and degrade the Hindus. Muslim militants in South Kashmir seem to have the “license” to raid and kill as they please. All the Hindu-Muslim marriages in India are “one-way traffic” and the demoralised nation watches actors Khan & Khan “abducting” Hindu maidens on and off stage. Self-respecting Hindus who consider it a slap in the face, feel powerless to do anything about it.

Ramming bogus secularism down the Hindu throats

As if to ram Pandit Nehru’s version of Secularism down the Hindus’ throats, all the top posts in India usually go to the NON Hindus. Simply look around. How many ambassadors and governors of states are NON Hindu? Why is the President not Hindu? Why is No. 1 Lady of Land an evangelist import from Burma? Why were Sonia Gandhi’s Italian birth and alien Faith NO disqualification for any office in India? What joy and pride are her social elevation and political high office, to any native Hindu woman- leave aside the emaciated Sikh?

The Hindu is conditioned to see his world in a detached manner- and from a safe distance. He is conditioned to regard himself as an unconnected living cell. He does not have a sense of community or nationhood. Thus he flies long distances, to “ennoble” America and the whole world, but doesn’t take a bus ride to ennoble Ayodhya, Mathura, Varanasi and Nankana Sahib. While obediently sitting at the feet of Sonia Gandhi, most Hindus do not think of the fate of a Hindu “Rashtra-bahu“ in Italy. They do not think as to why England has no Mahatmas. They do not notice the statues of war heroes in Washington. They don’t even notice the holocaust museums of the Jews.

The Hindu is conditioned to feel happy within his own family and while serving the others as “nishkam sewak”. His prime ministers, eating Iftar at Id and providing lavish hajj facilities to their Muslim “vote banks”, are his role model. He is conditioned to be resigned. He is a gentleman like his Prime Minister of “Samjhauta Express”. He is not supposed to think of Kargil that followed, nor of Partition that hit him hard. He does not miss Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet on the map of India. He is happy with his PISS (Partitioned Indian Secular State). He calls it India.

No one dares question Nehru’s bogus Secularism in Delhi, which is zero in Lahore. No one wonders, “What ought to be the constitutional status of a Mohammedan in Partitioned India?” Not one knows the terms and conditions of the Act of Partition, 1947. (There were none! Partition was a slap in the face of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and his Hindusthan!)

A murder is a crime even if a great soul “mahatma” comes along to say that it brought about the “deliverance” of the victim from this miserable earthly life. Partition will remain High Treason for ever, even if Pandit Nehru covered it up by calling it “Independence”.

Those who commit a serious crime make sure that it is not discovered. They want to go Scot free. Thus we saw how quickly Nehru and Gandhi “banished” the word “Partition” from their vocabulary. Nehru had a Constitution written up which does not mention it. It has NO mention of the “second nation” at all- the Second Nation that was as vast and large as The Himalayas, to which he had just surrendered India’s five provinces with all the Hindus in them, without protest, challenge or fight. Nehru’s unconditional surrender of India’s vast territories was final and irrevocable!

Partition without referendum

Partition was imposed without consulting the people of India. There was no referendum on the issue. Given the number of Muslims that were NOT expelled but allowed to stay back in India, it was preposterous, treacherous and bogus. India did not belong to Nehru or anyone else. She could not be cut and chopped as one pleased. India belonged, still belongs and will always belong, to all her people collectively. The people of India were waiting for the call to defend their territory. It never came. The few who stood up and fought for her integrity have been consigned to oblivion.

The people of India expected their new Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, to be seen with the bleeding refugees, wailing widows and crying orphans- pouring in, non stop- from West Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and NWFP, not with Edwina Mountbatten, the wife of the Viceroy, for romance. It is, therefore, high time the PEOPLE of India, especially the betrayed Hindus, stood up, to be counted.

Time to mete out the capital punishment

It is high time the People of India meted out capital punishment to all those who still accept Partition- and that includes the President, the Prime Minister, the leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha in New Delhi, Chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Staffs, and all the chief ministers of West Bengal and East Punjab still alive, who have not noticed the loss of the other half of their states. Those already dead, including all the past presidents and prime ministers, ought to be blacklisted and put on the “Roll of Dishonour” of P.I.S.S.

We should never forget the “capital punishment” Nehru and Gandhi inflicted on India by accepting her mutilation. Was Partition NOT murder of India?

(e) Nehru’s lasting legacy

In 1947 when Nehru took over, Indian cities had electric and water supplies 24 hours a day. Now these essential services are reduced to just a few hours per day. There was law and order. Now there is little of that left. Democracy is defined by the likes of Laloo Prasad & Rabri Devi of Bihar. There was integrity in bureaucracy. Now there is rampant corruption. Then one could expect the courts to be fair. Not now. Even Supreme Court is politically manipulated. There is at least a ten-fold increase in the police and the security forces. Boys in the Army won victories in distant lands. Now they are bogged down, getting a “bloody nose”, even in South Kashmir. The present day “Eunuchs in Uniform” of Indian Army destroyed Sri Akal Takht Sahib in Amritsar (Indira Gandhi’s Operation Blue Star) and killed the Tamils of Indian origin in Sri Lanka, to win awards of bravery and valour!

Then university degrees meant what they said. Now they are worthless and can be bought. All the children of Dynasty went abroad for education. Then town and cities were relatively clean. Now they are filthy and the traffic is chaotic. Then the people inhaled relatively clean air in towns and cities. Now they inhale fine dust.

Nehru’s other legacy is the violent upheaval and bloodshed in Kashmir, earlier known as “Switzerland of Asia” or the “paradise on earth”. Nehru wasn’t keen on her integration with India and inflicted a brazen separatist and divisive Article 370 in Constitution, to keep it a ‘Muslim majority’ state in perpetuity, so much so that no Indian, including the President of the Republic, can buy any property in the state. With her Muslim majority guaranteed, and her proximity to Pakistan, India will be bleeding to death and paying a bill for maintaining law and order in the State. Nehru couldn’t have served the Devil better as far as his own country is concerned!

Nehru as “Father of Khalistan”

Until 1947 none could tell the difference between a Hindu and a Sikh. They were the two branches of the same tree. That is why they were the common target of the Muslim bestiality, murders, arson and rape. But Nehru had learnt “Divide and Rule” from his Imperial Masters. The doctrine was later improved by his daughter as “Divide and Kill”. National integration was seen as threat by Nehru. He never permitted even two chief ministers of states to meet. All of them had to come to Delhi, first to “touch the feet” of Nehru, and then to speak to the fellow chief ministers. The threat of arbitrary dismissal by autocratic Nehru in his sham democracy, was ever present. Over four and a half decades later, in January 1993, Congress Government at Centre dismissed four duly elected state governments on mere suspicion of complicity in the destruction of Babri structure in Ayodhya!

Knowing of the strong bond between the Hindus and the Sikhs, Pandit Nehru designated the Sikhs, all the Sikhs, treasonous. A confidential circular went down to district level to “keep an eye” on the Sikhs. This greatly soured the climate for the Sikhs in their own land. At the same time Nehru’s vast establishment went into top gear to alienate and frustrate the Sikhs at all levels who felt blow after blow at all levels and in all departments. Anti Sikh jokes and their caricature in the Muslim infested film industry of Mumbai in the role of rogues and bandits, contributed to the Sikhs’ psychological hurt. Till today a Sikh has not been entrusted with the post of Chief of the Army Staff, nor has London ever seen a Sikh high commissioner from Bharat though the useless likes of PC Alexander and Salman Haidar were there for donkey’s years. Isn’t that amazing?

The Sikhs are the militarised Hindus. For centuries the relation has been that of child and parents, each respecting and defending the other even at grave risk to life. At the time of their origin, the much persecuted and degraded Hindus were their shelter and refuge from ruthless persecution. Our Gurus were common. No Hindu has ever disowned Guru Nanak Dev ji, Guru Arjan Dev or Guru Tegh Bahadur. One can see their pictures in nearly all temples.

With the British gone, it was the moment in history to keep that relation strong- just like the Anglo-American bonds. But Nehru had other sinister designs. He had to cut the “sword arm” of Hindus. In this he largely succeeded. His concentric strategy was extremely well thought out. The brave but simple Sikhs had NO way of seeing through. Nehru’s western educated sophisticated mind:

What better way, than to set the events into motion like a circle. “You hit the Sikh. The Sikh hits back. You shout “Terrorist!”, and hit the Sikh much harder!”

What calibre did the Sikh leaders have, who simply ran in front of Pandit Nehru’s stick? And the less said about the Hindus’ calibre, the better! We did not have one leader of all-India stature with the knowledge of history and strength, to put Nehru in the cage. Daughter Indira and grandson Rajiv took on the same “Divide & Kill” mantle from Nehru since they felt emboldened by the Hindus’ lack of vision. There was NO response to get the Sikhs out of their boiling cauldron.

With tens of thousands killed since that devilishly manipulated attack on Golden Temple in 1984, the gulf between the Sikhs and the Hindus has widened. Pakistan, as expected, has contributed her own share towards it.

Who can then deny that had the Hindus chosen a real patriot to represent them at the Independence Talks, there would neither have been Pakistan, nor any talk of Khalistan. Can anyone deny that Pandit Nehru was really the “Father of Khalistan”?

Nehru loved the Moguls, and anything Islamic

Nehru deliberately promoted Islamic heroes in India in order to crush the Hindus’ self confidence. Not one Hindu was ever raised or even acknowledged. From the past centuries, his sole favourite was Akbar, and from the current scene his hero was anyone who belonged to PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation). Japan, Korea, Burma, Thailand and Vietnam being Buddhist, were straightaway boycotted by him. But he did adore Saudi Arabia which swore never to accept a Hindu ambassador from Hindusthan. Sitting among the Arabs, inferiority complex ridden “tick” called Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, thought no end of himself and felt cat’s whiskers above his Hindu subjects. His natural task was to revive Hindus’ spirit which had suffered immensely in the previous centuries. Nehru crushed it, instead.

Nehru literally wrote off all the pre-Islamic warriors, kings and prophets like Lord Krishna, Sri Rama, Chandragupta Maurya, Guru Nanak, Guru Gobind Singh, Chatrapati Shivaji, Rana Sangha, Maharana Pratap, Maharani of Jhansi, even Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Culturally “orphaned” Indians are growing up, minus any pride in their own history. Nehru never looked at the Hindi language or Sanskrit, nor countered the dozens of Theological colleges and the mushrooming “masjids & madrassas” by establishing HINDU Institutions of learning.

Nehru’s worst legacy

Perhaps Nehru’s worst legacy is India’s Parliament, the Lok Sabha. It is subservient to his awesome Corruption and Nepotism. Just go in one day. You will see Sonia Gandhi sitting in the front row. Even the Italians are struck with disbelief at her meteoric rise to power with hardly a school-leaving certificate. Watch the quality of members’ performance and listen to the topics discussed. Get close to a moron’s ear and whisper “partition”. See him jump up as if struck by terror. The “midget” you spoke to at random, is supposed to be the Defender of Bharat’s Dharti and Dharma, and the Guardian of her Hindu Destiny! To really dry up his breath, say, “Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya”!

Genetically “crushed” Hindu leaders of India, contemplating the mighty “Muslim Monster” from their deep holes underground, could be made to realize that there are still many sinews of India which are intertwined with Pakistan, such as the presence of the same “second nation” in India, the Sikh connection with Lahore, Gujranwala and Nankana Sahib, important Hindu temples in Pakistan, and the unifying Bengali language and culture, that could be revived and strengthened, to bring about a peaceful re-unification, just as Partition was brought about after a few days’ discussion among the few.

An event like Partition, so hastily conceived and thoughtlessly put together, can also be “blasted” with equal ease.


What will happen if we do not “hang” the criminals of Partition, or do not promptly set into motion the process of reunification? The Hindus of Hindusthan will perish. They will be exterminated the way of the Zoroastrians in Iran, the Buddhists in Afghanistan, the Sikhs in West Punjab and the Hindus in North Kashmir & EAST Bengal. They perished because in the world full of robbers and cutthroats, they remained cowards and “gentlemen”, and took the crime of High Treason lightly.