Vinod Kumar

Date: 12/29/2000



Twentieth century of the Christian era is coming to an end. Next year we shall herald a new millennium and a new century. If we have to give a label to this millennium and the century respectively from the Hindu point of view, these can only be called "The millennium of Islamic oppression of the Hindus," and this century "The century of attempts to forge Hindu-Muslim Unity at ANY cost".

The story of Muslim oppression of the Hindus is a long and painful one. For our discussion in this article, I will concentrate on the topic of "Hindu-Muslim unity at any cost", attempts to achieve it, its failure and causes there of.

Towards the end of the nineteenth century, with a desire to rid India of British rule, Muslim atrocities were put on the back burner and forgotten. In political circles they were never talked about. It was agreed, whatever the past, all those who live in India are one nation irrespective of their religion or their origin. This was never subjected to discussion or review ever again.

The attempt to achieve Hindu-Muslim unity took many forms, from the appeasement of the Muslim community, Khilafat movement, secularism, promoting Sarva Dharma Sambhava, Sarva Panth Samadar, to the most recent one being promoted by Pandurang Athavale of Sarvodaya movement which advises Hindus to adopt Muhammad as one of their new avatars (along with Jesus).

The attempt towards Hindu-Muslim unity received its first jolt no sooner than it was launched, when Sir Syed Ahmed Khan "encouraged the Muslims to be aware of their own heritage, culture and interests, which set them apart from the Hindus."

Soon after his death in 1898, the idea emerged that the Muslims were a nation, which could be separated politically from the rest of India."

Gandhi's attempt to revive Hindu-Muslim unity through support to the Muslims in Khilafat movement failed disastrously and the fallacy of the concept of Hindu-Muslim unity was once again brought to light during the Moplah rebellion of 1921 when hordes of Muslims rebelled and went on rampage against the Hindus, "brutally dishonoring women, flaying people alive, wholesale slaughter of men, women and children, burning alive entire families, forcibly converting people in their thousands and slaying those who refused to get converted, throwing half-dead people into wells and leaving the victims to struggle for escape till finally released from their suffering by death.

Reports in newspapers 'gave detailed accounts of the most horrible outrages on women which cannot be reproduced for the sake of decency' and 'cases of men who were skinned alive or made to dig their own graves before being slaughtered."

Even when the Muslim scholars justified the killing of the Hindus and the accompanying forced conversions, the concept of Hindu-Muslim unity was not questioned!

During the Khilafat movement, Gandhi made good friends with Muhammad Ali, his co-president of Khilafat Committee, and used to call him (Ali) "my dear brother".

Gandhi also made Muhammad Ali president of the All-India Congress Party. All this did not stop Muhammad Ali from expressing his true feelings for Gandhi when he said: "However pure Gandhi's character may be, he must appear to me from the point of view of religion inferior to any Mussalman, even though he be without character."

He repeated it later, saying, "Yes, according to my religion and creed, I hold an adulterous and a fallen Mussalman to be better than Mr. (no longer Mahatma) Gandhi."

Later, we shall see what made Muhammad Ali, an educated, sober and responsible person say such uncharitable words towards a person like Mahatma Gandhi who regarded Ali as his "dear brother".

Gandhi kept on promoting his cherished and life-long dream of Hindu-Muslim unity at ANY cost throughout his long political career. He sang "Ishwar Allah tero naam". He put his life in danger through fasts unto death to promote Hindu-Muslim unity. He walked barefoot through the streets of Noakhali to prevent Hindu massacres by the Muslims. He went on fast unto death in Calcutta to prevent reprisals by the Hindus against the massacres by the Muslims on their "Direct Action Day".

Mr. Gandhi talked of "Sarva Dharma Sambhava", of equal respect to all religions. But all this failed, and Pakistan was created.

Even after that, he went on another fast unto death to protect the lives of Muslims in India against reprisals by the Hindus protesting at the massacres of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan - the one which cost him his life.

Fifty years after the concept of Hindu-Muslim unity was butchered in the streets of India, Hindus have not only NOT given it up, they have also FAILED even to question its validity, and take a second look at it.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is promoting the idea of Sarva Panth Samadar - equal respect for all religions. Pandurang Athavale of Sarvodaya Movement has advised the Hindus to adopt Muhammad, the prophet of Muslims as one of their avatars. Even the definition of secularism, which means the State shall not interfere in the affairs of religion, has been twisted in India to mean that all attempts shall be made to please the Muslims.

Shah Bano case, outright disregard and agitation against secular laws, the insurgency in Kashmir, the Bombay and Coimbatore blasts, frequent bloody riots, support for Pakistani cricket and hockey teams, all go to show that nothing has changed.

Recent riots in Hyderabad on the appearance of a poster showing Ganesha in a mosque proves that the Muslims are in no mood to accept Hindu gods in their mosques, even on a poster, and it goes to show how hollow Athavale's advice to Hindus to adopt Muhammad as an avatar is. Muslims still regard themselves as a SEPARATE nation, and they want nothing to have to do with the Hindus.

Now the question arises as to why the Muslims act the way they do. And the reason why all the attempts to achieve Hindu-Muslim unity have failed so miserably, lies in this simple question.

The project of Hindu Muslim unity is like the project of launching a satellite in the orbit of the earth. Before one can think of launching a rocket to put a satellite in orbit, one has to understand the gravitational pull of the earth on the rocket.

Similarly before one can talk of launching the Muslims in the orbit of Indian nationalism or Hindu Muslim unity, one has to understand the gravitational pull of the Muslims towards Islam and what Islam is for a Muslim.

Without that knowledge any attempts to launch the Muslim satellite into the orbit of the Hindu Muslim unity are bound for disaster. And that is why the Hindus have failed. They never analyzed this 'gravitational pull' of the Muslims.

Let us now see what this gravitational pull of a Muslim is and why it is so important.

Let us start with the basic questions, "Who is a Muslim?" And "What are his very basic (fundamental) beliefs and duties?"

Many people have tried to define "who is a Muslim?" The best and the simplest definition has been given by none other than Rafiq Zakaria in the appendix, "Who is a Muslim?", in his book "The Struggle Within Islam".

He says: "A Muslim is one who declares publicly: 'There is no God but God and Muhammad is His Prophet.' He must also accept that Muhammad is the very last of God's prophets on this earth."

He then goes on to say, "A Muslim must also accept the Quran as the word of God, immutable and unalterable; it contains guidelines which a Muslim must follow."

Since Zakaria is regarded as a "liberal" and "secular" Muslim, this probably gives a definition which cannot be called too conservative or orthodox, or in other words "fundamentalist".

Even a "liberal and secular" Muslim will not deny that the "Quran is the word of God, immutable and unalterable which a Muslim must follow."

Since Muhammad was the last of God's prophets, these are the last of God's words. Now we will go on to see what the "last" words or laws of God are, that a Muslim must follow. Once we see that, why all the attempts to promote Hindu-Muslim unity failed will become self-evident.

The Quran says many things on many subjects. But since our concern here is Hindu-Muslim unity, we shall restrict ourselves to the laws or words that are specific to this subject.

Though the God of the Quran is very familiar with the Jews and the Christians, His overall knowledge of the world was very limited; He seems to have no knowledge of other religions outside the Arabian Peninsula.

But he has solved this problem, by referring to every non-Muslim as un-believer or infidel and idolater - evidently the Arabs of Muhammad era were idolaters. Even the Jews and the Christians have been included in this definition as non-believers. He has very specific opinions about all the non-Muslims i.e. unbelievers, infidels and idolaters.

Let us clarify one thing. Unbelievers are not those who do not believe in God. Unbelievers are those who do not believe in the revelations given to Muhammad and thus in the prophethood of Muhammad as the Koran tells us, "There are some who declare: 'We believe in God and the last Day,' yet they are not true believers." (2:8) because even if they believe in God they do not necessarily believe in Prophethood of Muhammad and Revelation to him; for them the Koran says: "As for those who deny Our revelations, they are the heirs of Hell." So let us not confuse unbelievers with atheists or agnostics. They are a different breed themselves but as far as Islam is concerned they are the same as unbelievers.

The God of the Quran divides the entire humanity into two groups -believers and unbelievers. He likes the believers immensely. For them He has ordained Heaven and all the good things therein like the beautiful houris, sweet wines, flowing rivers, reclining couches, fruits etc., but He has great hate for the unbelievers - those that "deny His Revelations".

The Koran says: "On that day the mankind will be parted in two. The unbelievers will answer for their unbelief, while the righteous will make ready for their blissful home: for then He will of His bounty reward those who have embraced the Faith and done good works. He does not love the unbelievers." (30:44-45)

Of the unbelievers He says: "The unbelievers are like beasts which call out to them as one may, can hear nothing but a shout and a cry. Deaf, dumb, and blind, they understand nothing." (2:171)

Of the deaf, dumb and blind unbelievers, he says: "Those who deny our revelations, We shall burn in fire. No sooner will their skins be consumed than We shall give them other skins, so that they may truly taste the scourge. God is mighty and wise." (4:56)

These are not the words of some ignorant illiterate atrocious person in the pangs of anger and jealousy. These are the last words of God Himself - the "Most Merciful and Benevolent". These are to be taken seriously and the Muslims do. That is why they do what the Quran tells them to do because they do not want to be the ones to be burnt in the Fires of Hell.

Anyway our concern here is not what happens to us after we are dead - we shall tackle that when we get there -- right now we like to see what should we, as unbelievers and idolaters expect from "our dear Muslim brothers" and what can we do to achieve our goal of "Hindu-Muslim unity" or to put in the Quranic concept Infidel-Muslim unity.

Let us try to understand what a Muslim must follow and why we have failed in our goal.

Fortunately, the Quran is quite specific as to what a Muslim should do vis-a-vis an infidel or unbeliever. And if a Muslim does not follow, which, fortunately most Muslims don't, it simply means he is not doing what he is supposed do as a good and devout Muslim. He is just violating God's last laws and in Rafiq Zakaria's own words - he is not a good Muslim

The God is dead set against idolatry. He repeatedly says, "Idolatry is worse than carnage." (2:191, 2:217) and asks his believers to "Fight against them until idolatry is no more, and God's religion reigns supreme." (2:193) and goes on to say, "He will not forgive idolatry. He will forgive whom He wills all other sins. He that serves other gods besides God has strayed far indeed." (4:116)

The very idea of worshipping any other god is very repugnant to God. For he says again: "God will not forgive those who serve other gods besides Him; but He will forgive whom He will for other sins. He that serves other gods besides Him is guilty of a heinous sin." (4:49)

Hinduism's concept of "Sarva Dharma Sambhava" or "Sarva Panth Samadar" is rejected outright by God for He says: "The only true religion in the sight of God is Islam" (3:19) and goes on to say "He that chooses a religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted from him and in the world to come he will be one of the lost. (3:86)

For a Muslim, the thought of accepting other religions as equal to his is completely out of question. Other religions are not true, God has declared.

He tells His believers: "Believers, do not choose the infidels rather than the faithful as your friends. Would you give God a clear proof against yourself." (4:145) and He repeats; "Let believers not make friends with infidels - he that does this has nothing to hope for from God - except in self defense." (3:28)

Many wonder why Muslims have made friends with the infidels - it is not completely prohibited - in self-defense it is allowed. It also explains why in Islamic countries, the practice of religions other than Islam, if not illegal, is looked down upon. They don't want people to follow "untrue" religions.

God does not want the believers to make friends with the people of other religions. "Believers, do not make friends with anyone but your own people." (3:118) and even friendship with their own fathers and brothers is prohibited; "Believers, do not befriend your fathers or your brothers if they choose unbelief in preference to faith. Wrongdoers are those that befriend them." (9:23)

Little wonder that when one converts to Islam, he breaks off all relationship with his people and culture. The only people he can befriend are his "own people" that follow "his faith".

Now coming to what a believer should do to an unbeliever. God exhorts: "Prophet, rouse the faithful to arms. If there are twenty steadfast men among you, they shall vanquish two hundred; and if there are a hundred, they shall rout a thousand unbelievers, for they are devoid of understanding."> (8:65)

The Koran tells a believer "The unbelievers are your inveterate enemies." (4:101) and here were (and are) the Hindus telling them to be friends with the unbelievers. Wouldn't it put a believer in a difficult situation - Dharma sankat - Who should he listen to - an unbeliever and an infidel, or God Himself?

The Quran tells a believer: "When the sacred months are over slay the infidels wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent and take to prayer and render the alms levy, allow them to go their way. God is forgiving and merciful." (9:5)

Isn't this exactly all the Muslim invaders did and isn't it exactly the Mujahideens in Kashmir have been doing in Kashmir?Don't they give the Hindus an option to convert to Islam?

If the Hindus still cannot understand Islam, you cannot blame a Muslim for following God's last commands.

From the above, it is clear that God does not like the infidels, unbelievers and idolaters. He wants his believers to fight against them, and tells them NOT to befriend them unless in self-defense.

Now when the unbelievers come and tell a Muslim to live in unity with them (the unbelievers), the unbelievers are really putting the believers in Dharma sankat (crisis). If the Muslims have enough strength, they tell them to buzz off like they did in Pakistan. If they are in a really weak position like right now they are in India, they show they are friends with the unbelievers and put up with them till they get strength. But if they are almost equal in strength, they do not care as they did in pre-partition days. The reason all attempts at Hindu-Muslim unity have failed is not such a big secret. However, individual Muslims at a personal level might want to live peacefully with the Hindus, -- some might do so due to ignorance of their religious commands but anyway -- when it comes to religious level, they cannot go against the laws of God.

As Muhammad Ali had said of Gandhi. Gandhi was his close friend but when it came to religious level, Ali had no choice but to follow the laws of God.

As far as attempts for the unity of Hindus and Muslims are concerned, they were doomed to failure even before they started and to blame them on the Muslims or the Hindus would be a serious mistake. God had spelled it out Himself and if the Hindus are not willing to listen to it, it is their own fault. In front of God's command, the Muslims are just helpless.

It has been over hundred years that Hindus have been trying for Hindu Muslim Unity, they haven't succeeded yet. And as long as Muslims are Muslims and as long as they believe in the Quran, their hands are tied.

It is about time that the Hindus learnt about the gravitational pull of the Muslims and make necessary adjustment for launching their satellite of Hindu-Muslim unity into the orbit of the Indian nationalism.


(Comment by Site Owner: Prior to the advent of the British Raj, the savage Musalman invaders had been an arrogant "cock" in Hindusthan which they perceived to be their serfdom or coolie colony. Even the newly converted humble natives felt mighty elated, imagining themselves to be like the Afghans, the Turks, the Arabs and the Persians ON TOP in the land.

One can recall the higher status of the "Anglo-Indians" during the later colonial era.

They all read the writings of great Islamic scholars and historians, gloating over the destruction of great Hindu temples and frequently saw the arrest, torture, butchery, amputations and beheadings of the hapless Hindus as a reassuring affirmation of their sovereignty and power upon the wretched natives.

They could abduct any Hindu girl and did not hesitate even from molesting the newly married Hindu brides. No court of Islamic law gave ceredence to any statement by a Hindu, nor redressed his grievance. The so-called Qazis and judges even laughed at the misery of a Hindu pleading for justice.

When the British arrived, the suppressed Hindus saw for the first time in centuries, the arrest and imprisonment of Muslim criminals, and the dethronement of their Emperor, Nobabs and Sultans. It was then that equality was established across the land and enforced by the vastly superior British arms.

That was the beginning of a new Era in which the Muslims had to deflate their ego and take out the poison of separatism from their bodies. It was now under the British Raj that the Muslims had the unique opportunity to respond to the Hindus' pleas over the previous countless centuries to love and tolerate all, Hindus included.

All the levelling and civilising by the British FAILED as far as the Muslims in India were concerned. The accumulated POISON of HATRED against their Hindu fellow citizens came out suddenly and gushed out violently like the mighty torrent after the bursting of a big dam.

That poison of separatism DEVASTATED five provinces of India within days, and brutally shattered the peace and joy of the newly independent nation. The most to suffer were the least prepared and fore-warned, the HINDUS.

The carnage, butchery, rape and plunder that accompanied Partition should have "melted" even the heart of stone. But not one Muslim leader since, has ever expressed regret over that mass murder and killing which puts the Holocaust of the Jews in a pale shadow.

The crushing defeat of India at the hands of an INDIGENOUS minority, and the Death to Secularism in Pakistan, could have been the LAST ever human disaster on the sub continent, had the Muslims repented, or reformed themselves, or even had the Hindus militarised themselves quickly.

But neither is the case. Instead, the Hindus are as weak, disunited and confused as ever and the Muslim onslaught on South Kashmir and the Rest of India, is getting more intense and concerted.

Dark days lie ahead for the Hindus who are still smug about Hindu-Muslim Unity, and have thrown the memory of the last big historic defeat suffered by them, out of the window.

To regard Partition, which does not find any mention in PARTITIEOND India's Constitution, is to ask for yet another disaster of Himalayan proportion.

How easy it is to tell or convince a Muslim, "Your God spoke nonsense"? It is THAT difficult to hope for the Hindu-Muslim unity. The Koran, which DIVIDES mankind on a very primitive criterion of "Muslims and The Rest", is simply "MEIN KAMPF" in Arabic. It too, divided mankind into "Aryans the The Rest".

The only ray of hope for the "Rest of Mankind" lies in the World of Christianity taking on the World of Islam to either civilise it or force it to reform.

When that will happen, if at all, is left to one's imagination.)


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JAI HINDU! (Hind that has Lahore and Chittagong squarely in her under ONE flag!)