E. Kiruttinan

Date: 1/5/2001


AKHAND BHARAT DINAM December 15, 2000.

AKHAND BHARAT was a serious commitment for all of us, for all the nation as a whole, for which many Hindus shed their blood despite the post-haste unconditional surrender by our top leaders.

Each one of them, especially all those countless "barristers-at-law" from London, like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, had taken solemn oaths of loyalty to their country whose map they were about to tear up into shreds within days.

We urgently need to tell the coming generations what happened.

We will do so by designating -August 14- as the 'Akhand Bharat Divas' (or Dinam).

On the night of August 14, people should gather to recollect and recount what happened on that day in 1947.

We should request all our senior citizens, who actually saw the tragedy of partition, to enlighten us. Even old grannies who don't know English should be invited. Let them narrate their experiences in their languages- Bengali, Sindhi, Pushto, Sylheti or Punjabi. Let the people hear them.

Last year after the drama "Gandhi, Godse" was enacted, I saw many senior and elderly persons come out of the auditorium with tears in their eyes.

I asked some of them, if what was told in the drama was true. All gave a positive reply and I really wish that this drama was videographed and shown to all the second generation youths and the ignorant Gandhi-"bhaktas".


Further Comment by D. Mehta:

Some years ago I initiated the observation of August 14 as a holocaust day. Only 14 people showed up. The following year Arya Samaj agreed to observe that day. After that nothing seems to have happened.

At present the Hindus living in Houston, Texas, have invested almost $10 millions in building temples.

And what is taught in temple is negation of life and also about building individual character. But I have not seen any change in personal lives of the temple goers. They are as greedy as any other.

Of course, temples have many good aspects and several positive results. They provide venue for social gathering for the Hindus. They can relieve our tension and stress. It is better to go to a temple than to go to a bar for a drink.

However, in these temples the condition of the Hindu society is never discussed.

When people died in Oklahoma bombing, every church in America held prayer meetings. But after the Mumbai blast not a single temple anywhere held any prayer for those who died.

After the Amarnath Yatra kilings (August 2000) I called upon various temples to hold prayers. They did. But why did they have to wait for my call? We had to "spoon feed" them.

After 36 Sikhs were gunned down one night in Chattisinghpura, South Kashmir, March 2000, not one gurdwara held any special commemorative ceremony in their memory.

Hindus are not taught EMPATHY, that is, to feel for fellow Hindus, the protection of Dharma, social concerns for the others, and fighting for survival, etc.

That is the reason the term "Hindu Holocaust Museum" does not appeal to the Hindu mind.

Obviously to be regarded honourable, and taken seriously by the rest of the world, we Hindus need to link up collectively at the top, and publicly declare August 14 as "AKHAND BHARAT DINAM".

Comment by Owner Site:

Let us not forget that NOT everyone suddenly collapsed before the sudden and treacherous Muslim onslaught on the Integrity of India. There were many brave Hindu and Sikh individuals and local leaders who gave a spirited call to resist and FIGHT. In fact, to their great credit, they did go down fighting, sacrificing their lives for the noble cause. Among them was a prominent lawyer, Nanak Singh, President of Minorities Federation, Multan, who laid down his life on March 5, 1947.

Only the previous evening he had pledged at a large public rally in City Centre, to lay down his life in defence of Akhand Bharat. The nation ought to ensure that the deeds, courage and sacrifice of such people are never forgotten.

Partitioned India of today cannot simply throw the cover of cowardly silence on the heroic deeds and the sacred memory of such great patriots, to simply show the whole world, and our own coming generations, that the collapse of 1947 before the treacherous Muslim onslauht was total, and across the whole of India.

NO! Not everone was "scared to death" like our leaders at that time who were 'petrified in terror' and failed to produce a single convincing argument in favour of keeping all of India together under Secularism. The truth was that our glorious nation had elected the most rotten leaders. The doom was a foregone conclusion.

By designating August 14 as "PARTITION DAY" or "AKHAND BHARAT DINAM", we shall all, at last, feel very proud of ourselves. The word "Indian" will acquire a decent connotation in all the languages on earth.