THE HISTORY SAGA: January 5, 2001

Date: 1/5/2001


J. Kathe

Long has our nation suffered the black grip of false and doctored history that is dished out to innocent students under the guise of "school and college syllabi"; and this wicked miserable trend has wrought immeasurable damage as far as the opinions and attitudes of the lay citizenry are concerned.

Hindu culture and Hindu achievements have been kept under wraps and no trace of such is to be found in the " official" texts of our secular republic because the Muslim and the Christian vote banks are our politicians' first and foremost care .. Macaulay's traditions go on unhindered...

There is an evil factor of communist minded historians who hold nothing sacred save their own ulterior motives - and as such are hell-bent upon marginalizing the shimmering traditions of ancient Bharata.

These people work like the devil's agents, who, if given a chance, would love to annihilate the Hindu cultural and national identity.

It is this type of so-called historians who have managed to penetrate our academies in large numbers - plus , they get the whole hearted support of the "secular Indian" policy of keeping the Hindu national sentiment as low as possible vis-à-vis the Christian and Muslim communities in our nation.

The integrated program launched by the Sangh Parivar, which aims at documenting our true history, and true accounts of the great exploits of Hindus, is, therefore, very noble and praiseworthy.

A very unfortunate incident occurred at the recent convention of the "Indian History Congress" (IHC); Amartya Sen who could have used his intellectual prestige to further the noble cause of the Sangh, instead, lashed out at the "fascist" Parivar's attempts at "saffronizing" "Indian" history.

Sharing the podium with Jyoti Basu, he bemoaned the rise of "communal" elements on the "tolerant" fabric of "India". (Only if the coward had said "PARTITIONED India", he would have seen an entirely different perspective like the brilliant flash of Truth! -Site owner.)

Verily, it is in this manner that democracy has been highjacked by anti-national forces, forces and lobbies inimical to the sacred heritage of our Holy land. Everything that is good and just, faces one threat after another from the combine of anti-social and anti-national elements.

The field of electoral politics has now, for long been an arena for the naked dance of rank corruption and deceit. What use is such democracy if it is only evil that it breeds?

This is a question which we should ponder very carefully ..


(c) 2000