Pankaj Anand

Date: 1/22/2001



January 22, 2001 10:23 AM

Dear Sir

Thank you very much for writing your comments about Hindus in Pakistan. I entirely agree with you that all Hindus are INDIAN regardless of where they live, and it is an insult to a noble Hindu to call him a Pakistani or Bangladeshi.

I also agree with you that Hindus now living in Pakistan and Bangladesh have been betrayed by the greatest quislings of all time, namely, Gandhi and Nehru. I feel like vomiting whenever I have to utter these two names. No words are too strong to condemn them, no abuse too much for these two. In collusion with Jinnah and Mountbatten, these two SOBs signed away huge chunks of our sacred ancestral land to our sworn enemies without challenge, fight or referendum.

"Bandit Nehru" is an excellent name which I shall use as frequently as possible in my writings.

Your view that India was divided between Muslims and non-Muslims and not between Muslims and Hindus, is an excellent insight. Because while the circumcised ones have all of Pakistan and Bangladesh to themselves, we 'meek' Hindus have to share what is left of ancestral India with our old, deadly enemy.

I too feel that the Indian Constitution, imposed on us by Bandit Nehru, should be burnt. I hope you know that President Narayanan is a 'closet Christian' and his real name is "Michael". His Hindu-name bearing wife Usha is a Christian evangelist, and is known to have tried to convert Hindus.

I agree with you that every Hindu anywhere in the world is entitled to live in Bharat and we must welcome and grant refuge to any Hindu seeking it. Just as the former West Germans welcomed their brothers fleeing the communist rulers of East Germany. But I don't agree with you that Indian Muslims should have the "option" to leave India if they want. For, which Indian Muslim would want to leave a paradise like Bharat? The Muslim will seriously thinking of quitting our land only if we create condition in which it will be impossible for him to survive with honour, exactly what the Pakis have done to their Hindu minority. Should we not take up this challenge?