Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Date: 1/23/2001


INDIA'S SHINING "MAN OF CENTURY" (sent to oblivion by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru).

While Netaji was a brilliant administrator (from the renowned 'corruption free' Indian Civil Service, or ICS), Nehru was an opportunist devious politician (barrister)who soon acquired the nickname of brown sahib("Indian Coolie").

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was the one real leader that our UNITED India ("Akhand Bharat") needed most in the hour of her imminent death. He alone could have created the UNITED India to rhyme with the UNITED Kingdom and the UNITED States of America.

Without his presence, India was reduced to a mere fragment of its original whole. Simply compare the two maps, one glorious pre Partition, the other disgusting and revolting post-partition.

The "top rats" we sent to discuss Independence with the British colonial masters, returned home, totally smashed and demolished, with Partition!


Netaji was a 'dare-all leader' By Satya Prakash Malaviya in "The Pioneer"

Subhash Chandra Bose is one of the few heroes of history who left the deepest impress on the minds of the people of India within a short span of his charismatic life. He was born on January 23,1897 at Cuttack in Orissa.

Subhash Bose passed the Indian Civil Service examination obtaining fourth position but resigned in April, 1921. He was the first Indian to resign from the Indian Civil Service.

The Under Secretary of State for India sent for him. Subhash told him, "I do not think one can be loyal to the British Raj and yet serve India honestly, heart and soul."

He returned to India on July 16th, 1921, and met Mahatma Gandhi on the same day at Bombay. He wrote, "I remember clearly the scene of that afternoon...

"Facing the door sat the Mahatma...(he) received me with his typical hearty smile and soon put me at ease and the conversation started at once. I wanted to know about his plan which would finally lead to overthrowing foreign rule. And so I heaped question upon question and the Mahatma replied with patience."

However, Subhash left Gandhi, disappointed because he thought it impossible to change the British.

Subhash was an indefatigable fighter for democracy within Congress. Mahatma Gandhi loved Subhash and Subhash had the highest respect for him. Gandhi called him "dare all leader". It is said that the sobriquet Netaji was given by Gandhi.

Subsequently at a mass rally held on July 9, 1943 at Singapore the title Netaji was affectionately conferred on Subhash by public acclamation. Both Gandhi and Subhash had one thing in common: their chief concern was to transform ideas into facts.

Gandhi believed in the doctrine of nonviolence to attain freedom, but Bose believed in revolutionary means for the goal of Swaraj.

[The] Political testament of Subhash is remarkable. He wrote, "To my countrymen I say forget not that the grossest crime is to compromise with injustice and wrong.

"Remember the eternal law you must give life, if you want to get it. And remember that the highest virtue is to battle against inequity, no matter what the cost may be. The individual must die so that the nation may live. Today I must die, so that India may live and may win freedom and glory."

He was completely dedicated to the cause of India's independence. He had one desire alone to find ways and means to fight for liberation of the motherland.

On January 17, 1941, Subhash escaped from his Eight Road House in Calcutta and left India.

For about a year nothing was heard of him. There was also a news flash towards the close of 1941 that Subhash had died in air crash. On March 25, 1942 all doubts about Subhash were set at rest when he made a Broadcast from Radio Berlin. He spoke, "This is Subhash Chandra Bose, who is still alive speaking to you over the Azad Hind Radio...

"Ever since I left India last year, British propaganda agencies have from time to time given contradictory reports about my whereabouts... The latest report about my death is perhaps an instance of wishful thinking. I can imagine that the British Government would, at this critical hour in India's history, like to see me dead since they are now trying their level best to win India over to their side for the purpose of their imperialistic war".

In August 1942 Gandhi gave a call for Britishers to "Quit India" and for Indians to "Do or Die." Subhash Bose gave his full support to this call through his Radio Broadcast from Germany on August 31, 1942 in which he said, "In the last days of our campaign there will be much suffering and sorrow, much persecution and slaughter... But that is the price of liberty and it has to be paid. It is but natural that in its last hours the British lion will bite hard, but it is after all the bite of a dying lion, and we shall survive it."

In a broadcast from Bangkok on October 2, 1943, on the occasion of 75th birth anniversary of Gandhi, Bose described him as the greatest leader of Indians and his services to the cause of India's freedom as unique and unparalleled and added that his name will be written in letters of gold in our national history for all time.

Subhash was the first to address Mahatma Gandhi as Father of Nation. (NB: The "Mahatma" had not yet "died" a coward's death at Partition talks! At that particular moment in time the "Mahatma" was like the Cardinal who had not yet shot dead his mother or raped his kitchen maid.)

In a Broadcast from Azad Hind Radio on July 6, 1944 he said, "India's last war of Independence has begun... Troops of the Azad Hind Fauz are now fighting bravely on the soil of India... Father of our nation! In this holy war of India's liberation, we ask for your blessings and good wishes".

The deeds of INA are heroic and a saga of supreme sacrifice. On August 22,1945 Tokyo Radio announced that Subhash Chandra Bose had died in an air-crash in Formosa on August 18,1945 en route to Japan. He was then forty-eight years only. No Indian believed the shocking news.

Today we must remember the following tribute of Gandhi to Bose: "The greatest and the lasting act of Netaji was that he abolished all distinctions of caste and class. He was Indian first and last. What is more, he fired all under him with the same zeal so that they forgot in his presence all distinctions and acted as one man."

The nation refuses to believe that their true Idol of Patriotism, Subhash Bose, is dead.


Comment by site owner (also in brackets above):

How would Netaji have steered India through those Independence talks, and in all the long years since, is on everyone's mind in the turbulent India today.

The first thing he would have done was to "eliminate" the "Islamic" barrister at law, Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, from the Independence talks with a challenge, "All Muslims will be EXPELLED out of what is left of India after her bogus Partition without referendum. Do you have enough food to keep them alive?"

Netaji would also have thundered at Jinnah, and broadcast it on "All India Radio", "What a beast you are, to even think of callously separating peaceful cities like Dhaka and Calcutta, and Lahore and Amritsar, which have existed in ONE country, under ONE flag, since times immemorial? Don't they speak the same language, wear the same clothes and eat the same food?"

Netaji would have gone on, "How dare you contemplate ruining the minorities in your Islamic Pakistan like beasts? Will your Islam give bread to the starving, peace to the feuding Shia and Sunni, sense of security to the minorities and dignity to women?"

No doubt, the Qaid-i-Azam, the Founder of Pakistan, would have sought the deepest hole under ground in order to escape from such a powerful intellectual and secular onslaught.

And no doubt, the long years since, would NOT have been wasted and ruined through the rampant Culture of Corruption and Nepotism, and lawlessness, fanned by the notorious autocratic Nehru Dynasty who put "Power above People" and Broadcasting under their own foot. It is still NOT free in what the world thinks is a "democracy"! PARTITIONED India is nothing of the kind. It still behaves like a terrified mouse in front of the dynastic "Cat from Italy".

On the contrary, Netaji would have declared Broadcasting FREE on day one, granted dual nationality to all the NRI's, and invested more on EDUCATION and character building than on internal REPRESSION, armaments race, bogus elections and the wasteful Kashmir imbroglio.

Under Netaji as the first Prime Minister of free India, Kashmir would have been a tourists' paradise. Under Congress lawlessness and mismanagement, and rule of bandits, it is Hell for all, especially for our "Jawans".

Soldiers of the Indian Army are defending, and dying in, SOUTH Kashmir where they cannot even buy an inch of land as per Article 370 of Pandit Nehru's Constitution that was IMPOSED from the top on a very timid, very illiterate and extremely IGNORANT nation within three years of Partition. Such degradation of Indian Army soldiers in uniform would have been unthinkable under Bose.

That Constitution doesn't mention the word "partition", nor why it was INFLICTED on the Hindus alone, the Muslims having been given a huge chunk of Netaji's own state, Bengal, TWICE (in 1947 and 1972), and a free license to kill, plunder, rape and exterminate the minorities in what became known as Pakistan.


Today, on Monday January 22, 2001, India is celebrating the birth anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose. (Born, 1897).

The whole nation would dearly love to see him re-appear like a Saviour, Redeemer or Messiah, at this critical moment in their restless, insecure and bleeding history.)