Date: 1/25/2001


Constitution of India

of January 26, 1950.

(NB: Comment below was written on January 26, 1988)

Apart from a few, who can be counted on one’s fingers and toes, ONE BILLION ignorant, “degraded and reduced” INDIANS, will pay endless homage and tributes today (India’s so-called Republic Day), to the “great and learned fathers” of Constitution- a Constitution that considers a Hindu in Delhi a “rat” but the Muslim in Dhaka a “tiger”.

The Hindu in Delhi is FORCED into licking “secularism” as per Constitution, which is zero in West Punjab and North Kashmir.

LION of the Punjab is equated with the LIZARD of the Arabian desert. Guru Gobind Singh Ji equals Mohammed. Sri Krishna, Lord Rama and Mahatma Gautama Buddha, all put together, equal Jesus. Simply said, the Indian is still a mental coolie and an ideological servant ("nishkam sewak").

Though Partition of India in 1947 was the biggest defeat and disaster to hit the country in 1000 years, the Constitution does not mention it.

While the Constitution of West Germany puts UNITY (“Einigkeit”) in Article 1, the Indian Constitution does not put it even in the last.

Having conceded an arm and a leg, and two gallons of blood, to “indigenous” Muslims, the Constitution of India does not concede even a toe nail to the Hindus.

Considering that a Constitution is like a rudder which guides a nation’s ship in a certain direction, the Constitution of India is a big hole in the hull made by the torpedo called Jawaharlal Nehru. The ship is taking water and sinking. Mr. Nehru, its main architect, is not there to be tried and hanged.

Lucky were the people of Italy who could get their hands on Mussolini in the end. For the Indians, there is no such satisfaction, or joy, of “meting out justice”.

Many patriots regard the Constitution of India as the Document of Appeasement that was signed soon after the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER (of five provinces) in 1947.

The Hindus of India were made to accept a Constitution which has tied their hands behind their backs. It is useless and helpless about a corrupt Prime Minister (BOFORS CHOR) who imports his wife from Italy, and a gutless Supreme Commander who degrades his armed forces through repeated cease fires.

It is useless against a treacherous President who imports his wife from Burma, and who further degrades the members of his armed forces by denying them the right to buy even one square inch of land in Kashmir which they are asked to defend day and night. (Article 370 of Constitution)

It exonerated all the Muslims of the crime of attacking the integrity of their own land of birth by rejecting Secularism in 1947 which was like rejecting the United Nations Charter of Human Rights which declares “a Hindu equals a Muslim” on earth. As per this Constitution, a Muslim in Lahore is a master while a Hindu in Delhi is a slave.

It can also do nothing about the MUSLIMS becoming the majority community in India eventually through higher birth rate, multiple wives, one-way traffic in “nikah”, and the outright rejection of Government’s birth control measures. India is, therefore, the Pakistan of tomorrow!

This Constitution enables an Italian born foreigner like Sonia to share the country’s TOPSECRETS with the whole world. Under its provisions, Sonia Maino from Italy could get her Indian citizenship even without any security vetting while it denies dual nationality to every Indian resident abroad. All of them are “suspect”, or potential terrorists, as far as this Constitution of “Indian coolies” is concerned.

In 1947 the Hindus were completely betrayed by both the “Pandit” and the “Mahatma” in two ways:

1. Instead of breaking off negotiations with the British over the issue of India's fragmentation (Partition), instead of giving a call to the Hindus to fight the Islamic aggression, and instead of demanding a referendum over the question of partition, they accepted Pakistan!

Except for a few far-seeing patriots (like Nathu Ram Godse) NONE cried out in agony, “We asked Nehru and Gandhi to lead us to Independence- NOT to surrender even an inch of our territory to Islam!” This Constitution has suppressed all debate on India’s unilateral and ignominious break up in 1947. This Constitution has hammered the Hindus flat by silencing them for ever.

2. Pandit Nehru coerced and pressurised the gutless, clueless and subservient members of the Constituent Assembly chosen by him (who were no different form the despicable breed serving and admiring Rajiv and Sonia today!) to adopt a Constitution which not only fails to record any commitment to reunification (as in the Constitution of West Germany) but also reduced the Hindus (the majority community) to third class status in their own country. Hinduism was not only placed at par with the foreign (imported and imposed) religions which entered India riding swords and guns, but also denied all State patronage and support.

Having NO resources and backing (unlike Islam and Christianity), it was put on course to decline and (ultimate) extinction. As a direct result of the strangulation by this Constitution, “Hindu Mahasabha” is still no force in India whereas the “CHRISTIAN Democratic Union” (CDU) Party rules West Germany under Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Has anybody thought that the present Sikh unrest might be the result of revulsion and disgust at the plight of Hinduism in Hindusthan? Recently, during a programme on BBC television the Sikh historian Khushwant Singh moaned, “India needs a sage, a man of integrity, compassion, wisdom and vision at the helm.” But who do we have, instead? (“Cease-firing rats” who are reconciled to Partition for the next 1,000 years, or defeat and slavery, whichever comes first!)

Let us see how some other countries treat Hinduism (or any other foreign religion). In Pakistan the lights went out in all the temples in the year of her birth. In Saudi Arabia, the state does not allow any temple to be constructed. No Hindu can enter Mecca or be seen in possession of his holy scriptures. The Constitution of Iran excludes Hinduism from its list of world religions. (So does the Constitution of Afghanistan. -January 26, 2001).

In Europe where Christian Church is very strong, no mosque may cry the “azaan” at any time. In England the Queen being the head of Church and Defender of the Faith, twenty-four bishops sit in the House of Lords and influence legislation.

In Switzerland no animal can be slaughtered in the manner of “halal”. In Denmark no one is permitted to give a non Christian name to a child. In the USA church has its own television and broadcasting stations. One need not underestimate the religious broadcasts from Mecca and Vatican that are beamed to the five continents on earth. Do we have even one Hindu broadcasting channel in Hindusthan?

Now look at India where the native “avataras”, prophets and heroes are devalued. Sonia of Italy controls the fate of people like Home Minister Boota Sigh (who is in charge of internal security!).

Recently she threatened a Member of Parliament, twice her age and the Leader of Telugu Desam Party (Mr. P. Upendra), saying, “I will see your end.” (Organiser, New Delhi, dated January 10, 1988).

What depth of degradation have the Hindus fallen to, that no one has asked Rajiv to resign for picking up a woman of unknown pedigree in Europe, a risk to national security, in order to “look superior” to his Indian subjects and slaves?

What does Sonia know of the sanctity of our temples, the dignity and grace of the Indian women, the beauty of our languages, the richness of our literature and the excellence of our culture? In her presence, native Indian women stand thoroughly DEGRADED.

Should we not burn the Constitution which "CASTRATED" (i.e., secularised) all the Hindus of Hindusthan without even consulting them, and made them look up to the non Hindus, and foreigners, to lead them?


(You, too, might have a comment to offer on this "Constitution of Coolies" whose BOTH eyes have been gouged out. It can neither see Dhaka on one side, nor Lahore on the other.)