Date: 1/26/2001


The following letter was sent by "NRI FORCE-EUROPE", to the President of India last year. Has anything come out of it yet? Has India changed in ANY way? Have her guts been restored? Have her spirits been raised? Has her leadership improved? Is the image of her "cease-firing" armed forces any better now?



26 January 2000

President of India c/o High Commission of India in London.


Today, while officially recalling your "Vidhan", you will have an historic opportunity to cleanse your own dirty conscience and the filthy legacy of the Constituent Assembly that was assembled by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru under a clueless Dalit "yes-man and stooge" Dr. Ambedkar, to write up the Constitution of Hindusthan, that-

1. Does not mention history's biggest ever UNCONDITIONAL surrender and slaughter, and the expulsion of HINDUS from their homes.

2. Does not grant the right of dual nationality to those BORN IN INDIA but living abroad.

3. Does not contain any Article or Clause on the status of MOHAMMEDANS after Partition. Your own office must be ROTTEN if it believes that AKHAND BHARAT was a dirty rag and Partition a non event, not worth the mention in Constitution.

4. Does not salute the heroes who really fought the evil forces of Separatism that led to the ignominious break-up of India in 1947.

Do YOU know their names? Are YOU aware of their heroic resistence? Is there a memorial anywhere to honour their sacred memory? Do YOU know of their "balidan" (martyrdom)? Do YOU know what happened to their bereaved families- young widows and orphans? Why the Hell DON'T YOU KNOW their names, Mr. President?

But you do go to the bogus "samadhi" of BOFORS CHOR to shed crocodile tears on May 21 every year, without fail, to please his White Elephant from Italy. Don't you? You rotten scum of a man!

You owe an apology to your nation for NOT honouring the genuine national heroes of 1947, who did NOT surrender honour and TERRITORY, but fought bravely and died honourably.

5. Does not declare the Mohammedans "persona non grata" after Partition. All those, who terrified the secular Hindu leaders into submission and surrender, did not disappear overnight on 15 August 1947 when Pandit Nehru was seeing the "glow" of his new dawn!

We, the Non Resident Indians, DEMAND an apology from you, Mr. President on behalf of your own person, and on behalf of your ruling and non ruling establishments at home and abroad, to clear your record on patriotism.

We DEMAND that you, as the President of India, feel ashamed and GUILTY for having totally forgotten the Partition of your country and the immense loss of life, property and TERRITORIES in 1947 and for not enforcing the terms and conditions of that Act of Partition, 1947.

Mr. President, would you, therefore,

1. First and foremost, apologise to the INDIAN ARMED FORCES for not carrying the war in North Kashmir right up to Khyber Pass in 1948 to nip the EVIL in the bud.

2. Apologise to your Chief of the Army Staff for NOT telling him why all the major wars fought by India in the past ended in "cease fire", and for not telling him where the next "cease-fire" will be ordered- EAST of Delhi or at Khyber.

3. Apologise to your fine Generals and Jawans for misusing, and abusing, them in EAST Pakistan that was promptly returned to the Savage and Separatist Mohammedans instead of bringing the treacherously lost lands back to the fold of civilised, secular and enlightened "Mother India".

4. Apologise to your Jawans for sending them to their deaths in Sri Lanka (and to return with a "bloody nose"!) while withholding them from recovering North Kashmir.

5. Apologise to the fine Sikh regiments whose fighting spirit your government wants to destroy by putting them under treacherous secular flags that are in dust in Lahore.

6. Apologise to the Army for not giving them a single flag with "Trishul", "Swastika" or "KHANDA CHAKRA" on it.

Supreme Commander, are you terrified at this suggestion? Indian Army under SWASTIKA is not to embark on world conquest like Hitler's.

7. Apologise to the Jawans for asking them to guard and protect useless fellows like BOFORS CHOR Rajiv Gandhi and his Italian born wife. The Jawans are meant to guard frontiers!

8. Apologise to the Jawans for misusing them as MERCENARIES to attack Golden Temple in 1984 in order to subdue and debilitate the freedom loving Sikhs who live along India's precarious frontiers. The Sikhs are a branch of the Hindu family who defended Hindu Dharma and daughters through centuries, making extreme sacrifices. Your Jawans are supposed to subdue the INDIAN Muslims who wish to put Delhi under ISLAMIC flag.

9. Apologise to the nation for the huge expenditure on the personal security of Bofors' CHOR then, and his useless Italian spouse now.

10. Apologise for not "rehabilitating" Guru Gobind Singh in the mainstream of Broken Bharat. Who are you AFRAID of? Wasn't he a patriot? Wasn't he brave?

11. Apologise to the Hindus for not showing up in Ayodhya to pay homage to the Lord of Hindusthan but slavishly turning up to greet the Pope from Italy and even eating Iftar with the Mohammedans. Has any Indian Imam or Maulana ever issued a "fatwa" against Mohammed Ali JINN for his High Treason of 1947 which reduced your India?

12. Apologise to General Parvez Musharraf for not suggesting AKHAND BHARAT to him. In which country were his father and mother, and YOUR parents, born? Apologise for being DISLOYAL to the country of your own birth which was "AKHAND" when you were born.

13. Apologise to the nation for the corruption and nepotism of your ministers and their predecessors. They have destroyed public confidence in law, and held up India's progress.

14. Apologise to the nation for not equipping and staffing even one university in India to be good enough for the Gandhis to study at home.

15. Apologise to the nation on your own behalf and on behalf of prime ministers Nehru and Rajiv who ran after foreign females to degrade native Indian women. Degraded women only produce degraded "coolies, serfs, morons and bhangis".

16. Apologise to the women of India for not honouring them in any way. We mean HINDU women since Christian and Mohammedan women do not need to be "honoured" by any HINDU "eunuch" who is himself zero in honour and is yet to notice the degradation of native women.

17. Apologise to the Hindus for calling them "fundamentalist" if they stir anywhere while overlooking the ISLAMIC POISON in Pakistan which is spreading fast into India.

18. Apologise to the Hindus for keeping them ignorant on the increase in numbers and strength of Mohammedans in partitioned India. Don't you think that one day the remaining Hindus, too, will be slaughtered along with their Sadhus, Sants, Swamis, jagdgurus and Mahatmas- as in Lahore and Karachi only 50 years ago?

19. Apologise to the nation for covering up the horrors of devastation, death and destruction that accompanied each Mohammedan onslaught on Bharat since 712 AD.

20. Apologise for making the blood-soaked history of Hindus appear like harmless bedside stories for our children.

21. Apologise for not looking at the status of Janmasthan at Nankana Sahib. Why is Nankana Sahib under a FOREIGN "Lord" if NO Hindu mandir is allowed in Mecca? And WHO will speak up on behalf of the grieving Sikhs if their EAST Punjab is NOT to be sovereign like EAST Bengal?

22. Apologise for making the Armed Forces salute "dogs" on 26 January and 15 August every year but never a HINDU patriot like Gopal Godse who believes in, and is committed to, "Akhand Bharat".

23. Apologise for suppressing the truth about Nathu Ram's patriotic deed and motives. Did he not do what each and every Hindu fleeing Jhelum, Sialkot and Sylhet wanted to do? Come on. Be honest. Admit and CONFESS. Don't be a coward, Supreme Commander!

24. Apologise to the Sikh widows and orphans of 1984 for the despicable neglect shown by your government. None of them has been invited to your "Durbar" or "Bhawan" so far though worthless Hindu-hater foreign born "White Elephants" get the front seat whenever they show up. One foreign born female actually lives in your Bhawan and imagines herself to be No. 1 Lady of Hindusthan. SHAME on one billion COWARDLY UNCOMMITTED Indians and Hindus who have not thrown you out of the Bhawan yet!

25. Apologise for neglecting the EDUCATION of Sikh lads in East Punjab who became "terrorists" and had to be KILLED in "fake encounters". What do you have to say when they demand to know, "Why did YOU concede Pakistan and even kept all the Mohammedans back while denying us a few districts which we could call KHALISTAN to escape the dog's life in your "secular" India?" Surely they see you eating "Iftar" and "halal" while conceding and conceding- not only in South Kashmir!

26. Apologise for FAILING to check the spread of Culture of Corruption that produced so many rotten civil servants, judges, police officers and cabinet ministers. No one believes the BOFORS CHOR was a "Mr. Clean"!

27. Apologise for not holding an investigation into each and every "fake" encounter that killed Sikh lads in EAST Punjab and for not looking at the strong motivation of Nehru Dynasty to destroy the Sikhs.

28. Apologise to the nation for having despicable secular stooges as Ministers of Information & Broadcasting in a country where the people are dying for information! They want to know "Why Pakistan?", and "Why Mohammedans in partitioned India?". Give them straight answers. YOU are the President.

29. Apologise to all the Buddhist countries to the East of India for not taking any initiative to actively befriend them due to FEAR of Islam. What's wrong in establishing a Hindu/Buddhist Bloc to counter the menacing Islamic Bloc and the useless Non-aligned Bloc?

30. Apologise for tolerating, like a cowardly jackal, the name of Indira Gandhi, the political "Witch" of "Kalyuga", on so many institutions- not only the International Airport at New Delhi. What's wrong with "Guru Tegh Bahadur International Airport"?

31. Finally, APOLOGISE for praising the world's most TREACHEROUS and USELESS Constitution on the so-called "Republic Day". On 26 January 1950 your Partitioned "mongrel" India was supposed to become "HINDU RASHTRA" without anybody's fear or terror.

Mr. Narayanan, We have told you what to do. All the NRI's living in happy and honourable lands around the world will be watching your performance today.

Yours etc.,


Jai Akhand Bharat*!

(*AKHAND BHARAT, to whom YOU, your FATHER & MOTHER, and the "Father of Nation", Mr. MK Gandhi, were COMMITTED before the 'Sword of Islam' struck to "behead" you all, and chopped up your dear country into three ignominious parts!)