Date: 1/28/2001


THOUGHT OF THE DECADE, January 28, 2001

"Mr KR Narayanan, YOU are the President of India. I am also not an "Indian coolie" still in a British colony, or in EAST Bengal. Nor are all my NATIVE divine Lords any inferior. I am a proud HINDU and Indian."

Slave is the Hindu in India whose President goes to church while he goes to mandir. And, under the sword of Constitution, he is not supposed to even feel the snub to all his native religions.

Slave is the Hindu who dare NOT ask questions of his rulers but obey and obey, serve and admire.

Which Hindu can ask his President, "What's wrong with Hinduism for you and Buddhism for your wife? Aren't YOU "Made in Hindustan" and isn't SHE "Made in Burma"?"

If none can ask, then India is still a slave colony and her political Overlord is "Bandit" Nehru's Constitution which dare NOT commend Secularism to EAST Bengal or North Kashmir, nor even to Sindh and West Punjab.

It is the height of treachery and bad manners of Mr. Narayanan, to manipulate Gandhiji's teachings to hit hard, and below the belt, at the dignity of Hinduism in India. Tolerance under Ahimsa has a clear limit. Beyond that, it degrades. Such tolerance in 1947 reduced India territorially and diminished every Hindu spiritually, making us a race of morons. We still are, judging by the present frontiers "as per Vidhan"!

Could he be a Christian and the President in Pakistan where they have "eliminated" Gandhi, or even in Germany, the USA and the UK?

Were the British not the Overlords and absolute masters of Hindustan when a lowly "nigger" Narayanan embraced Christianity to show his contempt of the natives? Or was it his father?

Since KNOWLEDGE is POWER, we must demand to KNOW this?

Did he not do so either for a job or presumed equality? Sikhism, even Buddhism, offers EQUALITY but not status or jobs in a slave colony!

It had to be the religion of the political masters who hold a gun and a whip, and all the jobs, in their own hands.

But now that the Hindus are sovereign and independent, and there are NO British masters overhead, why is Narayanan still a Christian while holding the highest office in the land? Why?

It is only so because the Hindus are gentle and the Sikhs have all turned "nishkam sewak" holding world record in massacres ("ghaloogharas" or holocausts), and are still the most willing candidates for the next one.

If Narayanan was "touched" by the simplicity of Jesus, then wasn't Guru Nanak a simple man? Didn't Prince Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) leave his palace and all his wealth and riches behind?

If Narayanan was moved by the sacrifice of Christ, then what about the sacrifices of Guru Tegh Bahadur ji and the two little sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji? Why don't the sacrifices by the NATIVE divine Lords mean ANYTHING to this man?

The suppressed Hindus in Hindusthan need to sit up and look closely at the motivation of this man who ran away to a foreign religion while ignoring all the NATIVE ones, and to discover the reason of his snubbing native Hinduism, Sikhism and even Buddhism, while occupying the highest office in Bharat?

Mr. Narayanan is not a poor taxi driver, a petty grover or a porter at railway station. He is THE PRESIDENT! The religion that he professes DOES matter.

Are his subjects, close to ONE BILLION in number, never to discuss the crippling effect of their President's open betrayal of Hinduism upon the psyche, spirits and morale of the young Hindus growing up in Hindustan?

What about the man he does not tire of praising day and night on account of this "Immaculate" flawless Constitution? Did Dr. Ambedkar remain a native "rat" spiritually, while this clever Narayanan prefers to be a foreign agent like Sonia Gandhi?

"Independence" means that the natives can ask questions of their rulers, and look straight into their eyes and motives.

Narayanan, who snubs and insults the native religions of India, ought to be consigned to the gutter. His place ought to be taken by a PROUD Hindu who has nothing to be ashamed of. Is Mr. Bush embarrassed to call himself Christian? Is the Chancellor of Germany? Is the President of France? Why ONLY the President of PARTITIONED India? WHY?

Could one quote another example where a man ignores the MAJORITY community of the land and professes another religion? For us to feel FREE, and for all the Hindus round the world to feel great, the President of Hindustan must be HINDU.

Hindusthan's treacherous Constitution which neither says so in Delhi, nor any "damn" thing in Lahore, also needs to be consigned to gutter- sooner, the better.

In the hands of treacherous Narayanan it is being manipulated and EXPLOITED day and night to insult Hinduism, and all of us.


Institute of Hindu IDEOLOGY.