Republic, Gandhi and Gujarat

Date: 1/30/2001


ITEM NO. 1 (January 30, 2001)

Those who regard India as the sole property of Pandit Nehru, or the sole concern of Bapu Gandhi, or think of her no more than a gypsy beggar, do not recall Partition at all.

Alas, there are SO FEW decent honourable Indians on earth who still think she was a grand old noble lady at the moment she was stretched across the butcher's table on August 15, 1947.

Pandit Nehru's reckoning while signing the unconditional surrender of five provinces to Islam, in order to reduce India territorially and to break the backbone of the native Hindus, went like this: "The Indian 'donkeys' will forget it overnight." The word "donkeys" may offend some polished anglicised civilised brown Sahibs today. But on THAT day all the Indians were ON THE RUN.

That is exactly how Pandit Nehru and his mentor Mr. MK Gandhi thought of ALL the Indians when neither of them bothered to mention the word "Referendum" even once to the British masters, even to Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who was foremost in attacking the integrity of India.

Tragically, most "donkeys" were either too ignorant or cowards, even subservient, to notice the High Treason against India. And even more tragically, Pandit Nehru proved RIGHT.

Most Indians, including all the philosophers, preachers, army generals, governors, chief ministers, MPs and MLAs, professors, learned scholars, and all the Highnesses, Holinesses and Excellencies, did actually forget PARTITION overnight!

So in that context, the whole Indian race was reduced and degraded to the intellectual level of donkeys.

Today saw the PRESIDENT, the Vice President and all the LEADERS of India, paying glowing tributes to Mr. MK Gandhi, some calling him "Father of the Nation", the others calling him "Bapu". Some even compared him to Jesus Christ though all similarity ended abruptly when one went on the Cross while the other ducked, going "tongue tied" and sealing lips on his "moan barat".

What impact of this is upon the rest of the world, which is not afflicted with such bogus hero worship? I think they are laughing at the foolishness of the Indians.

One may admire the business skills of Hinduja brothers, now in India answering charges of corruption on BOFORS commissions, but they cannot think very high of our patriotism. Can they?

By throwing Lahore, Karachi and East Bengal out of our minds and vocabulary, ALL THE INDIANS, billionaires and beggars alike, are proclaiming ourselves to be a race of MORONS. People across the globe are asking in disbelief, "What has gone WRONG with the Indians- ALL the Indians?" Yes, that is exactly what even WE should be asking ourselves on the worldwide INTERNET while at home, in India itself, democracy means "eliminating" the critic- and even his family.


A lot of ominous signs from the Almighty are coming to us from above. It is as if the mighty walls of an impregnable castle are shaking while the enemy is preparing for the final onslaught. We are trapped inside, counting minutes. The Sikhs' "final hour" may have come, too.

The horrible pictures on television from Gujarat, of the ruined houses, make-shift hospitals, and individual tragedies like the boy whose trapped right let had to be amputated to save his life, are hitting us constantly.

Among the most poignant, was the sight of the toppling statue of "Mahatma" Gandhi, who was born in Gujarat. His statue was clearly seen poised to crash down on the rubble. His people were dead or dying.

How much of these people are INDIAN, one wonders.

The answer is quick to come, As much as the PEOPLE of Punjab and Bengal were Indian to this Gandhi.

These two states were hit by nothing less than the earthquake that hit his Gujarat last Friday. And compared to a mere (ONLY) one hundred thousand dead in Gujarat, and with all the land and territory still intact within India, unopposed and unchallenged Partition cost the lives of at least ONE MILLION Indians and vast amount of territory LOST FOR EVER. Was it poetic justice upon Gandhi's native State? How many Gujarati voices have we heard over the DEATH and DESTRUCTION wrought on Punjab and Bengal in 1947 due to this "Gandhi From Gujarat"?

(Does it really hurt some to read this? Well, what do YOU know of the hurt of the people of Bengal, Punjab, North Kashmir and South Kashmir? And were they in their hundreds, thousands, millions, or even TENS OF MILLIONS? Mention one Indian prime minister since, who may have shut up his mouth for two minutes in their HONOUR, or declared a public holiday in their memory!)

The fact that the earthquake, the worst in 50 years (that neartly takes the unwilling Indian "cow" back to the "water trough" of Partition!) struck on the anniversary when this BOGUS "India" was declared a Republic.

And the fact that it was Gandhi's own State this time, while Nehru's Kashmir has not seen a day without bloodshed since Partition, is the language of our gods. What can one say now when the angry gods themselves have spoken?

Today is the anniversary of of Mr. Gandhi's assassination. He was shot dead on the morning of January 30, 1948, while addressing his prayer meeting. The gods were angry on that day since he had not confessed to his own high treason. Divine hand struck him dead.

Just as Mohammed is said to have heard God's voice, so did our hero, Nathu Ram Godse. He fired those shots answering God's "call to duty". That is what the Italians did to their hero. So did the assassins of Indira and Rajiv.

Gandhi listened to the Devil who whispered into his big ears that he and his fellow Hindus were timid rabbits who would accept Partition till eternity. He did NOT listen to Guru Gobind Singh Ji to re-name himself a SINGH (lion).

As a Hindu, Gandhi was one millionth of a Musalman in guts and daring, while as a SINGH he would have been the BETTER of at least 125,000 foe. Gandhi would have defied Partition and thrown Mr. M.A. Jinnah (the "father of Pakistan") in jail after freedom.

Today morning, that is, only four days after the devastating earthquake and the "Republic Day", it was the anniversary of MK Gandhi's death, too. We also see the dark shadow over England's richest Hindus, the Hinduja brothers, and over the only "Asian" MP, Keith Vaz. These are very sad and dark days for the Indians in the UK, too. What a "DIVINE" intervention!

The "Daily Telegraph" this morning published the headline on page 1, "VAZ FAILINGS CRITICISED BY WATCHDOG".

We go on to read, "Keith Vaz, the second minister caught up in the passports controversy, will face fresh pressure to resign when a highly critical report into his conduct as an MP is published shortly."

Now we all can easily recall India's total helplessness when the Italian-born Sonia Gandhi was given her passport within ONE day. No enquiry, no security vetting, no uproar in India's Parliament, no scandal, no corruption charge, no challenge, no questions asked. And, NO comment offered by this friend of Dynasty, Keith Vaz. All was hushed up. That was INDIAN democracy of which one billion of us can be ashamed of.

Mr. Vaz, MP, and Her Majesty's Minister for Europe, it appears, was busy creating his own Dynasty in the UK like his friends back home in India. But unlike the timid Indian journalists who dare not touch the whiskers of a cat or baboon in power, British journalists went to work at once. They found out a lot, and filled columns upon columns. (We commend a perusal of the British media over the last one week).

While scores of journalists went "chasing/ hunting" Mr. Vaz, hounding him everywhere, the political Editor of "The Sunday Telegraph" went on to investigate Mrs. Vaz, and his mother.

He wrote (my comments in brackets), "The wife of Keith Vaz is a leading expert on immigration law and has written a guide book on how to obtain British visas. (Realizing the lucrative market gap for the provision of visas to fleeing Indians, she took up the right kind of work!). Maria Fernandes, a barrister, also runs a profitable communications company with Mr. Vaz's mother, Merlyn, who is a fellow director.

"Their company, Mapesbury Communications, published her 1995 do-it-yourself guide to the visa system, called "A guide to Visitor Visas". (End of quote).

Not one Indian journalist has yet uncovered the family fortunes of BOFORS CHOR. It needed a change in political climate, with BJP in power, to start the proceedings of the case, decades later. SHAME!

At the time of this earthquake the three billionaire Hinduja Brothers, too were in India. But unlike all the previous occasions when they would have been welcomed as State guests by Prime Minister BOFORS CHOR, or his wife, at the President's banquet, toasting Ambedkar on 26th, and Bapu on 30th inst., they are there facing court proceedings.

One of them obtained his British passport through the intervention of Mr. Vaz, MP, to ensure that he is not locked up in an Indian jail.

The headline in "The Daily Telegraph" this morning was a certificate of Gandhian culture to a man who was beyond any court of law, and reach of law, in India.

Mr. Gandhi was born at a time when the glory of Britain was at its highest, and India's political status at its lowest.

The rule of survival for a slave was submission and non violence. What else? Gandhi did not want to suffer the fate of Shaheed Udham Singh. Did he?

Defiance of the rulers meant imprisonment, and any act of violence, even its advocacy, meant the gallows, or the firing squad. Gandhi was a great survivor in those dangerous days.

India had no relevance for Britain except for its economic exploitation. A coolie colony, which did not yield wealth to the colonial power, was a burden, not an asset.

India with her vast wealth, natural resources and labour of her inhabitants, was a "gold mine" for her masters. To exploit her wealth, the British had to ensure total submission by the Indians through "divide & Rule", by controlling jobs and the means of production, and through illiteracy, ignorance and dependence.

Gandhi, being a shrewd Gujarati, saw the British might at close hands. He had been to London to study Law.

To his credit he chose a simple life unlike the later day Gandhis.

He aligned himself with the masses unlike the later day autocratic, imperialist and corrupt prime ministers of India masquerading under the bogus surname of Gandhi.

And he resorted to self-immolation through fasting unlike the later day Gandhis who declared Emergency, used bloody brutal VIOLENCE in East Punjab and northern Sri Lanka, threw the protesters in jails, neglected education and public services, confiscated properties, and behaved extremely mean and vindictive.

Gandhi also stood for Hindu-Muslim unity, totally ignoring the history and role of Islam in India. He focussed his attention on the gentle peace loving Hindus. Foolishly, he FAILED to notice the unbridgeable wide sea of Muslim hostility towards the Hindus and their resentment at sharing any political power with them.

This failure was to prove Gandhi's undoing- and United India's death.

In hindsight one can say that Hitler's Operation "Barbarossa" proved his undoing. So did Gandhi's misplaced trust in the Indian Muslims. Gandhi was Hitler in reverse. He was at the other end of the scale- from aggression to submission, from bloodshed to self-immolation.

Gandhi by 1947 was too old and senile to grasp the Muslim menace to India's territory and secularism. It is most amazing that a man of Gandhi's education had NO clue to the fact that the Muslims had been absolute rulers and masters of India for over FIVE CENTURIES during which every Hindu's land, property, mandir and daughter was at the mercy and disposal of every Muslim.

Why was Gandhi so clueless to the reasons behind the raising of mosques on the very spots where once grand temples stood, and that too after the plunder of contents?

Gandhi FAILED to notice any mixed marriages where a Muslim let his Hindu wife escape conversion.

Gandhi FAILED to notice that a Muslim, who converted to Hinduism, was promptly assassinated by his fellow Muslims.

He failed to notice the burning hatred for the Hindus in the minds of all the Muslims.

He failed to see that the alien Muslims had been the "tigers" from Arabia and the native Hindus the "cows, sheep and lambs".

Gandhi's IGNORANCE is amazing. It is preposterous. It is unbelievable.

How could this man lead his nation in any campaign, or represent them at any conference table, if he neither understood his adversary nor his own rank and file (following), nor, indeed, the conflicts and animosities among them?

How can one describe Gandhi's character if he climbed up his ivory tower shutting all the doors behind, and then looked down at the vast crowds chanting "Quit India!" in the face of the British, while at the same time chanting "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!", embracing the Muslims as "brothers"?

No wonder, such an ashamed, degraded and REDUCED India did not put the word "PARTITION" in her Constitution that was celebrated on the very day the devastating earthquake struck Gandhi's state of birth!

Clueless Indian "morons" went on showering praises upon Gandhi at all official ceremonies.

Master and the SLAVE:

In contrast to what the "The Telegraph" of London in the UNITED Kingdom wrote, let us see what the degraded "HINDU" of Chennai in BROKEN Bharat said today:

"Jan. 30 (PTI) - President K R Narayanan today led the nation in paying tributes to the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi on his 53rd death anniversary. (The "blind cock" did NOT reflect on history's WORST EVER unconditional surrender of India in 1947 that was brought about by Mr. Gandhi's uninspiring cowardly "leadership"!)

"Narayanan laid a wreath at Raj Ghat, the Samadhi of Bapu, amid an all-religion prayer and singing of Gandhiji's favourite bhajans "Vaishnav Janato"' and "Ram Dhun." (All the "bhajans and prayers and fasting" proved futile and useless like the supplications of the Hindu priests at Somnath when Mahmud of Ghazni STRUCK.)

"Vice-President Krishan Kant and Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee also paid floral tributes at the Samadhi on the occasion of martyr's day. (This "servant/samjhauta" motley crowd did the same at the "samadhi" of the BOFORS CHOR on May 21 last!)

"It was on this day in 1948 that Gandhiji fell to assassins bullets. (And NO mention by these Indian "jackals, sheep and rabbits" ever, of the day when Sindh, West Punjab, NWFP, Baluchistan, EAST Bengal and Sylhet fell to the 'Sword of Islam' just weeks earlier!)

"Congress President Sonia Gandhi (NONE thought of this Italian born White Elephant's anti democratic DYNASTIC lineage from Nehru down to Indira down to Rajiv!) was among the first to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi followed by Union Home Minister L K Advani and Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. (The scum rushed in her wake, not to be left out of the Roll of "Honour"!)

JAI HIND (Wretched "Hind" that Gandhi could NOT save from fragmentation, mutilation and rape, though he was very successful in saving his own life. He lived on another six months before PATRIOT Nathu Ram redeemed India's HONOUR.)


ITEM NO. 2 (January 30, 2001).

Speak up President Narayanan. Here is a question for YOU:

"You do know what happened on 30th of January, and on 31st of October (Halloween), and even on 21st of May.

But WHAT happened in MULTAN on the 5th of March, 1947? Do you know?

YOU, Mr. Narayanan, with an alien religion and a Burmese born wife, could only become the "President" of a nation that is still the "SCUM OF MANKIND," who are made to "celebrate" the cowards, the traitors and the CHORS, while overlooking the real heroes and patriots.

SHAME ON YOU and on your decomposing and disintegrating REDUCED India!


EVERYONE, please understand the language of our angry gods.

They are very very angry over Gujarat, Gandhi, the "Republic" and the callous dynastic Democracy.

-MRI (Movement for Reunification of India)