Date: 2/21/2001




The British dethroned the last hated "Mogul" (MOHAMMEDAN) Emperor of India in 1857. The Mohammedans became very angry since they regarded Hindusthan as their slave colony. They had ruled over the Hindus as absolute masters for seven centuries. Even the native born Moslem "coolies and sweepers" fancied themselves as a part of the foreign conquering Persians and Afghans while bashing the Hindus! Mohammed Ali Jinnah's call for the division of India was, therefore, universally popular among the Moslems of India who feared that after the departure of the British, democracy and secular law would put them at par with the rest in their former colony. At least in some parts of India they could still save their former glory and have Islamic rule as before. They conveniently overlooked the fact that after India's division on Moslem terms, they would still be forced to live under ONE common law in India, and, given the memory of brutal partition, their life could be made miserable. However, they had such a low opinion of the Hindus that they did not fear any counter attack. They could not see the Hindus becoming united or manly, to do any harm to them, even in "the rest" of India!

In the previous centuries the Moslems had kept MOBILITY and COMMUNICATIONS to themselves. They could swiftly ride across India on horseback acquiring a feeling of being the lords across the sub continent while a Hindu, who was not allowed to ride a horse, remained confined to his own village or district. The British, too, continued this compartmentalisation. (So have Congress governments since "independence"!) The Sikhs' siege mentality in EAST Punjab and their isolation from the Hindu fold is a result of that policy. Thus we had ONE Mohammedan nation from Peshawar to Chittagong but a Bengali Hindu here and a Punjabi Sikh there, and the twain were poles apart, never meant to meet. The Hindus were not supposed to know anything about the nature of Islam. Such knowledge was forbidden during the Islamic rule. Cruelties and barbarities of the worst type were perpetrated against the Hindus to strike terror into their souls. The fate of Guru Gobind Singh's two little sons, barely 7 and 9, and the beheading in public of Guru Tegh Bahadur, are only two examples of that Koranic law. In those long centureis, Brahmins and temples remained special targets. They were regarded as PROVOCATION, thus most undesirable. The British shunned them and the Congress rulers have done the same, thus retarding the Hindu genes and manliness even further. To have a Mohammedan as the Minister of Information and to call an Italian-born female (Sonia Gandhi) "Mother of Nation (Rashtramata) 50 years after independence, shows how demoralised and ignorant the majority community in India still are, who allow themselves to be betrayed in this manner!

On 23 March 1940 All-India Muslim League passed the Pakistan Resolution. There was NO Hindu reaction. There was NO Hindu collective head to evaluate the implications for Secularism and India. The Hindus had NO medium to inform or warn one another. One Hindu here and one there could not do anything to raise awareness of the entire nation (a despicable situation that still prevails in India!). An ignorant nation was thus ready for slaughter. Ethnic cleansing in Pakistan proved this to be the case. Today, with a Mohammedan as the Minister of Information in India, the Hindus are again ready for slaughter. For seven long years afterwards the Moslems kept rubbing into the Hindus that they were a SEPARATE nation, that they could not live under democracy in India, that they hated the Hindus to the extent that they wished India to be divided and destroyed. They OPENLY shouted "Death to India! Death to the Hindus! Death to Democracy!" and "Long Live Islam! Long live Pakistan!" Yet there was no reaction among the Hindus. They were all happily riding the train that was taking them to the "Abattoir". Moslem awareness and unity were remarkable. So was Hindu and SIKH ignorance.

The day came when the leader of INDIAN Moslems threatened civil war. There was NO Hindu leader to face him. They were "secular rats" who pretended to represent all, including the Moslems. But this was neither accepted by the British nor by the Moslems! To expedite India's surrender, the Mohammedans declared Direct Action Day in Bengal on 16 August 1946. Rivers of blood flowed. It was the blood of the innocent. The Indians did not give a call to resist and fight, but accepted defeat and signed the unconditional surrender on behalf of everybody, including the unborn babies, till eternity. Mr. Jinnah had all the conditions typed out in advance. All the Moslems were said to be PAKISTANI and all the rest "Indian". Indian leaders like MK Gandhi, Pandit Nehru and Baldev Singh were so scared that they thought any delay in accepting these conditions would further provoke the Moslems and make them even more angry. Seized by panic and fright they neither read these conditions nor broadcast them to the nation. They did not call for referendum, either!

What were those conditions that the Indian leaders signed? Here they are-

1. We regard the Hindus (and Sikhs) INFERIOR to the Moslems. We regard them loathsome. ("Yes Sir, you couldn't be more right! Moslem minority is mightier than all 'The Rest' put together," said Pandit Nehru who had his own plans to keep 'The Rest' INFERIOR and LOATHSOME for ever thereafter. The Sikh, Baldev Singh, "conditioned" by Sri Guru Granth Sahib of "Nishkam Sewaks" and fed on vegetarian "langar", could also NOT tell an enemy from a friend. Having NO sense of identity and history, he agreed.)

2. Wherever we are 50% or more that land will belong to the Mohammed of Arabia. It will be called Pakistan (land of "halal") leaving you "haraamis" in NA-pakistan (that is, land of "haraam"). ("We see nothing wrong with that. Do we, brother Bladev?" "No Sir," he replied. The thought of his own sacred Janmasthan going under the profane foreign flag of Arabia did not bother the Sikh in the least!)

3. You will NOT mention partition but call your broken Bharat "INDIA" once again. The maps of your fragment shall be official from the stroke of midnight on Partition Day. ("Seems logical doesn't it, Mahatmaji?" "Yes, Jawahar," he replied. "Are there any more conditions of surrender?" Mahatma's heart beat was becoming fainter)

4. We shall go Islamic while your "vidhan" will remain secular. Our presidents and prime ministers will fly to Mecca for Hajj. You dare show up in Ayodhya or Mathura!" ("That's reasonable, too, said a few great Hindu leaders standing in the wings.)

5. We shall proceed with ethnic cleansing straightaway. But you dare touch the whiskers of any Musalman in your Hindusthan! You will appoint them ministers, governors and ambassadors. We are leaving them as our "amaanat" till we recover the rest of India, too. ("There is a prospect of "Akhand Bharat" under the manly Sword of Mohammed. Isn't that a good news?" whispered Micky Mouse before fainting. Unwittingly he had broken his "moan barat". It was the cardinal sin for which all the Hindus had to suffer at the hands of Mohammed Ali JINN who was "BORN IN INDIA" but was under curse to die as HARAAMI in the "Land of High Treason".)

India's unconditional surrender of 15 August 1947 was like the Treaty of Versailles of 28 June 1919 that led to World War 2. We hope India will not be deserted or betrayed by the rest of the world, that is, left alone to fight off the Islamic Monster. The whole world ought to join in, in World War 3, to remove the last Empire of Repression & "Jahaalat" from Earth.


We publish the letters written by "NON RESIDENT INDIANS' FORUM" and "MOVEMENT FOR REUNIFICATION OF INDIA" during 1997 on the 50th anniversary of Murder of Secularism and India. These provide a unique insight into the state of India at this time in her history. There is NO fear in letting the whole world see them since these were written in the BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT- men, women and CHILDREN who were murdered, burnt to death, raped, maimed, looted, driven to insanity and death and out of their family homes by the wild and unpredictable FOLLOWERS OF MOHAMMED. The demand for Pakistan came as a shock to the people of India since there had been NO provocation of any kind on the part of the Hindus to justify it.

May all the secular and democratic forces on earth unite to COUNTER ATTACK. The aggressor must not be allowed to get away with his aggression. Pakistan was, and is, Mohammedan aggression on the soil of India. A primitive separatist and fundamentalist Islamic State on the soil of ancient India is against all that is Good, Righteous, Secular, Enlightened, Free and Democratic on earth. It is the Devil's foot on our "SATYAM VIJAYATE". It is our own DARK backyard that bedevils and totally negates our professed motto of "Ennoble the World". Before we get to Chicago in America, we ought to begin from Ayodhya, going straight on to the converted and desecrated Shiva's Temple in MECCA.

We have waited 50 years for the Imam of Jama Masjid in Delhi to issue "fatwa" against Mohammed Ali Jinnah who attacked his own land of birth. We know the falsehood and treachery of both.

JAI HIND! ("HIND" of a MANLY RACE- from Khyber to Chittagong!)


Letter to Mr. IK Gujral, Prime Minister of PARTITIONED India on 4 August 1997:

Dear Mr. Gujral,


India has NOT had a patriotic ruler in 1,000 years. The Mohammedans prayed in Arabic and the British prayed in English or Latin! She nearly died in 1947 but regained consciousness, much reduced in size and in three fragments, after giving birth through a caesarian operation to the illegitimate Mohammedan twins. Ever since she has had only BASTARDS and a BITCH as prime ministers. They were all friends of the ENEMY and enemies of the Hindus.

Pandit Nehru surrendered Lahore without a single condition. Later, his Armed Forces did not know why they were to defend anything! Indira Gandhi was in reality Indira KHAN but the BITCH concealed the truth from her Hindu subjects. She hated freedom of expression and imposed emergency. She hated the Sikhs and attacked Golden Temple in Amritsar to "teach them a lesson in submission and slavery" though none of them had asked for even half the concessions that Kashmir enjoys under Article 370 of Constitution.

Rajiv KHAN came to "throne" in the most ludicrous manner. Thousands of innocent Sikhs were slaughtered in his reign as per State design and their widows and orphans left to beg in the streets. The Sikhs rose in protest but Khan's security forces killed them by the thousand in towns, villages and fields of EAST Punjab. His Catholic "dharam bhai" Julius Ribiero was given the license to finish off the Sikhs, Hindusthan's precious asset. Rajiv KHAN, too, concealed the fact that he had become Catholic after putting his head at the feet of a European "memsahib" like grandfather Nehru. After he was blown up, there were a few insignificant rats and vermin who came and went. None went to Ayodhya but gave subsidies and travel facilities to the Mohammedans going to Mecca. Sonia Khan was fed and kept like a White Elephant. No rat or bastard thought of recovering North Kashmir or declaring, "Partition upon my nelly!" but congratulated Pakistan and BOGUSdesh on their "independence" days! None dismissed the Mohammedans occupying key positions at the top in Hindusthan or suggested repatriation. None cared for the Indians in Uganda and Fiji and none was for "dual nationality" for the Indian scum abroad called NRIs. The one before the last, Deve Gowda, was a bastard, too, who took huge bribes and set the example for ministers like Laloo Prashad and Sukh Ram. None of them is, or will be, in jail.

Now comes Inder Kumar Gujral, the son of a refugee, who ought to have recalled his last days in Jhelum on fire. He ought to have been a true patriot to do the following:-

1. Have an official history of Hindu Holocaust of 1947 written up with names and addresses of each and every Hindu killed and every Sikh girl abducted or raped.

2. Apologise for the collapse of Government of India in 1947.

3. Apologise for not recovering North Kashmir from the ENEMY so far.

4. Apologise to the gypsies around the world for their neglect, and promise them Indian citizenship should they wish to return to their land of origin, INDIA, from where they were scattered (like the pigeons before a cat) by the marauder Mahmud of Ghaznvi.

5. Apologise for all the bogus cease-fires in which Indian Army was held back from victory or from gaining territory.

6. Apologise for the wanton attack on Golden Temple in 1984 and the indiscriminate massacre of thousands of Sikhs later in that year.

7. Apologise for not establishing a Hindu Holocaust Museum in memory of millions of Hindus killed by foreign invaders, mostly Mohammedans.

8. Apologise for treating native Hinduism like a pariah dog while pampering Islam and Christianity. Why is Broken Bharat a "secular" rat if EAST Bengal is an ISLAMIC tiger? Apologise for granting Hajj subsidies to the ENEMY who broke up India.

9. Apologise for not putting the name of every Mohammedan in Aligarh, Allahabad and Lucknow on the Traitors' List who shouted "Pakistan Zindabad!" in 1947.

10. Apologise for not putting in jail any corrupt minister and governor.

11. Apologise for not taking the INITIATIVE to invite the leaders of Pakistan and BOGUSdesh to a round table conference in Delhi to discuss RE-UNIFICATION. If Partition was possible then why is its undoing impossible? Apologise for the defeatist mentality. 12. Apologise to the nation for CONCEDING top posts to Mohammedans including that of Minister of INFORMATION and Broadcasting without expecting any of them to say, "BHARAT is above Koran, and Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak are above the Mohammed of Desert."

On 15 August next the whole world will see whether the Son of a Refugee recalls his run for life and ESCAPE from the Mohammedan butchers of Jhelum, or whether he, too, is a BASTARD like the rest of them.

Mr. Gujral, the PEOPLE of India are about to rise. They will NOT let their ancient country be treated like a filthy joke or a dirty rag by any BASTARD.

Yours, for ever committed to AKHAND BHARAT, 4 August 1997


India has had NO meaningful relations with Israel due to TERROR of Islam. Do we know if the Prewident of India sent a message of sympathy on the loss of INNOCENT lives in Jerusalem?


Embassy of Israel in London



Kindly convey to your Government and people our profound sorrow at the dastardly attack (double suicide bombings) by Hamas yesterday which killed 15 and injured more than 150 INNOCENT people in a crowded market in Jerusalem (where a "Messenger of Peace" was born and the "Messenger of Death" died!).

To the civilised, even the loss of one life is a tragedy but no eyebrow is raised in the Islamic world when thousands of INNOCENT people are slaughtered every year in their own backyard from Afghanistan to Algeria.

To our SHAME the Government of INDIA is caught like a wounded sparrow in the claws of the Islamic hawk at present. Although the country is HINDU by religion and was partitioned due to Moslem attack FROM WITHIN 50 years ago, the Hindus are gripped by mental paralysis due to the TERROR of Islam, the like of which Israel has been seeing since the very inception of your small State.

The solution to the problem is the transfer of people. India failed to do so in 1947 and is rapidly decomposing as a result. Pakistan achieved it THROUGH VIOLENCE AND FORCE in just one year, 1947, while Bangladesh has been squeezing the Hindus out ever since.

Israel has NO other way out since the Mohammedans believe 'Koran to be the word of God' and that "God" considers all NON Muslims to be inferior. Thus there is no possibility of co-existence with Mohammedans by anybody on earth.

The numbers involved in such a move are very small, perhaps a couple of million Moslems while the size of the surface of earth that the Mohammedans own, control and dominate shamelessly to the exclusion of others, is as vast as the whole of Europe. How strange then that they seem to have NO room for these Palestinians who wish to destroy the world's ONLY Jewish State on earth.

We wish to bring to your notice the strategic threat to Israel when the whole of India collapses under the dagger of Islam that is at the Hindus' jugular vein. Such a collapse is very likely, given the cowardice and ignorance of the Hindus. In that case there will be millions of suicide bombers from India, too, ready to die for Jehad and God in Israel.

The West, the USA and the European Union in particular, ought to be made aware of the rising Islamisation of PARTITIONED India. The Muslim flag going up in New Delhi will mean much greater threat to the free world, especially to Israel. There is urgent need of founding and supporting Indo-Israeli Friendship societies in Europe and India. At this end we shall be only too pleased to start one in England given your support since the Indian community itself remains, by and large timid and crushed, just as they are back home in India.

Kindly accept our condolences and heartfelt sympathies for the bereaved families and convey the same to your nation.

31 July 1997


To BBC 2 Television, London, W12 7RJ, on 2 August 1997.


Your programme on Nehru Dynasty (Sat 2 August 8.15 pm) was superb and an eye opener to us since Government of India will never allow such a film to be shown to their captive subjects. Furthermore, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting in partitioned India is a MOHAMMEDAN who cannot see the world through our eyes! We, therefore, are most privileged to be living in the UK to see your historic footage. Your films are especially vital for our younger generations who will see history as it was and not as the ruling Congress Party had it re-written after PARTITION.

There are just a few points that we wish to bring to your kind notice with regard to this film-

1. Indira's husband Feroze was NOT Gandhi by birth but KHAN, son of a MOHAMMEDAN grocer in ALLAHABAD and NOT a Parsi by birth. If his father had married a Parsi woman from Bombay she would have been CONVERTED to Islam just like Jemima Goldsmith, wife of Imran Khan last year. There could be NO exception to this rule in India which was, and still is, under such TERROR OF ISLAM that even Salman Rushdie cannot go there. Partition was a COWARDLY CONCESSION in the light of that terror. It was feared by Gandhi and Nehru that any civil war would put the dog collar of slavery around the Hindus' necks within days.

2. The film did not bring out that Nehru died of syphilus. He looked consumed and haggard in the end out of shame rather than out of sense of guilt on account of unpreparedness for war or defeat at the hands of the Chinese in 1962.

3. Nehru was NO democrat the way he elevated his teenage daughter above the heads of senior and experienced cabinet ministers and other statesmen of India. Even Stalin did not give such a dynastic slap in the face of his subjects and decency! In that tradition of dogs the Chief Minister of Bihar, Laloo Prashad, appointed his wife last week as the new State Chief Minister after he was forced to resign under charges of severe corruption.

4. Indira married Feroze Khan secretly in a mosque and recited Kalma. She never re-converted to Hindu Faith. Such deception for political ends is most common in India. Rajiv became a Catholic prior to his marriage with Sonia in the Cathedral of Turin but this fact was not broadcast, and is not known even to the senior cabinet ministers in India. His last rites were performed according to Hindu religion, again to FOOL the people of India.

5. Khan became Gandhi at the suggestion of none else but the 'Apostle of Truth' Mr MK Gandhi (he is called "Mahatma Micky Mouse" by all the NON Muslims fleeing those parts of India which went under the Boot of Islam, ie., where secularism died overnight due to his collapse). The "natural justice" to that Mahatma was done by a patriot Nathu Ram Godse. In any other country (other than India) Gandhi's whole family as well as Nehru's would have been eliminated for surrendering Lahore! There is no trace of Hitler in Germany now. But in India even Jinnah House still stands in Bombay, well protected by the State!

We hope these comments will be found useful for your staff and the investigative teams working on India. It is important to note these since the impending mayhem will be well understood. BBC may also bring out another documentary on the POWER VACUUM that Nehru caused from the first day he sat in the chair as Prime Minister. It was only the British presence and STRENGTH that had kept at bay China from Tibet and Russia from Afghanistan and India as ONE peaceful country from Khyber to Chittagong. Alas, the natives like Nehru could not even copy!


To HE. Mr. Ivan Antoreovich, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Belarus, MINSK, Belarus, on 3 August 1997:


Your Excellency,

A member of our Forum recently watched the Indian dance performed by girls from Belarus. He was extremely impressed at the superb manner in which they carried out the intricate and graceful movements to the accompaniment of Indian music. He thought the costumes and the make-up were excellent, too. He also noticed that the entire dance programme was very well matched with items from North India and South India in the right proportion. A perfect balance had been struck.

It was especially pleasing to notice that during the entire programme there was NO Mohammedan involved in the show. Although India is supposed to be a "secular" country since her violent break up between the Moslem Pakistan and the Hindu India in 1947, one often sees Moslems having a major say in Indian cultural programmes and shows. This takes away a great deal from the overall effect of such shows which are supposed to be reflecting Hindu traditions of music, dance and art. On this score the Minsk Dancers' programme was perfect. Our congratulations.

May we send our congratulations to these girls through Your Excellency and wish them well in the future?

We suggest that this dance troupe be enabled to tour major cities in India and also do shows in the United Kingdom, North America and Australia where many rich Indians reside. They will surely bring back millions of dollars from the price of the tickets sold.

PS: This is the 50th year of the horrendous defeat of Secularism (Partition of India) when five provinces (Sind, Baluchistan, NWFP, Punjab and Bengal) were SURRENDERED unconditionally to the indigenous Mohammedans in 1947. We urge the Government of Belarus to refuse to accept any MOHAMMEDAN diplomat from India as long as India submits to the Islamic terror of PARTITION in a cowardly and despicable manner. We also feel that Belarus ought to encourage the demoralised India to challenge her bogus and immoral partition and to stand up to the Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis by throwing off the 'dog-collar' of Moslem domination of her territory.


To BBC TV in London


BBC 2 TV, 7.10 P.M. SUNDAY 3 AUGUST 1997


Your programme was very informative and educational and we look forward to seeing the others in the series. Congratulations to the producer and his team!

BBC is among the noblest media who keep the public in this country informed of the developments in the world that governments find "undiplomatic" to touch. But, if the people are kept ignorant by the media, too, then it is the people who will perish.

In 1947 the Indians were totally ignorant with regard to the potential for destruction by the INDIGENOUS Moslems. ISLAM SUDDENLY EXPLODED LIKE 25 NUCLEAR BOMBS OVER INDIA ON ONE DAY (15 AUG 1947), and violently broke her up into three fragments. Government of India calls it "independence" while the people of India call it BLOODY PARTITION when a million of them were slaughtered and over 15 million forced out of their homes.

ISLAM needs to be explored further to find out its real nature. We feel that given their belief that Koran is the "word of God" and their dream of Mohammed's life and times (savage 7th century AD), Mohammedans are the time bomb in any CIVILISED, tolerant and secular society. Under the influence of Mullahs and the pull of Koran the Mohammedans will put Koran above Crown in the United Kingdom and will have the tendency to turn England into Afghanistan. Moslems consider themselves apart from the rest of the society and start demanding concessions- one after the other, while at the same time breeding rapidly and by turning all mixed marriages one-way traffic in conversions.

Civilised societies wake up only too late when the choice is either to collapse before the SURPRISE and SUDDEN (unexpected) ATTACK as India did in 1947, or to have an all-out civil war. After her collapse India's will to survive was lost. As a result she is bound to be overwhelmed by the Moslems sooner or later. The people of India cannot be educated on the approaching Islamic peril. Partitioned India's Minister of INFORMATION is a Mohammedan!

The Mohammedans suffer from schizophrenia- with one foot in the land of domicile and the other in Saudi Arabia. They must put Arabic above their own mother tongue that must degrade their own mothers! As a result they are potential mischief or delinquents. Please see Enclosure on Jinnah who was a typical Moslem- by appearance civilised, by education a barrister at law but deed a Devil. Suddenly Secularism became poison to him and Islamic republic his life's goal. In it every NON Muslim was to be a second class citizen. No Moslem has said "sorry" for trampling upon Secularism in Pakistan and Bangladesh. So how much would the Moslems of England really love Secularism here? They will fail the 'litmus test of cricket' every time.



To Secretary General, UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION, New York, N.Y., USA, on 4 August 1997.


Your Excellency,

The whole world knows that Partition of India was the most despicable and dishonourable act of HIGH TREASON by a few unscrupulous native "leaders" who conspired among themselves to break up an ancient country of rich heritage and civilisation for personal gain and glory. Among these very few rotten men were Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohammed Ali Jinnah, both citizens of India at birth!

Partition, that was NOT ratified by a referendum in accordance with the basic principle of democracy, can, therefore, NOT have any legal or moral validity whatsoever. It remains unconstitutional, immoral, absurd and UNACCEPTABLE.

The most tragic aspect of Partition was the MURDER, rape and loot of tens of MILLIONS of innocent people who fell prey to frenzied Mohammedan mobs in West Punjab and East Bengal, and to the others in retaliation later. There were people, old and infirm hacked to death while fleeing, and there were young mothers and teenage girls who jumped into wells to their deaths to escape Mohammedan mobs bent upon raping them. Within weeks of announcement of partition, minorities in North Kashmir, too, were wiped out, man, woman and child.

The Government of India are the same despicable lot, and under the shadow of the same political party, that CONCEDED Partition in the most cowardly manner. Hence they have put a blanket of criminal silence on it. No official broadcast, statement or pronouncement is making any mention of those massacres.

Government of India have not yet apologised to the nation for their total collapse and abandonment of principles and responsibility in 1947 which directly led to that loss of life and property. Nor have they established any memorial to the MILLIONS who died in that year! To insult us all further, they call it "independence" instead of PARTITION or DEFEAT and SURRENDER. Government of India, who are responsible for informing and educating their captive subjects (one fifth of mankind), own and control Broadcasting and Television. Nobody in partitioned India knows the terms and conditions of that Treaty of Surrender of 1947. UNO should tell them what they were.

According to that Treaty of Surrender & Partition, the Mohammedans of India were to move out- lock, stock and KORAN, to their SEPARATE Islamic "paradise" called PAKISTAN. But despite the widespread resentment and mounting ANGER in India, Government of India still employ the Mohammedans in key positions AT THE TOP. Mohammedans have stunned the Hindus (the 'majority' community) into silence by threats of civil war. India is rapidly decomposing internally. Her internal security remains a farce. Chaos and anarchy are expected to break out any time. UNO ought to see the impending disaster and prepare for it.

In the meantime we earnestly request the UNO to refuse to accept any Mohammedan diplomat or envoy from PARTITIONED India until Government of India tell the UNO as to what that Partition was for.

UNO may also ask India to tell them clearly what the "constitutional status" of Mohammedans in partitioned India is supposed to be. India, through her INCOMPETENCE, cannot be allowed to degenerate into a political mess. The repercussions on her internal security are bound to be horrendous. UNO will have to step in one day to clear this mess at immense cost.



To BBC 2 TV, London W12, on 10 August 1997:



The news yesterday (broadcast by the BBC) that the Prime Minister of India inaugurated a massive rally in Bombay to commemorate the declaration of "Quit India" in 1942 shows how the entire ruling establishment of India is CORRUPT and DISHONEST. The idea is to keep the Gandhi name alive so that Sonia or Priyenka Gandhi could benefit and rule India for ever.

In 1942 the British were pre-occupied with the war and anyone who harmed the Empire would have dealt a severe blow to his own freedom. The British wisely let that event take place without suppressing it RUTHLESSLY as the native governments of India themselves have done since "independence", for example, in 1993, while crushing the Hindus who wanted to re-build the Temple in Ayodhya! How did Indira Gandhi deal with the Sikhs whose aspirations were insignificant compared to the sovereignty that her father CONCEDED to West Punjab in 1947 and she herself CONCEDED to East Bengal in 1972?

There were also other freedom movements and heroes at the time, but their mention does not serve the interest of India's despicable rulers. Hence they are unmentionable. The police in 1942 would easily have crushed Gandhi and his rag bag of followers just as Indira Gandhi crushed the whole of India during her Emergency. Indira profanely ATTACKED a sacred religious place (Golden Temple in Amritsar) and killed thousands of innocent pilgrims, including women and children, in June 1984. What about the subsequent State instigated massacres of Sikhs? How much of outcry did these raise? And what about the corrupt ministers like PV Narasimha Rao? Is there any outcry, "Put him in jail!"? Does it not show that the PEOPLE of India are unable to even think of independence?

India was occupied by two foreign powers, the MOHAMMEDANS and the British. While the latter left peacefully and are still friends, the real enemy is still at large in India and terrorises the Hindus. Why is there NO "Declaration of Independence" from them? The real reason is COWARDICE of the Hindus. Their blood curdles and guts dry up when they contemplate taking on the Mohammedans! At the mere threat of a civil war Mr. Gandhi COLLAPSED before Jinnah. Was he brave enough to "chase the British out of India"?

Mohammedan rulers effectively crushed the 'collective head' and 'will to survive' of the Hindus (the MAJORITY community). They destroyed thousands of Hindu temples. The British did not destroy any. They converted BY FORCE, and often beheaded Hindu holy men who refused to convert, while the British did not convert any in such an abominable manner. There were three "johars" in Chitod, a town in Rajasthan, when women and children set themselves ablaze to save themselves from their fate (worse than death!) by falling into Mohammedan hands. There was not a single "Johar" during the British conquest and rule. The Mohammedans raped Hindu girls, abducted them by the thousand and even carted them off to Ghazni and Kabul for auctions. In 1947 hundreds of Hindu and Sikh girls killed themselves by jumping into wells rather than fall into the hands of Mohammedans. The British did no such barbarity to the women of India. The Mohammedans BROKE UP India in 1947 while the British had UNITED some 30 warring native states. They even managed to bring the Mohammedan ruler of Hyderabad, the Hindu ruler of Kashmir and the Sikh ruler of Patiala under one civilised rule. Mohammedan masters destroyed everything of value written in Sanskrit while the British preserved such heritage including Hindu architecture. During British rule people lived peacefully in ONE country from Khyber to Chittagong whereas in the Mohammedan rule they, especially the Hindus, ran from pillar to post seeking safety from thugs, robbers, rapists, imams, mullahs, abductors and throat cutters. Mohammedans built their mosques on the very spots where great Hindu temples had stood. No British church was built after demolishing a temple. The British established schools, colleges and universities replacing the dull "madrassas" and Koran schools which preached 'hatred of Hindus' day and night.

Like Pavlov's dogs, the Hindus are "conditioned" to love SLAVERY. How easy it was for Nehru to put them back into the cage, swapping Independence for Partition! India seemed "shattered" by the death of Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991. She had become an orphan in the same way as "Indira was India" earlier. Now the Indians wish to go under the same dynasty again and wish to remain under Priyenka Gandhi instead of going for freedom. Once under Priyenka, all the Indians will gladly sit at her feet and "behave".

The Hindus of India (the MAJORITY community) have yet to be touched by that 'declaration' and return to Srinagar and re-appear in Lahore or dare to build their temple in Ayodhya. The President of India has yet to muster guts to say, "Partition NOT on my nelly!" Since "independence" the Indian police and army have killed more of their own kind than the enemies who occupy North Kashmir and East Bengal. So much for the treacherous smoke screen of "Quit India"!

The dishonest rulers of India are not telling their people who their real enemy is, why PARTITION struck, what its terms and conditions were, and how will the limping, limbless and headless rump of a disfigured and mutilated India come home finally. Most likely, she is going to explode and her rulers are going to meet the fate of the Emperor of France, the Czar or Russia and the Fuehrer of Germany. The Indians, being "informed" by their MOHAMMEDAN Minister of Information (CM Ibrahim), are about to become SLAVES once again. Nothing can prevent their past hitting them back violently in the face. The Sikhs of EAST Punjab will go the same way that those in WEST Punjab went five years after that declaration by Gandhi.

We also saw the well produced documentary, "The Dynasty", broadcast by you at 8.10 pm last Saturday and thank you for NOT showing Gen. Jagjit Singh Aurora accepting the surrender of the Pakistani soldiers in Dhaka in January 1972. He is a Sikh, and in today's India of "Mahatma Micky Mouse", he fought like a mercenary since the outcome of that war was NOT East Bengal joining West Bengal! The Sikhs, NOT GOOD AT CONCEALMENT AND CAMOUFLAGE, are often conspicuous in acts of bravery and bravado. This can prove suicidal for their community at large, since they are only small pawns in the power struggle between the Hindus and the Mohammedans.

The real beneficiary of Gandhi's declaration were the MOHAMMEDANS of India. Five years later they ousted the Hindus from five provinces of India by shouting "QUIT PAKISTAN!" Independence kissed their feet swiftly. The transient government of IK Gujral, the son of a refugee from Jhelum, will NOT be telling this to his captive nation!


PS: Government of India consider all the Indians living abroad either undesirable or terrorist. Hence NO dual nationality for us. We think THE SAME of the President and the Prime Minister of India in New Delhi and their man LM Singhvi in London!

To Editor, THE INDEPENDENT, London E14 5DL. on 11 August 1997:


The Independent, 11 August 1997 (p.15)

Sir, Marrying Christian girls is considered a victory for Islam. It raises the esteem of the "warrior" in the eyes of his family, friends and community. In this form of ongoing war (Jihad), even a low down road sweeper in Bangladesh feels elevated to the rank of general should he make a "kill". Secularism, tolerance and inter-communal harmony in England are, therefore, under pressure. Let us look at India where secularism was MURDERED 50 years ago.

Two factors led to the demise of secularism in India in 1947: the total IGNORANCE of the Hindus and the perennial VICIOUSNESS of Islam. India had already suffered immensely under Mohammedan rule before the arrival of the British. Life under the Sword of Islam was exactly as it is in Afghanistan and Algeria today. With the wretched Hindu's nose in dust, the Mohammedan warlords held total sway overhead, fighting it out among themselves. Through those long and dark centuries, every beautiful Hindu girl had to be abducted and converted. Somehow by the very nature of Islam, girls in the enemy (non muslim) camp are always a special target. This has been well explained by Anwar Shaikh in his books, "ISLAM, THE ARAB NATIONAL MOVEMENT" and "FAITH & DECEPTION" (The Principality Publishers, PO Box 918, Cardiff, CF2 4YP), and by A. Ghosh in his book "Koran & the Kafir" (A. Ghosh, Publisher, 5740 W. Little York #216, Houston, Texas, 77091, USA). Captured Hindu girls were carted off to Kabul and Ghazni as war bounty and auctioned in public. Governors of provinces often decreed that a Hindu bride had to sleep with them the first night after her wedding. Such humiliation and degradation of the Hindus was considered 'glory to Allah'. A Hindu was required to open his mouth promptly if a Muslim felt like spitting into it. Even a tolerant fellow like Emperor Akbar, who picked up numerous Rajput princesses, did not let even one of them to raise her offspring as Hindus.

The hated Islamic "Jazia" tax was imposed on the ancestors of IK Gujral, Sita Ram Kesri and LM Singhvi. It prohibited the Hindus from marrying a Mohammedan girl, commending their religion to ANYBODY, riding a horse, carrying a weapon or passing a Mohammedan without greeting him. Terror of Islam, and the ONE WAY TRAFFIC in marriages (that still continues) deteriorated the genetic quality of the Hindus and robbed them of manliness. None was left fit enough to look into the consequence on morale, pride, safety and honour of their own side. In 1947 NONE stood up to oppose Partition. Even today NONE dare question, "Why EVERY mixed marriage must be a gain to the Mohammedans and a loss to us?", or, "Why Partition?" As soon as Islam enters a society the Mohammedan granite starts wearing down the non Muslim rock. In England the process has begun.

We shall see how England reacts to the loss of girls AT THE TOP to Islam. There is deadly demoralising effect on other communities, too, eg., the Hindus and the Sikhs whose leaders are not in a position to warn their flock or 'hit back'. In India it is complete dishonesty and cowardice of the state controlled media that such INFORMATION is not broadcast to the people. No statistics will be read out on the number and manner of conversion of all the Hindu girls that FELL to Islam up to, during, and since 1947. It is significant to note that even today, the most beautiful, the most intelligent and the most outgoing Hindu girl is most at risk and most likely to be the victim. Only three examples: cricket captain Azharuddin, famous actor Akbar Khan and, earlier, Nawab of Pataudi- ad infinitum! Is this a new kind of liberalism, secularism and modernism that is hitting England, too?

In 1947 the Hindu leaders in India were all barristers-at-law. Yet not one showed the brain to notice the degradation of their girls and country. Not one dared argue the case for united India! When India broke up, THOUSANDS of fleeing Hindu girls fell victim to the Mohammedan traits of vulgarity and lust. NO Hindu leader had dared to say, "In mixed marriages the native ought to be preferred to the foreign (religion), the civilised ought to prevail over the crude." Nehru could have said, "Mr. Jinnah, India was a flourishing civilisation when Mohammed had not even been conceived in the desert. Don't rape and kill her!" Or, "We have lived under one law for the past hundred years. What was wrong with that?" Or, "Don't you think that putting Lahore and Sylhet under Islamic law will degrade the Hindus there?" Or, "Don't you fear the fate of Mohammedans you are leaving behind in India, not the least those in Kashmir?", etc. Even an imbecile would have insisted on some conditions before surrendering his stick, spectacles and the loin cloth!

It is clear that the brutality and savagery of Islam had effectively DE-LINKED the Hindus from (a) territorial sense; (b) fellowship with other Hindus; and from (c) a sense of collective body and IDENTITY. This was proven beyond doubt in 1947. The Hindus fled the territories occupied by Mohammedans without offering any resistance. The Hindus in other 'Hindu' states like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu related to the Hindus of West Punjab, East Bengal and Sind as one dog relates to another and did NOT exterminate the Mohammedans immediately when their fellow Hindus were slaughtered by the thousand in Noakhali after the sudden and unprovoked Islamic "Direct Action" in August 1946; later, in the All-India HOLOCAUST of 1947 each Hindu was on his own while Pandit Nehru's head was in the lap of Edwina Mountbatten! India literally went to dogs, ie., to the Mohammedans! Finally, the Hindus have not been able to muster guts to set up a collective head, the equivalent of Islamic Bloc, despite the fact that many states in India are larger than several of the Islamic states on Earth!

Is there a lesson for the rest of the world? YES: firstly, the UNO ought to declare every ISLAMIC constitution an affront to human dignity, equality and DEMOCRACY. Secondly, the Europeans ought to realize that the Mohammedans regard themselves on war path against Christian civilisation, freedom of expression and women's rights. They are at war with western democracies, and they have infiltrated our ranks. Girls in particulars are the easy targets. Each girl "conquered" gives them thrill and the "conqueror" regards himself a hero. For Imran Khan to say, "I have converted to Christianity to honour my bride," would have meant defeat in battle and his death at the hands of fellow Muslims who are all "soldiers of Islam", that is, Mujahideen and Taliban.


Would it not do HONOUR to the whole of partitioned (i.e., DEFEATED and DEMORALISED) Hindusthan if Smt. Harbans Kaur, widow of MARTYR Nanak Singh, took the salute at the next Independence Day Parade in New Delhi on 15 August 1997?

Below: Copy or our earlier letter dated 6 October 1996 that has gone unanswered:

To Shri Inderjit Gupta, Minister of Home Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi.


Dear Shri Gupta,

We would like to link you through your distinguished line of ancestors to Emperor Chandra GUPTA in whose reign Hinduism was at its highest glory, and Hindusthan a world power. India is fortunate to have a Gupta as her Home Minister after nearly two thousand years. What a glorious bridge you are, across history! You were born to honourable Hindu parents who, through the centuries, have fought for their native RELIGION and TERRITORY, and died, but never surrendered or gone under any foreign yoke through conversion.

In that historic spirit of nationalism and patriotism we wish to share with you a flashback to 1947. When that year dawned, All-India Muslim League stepped up its campaign to partition India, totally disregarding its devastating effects on the inter-faith harmony.

In those days the Indians in general, and the Hindus in particular, were looking up to two great leaders regarded by us as "giants" among men- Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru, who were giving spirited speeches in defence of integrity of India, assuring all provincial leaders and organisations that India's integrity would be preserved at all costs. Mahatma Gandhi even declared, "India will be cut upon my dead body." At the same time their followers were holding meetings and demonstrations all over India where speaker after speaker was repeating Gandhiji's reassuring words.

One such public meeting was held at Kupp Maidan (a large open square) in MULTAN, the city of Bhagat Prahlad, where several speakers including Dr. Saifuddin Kitchlew spoke. The last speaker was NANAK SINGH, President of the District Minorities Federation, who called for a mobilisation of all the secular forces to defend the integrity of India. Quoting Guru Gobind Singhji ("a true warrior will fight to death for his dharma and dharti"), he declared at the end of his hour long speech, "India will be cut upon my dead body!"

The next day the pupils of D.A.V. High School went on strike and marched towards the city centre, shouting slogans, "AKHAND BHARAT AMAR RAHAY!" Tension quickly built up in the city and news of the procession spread. When the children were passing through a Muslim locality (Bohar Gate), they were suddenly set upon from all sides. Muslim ruffians shouting "Pakistan Zindabad" started beating them up, throwing anything they could, at them, badly injuring many.

Upon coming to know of this savage attack on the children, Nanak Singh promptly left the Court, where he practised as a lawyer, and proceeded towards Bohar Gate. By this time the situation had got very ugly for the unfortunate children. The Muslims were now using sticks, daggers and butchers' knives against them. Many lay injured and bleeding, crying for help. When the Muslims saw Sardar Nanak Singh approaching to plead for sanity, they surrounded him from all sides, and started inflicting countless stab wounds till be lay bleeding and dying.

After his assassination the riots spread all over Multan. The city was aflame at night with countless Hindu families perishing in their own homes. A week later there was full- scale massacre of Hindus and Sikhs in Rawalpindi District followed by large scale killings throughout Punjab.

Mr. Gupta, your defeated, disunited, demoralised and partitioned BHARAT ought to recover her nerve and act like an honourable country. She ought to take note of Nanak Singh's great "balidan" (sacrifice) and think of ways and means to perpetuate his sacred memory so that the coming generations may be inspired by his patriotism. A university could be named after him, his statue could be erected, a biography and a film could be commissioned, scholarships could be instituted and a FOUNDATION could be established in his name.

Nanak Singh's 84 year old widow now lives in Southall in England. She may be alive for a few more months or years. You could show respect by personally calling on her to convey the gratitude of the whole nation. Such a noble and rare act of courage and patriotism will be in sheer contrast to the Congress tradition of forgetting partition and belittling the sacrifices of those who fought and died for Akhand Bharat. Congress may never have been serious or sincere about India's integrity from the very beginning, but this cannot be true of all of us who are still as committed to that Ideal as on 4 March 1947 when Nanak Singh declared, "India will be cut upon my dead body!"

(We learnt later that the so-called Inderjit Gupta, the former Home Minister of India, died a "DOG'S DEATH" on February 19, 2001.

He was indeed, a MOHAMMEDAN, from East Bengal. But he kept his political charade of being a Hindu, all his life in Partitioned India. He was even cremated!

In the same tradition of fooling the Hindus, we had Rajiv Gandhi cremated after his assassination on May 21, 1991, though he had earlier converted to the Catholic Faith prior to marrying Sonia Maino in Italy.)


Letter to Sonia Gandhi,

Madam we hope your son-in-law will RENOUNCE his foreign and alien faith and honour his ancestors by becoming a Hindu and persuading Priyenka to do the same. India is no more Pandit' Nehru's COOLIE COLONY nor is every Indian a stooge like your "tilak flaunting servant", LM Singhvi, in London.


3 January 1997

Councillor LATA PATEL,

Please let us know how long that Gandhi's bust is going to stay in your Town Hall?

His COWARDICE was responsible for slaughter of over one million people, gang-rape of thousands of girls and women LIKE YOURSELF, and displacement of tens of millions more from Pakistan. The thought of having a Gandhi bust on the brave soil of England makes us feel sick in disgust. Why are we poles apart in our perception on one man? Are we fellow Hindus? Are we fellow Indians?

With best wishes to you and your family and enlightenment to your constituents whose source of information on partitioned India (broken Bharat) is your good self. Back home the vital job of acting Dr. Goebbels rests on a Mohammedan called CM Ibrahim, friend of LM Singhvi.

We are always willing to learn from you. We may be most ignorant fools on earth. Perhaps it is right that Gandhi was a Mahatma and India ought to have been fragmented despite his feeble protests, to benefit his Mohammedan "children"!


M.R.I., 3 JANUARY 1997.



"Is there any HINDU left in Hindustan with whom we could have a word?"

"No, Lord! Under the TERROR of Islam and FEAR of Italy they have all become secular rats with green tails." WHAT'S ON THE RASCALS' MIND?

Government of India and the 'All-India CONGRESS Party' have got a plan for us:

"NO mandir in Ayodhya for Hindu "dogs";

"NO dual nationality for NRI "niggers"; and

"Crush the head (THE SIKHS) to kill the Hindu serpent."

We now KNOW what is on the mind of such a ROTTEN third class Government.

-Voice of the crushed HINDUS of partitioned India.


A Hindu sighed: "The rats notice our slightest stir in Ayodhya but not the LETHAL FUNDAMENTALISM that is Pakistan, Mecca and BOGUSdesh (our Prime Minister calls it Bangladesh!). They don't notice PARTITION, either! Do they?" AN NRI SHOUTED-

"Is LM Singhvi, THE CROOK, going to stay in London for ever? Has partitioned India NO other diplomat to replace him? But NOBODY heard him.


"Partition of India is spit in our faces that NOBODY seems to mind. In defeat and degradation, ALL YOU HINDUS are brothers (and sisters), as our Gurus preached!"


The world knows only two kinds of INDIANS-

(1) Those who believe in India's reunification ("If it was so easy to break, why is it so difficult to make?"), rejecting Partition (since PEOPLE of India were not consulted!) are PATRIOTS.

(2) Those who are pragmatic and accept Partition but at the same time do NOT wish to kick out the MUSLIMS- lock, stock and KORAN, out of kindness of heart, are BASTARDS! Should the world NOT know which category the President of India falls into?


All the reporters promptly went to Bosnia and Rwanda to look at the refugees but NONE came to India to see the quarter of a million HINDU refugees from SOUTH Kashmir. They are invisible even to the Government of India!


"We hold the world's longest record in slavery," said the Prime Minister of PARTITIONED India, adding, "Every time a Bin Qasim, Mahmud, Abdali, Babur or Aurangzeb, and later a Briton or Italian, arrived in our Bharat, we lay at his feet, at his service and at his disposal."

"O yes, Devious Deve GOWDA, BUT WHY (O' WHY), YOU DAMN FOOL? And where is our dual nationality in England and your temple in Ayodhya, you Son of a Goat? EXPLAIN!"


You did NOT escape HD Deve Gowda's Burning Bharat only for TV, cars and good time. Send copies to Shankar Dayal Sharma and a BILLION others. Someone may have an answer!


H.E., The President of Zimbabwe, Harare, on 7 October 1996:


Your Excellency,

We have come to know that the Prime Minister of India will be attending the G-15 Summit in Harare next month. We are 'Non Resident INDIANS' living in all parts of the world and have tried to speak to the Government of India (which is supposed to be on our side!) on the following VITAL points, but IN VAIN:-

1. India's partition in 1947 was a great FRAUD against her people. It was, in fact, an affront to their intelligence and sense of patriotism. India's treacherous leaders at the time, Pandit Jawaharlal NEHRU and "Mahatma" GANDHI, regarded the people of India no more than a 'herd of cattle'- not worth consulting. No plebiscite was held to ascertain their wishes on partition! Therefore, the first thing we wish to know from the Prime Minister of partitioned India is this: "Mr. Gowda, if the partition of your country is BOGUS, ILLEGAL and IMMORAL, then why have you not declared it null and void so far?"

2. Since the Indian Muslims have been given their ISLAMIC Pakistan (i.e., if Partition of India is legal), then we must ask, "What are the Muslims doing in PARTITIONED India and what is, or ought to be, their constitutional status?"

3. In spite of partition there are still over 100 million MUSLIMS living in India under the perpetual shadow of TREASON. Why don't they all speak up for the RE-UNIFICATION of their motherland? Is it because they are secretly waiting for some golden opportunity in history when they could again rise, as in 1947, and partition the country, disembowel the Hindus, take over their farms, shops and homes, and rape their daughters? The Indian Muslims must expose their hidden agenda! Anyone can see that only in a UNITED India can the people trust the Muslims! In partitioned India they are like a TIME BOMB that will EXPLODE one day! We must, therefore, ask Mr. Gowda, "What is so diabolical, rotten or INFERIOR about your SECULARISM that you cannot commend it to either Benazir Bhutto or Shaikh Hasina Wajed?"

4. If one was to accept partition as final and irrevocable, then India's "secularism" becomes a mere SHAM or FRAUD. She automatically becomes a HINDU country just as Pakistan is Muslim and Italy is CATHOLIC. India's majority community, ie., the HINDUS, do not automatically become DUST and ZERO because they are defeated, demoralised and IGNORANT! We must ask the Prime Minister of partitioned India, "If the Muslims can have a grand mosque in Mecca and the Catholics a grand Vatican in Rome, why can't your own wretched fellow Hindus have a grand Temple in Ayodhya where Lord Rama was born?" Is Mr. Gowda's government entitled to CRUSH the sentiments of the Hindus just because they are defeated, demoralised and IGNORANT?"

5. India is perhaps the only country in the CIVILISED world whose citizens living abroad do NOT enjoy the petty concession of dual nationality. Could the G-15 summit ask Mr. HD Deve Gowda of India, "Why don't you trust the people of INDIAN origin living abroad? Are they all TERRORISTS?"

6. We ask Mr. Gowda, "Why is India's imported (Italian-born) "Mother of Nation" (White Elephant) SONIA GANDHI regarded as 'semi-god' by the Prime Minister of India? Why is she the Chairperson of "Rajiv Gandhi Foundation" (a state within state!) FOR WHOLE LIFE?

7. We ask Mr. Gowda, "Why must LM Singhvi remain India's high commissioner in London FOR EVER when most NRI's suspect him of 'money laundering' on behalf of Sonia Gandhi? Is India's diplomatic corps depleted of all calibre and talent to replace him?

8. We ask Mr. Gowda, "What is the progress on BOFORS' crime of late Rajiv Gandhi?"

9. We ask the Prime Minister of India, "How is it that even 50 years after independence, there is NO university in India good enough for the likes of RAJIV GANDHI and AUNG SAN SUU KYI from Asia? Why do they have to fly all the way to Europe for good education?"

10. We ask him further, "Why is Broadcasting State controlled in your democracy?"

Finally, we wish to ask the Prime Minister of India through your good offices, "If your fellow HINDUS are defeated, demoralised, ignorant, timid and divided, then who on earth will do something to bring them at par with the Italians, the Jews and the Arabs with respect to SELF-ESTEEM, PRIDE IN RELIGION, and a sense of DIGNITY?"

Copy to

E.N.O., U.N.O. and the media.


To Editor, Voice of Jammu & Kashmir, on 22 October 1996:

We are most grateful for a copy of "VOICE OF JAMMU & KASHMIR", Jun/Jul 1996. It is excellent and very well produced. Congratulations.

The betrayal of HINDUS of South Kashmir, and even of SRI RAM TEMPLE in Ayodhya (the counterpart of Mecca and Jerusalem for the Hindus!) amounts to HIGH TREASON by the Gowda Government. In all such cases where the PEOPLE are unable to punish their rulers for crimes, the whole country catches fire and EXPLODES causing rivers of blood to flow. India is now lined up for that tragic fate. It will be murder, massacre, mayhem, rape and plunder all over. Why does Gowda want this? The fool is inviting exactly this fate for his unwary, IGNORANT and unsuspecting nation!

The Hindus have NOT realized yet that CM Ibrahim, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Liaqat Ali Khan, Imam of Jama Masjid and Mohammed Taslimuddin are one and the same (damn) thing, since they read and BELIEVE, in the same KORAN- down to its last word!

Since Partition, the word "Musalman" ought to have been a FILTHY (VULGAR) ABUSE. But for the HINDUS and SIKHS life is a big joke, to be taken lightly like a clown in circus. Hindus kept on chanting "All are the same!" And the Sikhs have become "nishkam sewaks"! Therefore, now what is coming to the Hindus (and Sikhs) can be forecast most easily by any 'damn fool' on earth! PARTITIONED India is not a thing to be messed about. Her mutilation was too horrendous a CRIME for which someone has to pay the terrible price. That someone will be THE HINDUS!

We live in the West where life runs according to simple and commonsense criteria. One of them is 'APPEASEMENT INVITES AGGRESSION'. All the so-called "leaders" in India like Mayawati, Mulayam Singh, Laloo Prasad, Gowda and Sita Ram Kesri are in reality DESPICABLE "niggers" FOR VIOLATING THIS PRINCIPLE day and night. England will never forgive Prime Minister Chamberlain who in 1936 appeased Hitler in Munich. The world lost FIFTY MILLION PEOPLE, mostly young men and women, through that appeasement. We wonder, "Why is Gowda such a DAMN FOOL who cannot see the danger in appeasing an ENEMY who has to be dealt with EXACTLY as they dealt with Gowda's own fellow Hindus in Lahore and Srinagar?"

The second criterion is, "For peace and stability of a country its MAJORITY COMMUNITY MUST DOMINATE ITS TERRITORY IN A VIRILE AND MANLY MANNER." This is how British "lions" dominate their territory. As a result even we timid Hindus feel safe in this country! How is the cowardly, demoralised and disunited HINDU MAJORITY COMMUNITY dominating its TERRITORY in Ayodhya, East Bengal and Srinagar? Why is India's Lok Sabha so clueless who cannot see this? The WHOLE WORLD, except PARTITIONED India, follows this criterion like RELIGION.

Finally, what should a Hindu LEADER look like? He should like YASSER ARAFAT, leader of PLO: always carrying pistol and one hundred bullets, always surrounded by ARMED guards. The whole of Lok Sabha should be MARCHED to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, to see how the Jewish MAJORITY COMMUNITY respond to the PLO threat!



3 January 1997

Respected Shri Hinduja,

I enclose a letter that I wrote a few days ago. The letter reflects our anguish at the denial of dual nationality to us by a Government whom we are supposed to regard our best friend back home. But are they?

The text, "1997: 50th. ANNIVERSARY OF PARTITION" is submitted for your kind information. We are trying to give it publicity but our hands are tied behind our backs due to lack of finances. But we shall continue to raise awareness about the India that vanished from under our feet in 1947!

With kind regards.


To Shri Srichand Parmanand Hinduja in London on 29 December 1996:


Dear Mr. Hinduja,

Please forgive me for writing this open letter to you on a topic that, I think, is common to both of us: the grant of dual nationality to NRI's.

Mr. Hinduja, you (and I) have got everything BUT DIGNITY. 12 million NRI's, who claim their roots in India, are INFERIOR even to the impoverished East Bengalis in this respect. 50 years into independence now, we still have NO dual nationality! So we must see what kind of Government has gripped India in its strangulating hold. Watching their "desh-sewa" from the very day of partition and the cowardly rout from North Kashmir to their wanton attack on Golden Temple, none can deny that the Government of PARTITIONED India are a bunch of crooks.

Mr. PV Narasimha Rao stands accused of CHEATING, Pandit Nehru has still to be tried for the treason of unconditional surrender of Sukkur and Lahore to the followers of Mohammed, PV Narasimha Rao and Sukh Ram have yet to be sentenced for fraud and HD Deve Gowda dare not suggest secularism even to Shaikh Hasina from East Bengal (BOGUSdesh). Such crooks & cowards are the Government of India!

All the past presidents of India, who did not know why, or for how long, their wretched country was partitioned, have been busy writing their biographies. Big turbaned Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan used to lecture on philosophy. Yet none of these rats knew why there were Mohammedans ruling the roost in post-partitioned India but no "HINDU Holocaust Museum"!

Do we know how good a man high commissioner LM Singhvi is? Do we know when his tenure in London will end, or why did he not tell us frankly six years ago that there was to be NO dual nationality for us? Is he money laundering for "Mother of Nation" Sonia Gandhi through her Rajiv Gandhi Foundation? Why has he suddenly become so fond of Guru Tegh Bahadur (raising a "foundation", holding "Akhandpaths") while not going for Guru Gobind Singh? Why won't he speak up in public to re-name New Delhi's International Airport after Guru Tegh Bahadur? "Tilak" flaunting Singhvi is supposed to be a devout Hindu: so why won't he show up in Ayodhya first? Who will say to him, "Guru Tegh Bahadur is NOT for his devious secularism (under which both he and his President must helplessly watch the flag of Mohammed over the Janmasthan in Nankana Sahib) nor are the Sikh gurdwaras meant to be turned into ruins like Ayodhya, Mathura and Vanarasi."? What is Singhvi's Secularism worth in Delhi and London if it is muck and dust in Lahore? Can we expect DESPICABLE Singhvi, Shankar Dayal Sharma, HD Deve Gowda or CM Ibrahim to explain this on their "All India Radio"? Will they let you or me do this?

Mr. Hinduja, you have a CLOUT- ie., money, and perhaps "connections", the two things that give you the unique ability to stand up for our common DIGNITY through dual nationality. May I appeal to you to stand up for the leaderless INDIANS here who are like the orphans without any "Sarkar" back home? Government of India is more concerned with the well-being of an Italian born ex au pair (Sonia Gandhi) than for the dignity of all the Hindu and Sikh widows on earth. Unless we make them think, it will remain beyond their grasp how DEGRADED they themselves are in the eyes of the world by denying us DIGNITY that comes with dual nationality. Copy to BBC World Service & media.

(Later the world learnt that the Hindujas were great friends of the Dirty (Nehru) Dynasty and the BOFORS CHOR, like the ‘Minister for Europe’ of Britain, Mr. Keith Vaz, a Goan born Catholic, who bought four houses through deception and was negotiating the purchase of yet another for his personal use! (Februar 2001).


To Lord Swaraj Paul, HOUSE OF LORDS, London SW1A 0AA, on 3 January 1997:


Dear Lord Swaraj Paul,

We take the liberty of enclosing a copy of our letter to Shri SP HINDUJA. We might as well have written the letter to Your Lordship.

We shall be most grateful if you, Sir, were to realize how the Hindus in Hindusthan are now crushed, intimidated and demoralised. We have vanished from Lahore and Srinagar and are ZERO in Ayodhya. Our fellow Hindus in (Broken) Bharat are once again about to run for life, and there shall be NO cover this time to save them!

We NRI's, living in the "land of giants" (England), who until yesterday ruled the world, have a much better awareness of the strategic noose that is tightening around the Hindu's neck in partitioned India. The Hindu (even high commissioner Dr. LM Singhvi) has not been allowed to look back at Partition, nor allowed to raise a Holocaust Museum anywhere unlike the Jews who have sworn, "NEVER AGAIN!".

We shall be glad to hear from you and hope we have not been nuisance or annoyance to you in any way through our ignorance.

Wishing you all the happiness in 1997.

PS: We pray for your active support to disseminate the text "1997: 50TH. ANNIVERSARY OF PARTITION". Without such knowledge, the leaderless, headless, HINDUS trapped in Broken Bharat (Partitioned India) are DOOMED.

0000000 3 January 1997

Secretary General of the UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION in New York, U.S.A. on 3 January 1997:


Your Excellency,

For one billion Indians on earth, 1997 is the 50th anniversary of history's most horrendous political blunder- the absurd partition of India. It still is a recipe for a world disaster. India is not a small country like Belgium or Latvia but a sub continent. Mind boggles to realize that behind the decision to partition India in 1947 there was NO logic or common sense. Hindus and Muslims of India did not have different colours of skin or size of skulls. They were happily living together until the time the British decided to leave. Then suddenly the air was poisoned by the announcement to partition the country.

It is now high time the UNO rose to the occasion and did something about that partition that suits only the Muslims since they can eventually subjugate and enslave the rest of India, too. However, as the awareness of people in India rises, so does the bitterness felt against the Mohammedans and their Act of Treason. Partition of India, which plunges vast areas of the country, both on the East and the West, under the dark and draconian Mohammedan (Sharia') Law is also against the UN Human Rights Charter which lays down that all men are equal before law in one country.

United Nations Organisation may, of course, do nothing and watch the "fun" when the situation gets out of hand and large scale massacres take place. Then TV crews, reporters and UN delegates will rush in, to tell the world how homes and temples are burning, misery is seen all over, and rivers of blood are flowing. We do NOT wish UNO to be seen as dishonest or useless by doing nothing and then earning the world's contempt. We wish to see UN as an honourable body of great men who can act before the disaster strikes.

We enclose a text entitled "1997: 50TH. ANNIVERSARY OF PARTITION". Kindly read it and judge for yourself what Partition of India means to us- 50 years on. We shall be glad to know if we have got it all wrong.





Dear Chief of the Army Staff,

If India rolls in dust, we NRI's get the kick up our . .! If India rolls under the foot of "White Elephant" Sonia or under the skirt of Indo-Italian crossbreed Priyenka (who has yet to embrace Hinduism), we get the spit in our faces. If India lies fragmented with the Musalmans all over her body, we feel very sick in the stomach.

Hence we watch with concern when the Indian Army (a formidable force until 1947) gets killed in Assam, when the Jawans are put on duty against the rebels in Srinagar instead of going for North Kashmir and Rawalpindi. We felt cheated when our Jawans went to liberate EAST Bengal that was promptly given back to the Mohammedans and when our Army was sent to Sri Lanka to play the FILTHY game of Rajiv, Son of Feroze Khan of Allahabad.

We RELATE to India as Benazir relates to Bosnian Muslims, as the West relates to Teresa and Sonia, as Yasser Arafat relates to Gadaffi and as your own CM Ibrahim and Salman Haidar relate to Qaid-i-Azam MOHAMMED Ali JINN. (Has anyone heard an INDIAN Muslim call the Qaid a "Son of a Bitch", a BASTARD or a TRAITOR?) When out of FEAR and TERROR of the enemy, the armies salute any dog or damn fool, countries are lost.

Hence we wish to know who will receive the salute and Guard of Honour at the march past on PARTITION DAY in New Delhi on 15 August 1997. We have suggested the most befitting name to your Home Minister Inderjit Gupta. Please see Enclosure. It will be the case if he drank the milk of an HONOURABLE mother after birth. But it will not happen if PARTITIONED INDIA is still in the suffocating stranglehold of her ENEMIES, the Mohammedans, the Italians and the corrupt Hindu cheats and bastards like Sukh Ram and PV Narasimha Rao. We shall watch, too, whether your brave Jawans are made to perform like circus lions or like the honourable Sons of Mother India.

15 August 1997 will come and go leaving its mark on history. From that point in history either India will be facing upwards towards recovery and unity or facing downwards towards DISINTEGRATION, DEATH and DESTRUCTION. She is caught in the jaws of her most vicious enemies. Therefore, we sincerely urge you to fire a salute to the New Resurgent India on that day? Better still, please hold the VICTORY PARADE on Partition Day at AYODHYA proclaiming the reconstruction of Sri Ram Mandir to the whole world?

May God grant you the STRENGTH to do so.



In India there are TWO NATIONS as perceived by Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. He was wrong, however, to think of the Hindus as a threat or menace. In fact, it is the Hindus who have been vanishing from India! Their tragedy is due to their RELIGION which has incapacitated them. A Hindu, like a cow, cannot see any predator! For the last 1,000 years, Islamic wolves have been culling and devouring this herd of cows at will. The cows continue to graze on, as if NOTHING ever happened. In 1947 huge chunks of territory fell off India but not even for one second did the Hindus look back, or recall the tragedy. Instantly the millions killed, raped and driven out of their homes were forgotten. From Day One (i.e., August 15, 1947), the maps of REDUCED India became official. Constitution of 1950 neither mentions partition nor a wish to re-unite!

Hindus had been the SLAVES of Mohammedans until 1857 (when the British dethroned the last MUSLIM Emperor, being guarded, among others, by the Hindus!). For the last 1,000 years the Hindus have been in-breeding in their dark world of TERROR of Islam- continuously lowering their genetic quality. The end product is an inferior "sub human" who cannot comprehend degradation or defeat, and is NOT interested in self-defence. Hindus, en masse, are DE-LINKED from territory and from their own kind whose misery is face- savingly explained by the doctrine of "Karma". In those long CENTURIES, when to say "I am Hindu," meant spit in the face, any Hindu seen as a clever guy was arrested, abused, converted or KILLED while every beautiful Hindu girl had to land on a Mohammedan's bed. This is true even today! The Hindu was forced to pay the JEZIA tax, and was frequently asked to open his mouth for the Muslim to spit. Such degraded inheritance has produced today's end product- a MORON, very clever with earning money and doing worship- both attributes tolerated by his Muslim masters- but ever ready to surrender and run! In 1947 Mohammed Ali Jinnah asked Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to open his mouth so that he could SPIT into it. The Pandit immediately did so in the manner of reflex action and we had partition! (Nehru explained it away, saying, "India had three Muslim cats. I have thrown out two and the third is in my bag!")

There is NO memorial to the MILLIONS of Hindus killed and slaughtered over the MILLENNIUM and it does NOT register on a Hindu's brain what the Jews have been doing in the last 50 years all over the world so that they may never suffer the same fate again! The Hindus are ALWAYS ready for 'the same fate' again! They are conditioned to shrink (like Pavlov's dogs) from touching political power since aspiring for the throne in India (always under a MUSLIM ruler!) meant instant death. In that tradition of goats, Mr. Gowda, the prime minister of partitioned India, feels "safe & secular" among his MUSLIM cabinet ministers like Salman Haider, Salman Khurshid, CM Ibrahim and Ghulam Nabi Azad (who dream of Islamic flag over Delhi) while the whole country looks up to an Italian-born ex au pair (Sonia Gandhi) as "Mother of Nation" who is given the front seat at the President's banquets and consulted on the strategy and tactics of India's Armed Forces.

In this year of 50th anniversary of the Hindus' worst ever defeat on record, NO Hindu will mention "reunification of India". From a safe distance afar, the Hindu goats do admire the Germans who united, the Vietnamese who united and the Cypriots and the Koreans who talk of uniting. Yasser Arafat is hailed as a hero to appease the Muslims. He was welcomed on red carpet in Delhi and awarded India's highest honours. EAST Bengal, being Muslim, was conceded freedom & sovereignty in 1947 and again in 1972. None dared to say to Shaikh Hasina's late father, "What's wrong with our Secularism?"

The world could let the badly decomposed partitioned India go to HELL. But there are two aspects we cannot ignore. One is our concern for the safety of the humans, however ignorant, timid and STUPID, who will be slaughtered due to the present POWER VACUUM in India. The other is the fate of the Sikhs. They are the 'wild Afghans' of India, and once even managed to push the frontier back to KHYBER, defeating the Pathans. But while an Afghan knows through his Koran who his enemy is, the Sikh does not. With the sword in hand he goes through life, singing, "All are my brothers and sisters. I don't see an enemy on earth!" In 1947 nearly 60% of this brave community PERISHED when the Hindus collapsed, surrendering three divisions of the Punjab (Multan, Lahore and Rawalpindi) to Islam (leaving only Jullundur and Ambala behind). Despite the immense toll of death and destruction, the Sikhs, like the Hindus, have never looked back. No record has been compiled of those who died and NO holocaust museum is to be seen anywhere in EAST Punjab. 1947 was the year of their wholesale slaughter. At least 500,000 were massacred. 1984 was a selective cull. At least 5,000 were killed. What is coming next will wipe them out completely from India. The Sikhs, too, are threatened with extinction.

We appeal to the whole world to look at the disintegrating India now. Here is a whole country with nearly one BILLION people, drifting dangerously off course and totally unprepared for the cataclysmic civil war that is staring into everybody's face.


Can one imagine a race so DEGRADED as to forget their ancestors, including divine gurus and their children, killed and raped and massacred by the Muslims over the last 1,000 years? The number of victims could well be more than TEN MILLION. Yet there is NO memorial to their memory anywhere in India. Not a minute’s silence is held in a year by the nation. The DEGRADED nation are the HINDUS of India, who have already forgotten PARTITION. There is no mention of it either, anywhere, not even in their Constitution!


The following was addressed to every Hindu NRI in England, on 9 January 1997:

Dear fellow Hindu,

Talk to any Mohammedan about the day when Mohammed's flag will fly over Delhi (as it does over Lahore today). Joy and hope gleam in his eyes. He will say, "Insha' Allah".

Now talk to any Hindu about the possibility of EAST Bengal and West Punjab coming back to Hindusthan. His face turns deadly ash in shock and terror, as if you gave him a crushing blow on his head, like saying, "Your mother has died."

Do test out the nerves of a sword bearing KHALSA, too, with the poser, "Have you ever recalled the day when Nankana Sahib was in India?"

What about testing the "gaurav" of a Maratha in his religion by wondering aloud, "Why not ask Governor PC Alexander to embrace Hinduism?"

Why is this so. Why is the whole of "Hindu Rashtra" lying in dust today being trampled under the feet of Mohammedans and everybody else?

Are the HINDUS a genetically inferior sub human race? Are they like the sheep who can never understand the language of wolves? Why haven't we challenged that BOGUS "partition" so far? Why (O WHY?) can it NOT register in Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda's head that to accept Partition is to open his mouth wide for the MOHAMMEDANS to SPIT right into it?

We seek to find the answers and discover the Truth. Enclosed texts may serve as starting points on a discussion AMONG HINDUS (and SIKHS) on today's decomposing and rapidly disintegrating (PARTITIONED) India. They are meant for widest circulation/publicity and comments/suggestions, if any.


To Mr. IK Gujral, PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA, on 19 April 1997:


Dear Mr. Gujral,

We are NON RESIDENT INDIANS living abroad. We congratulate you on being elected as the next Prime Minister of India. In our eyes you are the WORTHIEST of all the past prime ministers of our betrayed and partitioned land since 1947.

India's first Prime Minister, Nehru, unconditionally surrendered your city of birth to the INDIGENOUS fundamentalist MOHAMMEDANS. He did NOT declare the TREACHEROUS Mohammedans 'persona non grata'. Until this is done, partition remains illegal, bogus and UNACCEPTABLE. For 'S.o.B' Nehru, the one million dead of 1947 were no more than the vermin, and thus he did NOT say a word in their sacred memory in all his subsequent speeches nor about the loss of vast areas of India to the indigenous ENEMY. And he let all the traitors go scot free! That was Pandit Nehru's second High Treason. But he was not hanged, shot dead or lynched for either! (Strange country your partitioned India is!) Nehru's third High Treason was against the Indian Army who were prevented from recovering North Kashmir. He thus gave them their first ever humiliating DEFEAT.

Democracy in India proved to be a FARCE when Nehru's daughter Indira ascended the "throne". Her first CRIME was to declare emergency and arrest thousands of political activists. (This was when you honourably left her Party!) Her second CRIME was to attack Golden Temple in Amritsar, the centuries old historic and sacred shrine. To a profane WITCH, Golden Temple was a legitimate military target while North Kashmir was NOT! Her THIRD crime was to win and then hand back EAST Bengal that was, and will remain, INDIAN until partition is ratified through referendum. The Hindus' self-esteem was at the lowest ebb during her reign. The State inspired and abetted massacre of thousands of innocent Sikhs after her assassination showed to the whole world that Indira was, indeed, unworthy of her office of trust and esteem.

Arrogant Indira was followed by India's most unworthy "CLOWN" prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi which showed total bankruptcy of political talent and honesty. He had come to England for education but returned with a WORTHLESS White Elephant of unknown pedigree and credentials. Self-esteem of the Indians was at the lowest ebb that NO ONE questioned the grave security risk to the nation. Rajiv committed High Treason when he sent his Army to Sri Lanka instead of ordering them to liberate North Kashmir! Since executive and judiciary in India were DEAD, the onus of "despatching" him fell to a brave Tamil lady of noble birth who sacrificed her own precious life in order to eliminate the BOFORS' "CHOR". (Strange country your India is, where the criminal case against the CHOR is not getting anywhere!) But for the divine intervention through this noble lady, the illiterate, brainwashed and intimidated electorate of India could never have got rid of Nehru's DIRTY democracy in 700 years!

The Hindus still remain ousted from power. In 1947 Congress and Muslim League were at the top with Hindu Mahasabha crushed. Today FIFTY YEARS LATER, Congress and "The MONGREL CROWD" are at the top with Hindu Mahasabha still crushed. It must seem quite horrible or senseless to you that Germany's ruling party should be called "CHRISTIAN Democratic Union", and Pakistan should have "MUSLIM League" in power today!

In our view your first challenges will be as follows:-

1. To tackle that bogus, immoral and treacherous partition that solved nothing but created "Kashmir". Why is your secularism good for Salman Haidar and Farook Abdullah but POISON for Shaikh Hasina and Nawab Sharif? WHY? Partition must be declared null and void until it can be re-negotiated and details of division can be put to the PEOPLE of India for approval. In negotiations on partition we want LAW and COMMON SENSE to play a part and NOT THE MOHAMMEDAN DAGGER AND BULLYING that had scared the guts out of Nehru, Gandhi and every Sardar and Sarvapalli in 1947. The terms and conditions of such a Partition must be announced by "Brother" CM IBRAHIM, India's propaganda minister. You might perhaps realize that Ibrahim can be minister of INFORMATION only when Broadcasting is free and he is despatched to Pakistan in accordance with the Act of Partition!

2. Your government ought to concede the wretched Non Resident Indians the petty concession of dual nationality. Surely even the worst NRI crook is far better for his mother (i.e., INDIA) than an imported White Elephant who is "Rashtramata" of mental coolies like Sita Ram Kesri and MS Bitta.

3. Please don't call 15 August "independence day" but PARTITION DAY. None else in the whole world eats up muck and dirt as we (the beaten and scared) Indians do.


Mr. IK Gujral, PRIME MINISTER on 6 June 1997:


Dear Prime Minister,

What will the President of India be saying to his nation from the TV studios of Doordarshan, and what will YOU be telling the people of PARTITIONED India from the ramparts of Red Fort on 15 August 1997?

Will you mention Partition, the savage massacres of WEST Punjab, NORTH Kashmir and EAST Bengal (Noakhali)? Those who PERISHED, were they DOGS?

Will you be laying the foundation stone of a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM in Amritsar or Calcutta? Will you be showing up in Srinagar or AYODHYA? Will you be declaring that BOGUS Partition (imposed without a referendum!) null and void that reduces the Vidhan of India to be the "Vidhan of Dogs"?

Mr. Gujral, 50 years ago when India's top Hindu leaders FIZZLED OUT while confronting the DEVIL called MOHAMMED ali JINN, and our dear land broke up into three ugly fragments (West Pakistan, India and East Pakistan), there was ONE man whose Will could NOT be bent or broken by the Sword of Islam or the threats of assassination. He was Sardar Nanak Singh, a leading lawyer and President, Minorities Federation, in Multan, the city of Bhagat Prahlad. (Have YOU been to that temple? Do you know its present state? Will ISLAMIC Pakistan maintain it?) NANAK SINGH DECLARED, "INDIA WILL BE CUT UPON MY DEAD BODY!", AND WITHIN 24 HOURS HE WAS ASSASSINATED. Honouring PUBLICLY Nanak Singh, one of the greatest patriots of 1947 in 1997, will wash your own sins of TREACHERY, BETRAYAL and COWARDICE.

This OPEN letter will LIVE for ever while we are all dead and gone- like the Hindus of Jhelum.

Copy to

Salman Haidar: If you are a PAKISTANI at heart your government will do nothing to honour the WIDOW of Sardar Nanak Singh. Do YOU know where she is now?

Imam of Jama Masjid in Delhi: If you are a PAKISTANI at heart you will NOT pronounce "Fatwa" on MOHAMMED ali JINN for High Treason. (Doesn't our "perfect" prophet say anything about a traitor?) But if you are INDIAN at heart, you will send your volunteers to raze "Jinnah House" in Mumbai to the ground just as Mahmud of Ghaznvi razed Somnath Temple to the ground- just as the Germans razed SPANDAU Prison to the ground.

VHP: We expect YOU to rise AT LAST, to become "The Vatican" of Hindusthan while the "shakti" of ALIEN and IMPORTED ISLAM in the Vidhan of BOGUSdesh in Dhaka dazzles our eyes. You ought to act and behave with DIGNITY and AUTHORITY in your own country. If you are half dead today, surely you will be totally DEAD tomorrow. One can see how far the Hindu has come up in his Hindusthan in the last HALF A CENTURY! The Muslaman-BEIMAN who occupies Lahore and sings to the glory of Saudi Arabia, praying in Arabic while looking towards Mecca, has his eye on Delhi. Truly secular Indian Musalmans have consigned their Koran (which DESTROYS "civilizations like Afghanistan, Algeria, Iran, Irak, Libya and INDIA, is quoted to justify FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION, encourages SEPARATISM and inspires PARTITION!) to MECCA, and now pray in their own tongues, honouring their INDIAN mothers.

CM Ibrahim: What a DISGRACE that a PAKISTANI is the Minister of INFORMATION & BROADCASTING in Broken Bharat! Will the ENSLAVED Hindus ever come to know your own constitutional status in India as per ACT OF PERMANENT PARTITION?


To Mr. Anwar Shaikh, Editor, Liberty, Cardiff, Wales, on 2 August 1997:

The articles "Tale of Two Gujrati Saints" (Jul-Sep 1997 issue of "Liberty") are excellent. I congratulate you for the supreme scholarly way you have dealt with Partition, Gandhi and Jinnah, two men who were born in India, swore loyalty to their Motherland, as we all do all the time, and then suddenly saw in her their worst ENEMY! How much of that was the British manipulation, how much was their personal ambition, one may never know. But no sane man can get away after murder of the innocent by pleading insanity. Hence the two Barristers-at-Law have to explain their conduct, or we have to look into it.

I wrote to Imam Bukhari of Jama Masjid to issue a "fatwa" against MA Jinnah for his horrendous act of High Treason that surely would also be against the teachings of Mohammed and his Koran! He has not even acknowledged my letter. Again, how much of his duplicity, cunning and opportunism are due to the influence of Mohammed's life and Koran on him, I cannot tell. A sane man would have seen my point. The whole world of Islam, too, had 50 years to come up with Jinnah's condemnation or "fatwa" against him.

There is duplicity and deceit when we think of the fatwa against Salman Rushdie whose writings have not caused the death of even one fly while due to Jinnah's High Treason millions were killed and uprooted- including the Muslims! Does he not "deserve" a "fatwa" even after death to put the record straight?

I enclose a copy of the photograph of Jinnah and Gandhi standing together. Underneath I have written the caption:


We need not mince words when it comes to expressing our feelings. Indians and Pakistanis will be celebrating Independence on 15 August next. In fact, the Indians ought to be commemorating their WORST EVER DEFEAT and MOST HORRENDOUS HOLOCAUST on that day and the PAKISTANIS ought to be commemorating their cruel SEPARATION from half their "Umma" that was left to rot under Congress dogs in 1947. Both ought to hang their heads in SHAME for purchasing war materials worth billions of dollars to slaughter each other in the battlefields over Kashmir that once was the Tourists' Paradise.


Letter to the Prime Minister of India.

Dear Mr. Gujral, 4 August 1997


India has NOT had a patriotic ruler in 1,000 years. The Mohammedans prayed in Arabic and the British prayed in English or Latin! She nearly died in 1947 but regained consciousness, much reduced in size and in three fragments, after giving birth through a caesarian operation to the illegitimate Mohammedan twins. Ever since she has had only BASTARDS and a BITCH as prime ministers. They were all friends of the ENEMY and enemies of the Hindus.

Pandit Nehru surrendered Lahore without a single condition. Later, his Armed Forces did not know why they were to defend anything! Indira Gandhi was in reality Indira KHAN but the BITCH concealed the truth from her Hindu subjects. She hated freedom of expression and imposed emergency. She hated the Sikhs and attacked Golden Temple in Amritsar to "teach them a lesson in submission and slavery" though none of them had asked for even half the concessions that Kashmir enjoys under Article 370 of Constitution.

Rajiv KHAN came to "throne" in the most ludicrous manner. Thousands of innocent Sikhs were slaughtered in his reign as per State design and their widows and orphans left to beg in the streets. The Sikhs rose in protest but Khan's security forces killed them by the thousand in towns, villages and fields of EAST Punjab. His Catholic "dharam bhai" Julius Ribiero was given the license to finish off the Sikhs, Hindusthan's precious asset. Rajiv KHAN, too, concealed the fact that he had become Catholic after putting his head at the feet of a European "memsahib" like grandfather Nehru. After he was blown up, there were a few insignificant rats and vermin who came and went. None went to Ayodhya but gave subsidies and travel facilities to the Mohammedans going to Mecca. Sonia Khan was fed and kept like a White Elephant. No rat or bastard thought of recovering North Kashmir or declaring, "Partition upon my nelly!" but congratulated Pakistan and BOGUSdesh on their "independence" days! None dismissed the Mohammedans occupying key positions at the top in Hindusthan or suggested repatriation. None cared for the Indians in Uganda and Fiji and none was for "dual nationality" for the Indian scum abroad called NRIs. The one before the last, Deve Gowda, was a bastard, too, who took huge bribes and set the example for ministers like Laloo Prashad and Sukh Ram. None of them is, or will be, in jail.

Now comes Inder Kumar Gujral, the son of a refugee, who ought to have recalled his last days in Jhelum on fire. He ought to have been a true patriot to do the following:-

1. Have an official history of Hindu Holocaust of 1947 written up with names and addresses of each and every Hindu killed and every Sikh girl abducted or raped.

2. Apologise for the collapse of Government of India in 1947.

3. Apologise for not recovering North Kashmir from the ENEMY so far.

4. Apologise to the gypsies around the world for their neglect, and promise them Indian citizenship should they wish to return to their land of origin, INDIA, from where they were scattered (like the pigeons before a cat) by the marauder Mahmud of Ghaznvi.

5. Apologise for all the bogus cease-fires in which Indian Army was held back from victory or from gaining territory.

6. Apologise for the wanton attack on Golden Temple in 1984 and the indiscriminate massacre of thousands of Sikhs later in that year.

7. Apologise for not establishing a Hindu Holocaust Museum in memory of millions of Hindus killed by foreign invaders, mostly Mohammedans.

8. Apologise for treating native Hinduism like a pariah dog while pampering Islam and Christianity. Why is Broken Bharat a "secular" rat if EAST Bengal is an ISLAMIC tiger? Apologise for granting Hajj subsidies to the ENEMY who broke up India.

9. Apologise for not putting the name of every Mohammedan in Aligarh, Allahabad and Lucknow on the Traitors' List who shouted "Pakistan Zindabad!" in 1947.

10. Apologise for not putting in jail any corrupt minister and governor.

11. Apologise for not taking the INITIATIVE to invite the leaders of Pakistan and BOGUSdesh to a round table conference in Delhi to discuss RE-UNIFICATION. If Partition was possible then why is its undoing impossible? Apologise for the defeatist mentality. 12. Apologise to the nation for CONCEDING top posts to Mohammedans including that of Minister of INFORMATION and Broadcasting without expecting any of them to say, "BHARAT is above Koran, and Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak are above the Mohammed of Desert."

On 15 August next the whole world will see whether the Son of a Refugee recalls his run for life and ESCAPE from the Mohammedan butchers of Jhelum, or whether he, too, is a BASTARD like the rest of them.

Mr. Gujral, the PEOPLE of India are about to rise. They will NOT let their ancient country be treated like a filthy joke or a dirty rag by any BASTARD.

Yours, for ever committed to AKHAND BHARAT,


PS: How is it that there can be NO mandir anywhgere in Saudi Arabia but there is the shadow of Mohammed over the Janmasthan in Nankana Sahib and over Ayodhya? Please apologise to your nation for not noticing this disgrace and shame. Please apologise to the nation for the treachery of Nehru who did not arrest a single Pakistani living in India in his time.


To Mr. MJ Akbar, Editor, "The Asian Age", on 5 August 1997:



We ought to look at PI (PARTITIONED India) through our own eyes and not those of MOHAMMED J.A., Mahatma "Micky Mouse" or Bandit Nehru. It is the duty of the media, especially where Broadcasting remains state owned and controlled, to serve the subjugated. And where the Musalmans still strut about like bulls in the Land of Hindu cows, it is the Mohammedan controlled, financed or led MEDIA that we look up to for the promised dawn over India's dark skies since her ignominious BREAK UP in 1947.

Every country that is leading in prosperity, Equality and DEMOCRACY, eg., USA, UK, Germany and Japan, escaped the shadow of Islam. And every country which enjoys internal peace, has a manly MAJORITY community. Who does not know of the Sunnis in Saudi Arabia, the Catholics in Italy and the Anglo-Saxons in England- in sharp contrast to the demoralised and disunited Hindus of PI who cannot see the widening cracks in the floor of Lok Sabha, nor the crevices that are opening up beneath.

The Hindus had been slaughtered, clobbered and spat on, their girls abducted and raped by the million, and their temples destroyed by the thousand in the centuries before. Each insult and degradation, generation after generation, over one thousand years, destroyed the Hindus' manliness and morale, and impaired their genetic quality to the extent that the Hindus in 1947 were a "genetically inferior race". They did not have any territorial concept that is so strong and marked in every creature on earth. COLLECTIVELY, Hindusthan had become a BODY OF MUD. If you cut off one arm, the other limbs did not feel the pain.

Partition of India struck one day and was forgotten the next! Overnight new maps of PI became official. They still are. There was NO urge to speak of reunification. From President to Peon, they all believe, on behalf of MOHAMMED A. JINN'S ghost, that "Partition is irrevocable." Your paper, too, carries this line. WHY? Are ALL your readers "cows"?

While the defeated Hindus lie in dust, we must look at the Mohammedans of India who mattered very much in 1947, as they do today. In that year they were all in favour of India's break up to create a new State for themselves without any regard for the Mohammedans of Bihar and Bombay. Did they care for the dignity of Hindus and Sikhs of Lahore?

Today, too, we must look at the MOHAMMEDANS across the sub continent. Whatever tune they play, Hindu SHEEP like Sita Ram Kesri, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Laloo Prasad and IK Gujral will copy it and play. Since Partition suits the MOHAMMEDANS it suits PI and is good for the Hindus, too. So who can challenge it except the manly Mohammedans? Hence we look up to the MOHAMMEDAN controlled media in PI to publish in big and bold letters: "Down with separatism!", "Down with fundamentalism!", "Down with the Ideology of Arab Bedouins!", "Down with the Ideology that partitioned India!", et al.

Mr. Akbar, in PI you and all the Khans, Haidars, Ullahs, Hussains, Ibrahims and Mohammeds may also ponder whether Ram, Krishna, Bharat, Arjun and even Nanak and Gobind cannot be good substitutes before the Hindus cows, too, become BULLS and do to such alien and obnoxious names what the Serbs are doing to Turkish names in Bosnia. Do we want the UNO to come into PI, too, in the same way?

From this moment on, there should be NO Mohammedan in PI who accepts Partition. Let him start shouting at the top of his voice. "Down with Mohammad Ali Jinnah!", "Down with Partition!", "UP WITH EQUALITY OF ALL!", "UP WITH SECULARISM!"

You and your ilk must realize that "Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai" will remain mere "BUCK-WAAS" of "Mahatma MICKY MOUSE" until Partition is UNDONE.

Yours for SECULARISM (Lahore and Dhaka in Hindusthan!)



To Mr. IK Gujral, PRIME MINISTER of partitioned India, New Delhi-11, India, on 16 August 1997:


Dear Mr. Gujral,

We believe in AKHAND BHARAT. However, given her Constitution, which does not mention Partition, we believe India will rapidly slide towards her "Endloesung" (DISINTEGRATION) if her POLITICAL course is not corrected immediately. She cannot last long on the basis of bogus partition which left more Mohammedans in India than the number we hoped TO GET RID OF. Mohammedan Fifth Column will be eternally treacherous towards "Kafir" (PAGAN) Hindustan if they believe Koran to be the Word of God. You are supposed to evolve a consensus on India's secularism and survival. Otherwise the confused, demoralised and divided Hindus will run for life in all directions as they did in 1026 and 1947, sending waves of "gypsies" across the world. Why can't the Hindus (the MAJORITY COMMUNITY upon whom the stability of India depends) learn anything from history which is never forgotten in the rest of the world? The implications of the Hindus' death in Delhi (as in Lahore) are horrendous for the Non Resident Indians (NRI's). Where shall we go after the rest of India is gone? None of us can go to Lahore, Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Multan, Dhaka and Sylhet any more! How is it that you don't' seem to realize it, and if you do, you seem POWERLESS to do anything about it? xx Before a meaningful start can be made, we expect you to put India on even keel, that is, by showing COURAGE to apologise to your nation on the following grounds:-

1. Apologise to the INDIAN ARMED FORCES for not carrying the war in North Kashmir right up to Khyber Pass in 1948 to nip the EVIL in the bud. Apologise to the Chief of the Army Staff for NOT telling him where the next "cease-fire" will be ordered- EAST of Delhi or WEST of Khyber? Apologise to your fine Jawans for misusing them in EAST Pakistan that was promptly returned to the Savage, Separatist and Destructive creed from the Desert of Arabia instead of bringing the treacherously lost lands back to the fold of civilised and enlightened "Mother India". Apologise to the Jawans for sending them to their deaths in Sri Lanka (and to return with a "bloody nose"!) while withholding them from recovering North Kashmir. Apologise to the fine Sikh regiments whose fighting spirit your government wanted to destroy by putting them under the MUCK of secularism that is DEAD in Jhelum and Lahore. Apologise to the Army for not giving them a single flag with "KHANDA CHAKRA" on it. Are you terrified at this suggestion? Apologise to the Jawans for asking them to guard and protect the useless fellow Rajiv Gandhi and his foreign wife. The Jawans are meant to guard frontiers! Apologise to the Jawans for misusing them as MERCENARIES to attack Golden Temple in 1984. Apologise to the nation for the huge expenditure on the personal security of Bofors' CHOR then, and his useless Italian spouse now.

2. Apologise for not rehabilitating Guru Gobind Singh in the mainstream of Broken Bharat. Who are you AFRAID of? Wasn't he Indian? Wasn't he a patriot? Wasn't he brave?

3. Apologise to the Hindus for not showing up in Ayodhya to pay homage to the Lord of Hindusthan but happily turning up to greet any Mohammedan Imam anywhere. Has any of them issued a "fatwa" against Mohammed Ali JINN for High Treason?

4. Apologise to Nawab Sharif for not suggesting AKHAND BHARAT to him. In which country were his father and mother born? Apologise for being DISLOYAL to the country of your own birth which was "AKHAND".

5. Apologise to the nation for the corruption and nepotism of your ministers and their predecessors. They have destroyed public confidence in law and held up India's progress.

6. Apologise to the hard working NRI's whose donations went straight into the pockets of dirty Indian cabinet ministers.

7. Apologise to the nation for not equipping and staffing even one university to the standard of Oxford or Cambridge in England.

8. Apologise to the nation on behalf of Nehru and Rajiv who ran after foreign females to degrade native women. Degraded women produce coolies, serfs, morons and "bhangis".

9. Apologise to the women of India for not honouring them in any way. We mean HINDU women since Christian and Mohammedan women do not need to be "honoured" by any HINDU (and SIKH) "jackal" who is zero in Lahore and Ayodhya.

10. Apologise to the Hindus for calling them "fundamentalist" if they stir anywhere while overlooking the ISLAMIC POISON in Pakistan which is spreading into India as well.

11. Apologise to the Hindus for keeping them ignorant on the increase in numbers and strength of Mohammedans in partitioned India. Don't you think that one day the remaining Hindus, too, will be slaughtered along with their Sadhus, Sants, Swamis, jagdgurus and Mahatmas- as in Lahore and Karachi only 50 years ago?

12. Apologise to the nation for covering up the horrors of devastation, death and destruction that accompanied each Mohammedan onslaught on India. Apologise for making the blood-soaked history of Hindus appear like a harmless bedside story for children.

13. Apologise for not looking at the status of Janmasthan at Nankana Sahib. Why is Nankana Sahib under the foot of a FOREIGN "lord" if NO temple is allowed in Mecca?

14. Apologise for making the Armed Forces salute "dogs" on 26 January and 15 August every year but never a HINDU patriot like Gopal Godse who believes in Akhand Bharat.

15. Apologise for suppressing the truth about Nathu Ram's patriotic deed and motives. Didn't he do what each and every Hindu fleeing Jhelum wanted to do? Come on. Be honest.

16. Apologise to the Sikh widows and orphans of 1984 for the despicable neglect shown by your government. None of them has been invited to your "Durbar" or to "Rashtrapati Bhawan" so far though a foreign born White Elephant gets the front seat wherever she shows up. SHAME on you!

17. Apologise for neglecting the education of Sikh lads in East Punjab and for setting the bad example of conceding Pakistan and then ACCEPTING it for ever! What have you to say, when they ask, "Why did India concede Pakistan and keep all the Mohammedans in her, too, while denying us a few districts which we could call KHALISTAN to escape the dog's life in "secular" India?" Can't they see you eating "Iftar" and "halal" while conceding and conceding to the ENEMY all over- not only in South Kashmir!

18. Apologise for not holding an investigation into each and every "fake" encounter that killed Sikh lads (Potential defenders of Hinduism!) in EAST Punjab and for not looking at the strong motivation of Nehru Dynasty to destroy the Sikhs.

19. Apologise to the nation for having a MOHAMMEDAN as Minister of Information & Broadcasting in a country where people are dying for information! They want to know 'Why Pakistan'?, and 'Why Mohammedans in partitioned India?'. Give them the answers. You are the Prime Minister.

20. Apologise to all the Buddhist countries to the East of India for not taking any initiative to develop relations with them due to fear of Mohammedans. What's wrong in establishing a Hindu/Buddhist Bloc to counter the mischievous Islamic Bloc, or the useless Non-aligned Bloc?

Finally Mr. Gujral, on 15 August 1997 you did not honour the only person who deserved to be honoured. You did not send any message to the widow of Nanak Singh on the exemplary courage and patriotism of her husband who sacrificed his life for AKHAND BHARAT after declaring "India will be cut upon my dead body!". APOLOGISE TO HER, or explain why she is unmentionable in your Lok Sabha!

Copy to

Imam of Jama Masjid of Delhi. Sir, teach Mr. Inder Kumar Gujral COURAGE. He doesn't have to become the follower of Mohammed of Arabia to behave bravely. He can follow Guru Gobind Singhji, instead! Can't he?

Copy to "Rashtrapat" of partitioned India. Sir, you can at least shout "AKHAND BHARAT AMAR RAHE!" in your own bedroom where nobody will laugh at you. Can't you?

Chief of the Army Staff of India. Sir, we expect you to stand up for the DIGNITY and HONOUR of Jawans who are beyond bribery, treachery and corruption. NOT ONE OF THEM would have surrendered Lahore unconditionally as Pandit Nehru did. Therefore, among your Jawans "Nehru" ought to be synonymous with "BLOODY BASTARD" or "SON OF A BITCH". Armies are supposed to acquire the skill, speed and courage of tigers and lions who catch and disembowel their prey, and not the cowardice of some semi-naked grass eating, appeasing, conceding and surrendering "Mahatma Micky Mouse" chanting "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma" day and night. Armies must be fit to FIGHT TILL FINISH and not finish in fight! Leader of the Opposition in LOK SABHA for information. There will be no danger to you if copies of this communication are given to each and every HINDU M.P.

Widow of Sardar Nanak Singh: Madam, today's partitioned India is a "BHANGI COLONY" under the foot of ISLAM (& Italy). The nation will honour "Shaheed" Nanak Singh one day, and also recover Lahore, Multan and EAST Bengal for Guru Gobind Singh and Sri Krishna.


To President of India, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi, on 12 August 1997:

Sir, Your office is meant to uphold Truth with utmost courage. Therefore, we expect you to proclaim the following changes to the names "India", etc., as follows:-

1. Constitution of India should be amended to call the country "PARTITIONED INDIA" or "BROKEN BHARAT" till North Kashmir, West Punjab and Sind are back in the country and River Indus flows through it once again. India is the "land along Indus"!

2. Indian held Kashmir should be called SOUTH Kashmir till North Kashmir is recovered.

3. Indian held Punjab should be called EAST Punjab.

4. Bangladesh, that is, BOGUSdesh, should be called East Bengal till she rejoins West Bengal. Then the state should be called Bengal as was the case until 'the stroke of midnight' on 15 August 1947.

We regret to say that for 50 years the highest office in India has overlooked this falsehood due to cowardice and treachery.



50 years have passed and still there is NOT A MAN in sight throughout India, who could convey the vision to his defeated and demoralised nation, of the secular flags flying once again, over Khyber and Chittagong.

What? One billion “rats”? Who are they? (The Muslims have CONQUERED their Pakistan & Bangladesh. Christian Imperialism left India voluntarily. So it must be the HINDUS and the SIKHS who are minus manliness, guts and patriotism, even minus a godfather and dual nationality if they happen to live abroad!

-December 31, 1997.