Date: 3/3/2001




This third rate "banana republic" of HINDUSTHAN (Partitioned India, or "Broken Bharat"), still gasping for breath in the strangulating grip of "Italy & Islam", HAS NO REMEMBRANCE DAY!


Government of India (after "EXTERMINATING" their BOGUS "Rashterapati" KR Narayanan, and "White Elephant" Sonia Khan of BOFORS CHOR), must tell their IGNORANT & INTIMIDATED Hindu subjects as to why we ran from LAHORE and never looked back.

It is HIGH TIME now at last, for the wide awake HINDUS to dump the so-called "Independence Day" of "BANDIT" Nehru, dump his dynasty's TERROR, and, instead, designate TWENTY days of remembrance and commemoration each year, as follows, calling them-

1. ATTOCK REMEMBRANC DAY. (Hari Singh Nalwa CAPTURED it without a "cease-fire"!)

2. CHITTAGONG REMEMBRANCE DAY. (Why were its Buddhists treated like the DOGS?)

3. DHAKA REMEMBRANCE DAY. (The city was surrendered in 1947 and again in 1972).

4. GILGIT REMEMBRANCE DAY. (Why did cowardly INDIA run from this BUDDHIST area?)

5. GUJRANWALA REMEMBRANCE DAY. (Birthplace of Maharaja Ranjit Singh).

6. JHELUM REMEMBRANCE DAY (Son of a "RAT" I.K. Gujral never mentioned it!).

7. KARACHI REMEMBRANCE DAY. (Mr. LK Advani forgot Karachi in a day!)

8. KASUR REMEMBRANCE DAY. (Kush, Lord Krishna's son was born here).

9. KHYBER REMEMBRANCE DAY. (That's where our BHAGWA flew until 1846 AD).

10. LAHORE REMEMBRANCE DAY. (Cowardly SIKHS never recalled their run & rout, and the manner of their EXTERMINATION, here!).

11. LYALLPUR REMEMBRANCE DAY. (Where are all those SIKH farmers who were kicked out from there? Through their industry they had turned the whole barren area into "golden crop" revolution!)

12. MULTAN REMEMBRANCE DAY. (We even forgot the birth place of Bhagat PRAHLAD!)

13. MYMENSING REMEMBRANCE DAY. (The city was surrendered in 1947 and 1972)

14. NANKANA SAHIB REMEMBRANCE DAY. SHAME on all the SIKHS and KHALSA who never tought of it!

(Without designating a "Nankana Sahib Remembrance Day", you are all "buffaloes" wearing sacred symbols!

Isn't it time to replace "Kirpan" by Komputer and "Kangha" by Kalashnikov?)

15. NORTH KASHMIR REMEMBRANCE DAY. (Was it meant to be in India or Pakistan?)

16. PESHAWAR REMEMBRANCE DAY. (Did Mohammed, Fatima or Ali ever set foot in Peshawar?)

17. QUETTA REMEMBRANCE DAY. (Why did we surrender Secularism there, and FLED?)

18. RAWALPINDI REMEMBRANCE DAY. (Cowardly SIKHS forgot the terrible massacres. Read "Freedom at Midnight" to refresh your decomposed brain cells!)

19. SIALKOT REMEMBRANCE DAY. (S.o."BITCH" Kuldip Nayar does not recall this city!)

20. SYLHET REMEMBRANCE DAY. (We surrendered it in 1947 and AGAIN in 1972. WHY?)


These TWENTY CITIES & REGIONS of India are crying and wailing like the HINDU maidens throughout past centuries, abducted and raped by the TALIBAN of those days. The "lala, the "bunya", the "sadhu", the "mahatma", the "Pandit", the tilak flaunting Singhvis and Gandhis, and all the funk and the coward, abound in PARTITIONED India like the maggots on a decomposing carcass, but NOT ONE is man enough to give a call to his nation to REMEMBER those cities and regions where HINDUS and SIKHS once formed up to 49% of the population.

Not even the PRESIDENT, KR Narayanan, tells his captive HINDU subjects as to why his INDIA was partitioned. What were the terms and CONDITIONS of the surrender of these cities and regions of India?

It was not only these cities that were "BUTCHERED" in cold blood in 1947 but also their HINDU and SIKH inhabitants- men, women, boys and girls, the old and the infirm.

So, what kind of a THIRD CLASS (Hindu and SIKH) nation we are, if we dare not recall even our own sacred cities, and our own dearest kith and kin, and our own holy places and shrines, that were surrendered posthaste in TERROR to the "Taliban" in 1947?

Those Hindus and SIKHS were plain and simple, YOU and ME.

I shall appreciate a Hindu's wealth and a Sikh's SYMBOLS, ONLY if I see a sign of life in them.

I don't salute the DEAD.



(60th anniversary of the Fall of Unionist Ministry in the UNITED Punjab)

Mr. KR Narayanan, what happened in LAHORE on March 3, 1947? Do YOU know?