Date: 3/5/2001


Diary of March 5, 2001.


All the INDIANS,

Please note that an army has NOT ONLY the jawans but also generals, a defence minister and a Supreme Commander, who are all meant to ensure the safety of their own jawans and, in fact, enable them to go out to kill the enemy on the *OTHER SIDE* side of the “cease-fire” line.

The Indian Army is meant to GIVE A BLOODY NOSE TO THE ENEMY, not to give it to the Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Sikhs in EAST Punjab or even receive it themselves, and cease-fire at the first opportunity to lick its wounds.

The Indian Army is meant to recruit GURU GOBIND SINGH'S “LIONS”, not “Bandit” Nehru's “JACKALS & RATS”.

Please TELL US, how the Indian Army has performed since 1947 so that a history of this army could be written up properly, to inspire the others’ confidence who wear the uniform?

It should be noted that the first defeat of the Indian Army was the WORST EVER IN HUMAN HISTORY.

It was the unconditional surrender of Lahore and East Bengal in 1947 without firing a shot in the defence of Indian TERRITORY. The Indian Army simply VANISHED. None even saw its tail!

How is it that the most humiliating disaster of Indian Army has been totally covered up? What is the reason?

In the entire history of India there were TWO most notorious TRAITORS. One was Jai Chand who betrayed the last grand NATIVE Emperor of Hindusthan, Prithvi Raj Chohan, by inviting MOHAMMED Ghori from Turkey in 1192 AD. Due to that TREASON by Jai Chand, Delhi fell to the savage MOHAMMEDANS and never recovered until 1857 AD.

What kind of Islam did we have in India? Destruction of temples, sacred statues, schools, universities, cultural centres, libraries, and abduction of girls and forcible conversion under the threat, “Islam or Death!”

One can see their "civilization" even today in a small town called Bamiyan in Afghanistan where the Taliban are busy wiping out the precious relics of their own ancestors of whom Afghanistan could have been mighty proud. Instead, they are proud of Islam from Arabia and their STUPIDITY in destroying their own priceless and unique historic relics!

It is a matter of great SHAME for the Afghans that ISLAM was violently IMPOSED on them from OUTSIDE, robbing them of their own inherent dignity, freedom of thought and worship, freedom of their mothers, wives and daughters, even their native languages for prayers.

The second MOST NOTORIOUS person of our entire history was PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU.

This dirty traitor simply SIGNED OFF five provinces of his own secular India to separatist ISLAM which then promptly set about humiliating, degrading and EXTERMINATING the minorities in Pakistan.

"Bandit" Nehru was in league with his MUSLIM friend and former President of All-India CONGRESS Party, MOHAMMED Ali JINN.

Did they both know the meaning of the word “patriotism”? Was India their personal property, to be divided between them?

Did they consult their own PEOPLE through a referendum? Did they reflect on the fate of the Muslims in the PARTITIONED (SMASHED) India, and of the Hindus in Pakistan?

Nehru FAILED to suggest a referendum over the issue of Partition. He FAILED to rally his SECULAR forces behind him. He FAILED to give a call to the HINDUS to rise like ONE MAN to throw out the separatist ISLAMIC poison from the body of India. Didn't he have a "Hindu" name? He was Jawaharlal, NOT Mohammed Yusuf or Shah Rukh Khan!

He FAILED to even see with his own eyes how the BRITISH rulers had kept the Muslims "in order" throughout India until 1947. There was NO revolt or uprising against their rule anywhere- from Gilgit to Karachi, from Chittagong to Khyber!

Pandit Jawaharlal was not only on the side of the ENEMY. He *was* the ENEMY of India and her Secularism.

When will the IGNORANT and INTIMIDATED people of India realize this?

It seems his psychological TERROR has gripped the whole nation of one billion. People go past Nehru Bhawan, Nehru Museum, Nehru Marg and even Nehru statues as if he was a semi god. It is absolutely preposterous and most amazing that the brains of SO MANY Indians are crushed, guts pulled out and FEAR injected into their bone marrow with regard to Nehru and his Dynasty.

Other countries very quickly made an ABOUT TURN when they realized that their one time patriots were, IN FACT, traitors.

They dealt with the traitors suitably. That is why no one names any road after Hitler in Germany or any building after Mussolini in Italy.

Yet there are countless institutions and foundations named after Nehru and his Dynasty in India. Is India a "coolie colony", or a sovereign state? Are the Indians MORONS, or can they THINK for themselves? How is it that the Indians, so clever in making money, understanding computer sciences, and doing business, are ZERO in patriotism?

Why do they adore their mutilated republic so much which is MINUS Lahore and Dhaka? What kind of INDIAN secularism do we have in Delhi if it is POISON in Lahore?

Today, March 5 is remarkable for the following events:-


Firstly, fed up with the KILLINGS of Indian army jawans in South Kashmir and the callous attitude of their own Supreme Commander, we wrote to President KR Narayanan of India as follows:-

“Whenever a Jawan is killed in South Kashmir through your own betrayal, incompetence of your defence minister or collapse of your defence system, we expect YOU to fly to Srinagar to salute the dead body, escort it personally to New Delhi, right up to your own Bhawan, and give it a hero's cremation with full military honours.”

“No Indian Army jawan is to be treated like a "dog" after death. By sending their sons to wear the army uniform, their honourable mothers did what even Mrs. Indira Gandhi ("Indira is India!") did NOT do. Both Rajiv and Sanjay never contemplated army career even for a second.”

“You, therefore, don't insult these brave mothers of Bharat. You honour their sons when they are killed in action.”

Seeing through the Supreme Commander's High Treason, we warned him, "Mr. Narayanan, if another Jawan is killed on THIS side of your cease-fire line, then we will hold YOU responsible for it. When an army is disgraced, people blame its Supreme Commander, not an ordinary Jawan.”


Today two more Jawans were killed at Surankot, near Punch in South Kashmir, as per news broadcast on ZEE TV. We demand to know whether their Supreme Commander flew to Punch to receive the dead bodies, to escort them to his Rashtrapati Bhawan for state funeral.

If he didn’t, then he must be SHOT DEAD for FAILING to honour the memory of these Jawans. He has failed them since North Kashmir was surrendered to the enemy. And that was in 1948!

The nation, which pays his fat salary, must expect some decent thing from this man. India must at last end its slavish tradition of licking the feet of her ROTTEN presidents and supreme commanders irrespective of everything else.

A President has to be a "man of people" NOT a "eunuch".

ISLAM gave Hindusthan the "gift" of two dead jawans today just as the Taliban set about destroying the tall majestic statues of Buddha at Bamiyan which must be "laughing" at the INSECURITY and COWARDICE inherent in Islam.


Today the President of Columbia showed up in New Delhi for state reception. President KR Narayanan and his Burmese born evangelist wife seemed mighty pleased with themselves since the Hindu "jagat" all around them was DEAD.

The treaties of mutual aid and cooperation will provide Columbia with COMPUTER technology. Such treaties of mutual aid are unthinkable if the other country happens to be Buddhist or Hindu. One could enquire, "What technical aid has India provided to her next door Hindu neighbour, Nepal?"


Fourthly, today, 60 years ago, on MARCH 5, 1947, the grand province of the Punjab was plunged into her history’s worst ever BLOOD BATH, starting with the ancient city of MULTAN with its historic Temple to honour Bhagat Prahlad.

The leader of MINORITIES, Sardar NANAK SINGH, a prominent lawyer, had given the call to DEFEND the integrity of India and her SECULARISM at all cost.

Within 24 hours he was ASSASSINATED. A great hero was silenced and the orgy of murder, rape and arson overtook MULTAN in no time.

Less than a week later the whole district of Rawalpindi was invaded by Muslim fanatics and mobs. The entire countryside was laid waste within a few days, its minorities completely wiped out. There was not a ripple in Pandit Nehru's world. The "Son of a Bitch" continued unconcerned with his romance with the wife of the Viceroy while Rawalpindi was burning.


While the other nations honour their genuine heroes, our PARTITIONED India is forced to honour only its BOGUS heroes and dirty traitors.

Since 1947 the great Indian nation, has been taken round and round in circles like a donkey under a filthy treacherous CONGRESS rider, paying homage to Bapu Gandhi, "BANDIT" Nehru, "Mother of India" Indira, and even the BOFORS CHOR Rajiv Gandhi.

You see the President and the cabinet turn up like MORONS at the so-called "samadh" of BOFORS CHOR to shed tears every year but there is NO mention of India's brave patriots who either fired the shots, or sacrificed their lives in defence of India and her Secularism.

Today the whole of India should have observed a statutory holiday to honour Sardar Nanak Singh of Multan, who was determined to keep East Bengal and West Punjab in his "HIND".

It is THAT "HIND" that we should recall every time while saying Jai Hind.


Movement for Reunification of India (MRI)

March 5, 2001.