Date: 3/6/2001





6 March 2001

The Taliban authorities have given orders for the total destruction of all the ancient Buddha statues including the world famous one at Bamiyan in Afghanistan. While gleefully executing the “Will of their Prophet Mohammad”, they have HURT the feelings of all the BELIEVERS in Buddha. Now the latter being civilised, as per teachings of their own Lord, will NOT retaliate.

The statues, which escaped nearly two thousand years of invasions, disturbances and turbulences in Afghanistan’s political and social life, have at last fallen victim to the uncompromising brutal Islamic ideology, of relentless WAR on civilisation.

The world’s tallest soaring statues at Bamiyan are a magnificent work of sculpture and in sheer size and beauty. They are a most impressive sight. Since there are no Buddhists left in Afghanistan, they belong to the entire mankind as its precious cultural heritage. The act of grave vandalism clearly shows as to what wretched end products come out of Mohammedan Ideology in the end- even in the 21st century AD.

If that is Islam in Afghanistan, then what about Islam in our own India?

Of course, our clever barrister-at-law, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, KNEW perfectly well what havoc Islam had wrought in India through the lengthy history of suffering and torture in his own country, but, being a secret convert to Islam, he was to reward the Muslims and punish the Hindus. Could he have done anything otherwise?

Like the sacred statues of Buddha in Bamiyan, Golden Temple in Amritsar is the world centre of pilgrimage for the Sikhs around the world. The exquisitely carved edifice of Sri Akal Takht Sahib there was at least a century old. The artefacts housed in it were invaluable, unique and irreplaceable. Some belonged to the very person of the Sikhs' sacred Gurus. The magnificent building was the subject of numerous picture post cards. It was India’s most precious sacred heritage. But it belonged to entire humanity.

The daughter of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, whose claim to the highest executive post in India was solely dynastic, the female incarnation of Taliban, the wife of Feroze KHAN, a.k.a. Gandhi, had scant regard for all this. She was out to give a "bloody nose" to the Sikhs, ALL THE SIKHS, just like the Taliban who have given a "damn good BLOODY nose" to ALL the Buddhists in the world.

The Indians, who have "dumped" the autocratic, corrupt, callous and treacherous Dynasty at last, have come to realize the truth behind that Operation “Blue Star”, and its strategic goals, while still not fully aware of the Dynasty’s secret ISLAMIC connection.

Because of this ISLAMIC connection of Nehru and his offspring, Partition was conceded, Lahore and Gujranwala unconditionally surrendered forthwith, without a protest, challenge or fight.

Then the clever (BE-IMAN) Pandit had a Constitution written up which did not mention Partition, nor defined the status of the Muslims in PARTITIONED India nor even mentioned Reunification. It did not even touch on the question, "Partition for what?"

Under Pandit Nehru's designs, his Constitution was the Devil's work like his own offspring, the last one accused of BOFORS commission and BLOWN UP by a BOMB on May 21, 1991.

It requires a Witch or a Taliban to attack a holy shrine in order to hurt the RELIGIOUS feelings of so many devotees while deliberately FAILING to take other measures to bring the situation under effective control.

Mrs. Indira Gandhi could "KILL" Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale by-

1. Rejecting that BOGUS partition which separated Lahore from Amritsar. Had she been patriotic, she would have felt the PAIN OF PUNJAB at its brutal chopping up- first to appease JINNAH, then to please the Dynasty.

2. Freeing Broadcasting. She didn't.

3. Ensuring Rule of Law. By 1980s there was rampant corruption all over India. Given the corruption of judiciary, India was soon turning into chaos. People saw NO hope of liberation from the Dirty Dynasty. It was the SAME political party at the top, election after election, since 1947.

4. Ensuring CORRUPTION-FREE ADMINISTRATION. People's memory is short but we need to dig up all the accounts of life in 1980s to see how corruption, nepotism and red tape were rampant in the badly decomposing Bharat by 1984. Indians were voting with their feet in hundreds of thousands. There were long queues at every foreign embassy seeking visas to QUIT INDIA. The establishment had tied the hands of intelligentsia and the entrepreneurs due to crippling regulations, restrictions and a degrading inhuman system of "permit, license and quote" which suited those who could bribe the ministers and officials. Doctors, teachers, technicians and workers were UNABLE to contribute to the uplift at home but became the most willing workers and servants of the others, all over the world.

All the NRI's enjoy freedoms in foreign lands that could not be theirs in Pandit Nehru's India. We have contributed to the prosperity of everyone- from Australia to America, while seeing mounting impoverishment of the people of India.

China in 1948 and Germany and Japan in 1945 lay ruined and devastated. They have impressed the world by their progress and achievements since then, whereas India has been decomposing under the jackboot of Dynasty and the dead weight of its restive and rebellious Muslim minority- not only in South Kashmir.

Mrs. Indira Gandhi took her mind off the poverty of her people, their frustrations due to poor schools, bad roads, impoverished hospitals and corruption at every level, but focussed her attention on manoevring the few agitators and protesters into Golden Temple Complex in order to surround and then attack them from all sides on the auspicious occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of Guru Arjan Dev Ji. She chose NO ordinary day for her ATTACK!

The female "Ravana" of our time took her mind off North Kashmir, returned EAST Bengal to Islam for the second time without laying a single condition, but decided to give the Sikhs in EAST Punjab a "bloody nose". Amazing, isn’t it?

Like the Imperialist autocrats of the past she tried the policy of "DIVIDE & KILL". Her propaganda machine had sufficiently alienated the Hindu mainstream from the Sikhs and had turned the Sikhs bitter against the Hindus while both the indigenous and native people forgot all about the vicious MUSLIM MINORITY among them that was growing at an alarming rate to overpower them both eventually all over Bharat, not only in South Kashmir from where every Hindu has been KICKED OUT. Pakistani URDU in ARABIC script was being taught in all schools in neighbouring Haryana while Panjabi deleted from school curriculum! Amazing, isn't it?

But Indira Gandhi wanted to DIVERT the nation's attention from the real dangers and proceeded to finish off the Sikhs. Amazing, isn’t it?

That is what she did and PAID WITH HER LIFE.

India’s “victory” over the Sikhs was hollow. Needlessly, it created a wide gulf between the Sikhs and the Hindus which, given the extremely low calibre of leadership on both sides, simply widened and became unbridgeable.

By attacking Golden Temple Indira had declared war on all the Sikhs. But her “victory” was ludicrous and obscene since her India still lay MUTILATED and REDUCED by the Sword of Islam.

It remained impossible for the “Witch” to teach Secularism to her Muslim camp, so she tried to ram it down the throats of the Hindus and the Sikhs. They, in turn, were NOT to accept the deception, and saw through her HIGH TREASON, like her father's.

Sooner or later the Sikhs and the Hindus will have to UNITE, to face the common danger, that of the growing Fifth Column of “TALIBAN” in HINDUSTHAN, and to liberate Lahore, Karachi, Gilgit, Chitral. Chittagong and Dhaka,

Sometimes a great GOOD lies concealed in great evil. The assassination of Indira KHAN, aka Gandhi, heralded the END OF DIRTY DYNASTY. It was reminiscent of Guru Gobind Singh Ji uprooting the plant in Machchiwara jungle which heralded the END of Mogul Dynasty. Mrs. Gandhi’s assassination similarly heralded the end of Nehru Dynasty. What a divine similarity!

It gave the Hindus the opportunity to look closer at the anti native FOREIGN Fifth Column in their midst, in the shape of NEHRU DYNASTY and the vast anti Hindu (Hindu basher/Sikh killer) civil service and administration.

Given the proverbial IGNORANCE of the Hindus, they could not take advantage of the DEATH of their female Ravana immediately, in order to usher in HINDU RASHTRA while their Pandit had happily conceded ISLAMIC RASHTRA on both sides of Bharat.

Congratulations: The slow revolution at India's pace has now begun. Death to Indira meant NEW LIFE TO BHARATVARSHA.


Hindu will never be subservient to any bogus and pseudo-secular Dirty Dynasty or Congress establishment, without demanding an explanation for the sudden and UNCONDITIONAL surrender of India's five provinces along with Secularism in Lahore and East Bengal.

Just think of the DOG'S dignity and DONKEY'S patriotism of "BLACK CROW" President KR NARAYANAN, who shamelessly drives past the High Commission of the sovereign Republic of EAST Bengal (BOGUSdesh) on his way to "Indira Gandhi" International Airport in New Delhi, the city that was once called INDRAPRASTHA!

Do we see any similarity betweenthe the TALIBAN in Afghanistan and our INDIRA KHAN a.k.a. GANDHI, with regard to destroying sacred RELIGIOUS places and objects? When will we SPEAK UP?

Kurukshetra March 6, 2001.