Date: 3/7/2001



It has to be added that while the Taliban fired at the Buddha statues of stone and earth, Indira Khan’s soldiers fired live bullets, grenades and rockets straight into the congregations assembled at Golden Temple on the occasion of a major religious festival in June 1984.

Why did she choose NO other day or date for her invasion? Well, she would not have got so many Sikh FAMILIES gathered in the holy precincts to kill and wound! She wanted to create the devastating impact of BLITZKRIEG upon the Sikhs as done by Hitler in World War 2.

Thus while not one living Buddhist lost his life due to Taliban’s action in Afghanistan this week, HUNDREDS of innocent Sikh pilgrims, men, women and CHILDREN, were massacred by the Indian Army under orders of Indira Khan, the arrogant and autocratic “Hindu BASHER/Sikh KILLER” prime minister of PARTITIONED India, who wanted to “teach the Sikhs- all the Sikhs, a lesson they would never forget”, a lot more devilish thing to do than just apprehending the few armed protesters taking shelter in Golden Temple under her own clever design and manipulation at the time.

She also imposed full censorship of news, ordered all the foreign journalists to leave East Punjab, and imposed SIX DAY LONG CURFEW in the entire state. How does THAT compare to the brutality of the Taliban against a few lifeless statues in Afghanistan?

Fools, was Indira KHAN, aka Gandhi, Hindu by Faith?