Date: 3/8/2001


Date: 3/3/01



The Taliban and the Buddha statues at Bamiyan.

In all civilised societies, the followers of a decent MAN or MANUAL, would hold a trial, or court martial, before condemning anyone to ‘execution by a firing squad’.

Reasons and arguments for the final verdict must be heard in public. First, one proves the crime and gives the accused a chance to say something in his defence. If the accused is a child or a statue then a defence lawyer has to be engaged to speak on its behalf.

Hitler who gave orders simply “to catch and kill a Jew”, ANY Jew, became the worst criminal himself. The world did “sort him, AND HIS FOLLOWERS, out” well and proper in the end.

Then the ALLIED forces stood for the civilised world. They FOUGHT for democracy and secularism till the total annihilation of Hitler and his “Believers and Followers”.

Today the world is the UNO. What is the UNO doing to launch an ATTACK on the Taliban, to arrest and bring the chief criminal among them to stand trial in The Hague? How does one define blasphemy on earth?

Why is the world quiet?

It is because the BUDDHIST WORLD is quiet and “dead”.

There is a lack of concern for their dignity and honour. There is no self-esteem. Like the Hindus they are billionaires and great intellectual giants on earth but with regard to self-esteem, defence of holy places, soil and relics, they are one “dead mouse”.

Like the helpless “eunuchs” we have watched the bully hit us hard everywhere- from Karachi to Gilgit, Sylhet to Bamiyan, physically and mentally.

There has been NO demonstration worth the name and NO kind of retaliation that the Taliban will NEVER forget. A few voices here and there rose, and then subsided. Silence prevailed thereafter.

It is due to the phenomenon called DE-LINKING or DETACHMENT. It is conspicuously noticeable among the PAGANS, the HINDUS the BUDDHISTS, even the Sikhs.

De-linking can occur due to-

Either a crushing defeat and a long period of slavery which degenerates the very genes of the slave nation. Or because of the “teachings” of the religion concerned, reinforced and hammered down by its own preachers and holy men over centuries.

The Hindus have been so de-linked from their DHARTI and DAUGHTERS, or TERRITORY and TEMPLES, that we watched passively as all the grand temples in northern India were plundered, desecrated and destroyed one by one and our daughters caught, abducted, raped and forcibly dragged to Kabul, Ghazni and Kandahar, decade after decade, FOR CENTURIES- enough to genetically “reduce” the quality of the entire race.

No wonder the surrender of vast Indian (secular) territory and the immense loss of Hindu lives at PARTITION, was, and still is, accepted without question by one and all.

Because of that “Death to Secularism” in Lahore and Dhaka, the Hindu race stands degraded and the Sikhs much “reduced” for never looking back at the POLITICAL status of their sacred Janmasthan at Nankana Sahib. When did their present Chief Minister, Mr. Prakash Singh Badal, ruling his State from “Union Territory”, ever hold a minute’s silence to recall the unconditional surrender of Lahore, Gujranwala and Nankana Sahib? Isn’t the TOP EXECUTIVE in the Sikh world a “sheep wearing five symbols”? What else then?

Japan, a Buddhist country, whose Buddhist identity was SMASHED at the end of World War 2, while America’s CHRISTIAN identity reinforced, has been pumping vast sums of money directly and indirectly, into BOGUSdesh (known to the “spiritually smashed” President of India as BANGLAdesh) and NA-Pakistan without bothering to look at the illegitimate manner of birth of these two ISLAMIC countries on the secular Indian soil in 1947.

Japan never asked the Afghans to safeguard the sacred relics of its grand Buddhist past, that existed before the intolerant spiritual “darkness” and fundamentalism of Islam covered the land from Hindukush to Kandahar.

Did Japan invest a dime to create a tourists’ or pilgrims’ resort at Bamiyan? Did the UNO on behalf of the CIVILISED world?

China, too, has been supporting Pakistan against India which in turn is still in the clutches of its HINDU BASHER/ SIKH KILLER Dynasty who are ever ready to embrace the drug barons from Columbia, “fornicating” Arabs, and the Islamic warlords from Iran, Libya and Irak, but never willing to sit down together AS HINDUS at the same table with HINDU Nepal or BUDDHIST Burma.

This “hijacked & mutilated” Hindu “mouse of a land” called Bharat is squarely on the side of Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma and its own President’s brat (Usha Tin Tin Narayanan) from there, and every other insignificant and irrelevant “nigger” nation on earth except safeguard its own Secularism, Daughters (many at the disposal of KHAN Brothers on cinema screens!) and Temples, including the ones at Mathura, Varanasi and AYODHYA.

The Hindu at the top in Hindusthan is a secular stooge or a demoralised coolie, and a Sikh a “nishkam sewak”, not a man who could stand up to the Taliban in Afghanistan or South Kashmir. (Remember North Kashmir, Chattisinghpura and all the cease-fires?)

Such is our Hindu/Sikh/BUDDHIST world that was supposed to be the “guardian & DEFENDER” of those statues at Bamiyan.

Such DE-LINKING on the part of the Hindus in Hindusthan, Buddhists in CHINA and JAPAN, and the Sikhs in EAST Punjab, was the main encouragement to the Taliban to FIRE guns at Buddha statues which evoked feelings of respect, devotion and awe in the onlookers and devotees, especially across the Buddhist world.

Let us spare a thought for those dark and wild Islamic centuries when the Hindu temples and idols were subjected to such brutal treatment and the whole world was silent.

The reason why the brutes are crossing all limits is that WE, the non Muslims, do not give any signal that our holy articles are AS SACRED TO US AS THEIR KORAN IS TO THEM.

If we were ourselves to believe in this, then surely some Chinese or Tibetan or Hindu somewhere would set FIRE TO KORAN and ask the Taliban, "How does it feel?"