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15 incidents reported

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(The Hindus in EAST Bengal became a wretched MINORITY in their own land when the INDIAN Muslims refused to live under Secularism and demanded that India be carved up into three fragments to create an ISLAMIC republic for them.

The Secular (Hindu) collapse in India meant DEATH & DESTRUCTION and extreme humiliation and degradation to the minorities trapped in Pakistan- East and West.

Today we have NO "minority situation" in Pakistan where the minorities have been EXTERMINATED. But we do have a "minority situation" in Bangladesh, where the "killing" of Hindu proceeded in the "slow and agonising manner" of "Halaal".

Needless to say, that INDIA, which is supposed to have a spine and some guts, has turned her eyes AWAY from the minorities who were let down in the first place by its own top leaders in 1947.

The present leadership and government of India are either still terrified of All-India Congress Party, 'party to partition', or simply rotten and useless. Hence none in New Delhi will lift a finger till the last Hindu in East Bengal is killed, converted, raped or gang raped, or treated in the manner of the minority in Rawalpindi district in March 1947. One can be sure of that.

We saw what our feeble and teetering India DID NOT DO in Fiji and we saw what IT DID in East Punjab in 1984 and in Sri Lanka in 1987!

We also remember how quickly Mrs. Indira KHAN, aka Gandhi, hailed as "INDIRA IS INDIA!" by the brainwashed Indians, RETURNED East Bengal to Islam without laying down a single condition to protect the life and honour of the minorities there. Nor did she commend Secularism to Shaikh Mujiburrahman!

It will be at least a century before the "simple serving" Hindus and the "nishkam sewak" Sikhs in Hindusthan catch up with Indira's Islamic mind and begin to call their President KR Narayanan's "Bangladesh" as BOGUSDESH. -Site owner.)

Now to the "minority situation" in Bangladesh CREATED BY INDIA'S COLLAPSE.

Dhaka, February 2001.

Bangladesh: Members of the minority communities in Bangladesh continued to be subjected to all kinds of extreme tactics, including murder, abductions and rape of women designed at forcing them to quit their 'homeland', which they love so intensely. Latest factual incidents, reported by our representatives at various centres are charted below :-

1 ) December 27, 2000: Village :

Baghutia-Adilpur; Subdistrict : Abhaypur, District : Jessore.

A (minor) Hindu girl named Poly Rani Choudhuri (10 yrs old), daughter of Mr. Khitish Choudhuri was attacked by a Muslim fanatic gang led by Shamshur Rahman of an adjoining village. The Islamic fundamentalists tried to abduct her by force. The old parents and the victim girl offered strong resistance and in the process suffered stab wounds. The gang ran away while the injured were admitted to Naoyapara Hospital, a FIR was also lodged (with the local police) at the local Hospital.

( 2 ) December 26, 2000: Purbak-Dhurkhali village, Subdistrict : Boalkhali, District : Chittagong.

An extremist Muslim gang abducted a pregnant Hindu woman. They gang-raped her resulting in termination of her pregnancy. She was fighting for her life in Chittagong Medical College. Local Hindus were threatened with dire consequences if they reported the crime to the Police. The Hindus in the area were planning to escape to India.

( 3 ) January 3, 2001: Hotelpatty area of Naogaon Town.

At night a Hindu housewife Putul Rani Das (22 yrs) was gang-raped at her house by an armed Islamic gang. The fanatics afterwards killed her and left her corpse. The husband of the deceased, a local jeweller, was away from home at the time of the crime.

( 4 ) December 17, 2000: Faridpur village, Subdistrict : Raiganj, District : Sirajganj.

Subash Mahato, a local non-Muslim tribal leader was arrested/abducted by the police in Mufti. When the last report came in, Mahato was still untraced. The local tribals surrounded the police station and held a protest rally.

( 5 ) Dencember 29, 2000: village : Kutubpur, Subdistrict : Katiyadi, District : Kishoreganj.

Two rival Muslim groups clashed and later, their anger fell on the local Hindus and they were beaten up and their houses torched and destroyed. At least 20 Hindus, including women sustained injuries in this assault. The victims were asked by the hooligans to leave Bangladesh since they are not Muslims.

( 6 ) January 8, 2001: Rajani Bose Lane, Dhaka.

On late night a 'Sindoor' godown Iwarehouse) of Hindus was torched by Muslim fanatics. Islamic fundamentalists in Bangladesh want to eliminate all symbols of non-Muslim religions. Sindoor is worn by Hindu women after marriage and is considered religious. During the Pakistani era and also in post independence Bangladesh, there has been many instances when Sindoor godowns (warehouses) were destroyed.

( 7 ) December 30, 2000: Mahiganj hat: Subdistrict : Domar District : Nilphamari.

A gang of Muslim fanatics looted material worth over Taka 200,000 ($3650 U.S.) from the warehouse of businessman Amarjit Singh. They also took forcible occupation of the warehouse.

( 8 ) December 28, 2000: village : Satirpur, Police Station: Kaliganj, Distt : Lalmonirhat.

In a series of raids, armed Islamic supremacists fanatics looted property and valuables from several Hindu houses in this village. The affected Hindu houses belonged to (a) Purna Chandra, (b) Bhabananda Burman and (c) Baneshwar Burman.

( 9 ) January 5, 2001: Gournadi, Distt : Barisal.

A Hindu named Shyamal Ghosh owned 'Gournadi Mishtanna Bhandar', a sweet shop at. On January 5, 2001, a Muslim group attacked the shop, assaulted the workers and badly damaged the business. They also took away cash of over Taka 10,000 ($200 U.S.). The local Hindus were very worried about their safety.

( 10 ) December 24, 2000: Puratan Bazar, Police Station Katiyadi District : Kishoreganj

M/s Debnath-Radhanath Stores, a renowned shop of Puratan Bazar, was owned by a Hindu. Armed Muslim terrorists in a sudden attack, killed 4 Hindu employees of the shop and left with cash worth over Taka 75,000 ($1,400 U.S.).

( 11 ) January 4, 2001: village : Salkeydanga, Police Station. Sadar, District : Satkhira.

A group of armed Muslim miscreants committed burglary in Hindu houses. They looted property worth over Taka 100,000 ($ 1,900 U.S.). The attacted houses belonged to Ananta Mondal, Dulal Mondol, Nirmal Sardar, Bimal Sarkar, Bijan Sarkar etc.

( 12 ) Dec 17, 2000: Village : Kalapota, Police Station. Tala, District. : Satkhira.

Muslim fundamentalists looted property worth over Taka 400,000 ($7,500 U.S.) from the houses of Paritosh Chakraborty and Santosh Chakraborty.

( 13 ) January 25, 2001: Village : Gahali Subdistrict : Mahadevpur, District. : Naogaon Islamic fanatics attacked the houses of Ratan Mohanta and Dilip Barman. They looted property worth over Taka 100,000 ($1,900 U.S.).

( 14 ) December 18, 2000: Lukali village, Subdistrict : Shahzadpur, District : Pabna.

Armed Muslim fanatics killed a Hindu named Jagadish Kurdu. Jagadish was earlier under pressure from the miscreants to vacate his landed property and escape to India if he does not convert to Islam. Jagadish was refusing to either convert or leave for India.

( 15 ) January 7, 2001: Shah Nagar, Phatikchhari, District. : Chittagong.

Muslim fanatics, at the dead of night, raided the house of Naikuntha Nath Baidya (70 yrs) and brutally killed him. Here also as in the previous case, Baidya was refusing to listen to the threats to convert to Islam, or evacuate to Hindustan.


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