Date: 3/13/2001



To Channel 4 Television, London, England.


Your documentary on "Kama Sutra" last night (9 to 10 pm, by Sanjeev Bhaskar) was excellent from A to Z, apart from one scene of love between a MOHAMMEDAN actor Shah Rukh KHAN and (presumably) a HINDU girl.

We would NOT have reacted angrily, as if slapped in the face, if there were not the following TWO facts:

1. India was PARTITONED between “the Muslims and the Rest” in 1947. PARTITION was meant to be PERMANENT, or so long as Pakistan defies Secularism to exist as an ISLAMIC republic, away from the Mother country called INDIA.

2. Due to Muslim SOLIDARITY and fundamentalism, NO Hindu actor can be seen in a similar love scene with a Muslim girl. Muslim mobs would gather in INDIAN cities in no time to set fire to any cinema showing a Muslim girl coming too close to a Hindu actor.

The Hindus in PARTITIONED India (PI) may have “dog’s” dignity, but SOME of us living in North America and Europe are surely approaching the level of personal dignity of an average Anglo Saxon for obvious reasons.

The scene did hurt us immensely since not only the undersigned, but also many other ex REFUGEES from West Punjab, Sind, East Bengal and even South Kashmir, who still carry the extremely painful memory of the ISLAMIC dagger chopping up our dearest kith and kin, and our secular paradise called India, into three bleeding segments on August 15, 1947.

We cannot speak for Sonia Gandhi, the “mother of India”, whose heart is in Italy and soul at the feet of her Pope, nor for the President of India whose heart is in TREASON and soul in the land of birth of his wife. But we DO speak for most of the ONE BILLION Hindus, now gagged due to TERROR of Islam and Pandit Nehru’s Constitution, which does not mention PARTITION nor lists any condition for the surrender of Lahore.

We beg you to be careful with our feelings. When the SURVIVORS of that HOLOCAUST in 1947, are all dead and gone, Channel 4 may project every Muslim in India abducing, seducing, raping, even wedding every Hindu virgin and maiden in the land. There will be NONE to protest.

Yours truly,

Kurukshetra 3/13/01

Copy to the PRESIDENT OF INDIA: Please note that films that cause grave offence to public feelings are to be CENSORED unless the Indian public for you, too, is a “herd of cattle”.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, signatory to the “Act of Permanent Partition, 1947”, thought NO better of his ‘people and public’ when he accepted PARTITION unconditionally, without even demanding a Referendum on the issue.

“Indian” Muslims like actor Shah Rukh KHAN are, by all logic and law, PERSONA NON GRATA, and should be under orders to QUIT PARTITIONED INDIA (PI) unless you wish your "republic", too, to VANISH like the Buddha statues at Bamiyan in Afghanistan, or like your own dear "Akhand Bharat" in 1947.