What "Republic", Mr. President?

Date: 3/22/2001


I have been thinking of our "Republic" since the last Republic Day when a mighty powerful earthquake struck the beautiful and prosperous State of Gujarat.

What kind of republic are our simple, ignorant and gullible people celebrating? Here are some TRUTHS for which I believe we ought not to let anyone fool us any more.



What republic in which NO Hindu is safe in one third of its territory- from Karachi to Gilgit, and treated like a "dog" from Chittagong to Sylhet. (See the fury of Taliban against silent and harmless Buddha statues! A living Hindu is a thousand times worse provocation to him.)

What republic that is shrunk and reduced by a bully and a traitor.

What republic where Mohammed Ali JINN is rehabilitated but Patriot Godse an outcaste.

What republic where an Italian Catholic sits on the highest pedestal while natives like Rajput Madhav Rao Scindia and Sikh Manmohan Singh have to sit at her feet.

What republic where people are keen to learn Italian but not Sanskrit.

What republic where our Lord's Temple in Ayodhya did not attract even one million Hindus out of the SEVENTY million who turned up for a holy dip in the Ganges last "republic" day.

What republic in which the Sikhs are reduced to "sheep" to be slaughtered by (Killer) Mohammedans in South Kashmir (Chattisinghpura).

What republic where our native historic soldiers (of Guru Gobind Singh and Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) are not armed to the teeth to guard Bharat's POROUS frontiers.

What republic where Hindu-Muslim "nikah" (marriage) has been ONE-WAY traffic for the last 1,000 years, and is still continuing.

What republic whose President is more loyal to Jesus born in Palestine than our own Gurus and Rishis born in Bharat.

What republic which gave a STATE FUNERAL to Teresa of Albania and OFFICAL reception to the Pope from Rome while keeping all the Hindu holy men at bay.

What republic which is so terrified of "touching" native religions that NONE dare question the religion of the two top imported females? (Sonia Khan aka Gandhi, and the President's wife).

I am sick to death of reflecting on such a "republic" whose frontiers were carved by the SWORD OF ISLAM in 1947, where the Hindus have yet to yell with ONE voice, "LAHORE CHALO!", and the Sikhs have yet to replace their FIVE K's with one for self-esteem, in order to yell with ONE voice, "KHYBER CHALO!".

(c)Kurushetra,2000: HinduUnity.org March 22, 2001.