Date: 3/22/2001



To Programme in charge, “EVERYWOMAN”, BBC World Service, London, Monday 12 February 2001.


The Indian lady doctor, a widow herself, who mentioned the terrible plight of the Indian widows (“one meal a day, being kept away from weddings, exposed to ridicule,” etc.) ought to KNOW that such is NOT the case if the widow happens to belong to the NEHRU Dynasty, especially if she also happens to be an import from Italy, the land of Mussolini.

Then MOST INDIANS will be ever ready to drink even her “ur _ _ _”.

As soon as Sonia Gandhi became a widow on May 21, 1991, the Parliament of India, totally OVERLOOKING all the native Hindu and SIKH widows (HINDU from South Kashmir and SIKH from East Punjab and Delhi, in their thousands!) approved of a massive donation amounting to one hundred crore rupees (Rs. 1,000,000,000) for the “Rajiv Gandhi Foundation” to provide her with a LIFE-LONG job as its well paid Chairperson.

Italian-born widow SONIA commands so much political power and authority in India that numerous Members of Parliament there used to gather at her feet for “advice and guidance” every evening.

This widow is still called the “Uncrowned Queen of India”.

That was just so recently!

The Indian lady doctor on your programme should have mentioned this. What a SHAME she didn’t.

Yours sincerely,

Kurukshetra, NRI FORCE- EUROPE.

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Kindly correct us if the above statement is wrong, or violates India’s cardinal principle of “SATYAM” in any way.

Do please educate us on the POWER and MIGHT of the “widow” Sonia Gandhi in India, where, the fabulously rich HINDUJA brothers and the most "illustrious" Minister for Europe for Britain, Mr. Keith Vaz, MP, were born.

You may forward this letter to the PRESIDENT or the Prime Minister of India for any gracious comment they may wish to make.

We have yet to see them speak up for the DIGNITY of native Hindu women, leave aside a Hindu widow.