Mr. Keith Vaz, MP,  "DISGRACE" of Britain?

Date: 3/24/2001


Friday, March 23, 2001

Mr. Keith Vaz, MP, United Kingdom, and CORRUPTION

As British citizens, many Non Resident Indians (NRI's) have received grievous MENTAL hurt by the news that Mr. Blair, our respected and dear Prime Minister, has chosen a CORRUPT "friend of Dynasty" to represent us and this country at the European Summit in Stockholme.

We were FED UP with the helplessness, despair and frustration of the Indians OVER DECADES, who simply had to watch their RULERS plunge our ancient land of civilisation and divinity into 'Culture of Corruption'. Those "swine" were BEYOND LAW.

Take Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, who was an extremely close friend of Mr. Vaz. ("A person is known by the friends he keeps!")

He is widely known to have taken commission from the Swedish gun company of BOFORS. There was a huge outcry but NO investigation and NO trial of the "rascal". He was immune from guilt.

In that India, the "COOLIE COLONY" of Pandit Nehru's Dynasty instead of a sovereign honourable democratic republic of the PEOPLE, our cries went unheard. Many intellectuals left for foreign shores.

Now we ask ourselves, "What is stopping Mr. Blair from being BOLD and HARD on Mr. Keith?"

Is it CATHOLIC Faith? Is it some "old boy net"?

Is it influence of MONEY from Dynasty, from Hindujas, from Mr. Keith Vaz himself?

Is it Party loyalty going to RIDICULOUS limits?

Is it POWER madness or arrogance like that of late Indira Gandhi?

When the rulers go "autocratic" like this and start sheltering their crooked friends and cronies, then the PEOPLE ARE DEGRADED.

We saw the Indians degraded. Now we are beginning to see ourselves (and the PEOPLE OF BRITAIN) being degraded.

Since we live in a genuine democracy, unlike the BOGUS sham democracy under Nehru, Indira and Rajiv (and possibly Sonia in the future), we hope the PEOPLE of this country will take the Labour Party "to task" at the next general elections.


What do YOU think? If the United Kingdom, "Mother of Democracy", sinks in the mud of corruption even one inch, its former colonies (especially PARTITIONED India) will sink full 200 miles.