Date: 3/25/2001


Cry of MOTHER India-

(Is it falling on ONE BILLION deaf ears?)


(Among the sons* is a billionaire Srichand Hinduja, a Rajput Madhav Rao Scindia, a warrior Prakash Singh Badal, and the very PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA, Atal Behari Vajpayee.)

15 August is approaching again this year.

"BANDIT" Jawaharlal Nehru declared it “Independence Day” to celebrate his own sudden elevation to Imperial status in Delhi but ordered the grieving Hindu refugees, pouring out of West Punjab in rags, minus dear ones and the honour of their daughters, to VANISH out of his sight.

The wretched plight of uprooted NATIVE Hindu women was an acute "embarrassment" to him, sitting in the romantic company of Edwina Mountbatten.

The PEOPLE of India- the refugees in rags in particular, appealed and prayed to him to restore order, ensure their safety in West Punjab, Baluchistan, Sind and NWFP, and NOT to sign the ACT OF UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER OF HINDUSTHAN under any pressure, bullying, threat or blackmail by his bosom friend, Mohammed Ali JINN, leader of the INDIAN Muslims.

They pointed out to him that Partition without referendum was undemocratic, immoral and absurd- utmost unsecular.

But the "BANDIT" had them driven away by his security forces.

Are YOU going to celebrate “independence” on 15 August next, like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s "DOG", or reject the BOGUS ‘HINDU/SIKH KILLER’ Partition, and, like a patriotic Indian, hang your head in shame over the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of India’s five provinces on one day in 1947?

If you do go to any "SARKARI celebration” then don’t forget to wear glass bangles like one of Sultan Nehru’s concubines and court dancers. You will be in the company of fellow Hindu "papadams" to whom PARTITION is not a word in dictionary, and Attock, Quetta and Gilgit were never in India.

Do you still stand for “AKHAND BHARAT”, the manly challenge that wiped out “Mahatma Mouse” in one day, or, do you accept PARTITIONED INDIA, like a degraded sub human INDIAN garbage?

Are you still under Bandit Nehru’s lethal spell? Will you throw out of your mind LAHORE, RAWALPINDI, KARACHI, DHAKA, SYLHET AND CHITTAGONG- and SECULARISM, and the TWO MILLION Hindus killed, countless 'Daughters of Hind' abducted and raped, and the tens of million driven out of their ancestral homes during the world’s BIGGEST ethnic cleansing brought about by the COLLAPSE of All-India Congress Party in 1947? Did we send their leaders to negotiate Independence, or PARTITION, with the British?

Your dignity and self-esteem is in YOUR hands and not in the hands of any Idi Amin of Uganda, Sonia Maino, aka Gandhi, from Italy, or George Speight and Colonel Rabuka of Fiji.

What will YOU do on 15 August next?

Will you celebrate the Bandit’s glory and salute the worthless Italian import by BOFORS CHOR, or will you stand up for Guru Gobind Singh ji and Lords Sri Krishna and Sri Rama on your own patch?

Will you remain a Hindu “mound of mud” under deceptive goldleaf, or a Hindu TIGER with INITIATIVES?

Will your hero be the fasting Gandhi or the fighting Subhash Chandra Bose?

Whom will YOU salute on 15 August 2001, and in the years there-after?


MRI (Movement for Reunification of India). Established, March 5, 1947.