Supreme Commander RUBBISH.

Date: 4/2/2001


HEAP OF RUBBISH (Rashtrapati) & SOLDIERS OF GARBAGE (eunuchs in uniform)

We wish to ASK, “Has any university in India, carried out research into the causes of PARTITION?” What? Where? When?

If so, what are their conclusions?

While the Christians are 'waiting for their day' and the Muslims are celebrating their conquest of Lahore, are there any findings or lessons learnt for the betrayed HINDUS, still unable to re-appear in EAST Bengal or raise their heads in Ayodhya?

We wish to ASK the Supreme Commander of Indian Armed Forces **,

"Why did the Indian Army suddenly start retreating in Kashmir while they were handsomely ADVANCING in 1948? Why did they then get STUCK in the deep and thick QUAGMIRE of cease-fire, as willed by their ENEMIES?

“Why did the Indian Army change their priorities in 1984 while trying to give a ‘bloody nose’ to the Sikhs? Why was LIBERATION OF NORTH KASHMIR not their goal?”

(** The “rat” at present is called KR Narayanan. His wife is a worthless import from Burma since , as he says, “There was not a single suitable woman in the whole of INDIA that I could choose. Moreover in a country where a foreigner- ANY foreigner- is an object of admiration & adoration, even Burma was a "foreign" country for me!”)

We wish to ASK all the generals, admirals and air marshals of India **, “Why did the Indian Armed Forces change their priorities in 1987 by sailing and flying out to Sri Lanka to “kill off” the TAMIL freedom fighters there instead of liberating EAST Bengal (BOGUSdesh) in the name of Secularism?”

(** The "eunuchs in uniform" will say, "We obeyed our POLITICAL masters and did NOT ask questions."

Well TELL them, "You are lucky blighters to be in gentlemen's BROKEN Bharat. Your GERMAN counterparts could not save themselves from the gallows in 1945 by offering such lame duck excuses.")


Till we hear from them directly or indirectly, we shall label the one as a “HEAP OF RUBBISH” and the others as the “SOLDIERS OF GARBAGE”.

By the way, is anyone keeping a track of the Indian soldiers killed, maimed and missing since October 24, 1947 on THIS side of the so-called "CEASE-FIRE LINE" in Kashmir, as compared to the number killed or missing on the OTHER side?

Surely if the INDIAN ARMY were to learn the REASON for this one-way bleeding, their morale would come down to the level of a donkey's!


NRI FORCE- EUROPE March 31, 2001.