Date: 4/3/2001



April 27, 1996. (NB: This item is still topical like Partition itself.)

There are Non Resident Indians (NRI) Forums galore. Most are for the purpose of increasing each other’s ego and showing off one’s wealth and connections. The dishonest Government of India also “encourages” some to hold big functions in order to BUY (yes, buy against payment) titles and awards like “Bharat Ratna” and “Son of India”, etc.

There are calls to NRI’s living in the United Kingdom, “Pay £2000 and we will honour you at a big public function in New Delhi with an award. There will be media presence.”

The caller could also have said, “Thereafter, Soniaji will smile at you and the Sarkar will grant you any license, permit or quota you wish, and none will dare ask you to open your suitcases at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in India’s capital.”

What more could a mental moron, now a billionaire due to climate of freedoms in the West, hope for?” The functions are well attended.

There is, however, another NRI FORUM, mighty upset over the corruption and treason at the highest level in India. There is no invitation to THIS Forum, no honour, no award. Its Chairman says, “To Hell with the midgets. Ours is the Forum of NRI STALWARTS.”

We ask, “How many members do you have out of FIVE MILLION Indians reportedly living abroad?” He says, “You can count them on the fingers of ONE hand.”

He muses over the quality of Indians in their QUANTITY. Then he shoots off an arrow. It flies in the direction of his own fellow Indians, not the enemy. It is a re-enactment of the Battle of Kurukshetra.

The enemy is not Afghan, Turk, Arab, British or American. The ENEMY is your own people, so mesmerised and blinded by the glory & shine of Dynasty’s POWER and WEALTH.

India to them is the SAME- with or without Lahore. Tomorrow it can even become SONIA’S Italian colony or TALIBAN’S Islamic “republic”. It is the SAME to this ONE BILLION “human garbage” on earth. This is a nation, fully reconciled to the absurd surrender of Lahore and Secularism in 1947 and again of East Bengal in 1972.

Yes, FULLY reconciled. Who on earth would be like that? One finds NONE. In regarding surrender as victory, the Indians are past masters. To them PARTITION is “independence” now!

This afore-said NRI FORUM then wrote a letter to the United Nations Organisation on April 27, 1996.

It must still be on record somewhere at the United Nations unless to them India is garbage. The letter went like this-



His Excellency Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali, Secretary General UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION New York, N.Y. USA.


Your Excellency,

It seems that some DEVIL has terrified the Indians into silence with regard to PARTITION OF INDIA with the warning, “When I hit you, beat you, rob you, exploit you, degrade you, rape you, torture you, kill you, THOU SHALT NOT TELL THE WORLD for the sake of your family honour since that will lower the image of our fine and glorious nation, envied and famed all over the world for our ancient civilisation and Mahatma Gandhii.”

We understand the warning, and, therefore, dare not smash those who give such advice to us while at the same time controlling Broadcasting, and denying dual nationality. You do get the picture of the “rascals”, and THE INCOMPETENT, controlling Delhi? Don’t you?

It is like that girl who rang up WDR television in Germany on the night of April 2 and 3, 2001, to say that her step father had abused her sexually from the tender age of five, threatening her not to mention it to anyone. She was too terrified even to tell it to her mother.

The same BLACKMAIL is true in the case of the Indians. “Never let down your nation, regardless of the corruption, dishonesty and treason of the rulers.”

The very act of betrayal of Lahore and four other capitals of States in India (Hyderabad, Quetta, Peshawar and Dhaka), and the ethnic cleansing that followed (logically and predictably), was no less than the rape of “maiden India” at her very birth.

Your Excellency, a crime is a crime whether committed by an individual or a government. In the former case, one may take the complaint to a court. But where does one go to demand the trial of a corrupt and dishonest government- in this case the Government of India? We believe that United Nations is the best place for this.

Here is the charge sheet-

1. They call India a democracy and the whole world finds it very convenient to echo and broadcast this lie. But in India Broadcasting is state owned and controlled. This is a CRIME of first magnitude against a CAPTIVE one billion people kept at the level of morons through deliberate neglect and run down of Education. Please arrange an inspection of schools, colleges and universities in India to see the state of neglect, deprivation and filth.

2. A government as a whole is supposed to uphold honesty. But every cabinet minister in India, including the prime minister, is accused of taking bribes to the tune of millions of dollars. The media are full of such accusations. Yet no trial can proceed seriously since the government themselves are the main accused. The cases that have been filed for the sake of election propaganda, will drag on for decades till the present generation of Indians dies away.

Chief criminals are the late RAJIV GANDHI (Bofors commissions and BCCI kickbacks) and Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao (“Hawala” case!). The Government have dirtied their hands in numerous other scams and scandals, e.g., telecom, sugar, stock market, banking, foreign exchange, ad infinitum.

3. There can be NO democracy where there are two laws in one country. In India there is one law for the ignorant Hindus and another (Sharia) for the aggressive Muslims. This is criminal in a democracy that calls itself secular, too.

4. A government is supposed to be interested in peace. But Government of India is deliberately perpetrating the revolt in South Kashmir (NORTH is in Pakistan!) by keeping Article 370 of Cosntitution in force.

According to this Article, the citizens of Kashmir are a very special and privileged people as compared to the others in the rest of India. United Nations ought to look at this Article closely and DEMAND AN EXPLANATION from the Government of India as to why it cannot be repealed.

One cannot blame the Kashmiri separatists who are “constitutionally” so special and separate but then asked to live in the country of “rats” who themselves cannot dream of such privileges in their own states across India!

According to this Article, NO Indian can buy any property in South Kashmir while a citizen of South Kashmir can buy property ANYWHERE in India” Even the President of India (a despicable “nigger” under its provisions!) cannot buy a house or shop in Srinagar, being an Indian! But he does not seem to mind this!

5. A government is supposed to ensure the safety and security of their citizens. Does the UNO know that at this time close to 300,000 Hindus, who fled South Kashmir due to Muslim uprising, are living as refugees all over India?

6. Above all, a government is supposed to be loyal towards its ARMED FORCES and sensitive to a soldier’s dignity.

The Government of India have used the Indian Army as a degraded mercenary force and checked its advance, or held it back, from absolute victory in every war and conflict since 1947.

The “liberated” East Pakistan is today an ISLAMIC republic where the status of an Indian (her liberator!) is that of a “DOG”. The Americans are still respected in Paris for being the liberators in 1944, while the Indians are hated in Bangladesh.

The family of an Indian soldier, who dies defending democracy and secularism in South Kashmir, is NOT entitled to buy any property there due to Article 370 of the Constitution!

7. Government of India professes Secularism. Yet this year it paid for the fares and expenses of 35,000 MUSLIM pilgrims to Arabia. Foreign Minister, Salman Khurshid, flew on to Mecca to welcome them on behalf of his government. Is that secular, or acting like a donkey under a Muslim rider?

We earnestly request the UNO to order a trial of the entire cabinet in India for corruption, treason and dishonesty besides their criminal neglect and betrayal of the Armed Forces. At the time of departure of the British in 1947, there was peace in India (including South Kashmir) and the Armed Forces could boast of dignity and honour, even victories. Today, due to Congress dictatorship, India is decomposing and disintegrating rapidly and her Armed Forces are under compromising, cowardly and “politically appointed” useless generals led by an unscrupulous parliament and a gang of thoroughly corrupt ministers. (PS: The UNO ought to inform themselves of the manner of election of the present Chief Minister of Bihar. -April 2001).

8. The rulers of India are accused of HIGH TREASON for not doing anything to re-unify the country that broke up on an ABSURD criterion in 1947.

If the Muslims are a second nation, entitled to their separate and exclusive homeland, then what are they doing in the Rest of India? They ought to be ‘persona non grata’, or asked to QUIT INDIA for Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The Government of India will not set up a HOLOCAUST MSEUM to commemorate the two million killed and over twenty million displaced due to the sudden and unprovoked MUSLIM onslaught which broke up India into three unviable fragments that will eventually bring about their own destruction. The loss of millions of more lives must be attributable to the CRIME of silence by the present government of India.

9. Government of India are totally indifferent towards the fate and well-being of the Indians living abroad. They did nothing to help those kicked unceremoniously out of Uganda and Fiji. It is criminal to the extreme.

The confidence of the INDIANS everywhere on earth and of the rest of the world, will be restored in the United Nations Organisation if the trial of the corrupt and criminal rulers of India is ordered forthwith.”


PS: The UNO obviously SHIRKED their duty and responsibility. They will eventually see the civil war break out in India, and then perhaps watch millions perish in the fires of mutual religious hatred. They will then draw the simple conclusion: Partition was absurd and had to be annulled.

Or, it had to be brought to its logical conclusion by expelling all the Muslims from PARTITIONED India after the Hindus and Sikhs had been wiped out in Pakistan, and degraded and decimated in Bangladesh.