Date: 4/22/2001



It's a pity that most of you will never read the following since there is a terrible unwritten law and a ruthless unspoken policy to keep you terrified, ignorant, timid and subservient. That goes for ALL THE INDIANS, big or small, rich or poor, Philosopher, scholar, professor, doctor, bunya, Rajput, pandit, priest, field marshal or general- MAN and WOMAN.

That is why Broadcasting is still State owned and controlled in India which boasts of being a democracy. That's why the forlorn degraded NRI (the Indian who managed to ESCAPE the “hell, fire and secularism” of his Hindusthan) is NOT entitled to dual nationality- just in case he may "pass on ideas" to his fellow Indians back home. The cost of telephoning between America and Japan is less than a quarter of what it is between America and India. Why? Because one is the free and independent land of Americans while the other is the run down mismanaged slave colony of HINDUS & SIKHS, where PEOPLE are driven by "DUNDAA, WHIP, STICK & GUN".

NO prime minister has repeated the word EDUCATION while in office like Mr. Tony Blair of the United Kingdom where computers have penetrated Education down to INFANT level and every university student has his own personal e-mail. Even the President of the tiny Baltic state of Lithuania has given a call (April 18, 2001) to provide one computer per ten pupils at every school. How does THAT compare with India which has sent her best sons and daughters ABROAD to 'man, serve and develop' all kinds of electronic communication.

Obviously the prime ministers who send their own children abroad for EDUCATION will not invest in education at home.

Dear betrayed INDIANS,

It suits your RULERS perfectly well (just as it suited your repressive British masters until 1947, and your terribly savage and brutal MUSLIM masters prior to 1857 AD) if you are kept at the level of cattle so that they can crush and plunder the nation while rewarding their own families, friends and cronies. The manner of appointment of the Chief Minister of Bihar (Rabri Devi), amply demonstrates the quality of democracy in India. (She was put in that chair when her husband was facing charges for corruption as chief minister!)

All TOTALITARIAN regimes are like that, including those masquerading as democracies. Ask those detained, tortured and even killed by police and the security forces in Bihar and Assam, East Punjab and Delhi (1984) and in South Kashmir since.

Even the most corrupt on earth boast of their democratic credentials. Did Adolf Hitler ever expose his mind to his nation by saying, "I am a ruthless dictator."? He was projected as the greatest leader of all times by his own people. So was Mussolini.

While the Germans and the Italians, and even the Russians, cleared up their dirty past very quickly, the Indians still remain "morons", blind to their past and even their future, due to their collective DENIAL OF PAST.

The language used below is "strong", but still it can NOT match or describe the CRIMES of HIGH TREASON that we KNOW were committed by the rulers of India in the past. We must look at them if we wish to assess India as a nation and see its future.

Isn't it amazing that MANY in India will take strong objection to any impolite or abusive language, feel sick, and switch off even if that will make them more IGNORANT?

What a FALSE and BOGUS self-esteem the Indian race has which is so high up in an individual, but so low down, and in dust, when it comes to the country?

Now here is something to think about those times when we did ABUSE our so-called leaders, who were, in REALITY, only "mice & jackals" among the towering leaders of the other nations.

No one, even in his dream, could abuse the British or the French prime minister. They do their duty immaculately and wish there were 48 hours in a day to enable them to do what they set out to do while taking the oath of office. But the picture is radically different in BHARAT, the land of Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak.

As one can see, the following was written a few years ago. But it is still quite VALID.


When Pandit Nehry surrendered Lahore without a FIGHT or CHALLENGE, the people of that city seeing their homes on fire and fleeing for their lives, shouted in one voice at him, "YOU BASTARD!"

When Pandit Nehru suddenly ordered the ceasefire in Kahmir while th Indian Army was rapidly advancing, recovering our own territory, every betrayed SOLDIER in the Indian Army shouted, "YOU BASTARD!"

When Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Nehru's daughter, instead of commending her Secularism to Shaikh Mujiburrahman, let him go sovereign and independent, the stunned WEST Bengalis shouted in one voice, "YOU BITCH!"

When she, instead of freeing BROADCASTING from Government's control and ownership, declared Emergency, locking up her country's intelligentsia in prisons, the whole nation shouted in one voice, "YOU BITCH!"

When Rajiv Gandhi wasted his years in Cambridge and came home without a degree or diploma, but with a worthless Italian-born "White Elephant" in order to shine the torch of civilisation upon the backward native "devil-worshipping" spiritually lost HINDU women, the nation of timid morons was enraged but did not abuse him.

However, when the rascal took BOFORS commission and BCCI kickbacks, and sent his Army to Sri Lanka to kill the Tamils of Indian origin instead of protecting their civic rights, lives and livelihood, the nation did shout in one voice: "YOU BASTARD!"

When Rashtrapati SHANKAR DAYAL SHARMA refused to annul Article 370 of the Constitution that gives far more privileges to SOUTH Kashmir than to the truncated States of WEST Bengal and EAST Punjab, the whole nation shouted with one voice, "YOU BASTARD!"

When PV Narasimha Rao named Connaught Place after "CHOR & THUG" Rajiv Gandhi, and the Delhi International Airport after his mother, the arrogant political WITCH of Hindusthan, instead of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, Maharaja Ranjit Singh or even General Hari Singh Nalwa, and also cheated the nation in UREA Scam, everyone shouted with one voice, "YOU BASTARD!"

When HD Deve Gowda promised reservations to the Dalit Christians who cannot belong to any scheduled caste if they are Christians, and to the MUSLIMS who ought to be in Pakistan as per Treaty of Eternal Separation & Partition of 1947, the whole nation shouted with one voice, "YOU BASTARD!"

When ex cabinet minister SUKH RAM was accused of cheating the nation to the tune of crores of rupees, everyone shouted, "YOU BASTARD!"

When Governor Surendra Nath of EAST Punjab unexpectedly died in a plane crash while carrying millions of rupees, Mafia style, to fan the fires of militancy in South Kashmir and East Punjab, the stunned nation shouted, "YOU BASTARD!"

How will such India stand up to her enemies at home and abroad if she is still being held to ransom by BITCHES & BASTARDS? How?

NB: The INDIANS have still to look at the loyalty of their Defence Minister and the FAILURES of all the chiefs of Army, Navy & Air Force Staffs, to shout at them in the same way.