Date: 4/23/2001



Do we recall the frequent visits by Yasser Arafat of PLO to India under the jackboot of NEHRU Dynasty since 1947?

He is welcomed as a great hero, as a role model. Even the despicable SIKH Giani, Zail Singh, PRESIDENT OF INDIA of one billion people, in Guru Gobind Singh’s turban, embraced him in order to please his mistress INDIRA KHAN without any clue as to what Mr. Arafat stood for.

“West Bank and Gaza are to Arafat as Lahore and Nankana Sahib ought to be to Zail Singh ZALEEL,” said a displaced (refugee) Sikh from Rawalpindi in disgust.

Mr. Arafat stood for (as he proclaims from rooftops) SECULAR PALESTINE where Muslims, Christians and Jews could live together as equal citizens.

He condemns the Jewish occupation of his land. But does Arafat ever condemn the MOHAMMEDAN OCCUPATION OF LAHORE?

Does he ever mention that Indians and Pakis and BOGUSdeshis, too, could live together under one umbrella of Secularism? NO.

Arafat is a schizophrenic MOHAMMEDAN who cries out when the shoe pinches him but overlooks all the grief and pain of MUTILATED bleeding HINDU India, regarding her as the INFERIOR “Land of Hindus”. Sadly, what the clueless subservient Hindus of Hindusthan do, only confirms his superior attitude towards them.

He looks at the Indians just as the manly Saudis look at the sub human specimens from Islamic Pakistan and Bangladesh- INFERIOR, CORRUPT, CLUELESS and CONTEMPTIBLE.

And the rulers of HINDU India oblige him by acting so inferior, laying red carpet for him, awarding him medals and monetary awards which their own POOR fellow Indians badly need.

Every visit to Hindusthan by Yasser Arafat is like that of a bull to a “cow on heat”.

India could have thought of as many visits by a VIP from Japan, China, Mongolia, Thailand- even Buddhist Burma. But NO! An Arab Muslim is a semi god to the Hindus of Delhni as to the Muslims of Lahore- both being one and the same degraded Indian race.

But NO. Our subjugated Hindu “cow” is forced to regard Middle East as the Land of Bounty. Not even a visitor from Hindu Nepal is so honoured as this “saala” of Pandit Nehru and Indira & Rajiv KHAN.

How is it that PARTITIONED India dare not invite the Head of State of ISRAEL and offer him a red carpet welcome just as she does so obligingly and willingly to the Pope and Mr. Arafat?

Whose “concubine” is this rotten India of the degraded Hindus, some of them billionaires?

Finally, how is it that this obliging gentlemanly HINDU India does not encourage the HINDUS in EAST Bengal and the Sikhs in WEST Punjab to rise in "INTIFADA", PLO STYLE, and invite Mr. Yasser Arafat to say a few words of encouragement and fraternal support?