Date: 4/24/2001



Do you know that the southernmost tip of India, touching on three oceans, has been regarded sacred by the Hindus since times immemorial. Out of divine respect for this patch of Mother Earth (Dharti Maata), the Hindus have called it , a princess, KANYA KUMARI, for centuries. Now she lies raped, at least with regard to its name! It is under a very vile and dirty name.

At first came the European masters to destroy the original names and beauty of India. They had little regard for the native tongues and our holy places, phrases and names. They gave the place the tongue-twisting name of PIGMALLION POINT. But people’s memory still retained KANYA KUMARI and they called it accordingly.

In 1947 our dear India was not only devoured by indigenous Muslims but also by the indigenous “bast****” who bore Hindu names but furthered and cherished FOREIGN ideology and loved Islam while smashing Hinduism.

In spite of this obvious insult to, and disregard of, native traditions, they pressed ahead in defiling every nook and corner of BROKEN Bharat, that is, PARTITIONED India. To their benefit, native Hindus have been sleeping and are still deeply asleep.

Native mal-administration, corruption and exploitation since 1947 has proved even more harmful and lethal for the PEOPLE of India. What an impressive name like Jawahar, who, in reality, was “black coal” for the Hindus at Partition Talks in 1947. The Barrister at Law from London could not even utter the word “Plebiscite” over Partition.

His counterpart was an INDIAN BORN Mohammedan called MOHAMMED Ali Jinnah who was a patriotic and secular Indian until just a couple of years before his DEATH when he suddenly swore death to the Hindus of Noakhali and Karachi and the Sikhs of Rawalpindi and Gujranwala.

Corruption was not the only cancer of Congress (Party) of Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohammed Ali Jinnah (who had been its PRESIDENT earlier!). It was “stalinisation” and brutalisation of India under their feet in a big way.

Just as everything was named after the Soviet dictator Stalin, everything was given the name “Jawahar”, “Indira” or “Rajiv” in India. The whole sub continent is DEGRADED by these filthy, treacherous and dishonest names of corrupt rascals and treacherous witches. Foremost among these treacherous criminals was none else but INDIRA KHAN, aka Gandhi.

O’ Hindu, now look at her record FEARLESSLY. The salient points were-

1. Attaching Golden Temple in Amritsar INSTEAD OF raising Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

2. Training Tamil “freedom fighters” in Tamil Nadu to fight the Government of Sri Lanka. Later, they were to be attacked by her son, the notorious “BOFORS CHOR” in 1987.

3. Feeding her own ego by encouraging her despicable stooges to forget the great national heroes, inventors, fighters, warriors, sages, thinkers and writers, but, instead, to name every damn thing, from Infant schools to colleges and museums after her. Among these DESECRATED and DEGRADED spots is KANYA KUMARI, which is now called Indira Point.

In the “Light of Andamans”, published from Port Blair, dated March 15, 2001, we read in the editorial, “Pigmallion Point, now called Indira Point, is the last corner of India touching the Indian Ocean. Previously it was Kanyakumari. So this territory has its own strategic importance from defence point of view and shipping trade routes. It should be developed just like Americans have developed Diego Gracia.”

(Dear Editor, you have a pious hope of developing it like Diego Gracia. How about recovering its original sacred name “KANYA KUMARI” first, from the clutches of the Political WITCH of Hindusthan?)

Sadly, if the President, the Prime Minister, the entire Lok Sabha, and all the Governors and chief ministers of India have NO shame or disgust whatsoever in landing at, and taking off from, “Indira Gandhi International Airport” in New Delhi, then how can one blame the poor editor who has been summoned several times already to court for speaking out the Truth on Partition and Mohammed?

If they can push Guru Tegh Bahadur, Banda Singh Bairagi, even Prithvi Raj Chohan, far behind this worthless Indira in naming umpteen national and top level institutions in the country- Soviet Union style- then what future of this demoralised and demolished Hindu “Jagat” whose Jawans are PERISHING in South Kashmir and where to a SIKH the absence of a symbol on a fellow Sikh seems a far greater disaster and calamity than the absence of Lahore, Gujranwala and NANKANA SAHIB from the map of his Punjab!

All the Non Resident Indians, and most HINDUS back home, would surely expect the “rape” of Kanyakumari to end forthwith. The southernmost tip of sacred HINDUSTHAN must be re-named promptly and with due respect to our native culture and traditions.

Indira KHAN (a.k.a. “Gandhi”) belongs to her FEROZE KHAN while her father belonged to Edwina and the Arabs. Neither was Hindu or Indian. Nor was Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah. a close friend of the Nehrus.

Indira’s name is profane and vulgar in hindsight. She did IMMENSE damage to national unity and integrity, surrendered EAST Bengal UNCONDITIONALLY a second time to the rabid fundamentalist and separatist Islam, sealed everyone’s lips during Emergency, and suppressed our great Hindu family in every conceivable way.

This is the Truth that is irrepressible. This is the fact that is undeniable. And both are projected by SOUL that is indestructible.

We must restore the original glorious name of KANYA KUMARI and show to the world that we are an HONOURABLE nation, not the “concubine” or “coolie” of any Nehru and his unworthy arrogant offspring.