Date: 4/25/2001


Hindu Collapse, Blight of Sikhs Sikh calamity: Limp Hindu Jagat

When ALL the natives of India were crushed into pulp due to the weight of our abject slavery, losing the Will to stand up on our own feet, recover our freedoms, including that of worship, Guru Tegh Bahadurji appeared as a great Saviour. He lost his head in 1675 AD.

There was a sudden and amazing rejuvenation when Guru Gobind Singhji invited everyone to bear arms and wear uniform. Many thousands responded to his call and did just that to save their LIVES, DAUGHTERS, TEMPLES and TERRITORY- the four favourite KAFIR targets of Islam at the time of its birth.

The Sikhs played a significant historic role thereafter, and could even create an Empire worthy of note by the super power in the world of that time. The seat of their POLITICAL power & might was in LAHORE.

But what went wrong in 1947?

The Sikhs could neither produce a Guru Tegh Bahadur nor a Guru Gobind Singh. Instead, they produced a “buck-ree” Baldev Singh who was known as Nehru’s poodle.

We believe that the Sikh train is badly de-railed. They are badly informed and educated and will promptly notice the absence of a visible symbol on a Sikh’s face to boycott or excommunicate him, but NOT the absence of Lahore, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi from the map of Punjab.

Shouldn’t Mohammed’s status in Lahore and Dhaka be the same as that of Sri Rama in Mecca and of Guru Nanak in Medina?

Why not, if we Hindus and Sikhs are not just a herd of cattle on earth?

-Kurukshetra April 25, 2001