Date: 4/25/2001


After Ghori, Gandhi, Zakir & Fakhruddin, it's Sonia's turn to fool us. Watch out!

In the history of nations, rarely does one come across the plight and suffering, comparable to what the Hindus of India have experienced over the past centuries. The surprising element is that in all cases, mind you, in all cases, the tragedy was caused by our own leaders. The other day, India's top ranking nuclear scientist Abdul Kalam wrote that never ever Hindus had attacked or persecuted another nation. But India was always at the receiving end of unmitigated butchery, lechery and treachery, throughout the ages. And when one goes through the history of India, even that written by the invading Mohammedan rulers, the nature and degree of persecution meted out to the civil and tolerant people of India, can be seen to be exceptionally brutal. And this truth has consistently been suppressed; by whom? By our own people at the helm of national affairs. The Gandhis, the Nehrus and all other riff raff that happened to be in charge, here and there. And who suffered as a result of all this shameless conduct of the Jaichands, the Umichands, the V.P. Singhs, the invading rascals, the looters, rapists and vandals? Surprisingly, our very own people minimized the gravity of the blood-letting, the killings, the sale of our women in the open slave-markets of savage lands like Arabia, Persia, Afghanistan and even as far as in Iraq and Morocco.

The purpose of this short article is to focus the attention of our readers to a few typical aspects of such goings on since the time of Mohammad Ghori till Sonia Maino of Orbassano, a small village in northern Italy.

Ghori was defeated by Prithviraj Singh Chauhan, not once but seventeen times. And every time, Prithviraj let Ghori go away scot free; he even offered gold and silver for the trouble he had taken to come on horse back all the way from his desert land to the Golden 'Ind. He was not punished. It is hard to believe that there were not one in whole of India who could see through the game the Mohammedan was playing. After every defeat the invader played it cool to fool the Hindu king, time and time again. Well, such foolishness could never go unpunished and on the seventeenth time, Prithviraj was vanquished and met a painful death. He paid for his own stupidity. Up to there, justice was done. Fools all over the world have to pay for their folly. But the worse thing that happened, happened to the common people of India, the subjects of king Prithviraj. They had to pay dearly for all the gold and silver, provide the slaves, the men and women, to serve the devilish camel-drivers.

One would think that such singular experience would not be wasted; that our intelligent men and women would see what went wrong. They would get together among themselves and devise means to prevent such happenings in the future. But has that happened? Not at all!

We had a guy called Gandhi. In this case, it was his true name unlike the false names of a host of people carrying that same name. Gandhi was a bania from Kathiawad of Gujarat. His life story is very interesting. He never read the Vedas, the primary source of Hindu learning, thought and philosophy but nevertheless posed as if he was a seer of the Vedas, almost like Veda Vyas or Valmiki. He said many things and whenever things went awry, he would fast. He would appeal to the softer nature of the Hindu people and tell them in a round about way how much he was suffering from his self imposed (mind you, no one had told him to suffer by) fasting and the Hindus would get broken hearted.

India was once attacked by Pakistani raiders and Pakistan was being defeated by the Hindu forces and this old man started a fast demanding that the government of India must help the raiders win and India lose; how can one do that? The raiders did not have enough funds for the fight, so ergo, Hindu India will have to give Pakistanis, a huge amount of money. How much? Well, the old decrepit man would order India to give away fifty-five crores of rupees to the rogues. They were already burning away our countryside, using the mosques as arsenals and even as brothels where they raped Christian nuns of Kashmir. But the old man wanted to dissociate himself from normal and healthy human impulses. He wanted to behave in accordance with what he thought to be divine conduct. His lackey Jawahar supported him without appearing to do so and eventually the Kathiawadi was kaput; he was shot dead by a youngman named Nathuram. The leaders of the Hindu public, the Nehrus, spoke out against the killing of Gandhi but then no body, but no body, could come up with a viable solution to mitigate the situation. And who suffered? The people of India of course!

Then let us look at Zakir Husain, the erstwhile Vice Chancellor of the Jamia Millia Islamia of Delhi, the capital city. The Mohammedan was a notorious Hindu-baiter while the enemies of the nation passed him off as a secularist. When his grand-daughter fell in love with a Hindu boy, Zakir refused to give his permission for the wedding UNLESS the Hindu boy became a Mohammedan. Jawahar was still the prime minister and pressure was brought to bear and the boy became a Mohammedan prior to the nikah with the grand-daughter of Zakir. It was Jawahar that had hired Zakir as the Vice President of India and some time later, Jawahar quietly died of syphilis, by virtue of the clean(?) life he used to lead. It was Indira who had later promoted Zakir to the post of the first Mohammedan President of India.

Things went from bad to worse. Indira Gandhi, the wife of Feroz Khan (aka Gandhi), son of Nawab Khan, a Sunni liquor-vendor, eventually became India's prime minister. Things were bad as ever. She hired her second son named Sanjay (aka Sanjiv) Gandhi as her quasi-plenipotentiary. This young man could do anything, literally anything, without the slightest regard for others. The mother Indira had to clamp down Emergency Rules on the whole country. How did she do that? Well, she had hired a Mohammedan president named Fakhruddin ('glory of Islam') Ahmed his only qualification being docility and 'ji-hazoori'. His real job had been to look after the rights of the people. In stead, he permitted Indira to clamp down Emergency over the entire nation. Legally he could do that but was it right for him to do so? Not at all. In short, he betrayed the nation and if some one had assassinated him, that would have been the right punishment for the pliable president. No one seems to realize that all these members of Parliament, president and vice-president, the judges and so on and so forth including the editors and journalists, had a more important duty and that was to look after the true interest of the people. Well, the leaders again betrayed the people of India. And all this didn't take place in the twinkling of an eye. The evolution of the crisis took some time and during that time, our country seemed to lack the right kind of people who could think and foresee the worst scenario and prepare for such eventuality. There was no one that would shout 'Stop' so that the people's attention could be drawn to the robbery that was about to take place. India's people were robbed of their rights and millions were locked up in prisons, for months and months. And surprise of surprises, the same broad re-became India's prime minister within the span of a few months. True, she was chastened a bit but not for long. Her son Sanjay started his nefarious games and our gods could not take it any longer. He was snuffed out in his own plane when Sanjay himself was at its controls. No one else could be blamed for the accident but Sanjay himself.

Things happened in the mean time that our leaders should have known. Talks of partition were going on and Zakir clandestinely applied for a job under Mohammed Ali Jinnah of Pakistan, India's arch-enemy. But Jinnah hated such men of false principles. He obviously found the conduct of Zakir nauseating. How can some one working in a very responsible position in the Indian government look for a job in enemy Pakistan, behind the scene of course! Jinnah did not hire him for the simple reason that the very next day, the same Zakir would go to some other place leaving Jinnah and his Pakistan, high and dry. Jinnah did, however, hire a number of men proposed by Zakir and in due time, Indira hired Zakir as India's president. No one realized that this was a serious situation. India had thus an enemy of the state as the country's president who had the ultimate power over the fate of India. If nothing serious had happened that was because of the blessings of our gods! The entire matter was suppressed by the then GoI under the Congress party. While everyone in Pakistan knew of Zakir's shenanigans no one in India knew of the treacherous game that Zakir had played in Delhi.

And the situation is no less delicate today. And this situation has arisen because of the carelessness of our leaders. Sonia, who would cling to her Italian citizenship and still claim to be an Indian citizen of only a few years and when times of difficulty face us, as had already happened, she would no doubt flee to her bellissima Italia leaving India in distress. All her pleas for the love of India are false of course; even an idiot can see that but not our Kocheril Raman Narayanan. It was Bhimrao Ambedkar who had formulated India's Constitution but quite clearly he did a rotten job of it. Why didn't he copy the US Constitution, from top to bottom? He could not have gone too wrong!

If only Moti Lal had been alive, Sonia would not be there. Writes Tariq Ali in his book titled AN INDIAN DYNASTY on page 16: "Before he (meaning young Jawahar) left India his mother and aunts had told him explicitly that they would forgive all his sins in advance, provided that he never fell in love with or married an English woman. They filled his head with images of vampires prowling the streets, just waiting to pounce on innocents like himself. What had struck him as odd, even then, was that his father, supposedly a modern man, had reinforced these strictures. Motilal was subsequently to emphasize his views on this question even more strongly. He confessed to his son that he found the very notion of 'mixed breed' or 'Eurasian' children repugnant. He warned Jawaharlal that if such a dread event were to occur he, Motilal, would not be able to feel affectionate toward his own grandchildren." One wonders if only Motilal had known that his great-grand-children were going to be a mixture of Italian and Anglo-Indian with the Indian part in a pitifully small trace, what would have been his reaction!

Unfortunately, we do not have all the answers but one thing has been made quite clear and that is that our leaders of India today are worse than goats and pigs. They don't foresee that dire days are in front of us. Having a broad like Sonia as the Prime Minister would in any case be a fraud to the people and the people of India might go under servitude once again, who knows for how many decades, to be ruled by the kind of thieves like Quattrocchi!

And to think that God has given us not one but two eyes to see with, not one but two ears to hear with but the so called educated of our media seem to see and hear nothing but still have a lot to say, in spite of the fact of having one mouth only. The secularists know very well how to use their primary publicity gadget, their mouths. Just take up any of the hundreds of journals lying around and the amount of garbage spread over the pages will amaze you with names of writers flaunting as secularists of all hues. Not one will tell you of Sonia's mother's impromptu visit to New Delhi in anticipation of her daughter's imminent anointing as India's new Prime Minister by Kocheril. And did we know that Signora Maino had been accompanied by a hundred Italian businessmen, all the way from Rome? No one will remind us how Sonia fled to Italy with her hubby and two kids when the Pakistanis were at war with India. She did the same again when Indira lost her election in 1977. Only this time she fled to the Italian embassy in New Delhi.

Let us look out for the mentally handicapped morons: the Kuldip Nayyars, Khushwant Singhs, Asghar Ali Engineers, Tahir Mehmoods, Syed Shahabuddins, Mani Shankar Aiyars, Nikhil Chakravarties, Ashish Nandis, Vir Sanghvis et al. These men and many more are working over time to harm India. Dark days are afoot. Let us not fool ourselves. The abundance of Mir Zafars all around us proves the point! Unlike in the past, this time, a reply in kind needs to follow; the peace-loving Hindu owes it to them!