Date: 4/25/2001


Jinnah And Today's Pakistan

Most Indians are not aware of the respect in which Mohammed Ali Jinnah used to be held by the Pakistanis in general, at the time of partition and formation of Pakistan. He had been given the title: 'Hazrat Qaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah Alehe Rahmat' by his compatriots at the time. Writes Anwar Shaikh: "This description bestows a greater dignity on him than that of a Muslim saint. It is an outcome of the Hindu tradition, which makes ancestor-worship an integral part of Dharma, and clearly shows that the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent share a common culture with the Hindus and are racially the same people. Without this unity of background, Jinnah could not have been treated by the Pakistanis as if he were one of the spiritual luminaries of Islam."

A title of the Prophet Muhammad is 'Hadi-e-Azam' i.e., the great guide. Jinnah's title: 'The Qaid-e-Azam' means very much the same. Again, the use of 'Hazrat' as prefix and 'Alehe Rahmat' as suffix, further adds to his devotional splendor. Apparently, the matter ended there.

On the day of Pakistan's independence, before the flag of Pakistan had even been hoisted that August day, Jinnah told the future legislators of the new country:

"You are free, free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other places of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed - that has nothing to do with the business of the State."

In his speech, Jinnah also proclaimed that "the first duty of a government is to maintain law and order, so that life, property and religious beliefs of its subjects are fully protected by the State."

Amongst the evils which he vowed would not be tolerated were bribery, corruption, black-marketing, and "this great evil - the evil of nepotism and jobbery."

All the above is well-known to everyone and more so to the rulers of Pakistan, past and present. Admittedly, this renders Pervaiz Musharraf's obligations rather difficult.

Jinnah is dead for many decades now. The responsibility for the well-being of the State of Pakistan and its residents (all residents, including Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and even Shias and Qadianis) primarily devolved first on Jinnah's colleagues and then on his followers, as time went on. And we all know that Jinnah's promises had NOT been kept. The country, a fundamentalist, primarily Sunni Islamic State, has mostly cleaned itself of all non-Muslims, either by slaughter, forced exile or forced conversion.

The truth is that the colleagues of Jinnah, who had offered him unswerving loyalty, believing him to be a sincere idealist, lost respect for him soon after the creation of Pakistan, the land of the 'pure'. Jinnah neither offered himself for re-election, even as reverence to the doctrine of democracy, nor did he consult anyone, including the Parliament in appointing ministers. Realizing that Jinnah thought of himself to be the proprietor of Pakistan, his colleagues turned against him. And although Jinnah himself was fully aware of this attitude of his colleagues, he did not or could not handle the situation at the time, as it should have been done.

There was even an attempt to assassinate him but Jinnah survived. He was a chain smoker and was stricken with cancer which fact was known among the inner circle of politicians and friends but closely guarded from the general public of Pakistan. Naturally, Pakistani people were totally surprised when Jinnah died abruptly from cancer.

It is said that when the news of Jinnah's death was transmitted to Dhaka, the capital city of the then East Pakistan, the city was stunned. The local authorities were totally unprepared for public mourning for the death of the Head of the State. Many did not even know what to wear at meetings for such mournings in the capital. The wife of a high-ranking Punjabi officer stationed at Dhaka arrived dressed in her most ostentatious salwar-kameez and the Bengali Muslim lady who was overseeing the ceremony, was scandalized at the Punjabi lady's make-up. She offered her a wet towel to wipe off her rouge and lip-stick, meaning well of course. But the wife of the high officer from Lahore took it as an affront and told the Bengali woman that she was sorry that Jinnah was no more but then she has not been rendered a widow by Jinnah's death either.

Things were not so smooth in West Pakistan either. When Jinnah was in a sanatorium at Ziarat (Baluchistan), he was suddenly visited by the then prime minister, Liaqat Ali Khan. Jinnah said to his sister Fatima, "Do you know why he has come...he wants to know if I am going to last any longer." Such was the nature of the atmosphere at the top level of Pakistan's ruling coterie, at the time.

Writes Anwar Shaikh in his book, 'The Tale of Two Gujarati Saints': "There was a distance of about a thousand miles between East and West Pakistan...History shows that one can have a far-flung empire, but it is impossible to think of a homeland whose parts lie a thousand miles away intercepted by a long hostile territory...Yet Mr. Jinnah insisted on the formation of Pakistan!...The man, obviously, wanted to be a hero at the expense of innocent people...

" ...Nationhood is not founded on religion but blood ties, a common culture and homeland, yet Jinnah insisted that religion was the corner-stone of Muslim nationhood. If this were true, then Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. would have been one state. Jinnah should have spent his energies to unify the Muslims of separate provinces of Pakistan. But then, either he did not have the time or he did not see the need for it. He perhaps depended too much on Islam and its imaginary and miraculous effect on the Muslims. Although the only common trait of Pakistani people is the hatred of Hindus and anything Indian, the all important and very necessary unity of the Pakistanis themselves have not been achieved. The Punjabis rule the roost as in the recent past when the West Pakistanis used to rule the East Pakistanis, while depending upon slogans such as:

Islam Ka Matlab Kya? La Ila Ha Il Allah.

Such a call never had the desired appeal to normal Pakistani citizens. As soon as the Hindus/Sikhs were all gone, Pakistan's integrity as a nation was no more. The entire existence of Pakistan, before and after Jinnah, had only one binding element. It was the hatred for Hindus and all other non-Muslims. And soon enough the Islamic laws of Jehad came largely into play, laws that were mostly unknown to the unbelievers, thanks to the sustained ignorance of our countrymen.

According to the laws of Jehad, killing, raping, arson and loot become moral methods of warfare when used against infidels. These are not considered as sinful acts any more; on the other hand, such acts are considered as acts of Islamic piety. A mujahid earns most favors from Allah if he has slaughtered the most infidels. (Please read up "This is Jehad!" by Anwar Shaikh, if you have any doubts!)

In any event, replacement of the deceased Jinnah by Liaqat Ali Khan, another feudal lord, almost like Nawaz Sharief, didn't work. Liaqat Ali was assassinated soon after and the game of musical chairs was resumed. Then came Bhutto but he too was removed by his own appointee, Ziaul Haq. Pervaiz Musharraf and Nawaz Sharief are almost in the same scenario and the world is silently waiting to see if the results are going to repeat themselves!

In the mean time, Muslims in India who call themselves 'secular' as opposed to Muslims in Pakistan who are openly 'fundamentalists', are despondent at the turn of events at Kargil. No doubt Indian Muslims are busy praying to their Allah for a miracle to bring disaster to India and the Hindus. The treachery, lechery and butchery of Muslims in India have been legendary and nothing has happened to change that. No country can survive the burden of a huge parasitic population which considers itself alien and superior to India and her ethos, who openly rejoice at every mishap that befalls the country, be it a simple defeat at a cricket match or a natural disaster; their propensity to harm the host country by any means, acts of sabotage or terrorism are well-known. Allah is supposed to admire such conduct among His followers. Muhammad tells every time he opens his mouth, that Allah divided mankind in two separate peoples: the party of Allah and the party of Satan, in other words, Muslims and unbelievers like the Hindus. Thus were created Hizb-e-Allah and Hizb-e-Shaitan. The Muslims of India imagine that Allah will underwrite all activities of the Muslims, never mind how corrupt and incompetent they are. But then, at this rate, even Allah will go bankrupt. Who can support such lazy, quarrelsome, fornication-prone, incompetent people full of jealousy and greed among whom the two solitary things that shine are sex and violence!

In the name of fictitious secularism, India had hired a traitor Muslim president, Zakir Husain, after he had failed in his endeavor to secure a job directly under Mohammed Ali Jinnah of Pakistan, as early as in June 1947, even BEFORE partition of the sub-continent! Now his grand-son, Salman Khurshid, manages Sonia's Congress party. We permitted the goateed Gujral to distribute tourist visas to Pakistanis from Islamabad in huge numbers, rendering it impossible for the Indian police to keep track of such 'tourists', while acts of sabotage inside the country mounted immensely.

Our people had to flee for life from the vale of Kashmir in droves, for years and years. And what did the Congress government do? It hired a Kashmiri Mohammedan named Ghulam Nabi Azad as India's Minister of Aviation, only to enable the Dawood gang flee to Dubai by air after they had done all that damage in Mumbai. The traitor did not think of downing ALL planes in the wake of the bombings in Mumbai, done by the Muslim goons. He too is a big shot in Sonia's outfit of the Congress party!

How many millions of Bangladeshis did we let Jyoti Basu bring in from across the border during his two decade old chief minister-ship of the border state? Who is going to explain to these traitors that secularism need not be stretched so far as to destroy our own homeland! And in these fifty odd years we still have not been able to teach Pakistan a good lasting lesson, thanks to the Nehru-Gandhis and the multifarious anti-national secularists spreading the wrong message!

The conduct of Indian Mohammedans has been extremely sad but highly objectionable and suspicious in the mean time. These people had lost all their self-respect the day they were forcibly Islamized and their women given away to their riff-raff army. To please the invaders they would do anything, anything at all. Even deny their own parents. So, betraying the Hindus in India is of no importance to them. Their only hope has been and still is, that the Muslims of Pakistan will win in the end and they will be recognized by the victorious Pakistani army as their distant kinsmen! The blind faith in Allah and His Prophet are their only reasons for survival.

Such is the state of existence of men like Ali Engineers, Shahabuddins, Tahir Mahmoods, Sultan Shahins, Nooranis et al. Just because they carry Arabic names they try to get additional mileage on their wrongly claimed but in reality non-existent command over things Islamic. They tell us that Jehad is not an Islamic institution; they also tell us that more Muslims need to be hired by the winning party BJP forgetting that such is the case only because the Muslims did not vote for the winning party at all. How can they then claim seats there? We did not hear any complaint from these people against the mutilations of our jawans captured at Kargil? Why? And why do we not have Hindu and Muslim battalions fighting side by side against the common enemy? We tried that in World War 1 when the Mohammedans shot at the Hindus from the back. Remember? It was then the practice of having Muslims and Hindus fight against a common enemy was abandoned by the British. I doubt if such a ridiculous practice could be re-instituted by the Hindus of India once again!

The real problem is the built-in ideas in Muslim minds that they can always get something for nothing. They don't go to normal healthy schools where other boys and girls go for their training. They have to go to 'madrassahs' and then learn nothing. They are taught that the earth is flat; that the sun goes round the earth and Mecca is the center of gravity of the earth. They tell themselves that their people had invented arithmetic, algebra and geometry as well as zero. In fact these budding Saladins do know that they are ignorant and good for nothing. But then they have dinned into their ears for a long time that Allah was going to look after them no matter how incompetent they were. That is why Tahir Mahmood wants Mohammedans hired in posts for which they do not qualify. While in their own country, Pakistan, they have slaughtered or forced-converted all Hindus and Sikhs and with no questions asked.

What a gall that such people with zero earning capability go for 'nikaahing' four women at a time without thinking where will the money come from to feed and clothe the half a dozen babies that will be coming soon!. Even women in Pakistan are getting wiser. They don't want to marry any Pakistani (read Muslim) boy now for fear of 'honor killing'. What is 'honor killing'? It is killing of a young woman of the family for an alleged love making with someone these honor-less good-for-nothings accuse to be below their grade. And it is the same people who will harangue for hours together telling us of the uniformity of Islam; that there is no 'high' and 'low' in Islam and all such hogwash!

Now we are burdened with the secularists of the Gandhi-Nehru brand. They don't want the Bofors charge-sheet on the dead Rajiv. Actually, Rajiv should have been charge-sheeted at the time he had incited the widespread murder of innocent Sikh men, women and children. The thief of Delhi had already wasted too much of India's money on his three-year gallivanting in Cambridge, then the festival of India circus and so on. And our own wise guys have been wasting years and years to solve the Bofors swindle; it has become a joke now. What are they trying to do now? Save Rajiv's honor? The culprits are all dead a long time ago when our gods wanted it. Even the falsely awarded BHARAT-RATNA to the duffer (even before Netaji had his own well-earned BHARAT-RATNA) now needs to be withdrawn.

Indians will have a job cut out for them: to keep a watch on the Muslim Indians so that not a single RDX case takes place in the entire country; that no important security job is given to anyone related to anyone in Pakistan and that includes Gujral and Kuldip Nayar; that everyone earns one's due. The free trips to the Hajj ceremony has to stop and more so when our own people go hungry in Orissa. It seems certain that the final show down with Pakistan is round the corner; we need to get prepared for the atomic onslaught and our own rebuttal to the representatives of Allah! Let us see if Pervaiz Musharraf can beat Zia in his anti-Indian sentiments. Last time, it was Bangladesh that was detached from Pakistan; this time, let us detach Sind, Baluchistan and Pakhtoonkhwa from Punjab. Perhaps reduce the whole of Punjab into ashes! No doubt, most of today's non-Punjabi Pakistanis would thank us for the good turn! How I wish that Hazrat Jinnah Alehe Rahmat had been alive now to see the end of a baby for the birth of which he only was responsible!