Date: 4/25/2001


The Cheating Game--Inside Story of Sonia & Rajiv

One thing that intrigued me when I first visited Sonia's village, Orbassano, located just outside Turin of Italy, was the why and how of Sonia's successful hooking of Rajiv Ratna Brijesh Roberto Nehru Gandhi as her husband, after having converted him into Catholicism. It is true that a myth had been spun round the two by the Mani Shankar Aiyar-Kuldip Nayar-Ghulam Nabi Azad brigade in the secular press of India, whose primary job had always been to fool the people and to shamelessly disseminate untruths. The primary duty of all major newspapers of Congress-ruled India, such as the Times of India, the Hindu, the Hindustan Times, the Indian Express et al, had been to tell lies for money while shouting hoarsely 'Satyameva Jayate' or 'Truth Will Prevail'. And our innocent, unsuspecting public lapped up the lies like in a pigs' gutter.

When I left for Italy, it had been already discovered that Rajiv was no Graduate Engineer from Cambridge. That at the advice of the Aiyar-Nayar-Azad brigade, the renowned advertising outfit known as Satchi & Satchi had been hired by the GoI, all at the expense of the Indian public. It was then somewhat known (but not widely known yet) that a Chicago publishing firm was going to announce (in their forthcoming encyclopaedia) Rajiv's earning of the Cambridge degree in Mechanical Sciences. It was not known yet that the same Chicago firm would soon decide to delete the news of Rajiv's Cambridge degree from all future editions. That was because, they too discovered quite accidentally of course, that during all three years in Cambridge that Rajiv had spent there, the only reading material the scion of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty spent time on, was limited to the comic and cartoon pages of the Dailies and some girly magazines. No doubt, the Chicago publishing firm was stupefied at the enormity of the boo boo they had nearly committed!

China was knocking on India's door at the North East. All prospective Indian students were told by the GoI that due to shortage of foreign exchange, no permits would henceforth be issued for foreign education, not even for the brightest. However, no one, not even the secular press of India raised an eyebrow on Rajiv's and then Sanjay's 'educational' trips to Cambridge and London (where Sanjay went to attend his training at an automobile factory), all at public expense. However, in the minds of many, Rajiv was indeed a brilliant boy, otherwise how could one explain his success in getting his degree at Cambridge at the end of his third year there. What no one had told us yet was the fact that although Rajiv did stay at Cambridge for three years, he had not passed a single test; theoretically he should have been asked to leave the University premises at the end of the very first year. However, he was indeed told that not at the end of the first year but at the end of his third year. It was then that Rajiv went to live in Indian High Commissioner's residence in London, at no additional expense to the Indian public. By then everyone had forgotten that Rajiv's entire stay in Britain was a dead loss to the Indian public anyway.

What kept Rajiv busy during that time, in other words, at the end of his third year? Records show that Rajiv did not return to India promptly after his failure at Cambridge. What was he doing there then? Well, we can only surmise that this erstwhile Sunni boy had a full-time job on his hands to show something to his countrymen as his achievement. He had made up plans to propose to the Italian girl he had picked up at the Greek pizza place, in a back-alley in Cambridge. Rajiv had no doubt in his mind that the accomplishment (namely picking up a 'white-skinned' chhokri instead of a Cambridge degree would pass as long as the chhokri was presentable) and that is how it all happened.

Until then none had given much thought on the chhokri part of the deal. Who was she? Where did she come from? It was a classic case of 'ajnat-kulasheel' coming into the family. And to be sure, Rajiv knew no Italian and the girl had no English; in fact she came all the way to Cambridge to learn English in Britain like so many other foreign kids. Most didn't have the means to go to a college and so was obliged to pick up a menial's work. The girl's name was Sonia and she went for the job of an 'au pair', a helping hand for the lady of the house. No, she was not learning English literature or any of the many branches of various arts and crafts. She helped the lady of the house in cleaning the dishes, washing linen, spreading bed-sheets and such like. She conversed with her employer in faltering English (and not in the English we hear these days when Sonia speaks to her election crowd; there she reads from a prepared text) and no doubt the lady of the house had great difficulty in deciphering her diction. What is certain is that during that time spent in Cambridge, she did not show much of an improvement in her English at all.

There is a question though. Why did she choose Cambridge? Could not she learn equally good English in Bradford or Lancashire, for instance? Her smarter colleagues in Italy had advised her that to 'hook' a good 'customer' she had to choose a city where the rich boys from good families gathered for their education. That limited the choice of the city drastically. It had to be Oxford or Cambridge and perhaps Edinburgh where they speak Scottish Gaelic. And thus it was Cambridge that Sonia opted for and where she met her Prince Charming from New Delhi!

While in Cambridge, she did not learn anything about Indian history, philosophy, religion and all those other things that go for the making of an educated and accomplished woman of the world, who had plans for a future in India, the land of her husband. In fact, India was quite out of her mind. She had hardly heard of India except as a land of lions, snakes and tigers and very poor people!

Although, there are idiots who compare Sonia with Annie Besant, Sister Nivedita and such great ladies that have earned name and fame in our Hindu land, for Sonia, the daughter of a fascist hoodlum, India is and has always been a land of illiterates and poverty and a few rich men like Rajiv's maternal grandfather Nehru. Sonia was not at all interested in the glorious past of India; she was interested only in the riches of the present. Those who do not believe can purchase the $25.00 book written by a hack under orders from the Signora. There Sonia elucidates why she has no love or respect for India or anything Indian. One would even say that she did not have the usual love and respect for Rajiv either. She had tried to fool him by flaunting her European background and 'safed chamda' but that is where it all ended. It is not for nothing that she had waited many years before applying for Indian citizenship!

But then, Rajiv was no fool either. He knew his own shortcomings. That he was no Einstein was clear to many except the Indian public who permitted their thinking power to be clouded by artificial outside effects created by the media. Rajiv played the usual 'Congressi' game. At the request of the Aiyar-Nayar-Azad brigade, they hired a public relations outfit and spent public money on newspapers announcing the falsehood of Rajiv's having acquired a Cambridge degree. The real idea was to influence the Italian chhokri that Rajiv was somebody very important. That way, the Italian chhokri could be influenced into marrying Rajiv which was important, very important. It was absolutely necessary for Rajiv to bring this white-skinned broad as his bride to influence the Indian media. Thus all his failings at the University would be forgotten and even condoned. No doubt, the chhokri however stupid she was, could not remain unaware of the true nature of her beloved husband, a permanent failure, foisted on poor India, once again. The bloke did not know a thing on the history of India or the great past of our land or even the sufferings that had been heaped upon our people by the invading Mohammedans from animal countries like Iran, Iraq and Arabia. His knowledge of India was meager indeed, and so was hers. Rajiv was after a 'cushi' job and he had no doubt that his mommy dear's influence could bring this about easily. This is exactly what happened. Rajiv was hired as a pilot of an Indian Airways air plane. Actually, the real pilot was a friend of his but Rajiv acted as the second in command and got his salary on that score. The friend kept himself in the background and thus had a secure job.

It became clear later that in Sonia's eyes Rajiv was indeed the prince charming, as if coming from the wonderland of mystical India. We do not really know what fairy tales Rajiv had told her about his background but it is quite certain that Rajiv would not have said a thing that might even remotely reduce his position in the eyes of his lover-girl. And so, even after he was told by the Cambridge authorities to move out, he stayed on in London, living in the High Commissioner's residence for free. This very fact of living in the High Commissioner's residence, elevated Rajiv's position in the eyes of the 'nokrani' with a white skin. She would do anything for her prince charming. Mind you the news of Rajiv's failure at Cambridge was not known to Sonia until she was already married to him for several years. In the meantime, her husband became the Prime Minister of India. In fact, no one tells us when in fact Sonia became aware that she had a dud as a husband.

Life was hectic. Two children were born in quick succession and a mother's time is never empty. During Indira Gandhi's bad days, when she was sans-emploi after her exile from the government (at the time of the Emergency), Sonia fled to Italy with her small family. No doubt, she is not the kind who would cajole her man to go fight at Kargil!

Now the question is where did Rajiv's Cinderella come from? She came from a small village called Orbassano, just outside the industrial city of Turin (or Torino) where they build good powerful automobiles. There in that village, Sonia's daddy, Stephano Maino served his political outfit, a branch of Benito Mussolini's fascist party. What ever Mussolini ordered, Stephano executed. But then, Sonia had not been born yet, neither her sister Maroushka. It will be later, much later, when Sonia would learn the meanings of words like minority politics, secularism, equal rights and so on. Mind you, such words were taboo at the time her dad was conducting the politics of the Turin area. Things have changed drastically since then. The village girl has been transformed into a reincarnation of Indian womanhood, draped in sarees and bindis, visiting Thirupathi Devasthanam for blessing of our gods to help her in manipulations of a Christian president of the country who hides even his baptismal name from his official designation! And that was not all; this uneducated chit of a girl, without even a high school certificate, would order Mukarram Ahmed of Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University to castigate Sita Devi as a whore in a public speech, his payment coming from the Rajiv Gandhi Fund. Can one believe it? And this is the broad that wants to be India's Prime Minister?

Here was an upstart kitchen maid from a backward country like Italy, flaunting herself as a gift of God to India, telling us that Bellary was in Andhra Pradesh, that Vajpayee was a liar, that the Hindus were a backward people, almost like savages. We need to have patience for a little longer. We have seen how our gods took care of such foul-mouthed ruffians when they decimated the entire Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, starting with the universal chacha to Indiramma and then her two bloated big-mouth sons. We need to be patient for a few more weeks and wait for the result of our people's verdict on the fate of our long-suffering country! No doubt, things are going to turn out to be all right, soon enough! We will know, when Sonia is asked to move out of No. 10 Janpath.