Date: 4/28/2001


When the British left India, they had taken the spirit out of the collective Hindu body, literally decomposing the lot into a "Mound of Mud". One could cut, crush, bi-sect or fragment it without inviting any response or retaliation.

The way the whole of Hindustan quickly collapsed before their onslaught, astonished even the Muslims of India. Of course we are talking of 1947!

Confided “Qaid-i-Azam” to an aide on his death bed, “My greatest blunder was to go for Srinagar and NOT for Delhi.

“It was a unique moment in history when the whole of Hindustan was surprised, stunned and paralysed. We could take out FIVE provinces peacefully and with utmost ease. We met with NO resistance whatsoever. Surely we could have also taken Delhi.

“East Punjab was a cultural and economic desert and in shambles, with millions of distraught refugees pouring in day and night while all the military cantonments lay in West Punjab, starting with Lahore and Multan to Rawalpindi, Attock, Kohat, Bannu, Jamraud and Peshawar.

"Bulk of heavy weaponry, including tanks and field guns, had yet to be moved eastwards. It was all there- in OUR hands, waiting for the order from me, to go!

“I shall never forgive myself for that strategic blunder on my part,” confided Mohammed Ali Jinnah, President and Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Armed Forces, just before dying.

HINDU leadership ought to look again at this statement by Qaid-I-Azam, and cherish their Marathas, Rajputs, Jats and Sikhs who straddle the line of advance of the wild “Armies of Mohammed” heading for Delhi.

In the past they came by the SAME route, at least a THOUSAND times, and conquered all, scattering the natives ("KAFIRS" in their language) in all directions, who ended up in much disgrace as "GYPSIES" (then) and "NRIs" (now) all over the world.

Today such strategic thinking could neither occur to Italian-born Sonia nor to Burmese-born No. 1 Lady of Land in "Rashtrapati Bhawan", nor even to Simpleton Secular Sikh Stooge Boota Singh, former Home Minister.

Dear Gypsies and NRI's, what do YOU think of the future of such Hindusthan where both vision and strategic thinking are NON- EXISTENT?

Perhaps you couldn’t care less like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and “Mahatma” MK Gandhi in 1947.


Instt. of Hindu Ideology

April 29, 2001.