Date: 4/28/2001


HINDU UNITY Editorial. April 25, 2001

CHICKEN !! By: J. Kathe

BOGUSdesh Rifles intrusion is the topic of the day. Our response, a typical one- a not of official concern here, a diplomatic press conference there.

Vajpayee is in fact doing his utmost to prove Sheik Hasina innocent, of the entire affair. The people stand horrified- our jawans, their eyes gouged out and their bodies wracked with daemonic torture, were returned, and our government voiced its 'concern' !!!

An insignificant country like Bangladesh (BOGUSdesh) dares to perpetrate such and outrage, and Indian secularism takes it lying down like the corpse that it is?! Justifiably, the BSF ranks have voiced their frustration over the way our politicians have handled the entire affair. In our metros housing the illegal Bangladeshis, the problem of politicians keeping mum is even worse. We all know of the ration cards and the documents issued to Bangladeshis that they may vote for this party or that leader. To top this there are disturbing stories of sections of the East Pakistanis acting in collaboration with ISI agents and helping spread this poison. There is no doubt that ISI agents are trying to ring Bharat with subversive forces; trying to target our commercial and financial centers. Our governments refuse to wake up to this fact: Bharat is a target marked for eventual destruction by Pakistan and that country is helped by the entire Islamic club of countries. Our politicians are too busy accepting slush funds from the enemies of out nation to care. Our soldiers and jawans are simple cannon fodder.

Thus the reigns of our nation are in the vile hands of vice and corruption. They need to be slashed, cut and burnt- they need to be permanently destroyed. Only then will a new dawn dawn.