Date: 4/29/2001


On one of the Discussion Lists, a true “Lion of Shattered Punjab” spoke.

He wrote to the Editor, "India Abroad", New York, USA, in response to the usual “Islam is a peaceful religion” input by a Muslim scholar.

This letter is worthy of note, more so since the COWARDLY government and the ruling establishment of partitioned and bleeding India, under constant attack from Islam, subscribe to the SAME despicable line.

It is amazing that even Muslim women in free West, where they went to university unlike ISLAMIC Afghanistan, parrotwise repeat the same line when interviewed on CNN, VOA or BBC.

It reminds us of Dr. Goebbels assertion, “Repeat a lie three times and the people will believe it.”

The Islamic lie has been repeated a million times, ignoring all the past and the present slaughter of the INNOCENT.

Only yesterday in SOUTH Kashmir six people DIED at the hands of MUSLIM “Mujahideen” who do not wish to live under the secular umbrella of any sort, but under Islam that turns the non Muslims into “dogs”.

What is the constitutional status of a Hindu in SYLHET (formerly in ASSAM, now in EAST Bengal or BOGUSdesh)? What is the status of a Buddhist, living close to the two grand statues in BAMIYAN, Afghanistan? What is the status of a Sikh in Nankana Sahib? Come on, the “WORLD OF ISLAM”, speak up!

So, to the letter sent to the Editor, “India Abroad” in the United States of America:


Islam has NOT been a tolerant religion by any yardstick.

I beg to differ a whole lot with the unfounded comments of Mr. Syed Aslem in his letter in IA, Apr 27, 01.

Over 200 million Muslims of Pakistan, over 100 Million of Bangladesh, over 120 million Muslims in India, and all the Muslims from India to Indonesia, OVER A BILLION OF THEM, are mainly the result of forcible conversions over a period of centuries. Still the punishment for leaving Islam is DEATH.

Mogul invaders came every year to loot and plunder India, the writer should have read the Indian history, in particular about the frequent invasions of Mahmood of Gazni, until they finally decided to settle down in India and move further East and South.

Emperor Aurangzeb’s ambition was to convert entire India into a Muslim state. His fanatical measures to establish a pure Islamic state in the country, converting it into "Dar UI Islam', sent waves of horror throughout the length and breadth of India.

Ruthless destruction of temples and schools, forcible conversions and discrimination in fiscal administration unnerved the entire body of non-Muslims.

The ninth Sikh Guru, Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, who was defending the Kashmiri Pandits and their Hindu religion at the time, was beheaded in the open on Emperor Aurangzeb’s order in Delhi in 1675 A.D. No one came forward to claim his body for cremation. Such was the cowardice of the Hindu/Sikh community at the time.

To check Aurangzeb’s growing tyranny, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the tenth Sikh Guru, established the Khalsa Panth in 1699, when he created a casteless community of fearless soldiers that could be recognized from a mile, with their distinct identity of unshorn hair, turban and the 5 Ks.

The Sikh males were all given the last name “Singh”, meaning lion. Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed his life and that of his four sons, fighting Muslim tyranny. It was Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Sikhs who put a halt to the spread of Islam in India, otherwise all men in India would have been circumcised today.

Thanks to Guru Gobind Singh Ji, that today the Hindus are sitting in Mandirs and saying “Ram Ram” and the Sikhs are sitting in Gurdwaras and saying “Waheguru Waheguru”. Otherwise we would all be sitting in masjids/mosques, saying “Allah hu Akbar”.

Unfortunately, the very community they defended during the long period of Mogul tyranny, has betrayed the Sikhs today.

(Comment by owner web site: This statement gives the idea that the Sikhs have been betrayed by the Hindus. It is a grave misconception. The reality is that the Hindus themselves are still slaves of their pseudo-secular treacherous Constitution- and rulers- are under the Terror of Dynasty and the Congress Party of “Bandit” Nehru.

The Hindus of Partitioned India are in NO position to “betray” the Sikhs. You would have seen them living happily in Srinagar, the Temple in Ayodhya would have risen sky high, they would have chased Sonia Khan, a.k.a. Gandhi, back to Italy, asking her to leave her loot behind, and we would have seen TRISHUL or KHANDA CHAKRA, on BHAGWA background, flying over Rashtrapati Bhawan and Red Fort. The President and his wife would have been Hindu!)

That is the reason why the Sikhs abroad, where they are free, are campaigning to liberate Punjab from the clutches of “Hindu tyranny” today, and want to have their own independent country.

That is the reason during the Sikh Day Parade, held every year in New York since 1984, attended by over 20,000 Sikhs, not one of them is willing to touch the Indian Flag.

It is time for India to quit Punjab if they truly believe in democracy and peaceful political solutions and let the Sikhs also enjoy the glow of freedom as envisioned by the Indian leaders in 1947 when the Sikhs agreed to join India.

(Comment by owner web site: Neither the Sikhs agreed to join India nor the Hindus agreed to her mutilation/PARTITION.

It is clear that BOTH Hindus and Sikhs were betrayed and tricked by Congress leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru and MK Gandhi. All the people of India, including the Sikhs, were IGNORANT and kept in total dark about their fate after the departure of the British. Therefore, at Partition both communities suffered most terribly at the hands of their Muslim compatriots.)

Finally, if Islam was a popular religion, its popularity would increase in today’s world. It would not be considered one of the most barbaric and backward faiths on earth where women have little rights and are considered to be slaves of men and dare not leave the faith or the Islamic countries they are born in."


The Sikhs yesterday (1947) sat in the lap of “Bandit” Nehru. Today many sit in the lap of Islam and their Paki mentors. They have lost faith in their own arms and unity. Khalistan could, indeed, come about not- because Pakistan or Islam loves the Sikhs. On the contrary, it will be brought about by the enemies of India in order to destroy Hindustan- the strategic final goal of Islam & Christianity.

Tiny Khalistan is not much worry to them but putting the dog collar of slavery around the neck of Hindus- from Kanya Kumari to Kashmir- will be their Glory to Allah, and biggest victory.

The so-called Hindu scholars and the Khalsa of today, born, led, fed and educated in the Congress controlled coolie colony of India, are quick to notice a fellow Hindu's lower caste, place of birth and inferior creed, and the Sikh will promptly notice the absence of a visible symbol on a fellow Sikh's face, but they will NOT notice the absence of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala and Lyallpur from the MAP OF PUNJAB, or the absence of EAST Bengal and NORTH Kashmir from the map of Bharat.

That is the proof of the brainwashed and degraded Indian race today who think and do what "Bandit" Nehru would have them think and do.

With regard to the subservient, confused, timid, demoralised and IGNORANT Hindus, less said the better. They are reduced to pulp- both mentally and spiritually with no ideological legs to stand on. They will lick and love any FOREIGNER who merely smiles at them while ruining, plundering and weakening them.

The sight of "licking the feet" of an imported White Elephant by these Hindu and Sikh slaves of the Dynasty is most disgusting.

Due to the past centuries of slavery, the word "DIGNITY" is absent from Hindu vocabulary. Not one Hindu, not even a Sikh like Manmohan Singh or MS Bitta, has so far suggested, even most humbly, to Sonia, "Madam, how about embracing a NATIVE Indian religion- any native religion? Are they all inferior or rotten?"

It appears that ALL the Hindus are AFRAID and all the Sikhs are SCARED that such a suggestion can only bring a rebuke, rejection, even abuse, from their "Rashtramata".

Even the President of India and his spouse, BOTH CHRISTIAN, could reply to the Hindu stalwart making such a suggestion, "Get lost! We are not inferior like you native nigger!"

Therefore, it appears that for a Hindu in PARTITIONED India (Broken Bharat), NOT to commend his own native HINDU RELIGION to the Leader of Opposition in Parliament in New Delhi, or to the President and his Burmese born wife, is to save himself from EMBARRASSMENT, and to escape ABUSE. This, in other words, is Hindu dignity!

Hence every Muslim gets away easily by declaring in our face, “God dictated Koran in the Arabic language to Mohammed,” and “Islam is the religion of peace.”

If we had DIGNITY, we would have shown them their corner, at least in partitioned India.


"Where are their GIRLS?" wondered one European who saw swarms of lonely MUSLIM lads and young men in discos, clubs, bars, cinemas and saunas in the West?

They are all in Pakistan or Bangladesh, and in Afghanistan they are all confined indoors.

Wherever they are, they are all reading Koran, cooking in kitchens, breastfeeding babies, and regurgitating, "Islam is the religion of peace and equality of women with men!"