Date: 5/1/2001


MAY 1, 2001.

Before we dismantle a system, we ought to see its drawbacks and disadvantages, and have an OPEN debate on it.

It is not so much as the “flooding” of Britain with all kinds of people from overseas to satisfy the needs of her factories & services, but what kind of people?

Closing eyes to this vital question will mean not only a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-ethnic “mongrel” Britain turned into ungovernable land of mutually hostile CONTENDING interests and confusion, but also a multi RELIGIOUS Britain where deep CORE loyalties will be split, and mutually at loggerheads.

We will have the docile Hindus from India, who have yet to notice the unconditional surrender of five provinces of their country to Islam in 1947, having placed their fate and destiny in the hands of a young and novice Italian-born Catholic lady, called “Mother of Nation” (“Rashtramata”), the confused and disoriented Sikhs recovering from the decimation of 1947 and the “bloody nose” in 1984, the Arabs who wish to eliminate the Jews, but also the expanding, ever dissatisfied, militant and separatist Muslims who emphasized their separate IDENTITY from the rest of us by forming their own “Parliament” in London, and are eroding away democracy and liberalism all the time, especially in schools and universities.

Our liberal climate and laws are on THEIR side and we are AFRAID of discussing all this in the open while a Muslim country has NO hesitation whatsoever to flog a Christian, burn his church, kill a Jew, banish a Bahai, and rape a Hindu in broad daylight. (For example, one cannot establish a church or temple in Saudi Arabia!)

It was the Government of ISLAMIC Afghanistan which destroyed the two silent Buddha statues, not some lunatic group of Mohammedans.

The Muslims in particular, have a very powerful hidden agenda, linked through the teachings of Koran, Hadis and the Islamic "mission statements" through Ideology, and down the centuries and into the eternal future.

It is to subvert and overwhelm all the NON Muslim civilisations by all means, not just through indoctrination, the spread of drugs, prostitution, faster reproduction and prompt CONVERSION of all non Muslim spouses on marriage, and supporting all the enemies of Democracy and Secularism including Osmana Bin Laden.

Is there any Muslim MLA or MP in EAST Bengal or West Punjab, saying, “Let us all live under one umbrella of secularism and democracy as in England.”?

That, indeed, is the deep peep into the Islamic psyche and what it will be doing in Europe in the decades to come unless Europe opens her eyes to see who is entering, “riding", even "consuming”, her.

What will be the IMPACT on our civilisation and democracy if the Muslims, through “natural” growth and accelerated conversion, not only in jails, doubled their numbers in 15 years?

We can see its impact in East Bengal (Bangladesh) which could not be brought back to Secularism and Democracy even after its capture by Mrs. Indira Gandhi in 1972. Clearly Islam is so adamant on its SEPARATISM!

We can also see the impact on HINDU India where the government, under Muslim pressure, bans free discussion and books, subsidises Hajj pilgrimage and allows Sharia Law. The Indian vote at the UNO is yet another ISLAMIC VOTE.

That the decomposing, crumbling and disintegrating Hindustan (PARTITIONED India) is again on the brink of civil war shows the Muslim tenacity and determination, and commitment to their FINAL goal on the sub continent. Would their “final goal” in Europe be any different?

Suppressing the debate on this topic will see our democracy, too, go like Lahore from India and like the Buddha statues of Bamiyan in Afghanistan. Their destruction may have been condemned by most Muslims but NOT prevented. That is the point!

Every country on earth, not only GREAT Britain or UNITED Kingdom, ought to keep the social make up of INDIA IN 1947 in front of its eyes, if the "price of liberty is eternal vigilance".

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