Date: 5/4/2001



It was the perennially separatist and unappeasable DEVIL of Islam, which could not discuss the Hindu Muslim "differences" peacefully at one table, after the departure of the British from India in 1947, the question of the two Faiths living together amicably in the middle of the 20th century, after the end of Great War that had been fought for Democracy (and Secularism).

ISLAM HAD TO STRIKE the sleepy & unwary Hindusthan in order to murder one million, abduct and rape thousands and devastate tens of millions more of the innocent citizens of India who had been looking forward to that "glow of freedom".

It HAD TO STRIKE, in order to reduce and destabilise India, the land in which Jesus Christ had spent FOURTEEN YEARS of his life, imbibing the teachings of non violence, tolerance and peace.

In reality, truth, and all honesty, PARTITIONED INDIA is still AT WAR with her "Second Nation" (the CANCER OF ISLAM) in her body.

What can change this FACT is not BANDIT NEHRU'S Constitution or his acceptance of the CEASE-FIRE in Kashmir.

The one and the only one thing that can end this ISLAMIC ONSLAUGHT AND AGGRESSION on the soil of India is for all the countries in the ISLAMIC BLOC of NATIONS to condemn India's partition and to urge upon treasonous/treacherous Pakistan and BOGUSdesh to negotiate their return to the fold of Morther India with the undertaking by ALL THE MOHAMMEDANS in India to put KORAN UNDER SECULARISM, in other words, to PUT SECULARISM ABOVE KORAN.

Such an undertaking will NOT come about by the surrenders and appeasement by the present "Gentlewoman INDIA", who is ever ready to be penetrated, raped, mutilated, reduced, degraded and dumped, but through the MIGHT OF HER ARMS, through the MANLINESS OF HER NATIVE YOUTH, through the STRENGTH ("Shakti") of her own CONVICTION in Secularism, the commitment to TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY (an India stretching from Khyber to Chittagong), and through a Constitution that enshrines the names of Sri Rama as the LORD OF HINDUSTHAN, GURU TEGH BAHADUR JI as the DEFENDER OF HINDU DHARMA and GURU GOBIND SINGH JI and CHATRAPATI SHIVAJI as the GUIDING BEACONS OF OUR LIBERTY.

The present MONGREL document (Constitution of India) that equates Mohammed of Arabia with Lords Rama and Sri Krishna, and Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh Ji of Bharat, is a SLAP IN THE FACE OF EVERY HINDU, SIKH & KHALSA, bowever lofty in office, however fat in bank balance, however rich in degrees, skills and certificates.

The present day India is a despicable cowardly JACKAL that tucked its tail and ran away on seeing the Islamic wolf half a mile away.

Is SECULARISM in the united India not in accordance with the United Nations Human RIGHTS Charter?

Do the UNO accept, or even approve of, all those ISLAMIC Constitutions working like yet another "MEIN KAMPF" (KORAN) which puts the so-called "Momin" apart from the "Kafir" like the Aryans from the Jews in the Germany of Adolf Hitler?

To understand the ideological fangs of the Islamic BEAST, one need cast his/her mind back to the latest act of VANDALISM AND DESTRUCTION by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Human decency, all the accumulated force of the past human advances and civilisation, the UNO, and all the might and sentiment of the Buddhist and Hindu countries proved NO deterrent to these destructive mischievous fellows called the Taliban.

Stop one in his track, and ask, "Who are you?" And he will yell in your face, "I AM THE TRUE SOLDIER OF MOHAMMED. There is NO better MUSLIM on earth than me!"

What else will the Taliban say to you? What else? Read on-


For centuries the colossal images of Buddha carved into the Hindukush mountains at Bamiyan with its striking honeycomb rock cut sanctuaries were symbols of glory of Afghanistan's ancient past. These standing Buddhas have survived the march of Islam and more recently the two-decade old civil war that has turned Afghanistan into one of the world's bloodiest battlefield. Now these statues along with hundreds of Afghanistan's precious artefact's are possibly lost to the world for ever.

The destruction of Buddha statues were brought down by a Hitlerian edict issued by the one-eyed, reclusive, Mullah Mohammed Omar, the Amir-ul-Momineen or Commander of the Faithful and the emir of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan, as the ruling Taleban calls it. On February 26, 2001 from his mansion in Kandhar, which he rarely leaves, the tall and well built Omar, just 42 years old, pronounced the fatwa which was quickly broadcast over Radio Shariat, controlled by his militia. The broadcast stated that the "supreme leader" had ordered, "All statues and non-Islamic shrines located in different parts of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan should be destroyed. These statues were shrines of infidels and these infidels continue to worship and respect these icons. Allah Almighty is the only real shrine and all false shrines should be smashed."

The recent destruction of two giant statues of Buddha by the Islamic Taliban regime in Afghanistan is part of a long tradition of historical vandalism brought about by followers of proselytiser religions. Archaeologists are currently wondering what to do about a 3,200 - years old statue of pharaoh Rameses II that lies in pieces in the lone and level sands of Egypt. It had been assumed that the 16 - meter statue was shattered by an earthquake in 27 BC, but archaeologists now think it was smashed to bits by Christian monks in the fifth century AD. "The face was attacked, as early Christians often did, and traces of hammering can be found all over the place, clearly showing that the destruction was willed," says Christian Leblanc of France's National Centre for Scientific Research. Archaeologists are split over whether to put the pharaoh back together because, says Mr. Leblanc, "the statue's presence on the ground constitutes an historic event and bears witness to the destructiveness of Christians."

With England embroiled in civil war, William Dowsing arrived in Cambridge in December 1643, filled with puritan zeal, determined to smash the lingering reminders of the old Roman Catholic faith. "We pulled down two mighty great angells, with wings, and divers other angells, and the 4 Evangelists, and Peter with his keies (keys) on the chapel door and about a hundred Cherubims and angells, and divers superstitious letters in the gold," Dowsing wrote in his journal. His mission took him to 245 churches in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk, finding something to destroy and destroyed eventually in more than 90 percent cases.

A similar determination to smash "false idols" has inspired the Taleban in Afghanistan to open fire against ancient images of the Buddha, to the horror of moderate religious leaders, art curators and historians.

"Images, symbols, whether religious or not, always attract violence when there is conflict. Religion intensifies it, because religious symbols are more densely packed with meaning", says Carlos Eire, professor of religious studies at Yule University.

Iconoclasm- image smashing - marked the Protestant Reformation in Europe, but it was nothing new. In the 8th century, there was a protracted conflict in the eastern church over the use of icons. The Byzantine emperor Leo III prohibited icons in 730, and those who worshipped icons were persecuted. Icons were restored in 787 but forbidden again in 815. The veneration of icons was finally restored in 843.

Christian iconoclasts have drawn inspiration from parts of the Bible that condemn idols and graven images. When William Dowsing met resistance from the fellows of Pembroke Hall, he took on the academics in a debate on scripture and the law. Dowsing cited the story of King Josiah breaking the altars of Baal; he also noted the passage in the seventh chapter of Deuteronomy: "Ye shall destroy their altars, and break down their images, and cut down their groves, and burn their graven images with fire."

Dowsing had the authority of parliament. In August 1643, it enacted an ordinance "for the utter demolishing, removing and taking away of all monuments of superstition and idolatry."

It was a long list: images of God, the Virgin Mary and saints; crucifixes, stone altars, communion rails and candle- sticks. Chancels were to be made level with the rest of the church, and "superstitious" inscriptions were to be removed, including words such as "pray for me" on tombs.

Dowsing sometimes encountered fellow Christians who disagreed with him about images, but never faced an argument about the value of art or history. "I do not think art came into it at all for him" says Trevor Cooper, editor of a scholarly edition of Dowsing's diary which has been published in England. "Much of what he was destroying would have been regarded as ugly, quite out of date and of no value at all," Cooper says.

Eire says iconoclasts generally set out to destroy images, though during the 16th - century episode in the Netherlands there were some instances of people saving images and selling them to Catholic families, or giving warning to patrons in time to rescue images.

Europe produced many instances of iconoclasm as violent as Taleban's. In Basel, Switzerland, in 1528, humanist scholar Erasmus witnessed the smashing of images. 'Not a statue has been left, in the churches ... or in the monasteries; all the frescoes have been white washed over. Every thing which would burn has been set on fire, everything else hacked into pieces. Neither value nor artistry prevailed to save anything," he wrote to a friend.

But in Zurich, "they closed churches, sent in craftsmen one church at a time and removed images very neatly", says Eire, author of "War Against The idols," a study of Reformation iconoclasm.

A current exhibition -- Iconoclasm: Insanity or God's Will? -- at the Bern Historical Museum displays fragments of images destroyed by iconoclasts in that Swiss city.

Peter Jezler, curator of the Bern exhibition, says the assault on images followed a boom in the building and adornment of churches. Just 10 years after Martin Luther set the Reformation rolling by posting his 95 theses in 1517, the Swiss reformer Ulrich Zwingli was calling for the removal of all "idolatrous trash" from the minister in Bern. The Swiss reformer John Calvin was also strongly against images, though he opposed mob action to remove them.

Iconoclasm has been the norm in Islam. There is obviously a precedent in that prophet in his life time cleared the idols from the Kaaba in Mecca - that's the basic paradigm. Unlike Christianity, Islam has never promoted figurative art. Islamic view is that "man has no right to take on the role of creator, and when you attempt to depict a human, animal or even a plant in details, you are trespassing on God's right to create.

"The non-Muslim world is united against the Taleban, but we will not be deterred, we will keep our Islamic way," Omar said in a statement, after ordering the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas that he deemed idolatrous. "I ask the Muslim people of Afghanistan not to be afraid of the infidels pressure." Mullah Omar is a fighter, not a scholar. Mullah Omar has dedication for Islam with an eternal creed: "To continue raising the sword, and continue the jihad until we reach our goal of Islam. There is no God but Allah and the Prophet Muhammad is his messenger."

Proselytiser religions are predator religions, as well as wreckers of other people's faith and their symbols of faith. World cannot be at peace with such predator religions. These predator religions either be modified or destroyed.


Spare a thought for the PAKISTANI and the BOGUSdeshi, and recall the the saying, "DHOBI KA KUTTA . . . NA GHAR KA, NA GHAAT KA!"

The Pakistani is neither Indian nor Arab. His colour of skin, demeanour, culture, race and MOTHER TONGUE are NOT Arab or Arabic.

He is the pariah of the world, wound up in his Islam and mentality, to despise and abhor everything that is NATIVE TO THE SOIL OF INDIA including tolerance, gentleness and SECULARISM.