Date: 5/5/2001


A Muslim in PARTITIONED INDIA is the ideological FOE of the Hindus for ever. (Or at least so long as India's Partition stands.)

The conquest of Punjab by Alexander of Macedonia in 325 BC and of Sindh by Mohammed Bin Qasim of Arabia in 712 AD, were two entirely different ball games.

In due course of time, the Greek influence and rule vanished, while the Islamic terror, moron "aulaad”, mosques and "madrassas" have remained.

The Greeks were chivalrous, gallant & secular pagans with regard to the natives’ religions while the Mohammedans were, and are, fanatic, separatist, and mad on conversion and GRABBING TERRITORY.

Therefore, the Hindus, who forgot the fall of Sindh (712 AD) were sitting on a TIME BOMB.

The Hidnus, who forgot the first invasion of Mahmud from Ghazni some three centuries later, also committed the same crime of forgetting. Their time bomb became much bigger and a lot more lethal.

Today's cowardly Hindus (there are one BILLION of them!), who have already forgotten the unprovoked and sudden Mohammedan ONSLAUGHT of 1947, are sitting on a time bomb that must be the biggest and the most lethal of the entire history of man.

It is this ignorance of history on our part, and the ideological nature, fire and zeal of Islam on theirs, that makes today’s Hindus (and SIKHS) both vulnerable and criminal.

Most of us have NO clue whatsoever that we are voluntarily delivering our own coming generations to ANNIHILATION, and our mandirs and gurdwaras to DESTRUCTION.

Isn’t it the SAME Koran that came to India in 712 AD, riding the camels of Mohammed bin Qasim from the burning hot, strife torn deserts of Saudi Arabia?

How much of its teaching, preaching, injunctions and exhortations to the Taliban and the Momins have changed since, or will change due to the saintliness of Jesus Christ, appeasement of Mahatma Gandhi, and the gentlemanliness of Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee?


Instt. of Hindu Ideo. May 5, 2001.