Date: 5/6/2001



A Hindu patriot, living in the United States, despairing over the total political lithargy (cognitive seizure) of HINDU politicians back home, says, "I am sure many of the leaders of these political parties have their sons, daughters, nephews and nieces living here in the United States. How do we galvanize them into action?


An extremely good question.


India does not have an independent NATIVE head of her own. This sad FACT has to be appreciated before we can expect a change as desired by all the PATRIOTS.

Only a HEAD gives impulses to the limbs of entire body to act. If there is NO head on a body, the body is invaved by maggots, vultures, jackals and hyenas. LIMBS BEGIN TO FALL OFF, STARTING WITH LAHORE.

HINDUSTHAN is a body without a head. Every Hindu stalwart, patriot, thinker, philosopher, editor and billionaire, is ON HIS OWN. One billion Hindus are "individuals" on their own like the sand grains in a pit.

With regard to "sons and nieces living here in the United States", many Pakistanis and Bogusdeshis, too, have sons and daughters here in the USA, where they do see (1) The autonomy of States; (2) The dignity of an indidual; (3) one law for all; (4) secularism in full swing; and (5) dignity of the Armed Forces.

Yet back home the standards are different FOR THE SAME PEOPLE in all the three broken fragments of India.

An Indian flying to Bharat stands patiently in an orderly queue at Heathrow Airport in London. On arrival at the "Indira KHAN International Airport" (what a PROVOCATIVE and CONTROVERSIAL despicable name after the arrogant political “witch” who boosted the image of alien ISLAM in EAST Bengal while smashing that of the native Sikhs in EAST Punjab!) he sees THE SAME PASSENGERS break out into a stampede, running to the Customs & Immigration desks, to be the first to leave the airport.

BOGUSdeshi troops will capture and mutilate the Indian Jawan. So will the Pakistani soldiers, but we will never get back our own North Kashmir.

(O yes, Pakistan, you can take South Kashmir, too, PROVIDED you are willing to take all the Mohammedans left behind in India at the time of Partition. The Era of Unconditional Surrenders and High Treason is finally finished with the death of BOFORS CHOR.)

Our youth, too, went to the West for Education but on return, "swore" to DENY Education to the natives.

What about Broadcasting in Bharat? Did Pandit Nehru not see it free in the UK? Did he not see DUAL NATIONALITY of the British? Did he not see that NO prime minister in Europe or America was grooming his own daughter for his high office?

Did Indira, who went to Switzerland for education, not see the INDIVIDUAL freedoms of the Swiss? How much of that did she concede to the Sikhs in EAST Punjab and TAMILS in the South?

Did her son Rajiv not see computers getting into every school and college and university in England where he went for education. How many computers did he then place in ANY college or university in India after his return?

Even Laloo Prashad of Bihar could not find an example in the West where the chief minister puts his own wife in his chair in one minute.

In India the same people, who went to the West, and even those coming from the West, like Sonia Khan, a.k.a. Gandhi, are bent upon misleading, plundering, impoverishing and degrading the natives like no one else on earth.

Is it due to Hindu RELIGION then, which turns a normal healthy man into a "meek mental mouse" that our nation tolerates all this insult, neglect and degradation, and a lot more?

Is it not because the natives are HINDU whose ‘Collective Head’ is severed in Constitution?

For Hindus to sever their COLLECTIVE Head voluntarily under the spell of Pandit Nehru, is the biggest tragedy, especially after having conceded to the Indian Muslims TWO collective heads- one in ISLAMIC Pakistan (by Nehru in 1947) and another in ISLAMIC Bogusdesh (by Indira Khan in 1972).

Any comprehension of the IMPLICATIONS for the "gentlemen" Hindus trapped in between?

Islam and Christianity strongly inculcate love for own kind, in contrast to Hinduism which inculcates love for the enemy, the foreigner and the alien whose drive for TERRITORY and SOULS is relentless- and for ever.

In the Indian media they do not speak or write about Partition while World War 2 victims still make headlines in the daily press in the West. What happened to the MILLION slaughtered in 1947? Y A W N.

Hinduism is a body without head, pitched helplessly against its enemies operating on its territory with THREE well positioned and well developed HEADS (Pakistan, BOGUSdesh and The Vatican).

What we have outlined here is the real tragedy of India, not only her Partition, which none is willing to look at.

There is a challenge for the Hindus of India who need to attend to the basics, that is, a radical change in mentality, a new look at the foreign predators who are only after our territory and souls, and a different national psyche.

Many of us have been going about in the Indian quagmire for decades. We all need a way out, a remedy to put Bharat at par with China in some respects and with the USA in other.

Finally, what is the way out of this labyrinth called 'Hindu submission, decomposition' and 'disintegration'?

Please forgive the repetition: Only a HEAD gives impulses to limbs to act. If there is NO head on body, the body is invaved by maggots, vultures, jackals, hyenas, Italians and Muslims. LIMBS FALL OFF.




The Daily Telegraph, London, UK, Sunday May 6, 2001, p.2.

HEADLINE: "Pope urges end to Israeli 'occupation'.

"The Pope issued a peaceful call for a negotiatied peace in the Middle East when he arrived in Syria yesterday implicitly warning (sic) Israel that it should not continue to occupy Arab land . . . . . . .

"Today, the Pope will become the first leader of the Roman Catholic Church to enter a mosque when he visits the 7th century Omayyad Mosque in Damascus."



Now how about going to Dhaka to give a warning to BOGUSdesh not to occupy the INDIAN land, and not to treat the Hindus as per the definition of "Kafir" in Koran?

How about going to Islamabad and telling Pakistan to put 'Hindu equals Mohammedan' in her Constitution?

How about warning Sonia Gandhi to "Either embrace Hinduism or even Sikhism, or QUIT INDIA!"?

Since when, HOW, and WHY, is Pakistan an "ISLAMIC" land. What kind of a Land was she in 1947?

Would PARTITIONED India now expect the Pope on his next (THIRD) visit to visit Birla Mandir in New Delhi, Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, even Golden Temple in Amritsar?

If not, then WHO is riding the HINDU "donkey" called India?

We are going to ask the President of PARTITIONED INDIA, Mr. KR Narayanan, and his BURMESE born evangelist wife (-and as fearlessly as the Syrians have invited the Pope to visit their MOSQUE in Damascus today):

"How many centuries will have to pass before a HINDU in Hindusthan can defy "Bandit" Nehru's Constitution and muster guts to say in public, "Dash it, I am NOT a "nigger" who is only meant to welcome the Pope on a red carpet in New Delhi, and then listen to his call to convert? Why?"

India being the land of temples, why was the Pope not expected, asked, or even invited, to visit one in the land during his last TWO visits? What paralysed all the Rajputs and the Marathas and the Tamils and the Gurkhas and the Jats and the Sikhs, and the REST?

What might a Hindu tell his child who asks this awkward question? Will he reply,

"We are Gandhi's 'secular goats' meant only to honour the OTHERS while wallowing in the mud of dishonour, son."



NATIVE remained “NIGGER”

The NATIVE remained a “NIGGER” despite one’s PhD and the other’s Gita.

When a proud Pakistani went to Saudi Arabia, the land of his Rasul Allah, they gave him the broom to sweep the roads.

And when a Bangladeshi Islamic scholar turned up, aspiring to ‘domicile in the desert’ like his holy prophet, they pointed to the toilets that needed prompt cleaning.

Having discovered the “Dynastic democracy” of Arabia as per Koran & Hadith, they spoke to an INDIAN lady who told them of her own degradation and democracy as per Pandit Nehru’s ‘contempt of the native’, which he imbibed from Marshal Stalin, singing, “Hindi-Roosi-Bhai-Bhai”.

PS: Pandit Nehru also mentally “ENFORCED” his love of foreign females upon the scholars of JL (Jawahar Lal) Nehru University of New Delhi.

Adoration of Edwina and Sonia greatly “reduced” all the native females in the esteem of their menfolk.

As a direct result, “dowry deaths” in Lord Krishna’s Bharatvarsha increased dramatically and astronomically.




The Pope went to a mosque in Syria.


The Pope while in Delhi gave a call to his bishops to CONVERT the Hindus.

What conclusion will the whole world draw?


Instt. of Hindu Ideo. May 6, 2001.