Date: 5/6/2001


After a fierce war of independence, the Greeks got rid of their barbaric Turkish masters. WELL DONE!

The Turks occupied DELHI in 1192 AD and have stayed put. SHAME!

New book: “The Flame of Freedom: The Greek War of Independence 1821 to 1833.” By David Brewer, Pub. John Murray, London. £25. 393 pp.

(Quote) “The nine year war that ensued was one of the most savage in history: the wholesale murder of Turkish prisoners during the Danube rebellion (What were the Turks doing in Danube in the first place?), the public hanging of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch in Constantinople the same year (Typically ISLAMIC act of savagery: NO respect for the Head of another Religion. It was just like the BEHEADING of Guru Tegh Bahadur in Delhi in 1675 and like the savage destruction of the two Buddha statues in Afghanistan in 2001); the indiscriminate slaughter of 8,000 Turkish troops and civilians at the capture of Tripoli; and the carnage wrought by the Turks when Missolonghi fell in the later part of the war.

But Ottoman troops bear responsibility for the worst excesses (sic) during their infamous sack of Chios in 1822; a quarter of the 100,000 Greek population were killed and almost half taken as slaves.

“Shrieks rent the air”, recorded one British observer, “and the streets were strewed with the dead bodies of old men, women and children. Even the inmates of the hospital, the mad house, and the deaf and dumb institution, were inhumanly slaughtered.” (Unquote)

(Comments in brackets by Owner web site.

This description in ONE Greek city is to be compared by IDENTICAL scenes of murder, strewn dead bodies of HINDU/SIKH men, women and children, even babies in all the major cities of West Punjab.

Please read "FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT" by Collins/Lapierre for citywise and townwise description of the beastly manner of putting the innocent victims to death by the followers of Mohammed in 1947.

SHAME on the "rats" ruling India that there is not one memorial to the memory of those innocent Hindu/Sikh victims of Partition.)

India, the "PARIAH DOG" among the nations on earth, aspiring to a permanent seat to Security Council at UNO (which, if granted by the world body, will be one more vote for ISLAM and ITALY- always to be cast AGAINST Israel!), has yet to bring out an OFFICIAL history of the Islamic High Treason and Pandit Nehru's collapse in that year.

If the Jews can gather SIX MILLION names of their Holocaust, surely ALL THE HINDUS COMBINED (and our Hindusthan) could record at least one million names of those killed and of the several millions who were uprooted from West Punjab, Baluchistan, Sindh, NWFP and North Kashmir in the most appalling conditions in that year. "What was their sin or crime?" One must ask.