Date: 5/7/2001




No other country or nation on earth has a community like the SIKHS, forged out of Hindu “straw and mud” as raw material, created after a thousand years of India’s abject and degrading SLAVERY under Islam, that finally stood up and challenged, even hit back hard, the tyrannical Mogul (MOHAMMEDAN) rulers, who were busy robbing, abducting, raping, and forcibly converting the hapless Hindus, while destroying their native temples and holy shrines, TALIBAN STYLE, and torturing and beheading their holy men in public across the land, reducing the Hindu manhood to pulp.

In contrast to the one mountain called “Hindukush”, the whole of India had become HINDU KUSH (Kush = place of mass slaughter) by the time the first Sikhs were “baptised” (given “Amrit”) to stand up as the fearless “Defenders of Hindu Dharma and DAHRTI”.

The SIKH community, with its blood soaked history of great sacrifices and unique credentials in valour, gallantry and bravery in battlefield, and loyalty, industry and generosity in peace time, is the end product of a thousand years of HINDU struggle for deliverance from oppression and tyranny.

“Bandit” Jawaharlal Nehru made sure that after he conceded India’s FIVE provinces to Islam he kept the Hindus under his own jackboot as his serfs and slaves, ramming Secularism down their throats, and telling them that the Sikhs were NOT part of the great Hindu family but a terrorist minority, even worse than the one who had snatched Lahore and Dhaka!

The “Devil” succeeded, since his Dynasty after his death, firmly in POWER, destroyed the nation of Hindus, finally reducing them to become “hijdas” (eunuchs), unable even to stay on in Srinagar.

One day the sleeping Hindu nation will recognise “THREE crimes of High Treason” by Pandit Nehru, his Dynasty and Party-

1. Conceding Pakistan to ISLAM while ramming secularism down the throats of the hapless Hindus.

2. Turning the Indian Army into mercenary force (“Eunuchs in Uniform”), giving them cease fires and getting them “bloody nose” all over.

For the last 53 years, every death and murder by Militants and Mujahideen is on THIS side of the cease-fire line in SOUTH Kashmir AS PER DESIGN OF GOVERNMENT OF INDIA!

Ever thought what that means for the morale of the Indian Army?

Even the victory over East Bengal was BOGUS since the TERRITORY was promptly returned to ISLAM

3..Alienation of the Sikhs from the Hindu mainstream, something that did not happen even under the British.

Arrogant Indira KHAN, a.k.a. Gandhi, whose dirty name defiles New Delhi’s International Ariport, played her cunning and treachery too far by attacking Golden Temple in June 1984. It was the Sikhs’ holiest shrine, revered by the Sikhs and Hindus all over the world.

She invited not only her own “Execution by Firing Squad” as punishment, but also plunged India into further chaos and destabilisation from which it has yet to recover. Instead of improving EDUCATION and job opportunities for the Sikh lads in EAST Punjab (WEST Punjab was unconditionally surrendered by her father!), instead of creating UNITY in the nation, she created “terrorists” out of our own children, and divided the nation even more.

We know how her unworthy son, Rajiv, who became “pilot to prime minister” overnight, plunged his country into further chaos by encouraging the general massacre of the Sikhs, and later alienating the Tamils in the South.

Now the question before the whole enslaved Hindu nation is this: “Why NO senior Congress Party official has been tried or hanged for that BLOODSHED of the innocent in 1984, and why the case against the BOFORS CHOR does not seem to conclude?”

Yet in 1984 it was the subservient Hindu ruling and serving establishments, under the jackboot of “BANDIT” Nehru’s “Hindu bashing/Sikh killing” Dynasty and Party, that willingly became accomplices in the most heinous crime of “teaching the Sikhs a lesson” instead of uniting to “teach the Dynasty a lesson” and to exterminate its Party that was also the “Party to Partition”. We continue with Patwant Singh:

PATWAMT SINGH, deposing before Nanavati Commisson, exposed the Treason and Cowardice of the rulers of India.


President of India said that he had no power to protect the Sikhs being butchered in daylight. (1984)

“Narasimha Rao was totally unresponsive”: Patwant Singh.

Deposing before the Nanavati commission probing the 1984 anti Sikh riots, writer Patwant Singh Tuesday accused the then home minister P V Narasimha Rao of being ''totally unresponsive'' to the unfolding crisis in the wake of the assassination of the then prime minister Indira Gandhi.

Singh, who had gone to see Rao at his residence along with former prime minister I K Gujral and Lt Gen J S Arora a day after the October 31 assassination, also said in an affidavit that Rao's approach was so casual that it clearly gave an indication that he was ''totally unconcerned''.

''We reached the home minister's house at about 15 hours IST. We were surprised to see that there was no activity there. Rao was looking impassive and seemingly without care. The atmosphere at the house did not show that there was any crisis in the country,'' Singh said.

Singh said that during the more than an hour long meeting, Rao neither received any telephone call nor did he make any. No officer had come to see him during this period.

Blaming Mr Rao for not making proper arrangements for the immediate deployment of the army to control the situation, he said: ''The army was not made effective till November 3, 1984. The murderous mobs were given a free hand for three days.''

''This casual approach of the home minister appears to be not only gross negligence but connivance with the perpetrators of this heinous crime,'' Singh said in his affidavit.

In his affidavit, Patwant Singh said that on the morning of November 1, he had also called on the then President Giani Zail Singh, seeking his intervention to control the situation, but the President said he had no powers to intervene.

Stunned by this "astounding remark", Patwant Singh said: "Mr President, you mean to tell us that if the nation is going up in flames and people are being butchered in the streets, you have no power to stop the anarchy and bloodshed." The President kept silent, he added.

During this meeting, the eminent writer was accompanied by Air Chief Marshal (retd) Arjan Singh , Lt Gen J S Arora and Brig Sukhjit Singh and former diplomat Gurbachan Singh.

Patwant Singh said when they insisted that the President should speak forcefully to the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi to put an end to the barbaric acts, he replied: "I will do so in three or four days' time. I want to give him some time."

Singh then remarked: "Blood is being spilt on the streets and you want three four days to talk to the prime minister." The President, he said, then relented and said he would have a word with the PM that afternoon. "But I believe he did not," he added.

Patwant Singh said when he again met Narasimha Rao on November 10, 1984 for help to bring the guilty to the book, his approach was again very lukewarm. The home minister said the law would take its own course.

"But the law was not permitted to take its own course and was deliberately scuttled at every stage at the instance of people in power," Patwant Singh said.

Deposing before the commission for the first time, Patwant Singh also highlighted the contrast of approach of the administration in handling the situation after the 1948 assassination of Mahatma Gandhi with that of Indira Gandhi.

Before broadcasting news regarding the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi on All India Radio, he said, steps were taken to maintain law and order to avoid bloodshed in the streets, police and army were alerted in advance.

"Unfortunately, no such precautions were taken before broadcasting the news of assassination of Indira Gandhi. On the contrary, I noticed that after almost every 15 minutes slogans like “khoon ka badla – khoon” were shown repeatedly uttered by the crowd," he said.

"Despite our efforts and the pains we took to drive home the enormity of the tragedy which was unfolding before our eyes to those whose constitutional and moral responsibility was to protect the lives of the nation's citizens, these men did nothing and thereby connived in the killing of thousands of innocent Sikhs," Patwant Singh said in his affidavit.

"Many of their partymen, ministerial colleagues and fellow parliamentarians actually instigated the mobs to kill Sikh men, women and children," he added. Patwant Singh will be cross examined on April 20.


(Give me Broadcasting and the POWER of the Dynasty and I will turn the HINDUS into "mules and morons.")

When will the trial of “Bandit” Nehru begin?

When will the trial of All-PARTITIONED India Congress Party begin?

When will the trial of Indira KHAN, aka Gandhi, begin?

When will the trial of the BOFORS CHOR begin?

When will the notice to "QUIT INDIA!" be served on Italian born Sonia Gandhi?

When will the notice to "QUIT INDIA!" be served on the Burmese born evangelist wife of NONE ELSE BUT the PRESIDENT OF INDIA?

When will the native in India be seen as a man?