Date: 5/8/2001



No other land on earth is so much battered, bashed, devastated, and finally left in fragments, due to its RELIGION like India as perhaps Pagan Lithuania from 12th to 14th century. Lithuania’s misery and blood baths ended when she went under the yoke of Rome in 1387 while Hindu India’s slow death still continues before our eyes.

Some say she will finally come to rest when one half of her is under the foot of ISLAM and the other under the Roman Cross. Could they be wrong?

In that ‘spirit’ of collapse and demoralisation, Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee called George Fernandes to his office.

“George bhai, you see that thumb sucking Maratha, bed wetting Rajput and the Khalsa with a lollypop in his mouth?”

“Yes, Prime Minister I do, and I also recall their defence of Akhand Bharat in 1947. But I don’t understand why you called me.”

“I want YOU to take over the portfolio of DEFENCE of Hindusthan. I see none else good enough for the job.

With YOU in the chair, Christian West will be on our side and the World of Islam will stop penetrating my soft body in South Kashmir.”

So, while Mahatma Gandhi’s Sikh children lay smashed in the Union Territory of Chandigarh, his Muslim “aulaad” watched the antic from Karachi and Chittagong, his Christian “bhai” stepped forward to take the Oath of Office to defend all the Temples, Gurdwaras, Daughters, “Dhann”, Dharma and Dignity of the HINDUS, and the one fragment of the whole called “India”.

But soon thereafter:

Why did George Bhai, with immaculate conception of integrity, resign from office?

Was it the ongoing bleeding of his “jawans” in South Kashmir, or was it his fury with the Home Minister’s wish to re-build the demolished Temple in Ayodhya?

Some say, “Sister Sonia suggested to George Bhai, “Buy a couple of sub marines and take a million pounds commission, half of which would be welcome as secret donation to our Church in Hindusthan.” She promised him immunity from trial like the BOFORS CHOR whose statues and sacred ”samadhi” demonstrate the “Mr. Clean”, Indian style, to the whole world.”

Would Sonia ever confess? Would George Fernandes?

But WHY did Vajpayee put him in a place where the finger of suspicion on his Defence Minister would be seen AS LONG AS THE BARGE POLE?

Why, “Pradhan Mantri” Sahib? Couldn’t you ask the thumb sucking Maratha, or the bed wetting Rajput or even the Khalsa with a lollypop in his mouth, to STAND UP, and BE COUNTED for the DEFENCE of Hindusthan, a country which by the very definition is HINDU, and has been called “Hindusthan” since centuries before the birth of both Christ and Mohammed?

The Pradhan Mantri, recalling the ‘world record’ of his nation in slavery, having lost track of the defeats suffered at Panipat and Somnath, had nothing to say. So DON’T embarrass him with the question, “Pradhan Mantri Sahib, state just one condition of the Surrender of 1947.”? Leave him alone. The poor “dog”!


“The Times”, London, Saturday March 17, 2001, p. 19:

Indian PM sets up corruption inquiry

By Rahul Bedi in New Delhi

INDIA’S scandal-tainted government deflected demands for its resignation yesterday by instituting an inquiry to be headed by a Supreme Court judge.

(Ask any ‘India watcher’ to praise a “Supreme Court judge” in India. Forgive him if he promptly replies, “stooge, rat, lickspittle of Congress, dirty dog, despicable serf”, etc., Just look at the record of Supreme Court judgements since 1947 to see how many good fellows were hanged just because a bad “Gandhi” was displeased with a fine and manly Hindu while the nation lay stretched & sprawled under the jackboot of Congress Party as it had lain under the jackboot of Islam since 1192 AD.)

The Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, announced the move in a televised address to the nation. He said the inquiry would report within four months.

(Everybody, LOOK OUT! Mr. Vajpayee’s f . . . . . . FOUR months will end on July 16, 2001 when the nation will be half asleep or dead due to oppressive heat of summer when memory cells barely show any sign of life!)

He was hoping to allay the crisis gripping his ruling coalition since the broadcast of secretly shot film showing military (sic) officials and bureaucrats apparently taking money for a fictitious arms deal.


(So when will the verdict by Supreme Court come out on that corruption which set the style, tone and PRECEDENCE for all the subsequent CORRUPTION in the “defence” of Partitioned India?

(Which Supreme Court judge in India will know the answer to this question? Speak up, somebody?)

The expose by undercover reporters for an internet news website has paralysed the Indian parliament and has led to several resignations, including that of the Defence Minister, George Fernandes.

(Strange, Mr. Fernandes, YOU were supposed to defend your post till the last breath in your body. Isn’t that what you told the Maratha, Rajput and Sikh soldiers in your army? SHAME on all the generals if they did not “FIRE” you before you fired yourself!

(SHAME on the Prime Minister who did not subject you to a rigorous ‘INTEGRITY & GUTS’ TEST before offering you the portfolio of defence!

(You, Mr. Fernandes, seem to have got the country’s most sensitive job as easily as Ms. Sonia Maino entered the then Prime Minister’s home with her Italian passport! Smiles of gratitude of a thankful and highly obliged nation all round.

Some “defence” of BLEEDING BHARAT, hey?)

“The ease with which persons posing as arms merchants gained access to our defence personnel and politicians shows how far the cancer (of corruption) has spread,” said Mr. Vajpayee.

(What mechanisms are in place in “Bleeding Bharat” to detect cancer BEFORE it enters the body? How much of it is left after five limbs were severed from the body in 1947? Any idea?)

Adopting a conciliatory tone, the Hindu nationalist prime minister urged all parties to co-operate to initiate reforms. “I shall work to clean up the dirt that has come into view and ensure that all this is done in such a way that the security of India comes out stronger,” he said.

(“Security”? . . . . LAUGH!

What was it like on Bangladeshi border last month?)

MPs called one another thieves on the floor of parliament, forcing an adjournment for a third successive day. They continued to shout abuse at each other as they streamed out of the chamber and security men were forced to intervene to prevent brawls.

(THAT was a scene of “security” in a county which is all ‘dead meat’ with NO soul, spiritualism, direction, LEADER, cause, common loyalty, and IDEOLOGY.

(The way out? The way FORWARD?


(“Hindu Rashtra!

(“HINDU RASHTRA, you mice and midgets, YOU GENERALS AND SENAPATIS, if there must be the two “ISLAMIC JAWS” on both sides of my soft body.”)