Date: 5/10/2001


They lived among the brave Pathans who invaded India umpteen times, and among the wild Taliban who dared to fire guns at the world's tallest Buddha, BACKED BY A BILLION BUDDHISTS.

But a "buckree" living among the tigers for a thousand years, still remains a "buckree"!

Hence they could NOT, simply could NOT, have imbibed even one millionths of the guts and courage that permeated their Pathan & Taliban environment!

Do you expect one to have established "PESHAWAR MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION" anywhere in PARTITIONED India? Wouldn't that have provoked yet another invasion of Bharat from the North West?

Yes, I do, if I recall the "KESRI" ("BHAGWA") with "KHANDA CHAKRA" flying over KHYBER not so long ago.