Date: 5/10/2001


This site is quite interesting but it fails to see the point of view of the Sikhs. It mainly criticizes the Muslim faction along with the Nehru dictatorship.*

If you have read your history, there was absolutely no Sikh representation in the government at the time.* Sikhs went along with the Hindu**- Congress Party because they did not want the partition of India to occur.

Sikhs were promised an equal representation in the government (Punjabi state) and guess what they got after the partition? They didn't even get Punjabi as their language until after an extensive struggle.***

Now you tell me how is this justifiable?

The wave of Khalistan has been growing ever since the partition when we got betrayed over and over again.****


* Reason? The MUSLIM FACTION passed the Pakistan Resolution on March 23, 1940 in LAHORE, capital of Punjab, when the Sikhs were sleeping.

Contrary to common Sikh view, Congress was NOT a HINDU Party but the "EXTENSION OF ISLAM."

President of Congress Party today would have been a committed HINDU stalwart, not a committed CATHOLIC "cat" from ITALY! Try whispering the word "Hindu" in Sonia Gandhi's ears!

The only HINDU Party at that time was "All India Hindu Maha Sabha" which was NOT invited to "Independence" talks. Pandit Nehru and Mr. MK Gandhi, opposed any consultation with the Hindus tooth and nail since they told the British rulers, "WE represent all the Hindus as well."

They both declared, "Congress represents all the people of India, INCLUDING THE MUSLIMS," at a time when the Muslims "slapped them across the face" so VISIBLY, and shouted, "GET LOST! You do NOT speak for us."

The Sikh leadership was as dull and duffer then as it is today. They FAILED to notice that Congress was NOT representing or speaking on behalf of the Muslims at all, who were being represented by the All-India Muslim League. The Congress was a SECRET ALLY of the Mohammedans, and had FOOLED the communities who were SO EASY to fool.

** "Sikhs went along with the Hindu- Congress Party because they did not want the partition of India to occur."

NO. Sikhs went along with the Congress because they were totally clueless as to what was happening, or going to happen, to India and the Punjab. The Sikhs were still on its bandwagon when Congress had secretly agreed to partition India between two friends-Nehru and Jinnah.

The Sikhs of Lahore like Baldev Singh and Khushwant Singh could not foresee their extermination throughout Pakistan in 1947 just as the Sikhs of Delhi like Zail Singh and Boota Singh could not foresee their bloodbaths throughout India in 1984. Who do you blame?

Please don't say "Hindu" Congress again. See www.swordoftruth.com

*** "Extensive struggle"? If a community has to launch an extensive struggle, then it ought to know what DEVIL it was up against. Surely the ENEMY, and not Sarkar "Mai Baap"!

During that struggle the Sikhs were more in Congress than out of it. Baldev Singh, Swarn Singh, and the Sikh chief minister with long and strong "dundaa", Darbara Singh, were all Congress men to their bone marrow, great admirers of Nehru and Indira. Could they foresee the destruction of Sri Akal Takht Sahib?

Like the attack on Lahore, the attack on Golden Temple was an act of great wisdom on the part of our enemies, and due to great foolishness on OUR own part.

**** "betrayed over and over again"?

Now think of a Shri Damn Fool who sleeps with his doors open on all four sides and serves free food to every Tom, Khan and Harry, passing by.

He is burgled again and again. In sheer contrast, England has NOT been burgled even once since 1066 AD.

Now is THAT top secret from the Sikh leadership, even from the Hindu leadership?

A community, or nation, that is kicked, thrashed, beaten, plundered, ousted, exiled (NRIs AND GYPSIES!) or massacred ("ghaloogharas"!) AGAIN AND AGAIN, proclaims its "wisdom" and "divinity" to the rest of the world from the rooftop.


ANY MORE SIKH POINT OF VIEW? Post it fearlessly.