MOHAMMEDAN High Commissioner from BROKEN Bharat (PARTITIONED India) : NO!

Date: 5/12/2001


FROM: Non Resident Indians* FORCE (UK)


* Today's Indian GYPSIES, spread across the world, without dual nationality)

2 January 1998


through the Indian High Commissioner (DOUBLE disgust) in London.


Your Excellency (DISGUST!),

We wish to approach you directly on a subject that is VITAL for our DIGNITY, self-esteem, and the pride of our children, in being INDIAN and HINDU.

We, the non resident INDIAN "GYPSIES and COOLIES" are lucky to be living on the solid rock of CHRISTIAN Europe that does not resemble the treacherous QUICKSAND of HINDU India into which Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru were sucked in on 15 August 1947 when they were expected by us (and the whole world) to stand up for SECULARISM in Lahore and EAST Bengal.

We heard, "Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah asked all the INDIAN Muslims to SPIT and fill up a big tank. Into which he threw Messrs. Nehru, Gandhi, Singh and all the Sardars and Sarvapallis.

Mercifully, he let each one have a snorkel to breathe. That was a rare act of mercy on the part of a MUSALMAN towards the secular scum (HINDUS).

Down there, on the floor of the tank, a new culture evolved- that of Congress, Corruption, Communism, Nepotism, BOGUS SECULARISM, HINDU BASHING and SIKH KILLING.

Needless to say the culture has thrived and everyone has forgotten who threw them into the deep pit of MOHAMMEDAN SPIT.

It is relevant to say this because those whose head is above the spit, REJECT partition, those under, accept it.

We also heard, "Anyone accepting partition as irrevocable is a BASTARD." We don't know whether YOU, Mr. President & Supreme Commander, wish this person to be eliminated or honoured.

Hindu leaders are timid, tongue-tied and DEVIOUS. We don't know what's on their mind. There is a good reason for it: for a thousand years the Hindus have only seen the one who spoke up, promptly beheaded, imprisoned, tortured, flogged, ridiculed, thrashed or assassinated.

Indians suffered GENETIC deterioration that can't be seen. They will repeat- parrot wise- what a Gandhi says.

They will flock around any foreign female (like YOUR spouse from Burma) like the pigeons, with eyes shut, to listen intently to what she says. Even the President accommodates White Elephant Sonia in the front row in his Imperial "Bhawan" when a new prime minister is sworn in. You are as much DEGRADED as she is elevated!

With you, we, too, are degraded. Semi-literate Sonia can ask any "nigger" Sita Ram Kesri to pull the rug from beneath a government in New Delhi and any native Gowda and Gujral will hit the dust in no time.

But eventually the snorkels will leak and the whole nation will gasp for breath, drown in Mohammedan spit, and die.

Destiny will produce another Aurangzeb to clean up the tank and fill it up with clear water to make a swimming pool for your daughters and nieces in the Sultan's harem.

India will again be under the Taliban. Kafirs will again be beheaded, mandirs will again disappear and Golden Temple will go the way of Sri Akal Takht Sahib and the (once) Grand Temple of Ayodhya.

The followers of Bapus, Swamis, Sants, Babas, Narayans, Gurus and Jagd-gurus will be in DOG COLLAR once again.

Since nothing is static, and given that there has been NO impulse to re-unite India (Akhand Bharat), the 'mutilated cow' INDIA will be united under KORAN in Arabic. Hindu, Hindi, Gita, Granth, Sikh and Khalsa, will go to dogs.

We have watched for HALF A CENTURY to see if the NATIVE Hindu and SIKH can see through his RULERS, understand his past, and foresee his future.

Sadly, we realize, they can NOT. They are gasping for breath.

Stunned by Congress guns, they cannot even ask you,

(1) Why do the Muslims have 50 odd THEOCRATIC states on earth and a COLLECTIVE head (O.I.C.), and the CATHOLICS have The Vatican while Hindu heads lie CRUSHED IN DUST in Ayodhya, Mathura, Varanasi and "Vidhan"?

(2) What were the terms and conditions of the Act of Partition of 1947?

Was it UNCONDITIONAL surrender like that signed by Germany and Japan in 1945?

(3) Why were all the Mohammedans NOT interned at the stroke of midnight on 15 August 1947 and then EXPELLED to PAKISTAN- lock, stock and KORAN?

Surely it was legal, moral, constitutional and patriotic to do so!

You know (we hope!) that the minorities in Pakistan were NOT guilty of any TREASON. Yet they were wiped out, while the Mohammedans in India, guilty of HIGH TREASON, were NOT expelled.

If Nehru was an agent of the ENEMY, Indira (wife of Feroze KHAN) a secret convert to ISLAM, and Rajiv a (Bofors) CHOR, then WHAT ARE YOU, Mr. Narayanan?

In the light of the above, a MOHAMMEDAN high commissioner from Bharat is an insult to you as the PRESIDENT OF BROKEN BHARAT, and unacceptable to us.

It is PREPOSTEROUS that all the three diplomats from former India (Islamabad, Delhi and Dhaka) will be MOHAMMEDAN!

There will be NO Hindu? What about a Sikh? Are they all morons, duffers or terrorists? Can't you locate even one fit enough to be your high commissioner in London?

Mr. Narayanan, you have until 5th of March 1998** to recall Salman Haidar. Otherwise you shall hear from us again. Your friend Haidar could go to LAHORE, DHAKA or MECCA (even to Sonia's VATICAN) to commend secularism there, or to see if they will lick it.

(** Anniversary of MARTYRDOM of NANAK SINGH who declared at a vast public gathering in the city of Bhagat Prahlad, MULTAN, on March 4, 1947, "WE WILL FIGHT THE FORMATION OF PAKISTAN TILL THE LAST BREATH IN MY BODY. NO PARTITION AS LONG AS I AM ALIVE!"

Government of "Rats & Jackals" in New Delhi does not even mention his name though they go to "shed tears" on the profane "Samadhi" of BOFORS CHOR on May 21 every year, and have imposed the name of his evil and scheming mother Indira on New Delhi International Airport.)

Post script:

Kindly pass on a copy of this letter to Sri Sitaram Kesri ***, President, All-India Congress Party, New Delhi.

(*** Look at the name of this despicable devious Hindu: SITA, RAM and KESRI.

When the epitome of all THREE sat at the feet of Sonia KHAN, aka Gandhi, Hindusthan's honour and dignity were dragged down deep into the mud.

Not once did this "mouse" under the name of SITA RAM KESRI squeak: "I wish the KESRI flag, that once flew over KHYBER, flew over the Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi to be seen by Number ONE Lady of our Land, Mrs. Usha Tin Tin Narayanan!")

Dear Mr. Kesri,

We are NRI's, PROUD Hindus, or "The Rest", as defined under the Treaty of Partition of 1947 (when all the MOHAMMEDANS in our midst were supposed to leave for their ISLAMIC Pakistan).

We do NOT regard our RELIGION to be inferior or second rate to any other, including Islam from Saudi Arabia.

As we expect Pakistan (created through treasonous collusion of Pandit Nehru) and BOGUSdesh (created through High Treason of Indira Gandhi who did NOT commend Secularism to Shaikh Mujiburrahman in 1972), to send MUSALMAAN high commissioners to London, so we expect our own PARTITIONED India (the land of Lord Sri Ram and God's LAST Prophet, Guru Nanak) to send COMMITTED Hindu and Sikh diplomats abroad who will unite the crushed and demoralised family rather than drive a wedge between the Hindus and the Sikhs living abroad.

We, the NRI's (DEGRADED due to lack of dual nationality), are NOT serfs, slaves or coolies of Congress Raj who will happily accept anyone to represent our land of divine NATIVE religions and ancient civilisation, who are Partitioned India's ENEMIES according to the "Treaty of Permanent Partition of India, 1947".

The entire cabinet and the President of India may be gutless rats but we wish to know, "Will the Mohammedans (including India's ARAB friends) tolerate the flag of Israel over Riyadh or Mecca?"

Then why should we, the HINDUS, be expected to tolerate the Musalman's FOOT over Ayodhya and Mohammed's flag over Nankana Sahib? WHY?

If the whole of India has NO intelligent Sikh or committed HINDU for the post of high commissioner in London, then we shall be writing to Her Majesty's Government as well as the Leader of Opposition in India's Parliament, that we treat the new incumbent from your country as a PAKISTANI.

Surely that would be strictly in accordance with the TWO-NATION theory that broke up India!

Congress may treat India as a filthy joke, or a dirty rag, we, the British Hindus, will not, unless someone explains to us the terms of Partition.


INDIA'S "BLACK CROW NIGGER" NARAYANAN TOOK NO ACTION. Salman HAIDAR, a MOHAMMEDAN, stayed on in London as Bharatvarsha's* high commissioner.

(* Bharatvarsha being the INDIVISIBLE, inviolable and invincible TERRITORY of Lords Rama, Krishna and Guru Gobind Singh.)

So, it was time for writing to the Prime Minister. He was the so-called "Son of Punjab", Refugee from Jehlum, a "dog" called Inder Kumar Gujral, who sent a Mohammedan HAIDAR to London in the first place, to speak on behalf of all the Sikhs, Hindus and Khalsa of his EAST Punjab and the Rest of Hindusthan!



10 January 1998

Mr. IK Gujral

Prime Minister of PARTITIONED India

c/o High Commission of PARTITIONED India

in London.


Dear Mr. Gujral,

It is preposterous, to the extent of being OBSCENE, to have MOHAMMEDANS as high commissioners from ALL THE THREE fragments of erstwhile India in London.

This must be the blackest moment in India's history. Do you have any explanation for this?

Mr. Gujral, it was up to you, with first hand knowledge of "Islam" as ex REFUGEE from Jehlum, to explain to your nation and "Rashtramata" Sonia Gandhi, that India was crudely cut up on the basis of TWO-NATION THEORY that is accepted by you since you accept PARTITION!

So how could you VIOLATE the basic term of that Agreement?

Who will punish you for the crime against India given that the people of India have NO access to true information and good EDUCATION?

They were NOT consulted over Partition!

Had India been an honourable country, she would have interned all the Mohammedans on 15 August 1947 and made arrangements for their repatriation to their ISLAMIC homeland (East & WEST Pakistan) within six months.

How much notice were YOU given to QUIT JEHLUM? Why was it only the Bihari and the East Punjabi Musalmans who had to be kicked out as punishment for HIGH TREASON BY ALL OF THEM?

How is it that the Mohammedans exterminated or expelled all the INNOCENT followers of Sri Krishna while your India retained all the CRIMINAL, the "Followers, believers, momins and the beduines"?

You might say, "But Salman Haidar was never a Pakistani!" Then please TELL US, since we have a stake in the survival of Hindusthan, and because we are Indian by BIRTH & BELIEF, "Why has he not declared, "I put Secularism above Koran. Hence I AM NOT A MUSALMAN."

Better still, why has he not embraced HINDUISM out of a sense of guilt, or even disgust, at what 'MUD ALI JINN' did as a Musalman, as the follower of Koran, to his land of birth?

If Mr. Haidar is married to a Hindu lady of a decent and divine religion, then we urgently want to know why he has not acted as a gentleman, to honour his wife's NATIVE religion by embracing Hinduism, throwing the "Haidar" out of his mind and name?

Does he think Hinduism is only for the INFERIOR?

We also expect you to face "White Elephant Sonia (Columbus) "Gandhi", with this question.

You are the prime minister responsible not only for recovering India's lost territory but also for the dignity of our native RELIGIONS, and for our children' PRIDE in Hinduism- in Sri Krishna's teachings, and in Guru Gobind Singh's courage, sacrifices and deeds.

They ask, "Daddy, How is it that 50 odd nations glorify Mohammed and his Islam, whereas even Hindusthan is not prepared to acknowledge Hinduism in her Constitution due to FEAR of Mohammedan assassins?"

Nehru surrendered Lahore and you have SURRENDERED our DIGNITY by despatching a Musalmaan as HINDUsthan's high commissioner to London.

Who in BROKEN BHARAT will raise the flag of EITHER "Akhand Bharat" or HINDUISM?

Your friend Salman Haidar was already in London for several years on an earlier long tenure, depriving a capable Hindu of the valuable diplomatic experience. He is back again!

Judging by the inordinate extensions of tenure to Mr. LM Singhvi (known to the NRI's as "SONIA'S STOOGE"), Mr. Haidar may well OCCUPY this post for ever!

If India keeps on sending the same men (never an honest SIKH!) to London, it raises suspicion that they are all agents managing Nehru Dynasty's vast fortunes invested in secret bank accounts in Europe. What hope now of EXPOSING the accounts where "CHOR'S" Bofors commission is deposited?

There are a THOUSAND other reasons for you to have sent a COMMITTED Hindu to this vital post abroad. The man has to PROJECT OUR HINDU CIVILISATION, and RELATE TO US SPIRITUALLY.

He has to be PROUD of India's pre-Islamic HINDU past. Mr. Haidar is an ALIEN, dreaming of Hajj, doing namaz in the same mosque as his counterparts from PAKISTAN and BOGUSdesh.

Do you have any idea what NATIONAL SECURITY and NATIONAL INTEREST mean? Does that absurd, undemocratic and bogus PARTITION come under that?

Please RECALL Mr. Haidar, ignominious BLACK SPOT on DEFEATED (partitioned) India's forehead, and honour yourself and your country by sending him to Pakistan to commend your brand of Secularism that was IMPOSED on Delhi only after the unconditional surrender of Jehlum to the ENEMY.

If a good man, Mr. Kuldip Nayar, could be recalled within weeks, surely A SUSPECT can be recalled by you even sooner.


We are ashamed to reply, "Because we are all Hindus or terrorists," and "because all of us professing India's NATIVE religions are duffers or morons or suspect in secular India."

"JAI HIND" UP YOURS! (Our "Hind" is up to Khyber!)


Did HAIDAR disappear from his influential and lucrative post in London? NO!

So there was yet another letter. This time to the PRESIDENT again. Please read on-


5 April 1998

Mr. KR Narayanan President of India Rashtrapati Bhawan New Delhi-11, India


as one sheep to another, we relate.

Mr. President,

The sheep would be mighty honoured to see the butcher come to eat with them. So would the lambs if a tiger came to their temple or gurdwara. The Sikhs in, and from, India, being HINDUS in mind and soul, rush out to bestow a "saropa" (robe of HONOUR) on every dishonourable and despicable minister without ever looking into his treason, conduct or cowardice.

Like the Hindus, they seem to be totally incapable of interpreting their own history even while living in Europe where all the Talibaan, Mujahideen and Ghazis are CONFINED to their corner and forced to FOLLOW the civilised secular code of life.

Before the unconditional surrender of Lahore, Rawalpindi and Multan to the ENEMY, a SALMAN HAIDAR used to assume a giant's shape and size for your Sikh subjects in WEST Punjab where only 50 years ago they were massacred mercilessly like the pheasants at a shoot.

The fires of Mohammed, Jinn & Hell, consumed the entire Hindu and Sikh populations across newly surrendered (created) Pakistan, as well as in Nankana Sahib, which you avoid on security grounds like Srinagar, NORTH Kashmir, Sylhet, Chittagong, Ayodhya and COUNTLESS other places.

Like any Viceroy in those days, YOU are the President of INDIA.

In that part of India, surrendered by SECULAR Congress to MOHAMMEDAN League, there is NO son of a Sikh or Hindu left alive to question a Salman Haidar, "What is wrong with praying to Allah in the language of your own mother?"

They could even copy YOU if you were to suggest to "Rashtramata" Sonia KHAN, alias Gandhi, to put a native Lord above the foreigner.

Any survivors in West Punjab would, by now, have REVERTED BACK to the 15th century when a Hindu holy man had to take the precaution of walking in the company of a MUSALMAN simply to escape the charge of propagating "KUFR" that called for prompt beheading, Guru Tegh Bahadur style.

Then we cross the new frontier between Lahore and Amritsar, drawn in this age of democracy without consulting the PEOPLE, ie., without a referendum, simply to APPEASE the DEVIL.

East of this lethal divide the entire population of defeated Sikhs, stunned Hindus, demoralised Pagans and all the confused Riff Raff trailing behind sants and sadhus, cannot muster guts to ask any Salman Haidar, "What the Hell are YOU doing here after partition?", or, "When did a Mohammedan, any Mohammedan, cease to be part of the SECOND nation as enshrined in the Act of Partition of 1947?"

Granth and Gita are BANNED in Mecca, the city every Salman Haidar aspires to visit at least once in his life time.

Someone somewhere could ask Haidar, "What have YOU done in the last FIFTY YEARS to mobilise the INDIAN Muslims to invade Pakistan and Bangladesh?"

Didn't THEY capture Lahore and then invade Kashmir promptly in hot pursuit of the COWARDS chanting, "Ahimsa PARMO Dharma"?

The entire population of partitioned India is so ground down into dust that despite all the brouhaha and the so-called "dangerous Hindu fundamentalist" showing of Shiv Sena, RSS, Bajrang Dal, Akali Dal, and the BJP, they can neither muster collective guts to reject the bogus partition nor refuse to accept any Alien or Italian as the President of Congress Party.

In the last 50 years NO government has been able to impose the Code of Common Law on all, or stop a Mohammedan from converting and marrying several females at the same time, nor even abrogate Article 370 of Constitution under which NO Indian can buy any property in SOUTH Kashmir while any Kashmiri can buy a house in India as if he were the Reincarnation of Aurangzeb.

None of these Sikhs, Hindus and the Rest can muster guts to raise the Temple in Ayodhya that stood before Babur's invasion in 1526 which was witnessed and CONDEMNED by an appalled Guru Nanak.

Finally, we see Salman Haidar back in the United Kingdom!

He is supposed to represent the Sikhs, the Hindus, the Pagans and the Rest of partitioned India.

He was here before but has come back to stay for a very long time if LM Singhvi's extended tenures are to go by. Haidar will keep the chair away from every qualified Hindu and Sikh.

Those who forgot PARTITION at the stroke of a very dark midnight can hardly recall something even more dark and terrible.

Salman Haidar was in London before, and has come back. Will they notice if he stays on for one or two decades, or if he comes back again and again and again?

Will they wonder, "What has put the handcuffs on his Lok Sabha with regard to our DUAL NATIONALITY?"

Did they ask him, "Why a HOLOCAUST MUSEUM has not been set up in Old Delhi with the names and addresses of all the THOUSANDS of Sikhs massacred in 1984 and another in New Delhi with the names and addresses of every Hindu killed West of Wagah in 1947?

The entire "Sangat" which was supposed to have memory cells, sense of dignity and self-esteem, were reduced to a flock of SHEEP who could not know that the secular shepherd from Broken Bharat is appreciating them like the farmer who rears fat sheep for the abattoir.

How often have the Sikhs gone through GHALOOGHARAS (massacres and genocides), and what was each one of them due to?

The very "ardas" (Sikh Prayer) is nothing but a verbal GHALOOGHARA. Can they recall the "sadh Sangats" that were burnt to ash inside their blazing gurdwaras?

Have they tried to compile the names of all the girls who jumped into wells to their death in West Punjab in 1947?

Why is it impossible to do so if the Jews can PUBLISH six million names of those killed much earlier? Do Sikh sangats ever think of the need of Holocaust Museums even to copy the Jews?

Which other people on earth are so reduced as the "sangat" (congregation) of Shepherd's Bush Gurdwara in London, which awarded "Saropa" (ROBE OF HONOUR) to Salman Haidar without looking at themselves through HIS EYES?

Didn't he see them through the eyes of Indira Khan, alias Gandhi, and even through the eyes of Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Aurangzeb?

Did they show him the gory pictures on the gurdwara walls and say, "All the murderers and killers shown here were believers in Koran and Mohammed just like those who exterminated all the Sikh sangats of West Punjab in one year?"

It is a sad fact that Mr. Gurnam Singh SAHNI, the President of Shepherd's Bush Gurdwara in London, who honoured Salman Haidar without any rhyme, SHAME, or reason on March 28, 1998, is himself a REFUGEE like IK Gujral from West Punjab and should have been instrumental in setting up a SIKH HOLOCAUST MUSEUM somewhere on earth.

The only honour to be shown to Salman Haidar, the MUSALMAN, should have been to invite him to lay its foundation stone.

The writer recalls a Sikh "SAHNI", now in his late 60s or early 70s, who used to sit among the "sadh sangat" of Daultala, District Rawalpindi, listening to the sad tale of the two little boys bricked in alive, and then of the stirring sounds of invincible Sikh armies on horseback, swords drawn, sweeping across the vast territory up to, and beyond, Khyber.

Did they ever have to appease a Salman Haidar like the sangat of this gurdwara in London?

From a nobly bred race-horse to a pack-donkey is such a short journey for the Sikh sangat of Shepherd's Bush gurdwara in London.

It was the BLACKEST day in the life of that sangat, both in and out of gurdwara, when not one high commissioner was a Sikh out of the THREE who represented the three fragments of India in London that day. They were all Mohammedans!

It is well-known that the Mohammedans, who do NOT honour, i.e., "sar-o-pa" a Sikh or a Hindu in a mosque, make far WORTHIER diplomats, governors and rulers.

Mr. President, the PEOPLE of India, including yourself, seem to be trained like the circus animals who promptly stopped mentioning Partition when commanded at the stroke of midnight.

Similarly the Non Resident INDIANS on foreign shores stop relating to India and do not DEMAND dual nationality but cry, pray and beg for it.

And how YOU degrade us by not dismissing the Government that CAN'T even abrogate Article 370 that applies only to SOUTH KASHMIR, leave aside grant dual nationality to the NRIs!

Could Salman Haidar tell the PEOPLE OF U.K. as to how many countries on earth have an Italian born Rashtramata, dare not proceed with the trial of a BOFORS CHOR, control Broadcasting, and deny dual nationality to its citizens abroad?

Would YOU know the answer, Mr. President?

To the simple Sikh Sangat we write this in pain since we RELATE to them unlike the sheep in the field.

The bond of Sikh brotherhood was formed by Guru Gobind Singhji for the DEFENCE of Secularism which could be nothing without HINDUISM, and the Sikhs were valued even by the British only because of their FEARLESSNESS, LOYALTY, VALOUR, GALLANTRY and CHIVALRY.

Alas, Congress and all the clueless Riff Raff in partitioned India have succeeded in diluting the Sikh courage and thus India's defence potential.

The nation is trailing behind despicable Gandhis and their servants and stooges.

It would have been a far more honourable act by Mr. Gurnam Singh Sahni to celebrate his own DUSSEHRA on Halloween (31 October) next, and invite Salman Haidar.

His sangat could then see clearly if he is our friend or FOE.