Date: 5/12/2001


What were those terms & conditions that the INDIAN leaders signed in 1947, while handing over ONE THIRD OF TERRITORY of their country to the INDIAN Muslims?

Here they are, as DICTATED by the Indian Muslims to the Hindu and the Secular leaders. Not one of them was a foreigner. They all had INDIAN birth, upbringing, passports, nationality and citizenship!)-

1. We regard our compatriot Hindus (and Sikhs) INFERIOR to the Moslems. We regard them loathsome.

("Yes Sir, you couldn't be more right! Moslem minority is mightier than the Hindu majority and all 'The Rest' put together," said Pandit Nehru who had his own plans to keep 'The Rest' INFERIOR and LOATHSOME for ever thereafter.

The Sikh, Baldev Singh, "conditioned" by Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji of "Nishkam Sewaks" and fed on vegetarian "langar", could also NOT tell a CARNIVOROUS enemy from a VEGETARIAN friend.

Having NO sense of identity and history, he agreed.)

2. Wherever we are 50% or more that land will belong to the Mohammed of Arabia. It will be called Pakistan (land of "halal") leaving you "haraamis" in NA-pakistan (that is, land of "haraam").

("We see nothing wrong with that. Do we, brother Bladev?"

"No Sir," he replied. The thought of his own sacred Janmasthan going under the profane foreign flag of Arabia did not bother the Sikh representative in the least!)

3. You will NOT mention partition but call your broken Bharat "INDIA" once again. The maps of your fragment shall be official from the stroke of midnight on Partition Day.

("Seems logical doesn't it, Mahatmaji?"

"Yes, Jawahar," he replied.

"Are there any more conditions of surrender?" Mahatma's heart beat was becoming fainter)

4. We shall go Islamic while your "vidhan" will remain secular. Our presidents and prime ministers will fly to Mecca for Hajj. You dare show up in Ayodhya or Mathura!"

("That's reasonable, too, said a few great Hindu leaders standing in the wings.)

5. We shall proceed with ethnic cleansing straightaway. But you dare touch the whiskers of any Musalmaan in your Hindusthaan! You will appoint them ministers, governors and ambassadors. We are leaving them as our "amaanat" till we recover the rest of India, too.

("There is a prospect of "Akhand Bharat" under the manly Sword of Mohammed. Isn't that a good news?" whispered Micky Mouse before fainting.

Unwittingly he had broken his "moan barat". It was the cardinal sin for which all the Hindus had to suffer at the hands of Mohammed Ali JINN who was "BORN IN INDIA" but was under a curse to die as HARAAMI in the "Land of High Treason".)

India's unconditional surrender of 15 August 1947 was like the Treaty of Versailles of 28 June 1919 that led to World War 2.

We hope India will not be deserted or betrayed by the rest of the world, that is, left alone to fight off the Islamic Monster.

The whole world ought to join in, in the imminent World War 3, to remove the last Empire of Repression & "Jahaalat" from Earth.


We publish the thoughts and views and the fading memories of the Hindus at the time of India's PARTITION (or independence) to remind us of the Murder of Secularism and the Fragmentation of India.

These provide a unique insight into the state of India at that time in her history.

There is NO fear in letting the whole world see them since these were written in the BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT- men, women and CHILDREN who were murdered, burnt to death, raped, maimed, looted, driven to insanity and death, and out of their family homes by the wild and unpredictable FOLLOWERS OF MOHAMMED.

The demand for Pakistan came as a shock to the people of India since there had been NO provocation of any kind on the part of the Hindus to justify it. We had ALL been "equal" under the Boot of Britain for over a century prior to 1947.

May all the secular and democratic forces on earth unite to COUNTER ATTACK.

The aggressor must not be allowed to get away with his loot and aggression.

Pakistan was, and is, Mohammedan aggression on the soil of secular India.

A primitive separatist and fundamentalist Islamic State on the soil of ancient civilised India is against all that is Good, Righteous, Secular, Enlightened, Free and Democratic on earth.

It is the Devil's foot on our "SATYAM VIJAYATE".

It is our own DARK backyard that bedevils and totally negates our professed motto of "Ennoble the World". Before we get to Chicago in America, we ought to begin from Ayodhya in India, going straight on to the converted and desecrated Shiva's Temple in MECCA.

We have waited over 50 years for the Imam of Jama Masjid in Delhi to issue "fatwa" against Mohammed Ali Jinnah who attacked his own land of birth. We know the falsehood and treachery of both.

JAI HIND! ("HIND" of a MANLY RACE- from Khyber to Chittagong!)


PANCH SHEEL 2 will follow.